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       Quest, p.1

           Yufeng Zhuang
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  By Yufeng Zhuang

  Copyright 2012 by Yufeng Zhuang

  The Birth of The Legend


  Behind the stars we are familiar with, deep in the endless space, there is the world that we can't understand. He, a human soul carries the endless destiny on his back, reborn in this strange world. The strange world, the strange magic, the strange elves, the strange illusion beasts, the strange aliens. And... the blood and fire killings and wars, and the familiar...

  * * * * *

  Night, the night sky is so gentle in the bright moonlight.

  I just fell into sleep after I had the extreme satisfaction on her body.

  “Boss, it’s time to set out.”

  Knocking the door is my subordinate “Rat“. Because of his special experiences, he has a meticulous and cautious character that normal people don’t have.

  Since I bought him under the gunpoint of the drug dealer, in just half a year, he had already become the second character of my club. What? You ask me who is the number one character? Have your head got serious strike? Didn’t you hear that he called me boss?

  “Got it!”

  I was reluctant to get up from the bed and put on the clothes slowly. I look back to the bed, the bright and clear moonlight projects on a nude female body— a perfect body. There still has the lingering charm of orgasm on it after the joyous sex. In her eyes that can make people go crazy, I put my second life, two P7 handguns, into the rifle bags under my arms.

  “Baby, wait over here for me to come back.”

  “You have to hurry up to come back , I don’t have it enough yet!”

  I have a smile, open the door, and go downstairs.

  Rat and other brothers are waiting in the hall downstairs. Rat meets me in the quick steps when he saw me coming down.

  “Boss, the people of the other side sent the message that the goods will arrive on time. The deal will be at the scheduled time. We still have two more hours. All the brothers are ready.”

  I walked out of the house. In the garden, I took a deep breath of the early autumn air. I look up at the night sky, the round full moon is high in the sky. It covered everything with a layer of fantastic silver. Today is mid-October, it is a quiet and peaceful night.

  “Let’s go.” I get into the car. “tell brothers that we will leave nothing standing, we need to be careful ourselves as well, and I will bring everyone to the Blue Moon Club to have a good time all night when we come back later.”

  “Yes, boss.”

  Five cars drive out of the gate one after another, the guards at the gate bow to the car which I was in. In their hearts, I am the center of the whole world. I, am their everything.

  Now you know who am I?

  I am a boss, a boss of the underworld. Say it correctly, with the disguise identity of the boss of the underworld, but I am actually a secret agent of the state’s Department of Internal affairs.

  There are too many crimes in this looks high civilization but actually extremely filthy world, filled with all kinds of crimes and corruptions. And the mastered techniques also let the government to find the evidences more and more difficult, and bring these crimes to the court aboveboard.

  Also don’t know which damn guy of the government had this idea, the state’s Department of Internal affairs picked a group of elites from the military special force, with the identity of the non-civil servants to punish these crimes with the violence to violence way.

  And I, a little twenty-one year old second lieutenant, the only one just gotten a perfect score on the strategy and tactics exam of the whole army, very unfortunately hit the jackpot and got picked into the elite group.

  From then on, I kissed goodbye to my simple and pure life in the army, and stepped on a gray life path.

  “Shit,” I thought of this angrily. “I just got straight As on that exam strategy and tactics, and now I got picked into this elite team? Why I never had such a good luck on the lottery tickets?”

  My task, it’s really simple— make my target disappeared from the world with my best adept way.

  In the last three years, under my superior’s orders, my brothers and I had gunned down many underworld bosses and corrupt government officials. Watching the lives disappeared in my eyes, my heart became more and more numb. As if the people died in front of me are no longer human, they are just garbage.

  My heartbeat was two hundred times per minute when I executed the task with the identity of the rookie of the underworld, thought of that, I couldn’t help to laugh now. But for a twenty-one year old young man, killing a person is not a piece of cake, even though I work for law enforcement and the target is a bastard who deserved the punishment. After I watched him got hit by the bullet, the red and white things flying out from the back of his head, his right leg twitching in the pool of blood, that still made me threw up a mess and stunned for almost a week.

  Slowly, I got tired of this kind of life. Although my superior said again and again that these people deserved the punishment, but, I still felt that my hands were full of blood. I am not so sure, who deserves it and who is innocent among these people. I know, I am just a tool, a very easy to use but unsupervised tool.

  My superior can order me to do anything but don’t to worry about any abnormal situation. A tool without any supervision, it is used to enforce the law or to produce more new crimes, and who knows?

  In the views of my brothers, I am their boss. I this weird boss have the great enthusiasm to kill all the big and small drug dealers. Because, my supervisor is the executive official for cracking down drug and crime, he is the chief official in the state’s Department of Internal affairs.

  “Shit. Why do I need to think about this so much? After this task, I will take a great vacation.”

