Quest book 2, p.1
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       Quest: Book 2, p.1

           Yufeng Zhuang
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Quest: Book 2
Quest:Book 2

  By Yufeng Zhuang

  Copyright 2012 Yufeng Zhuang


  After heard Hairt shouting curses, the troop of horse rangers divided into left and right two sides, they go by a roundabout route and corral us inside. The knights riding on the horses are in gaily dresses and brilliance armors, they stare at us in anger, Hairt sticks out his chest, he puts his hand on the handle of the sword, he is not showing any impression of weakness.

  A knight in silver armor grasps the rope slightly and gallops his horse toward us, he does not pay any attention to Feline and Kelly’s abominated eye sights, behind the face mask which with the noble mark on, two big eyes look at my face straightly.

  “I know you!” He pushes the face mask up and shows his delicate and pretty face, “You are Kone Cada.”

  “You Know me?” I say, “then so what Mr. Noble, you want to beat me up?”

  “Hah ha, You just rest your heart.” He laughs, “I don’t have any malice. It’s our fault! What abut this,” he bites on his right middle finger and takes the thick Knight glove off, he stretches out