  In these days, my experience in the underworld have already turned me into a complete bandit from a small second lieutenant, my organization has a lot of business making money in the city, the money in the bank inflates at a shocking rate. This makes me to like my job again, I can persist my old ways, I can live a luxury and dissipation life, I can get all the things I want, even the women I like. After all, I am the big boss of a gang. You can never expect a big boss of a gang to live a moralistic life.

  In the eyes of the average person, to live the extravagant life like this is more like what a big boss supposed to have. I don’t know whether those guys in the state’s Department of Internal affairs would ever consider this as well? Ha ha, it’s pretty good to let these idiots to yes their brain occasionally.

  “I don’t know whether my first love would still remember me or not. That Chelsea is so suave. Or will she give me the detested look when she sees me?”

  I have had the good education since I was little, no matter my family, the teachers, the good friends of childhood, lovers, and even myself, who would have think of my life would be present this way now?

  “Boss,” the car stops in a ruins of an abandoned dock, a young brother runs to come over and open the door for me, “we’re here.”

  I get out of the car and walk through the long grass in the ruins, my got there earlier subordinates are waiting for me over there. All the way what I see is the hands tinkering weapons and the cold and stimulated faces.

  I saw Rat by a broken wall which is going to collapse. I walk to him and squat down next to him. He hands me the low-light night vision device, I look at the dock through it.

  “Boss, the arrived earlier brothers said that everything is as usual, they have already begun the deal.”

  In the bright moonlight, a speedboat parks at the dock. Everyone is busy at the dock. They move the small boxes carefully onto the dock from the speedboat.

  I turn the night vision device around. There he is! I have found my target next
to the vans— the fat guy Tatto who called himself “Jesus.” The almost bald head and the huge belly become his notable features. I heard that this guy is very lewd. I can' t help but feel happy for the future females he wants to ravage. After all, it’s not a pleasant thing to be pressed by a more than three hundred pounds body.

  Tatto is talking to two looked like businessman middle-aged men, it looks like that these two guys should be the suppliers.

  “They must be tired of their lives, don’t they know that dealing drugs in Boss’s territory is a road leads to death?” Rat whispers in my ear.

  “Three hundred percent of the profits, can make anybody go crazy!” I had been trained strictly since childhood, so everything sounds very normal to me.

  “Tell brothers, get into position, and listen to my order.”

  I look at everyone take out their weapons, prostrate to spread out, with the combination of attack and screen and support to take on the perfect spots, I can’t help to have some proud in my heart, all these guys were trained by me, I picked and trained everyone meticulously. Also with the money I earned, I equipped them with the best quality weapons and communication equipments.

  Every one of them would shoot two hundred bullets in the basement of my villa. These, the government didn’t pay me a dime for.

  But the money was not wasted. The strict training produced the amazing result, not to mention just twenty something gang members, even the other party is the police SWAT team, I still have the confidence to win. To view it from this point, the overall ratio of effect to cost is still very low.

  Rat handed me a semi-automatic rifle. I check it once again carefully.

  The testing voices of the teams come from my headphone.

  “Team 1 testing, team 1 testing, over.”

  “Team 2 received, team 2 received, over.”

  “Team 3 received, team 3 received, over.”

  “Team 4 received, team 4 received, over.”

  “Team 5 received, team 5 received, over.”

  Rat nods his head to me, “boss, everything is okay.”

  I tightened the microphone by my face and begin to make the commands.

  “Every team get into the position as the predetermined plan, confirm.”

  “Confirm over!”

  "Attack teams into the assault positions, confirm."

  "Confirm over!"

  "Cover teams into the cover positions, confirm."

  "Confirm over!"

  "Support teams support fire preparation, confirm."

  "Confirm over!"

  The affirmative answers from every captain of the teams feed back to me through the headphone. I know, my brothers were ready. They are waiting, waiting for my signal.

  I pick up my beloved semi-automatic rifle, the gunstock rests in my right shoulder tightly, I put my cheek on the gills board gently. I slowly adjust the aperture with the cross differentiate lines on it, until it firmly covered “Jesus” that pudgy face.

  The numbers on the laser range finder keep jittering constantly, finally stopped at the four hundred meters position. For my rifle, it is the best distance to keep its biggest power and ballistic characteristics. We all know that If hit by this Austrian AOG rifle in such a distance, what the consequence would be for that person.

  I look at Tatto’s that deformed face when he laughs, I understand that his heart would have the joy bloom. He has so many drugs piled on the dock, as long as he could get them out of his hand, he can struggle for at least ten years less.

  “This guy’s skin is really not bad, how can he keep it like that?” while I said to myself, I unlock the rifle’s safe.

  Although I’m just a tool now, but it should be more interesting to be a character tool.

  A flicker of smile showed on my face, the pressed on the trigger index finger increase the strength gradually.

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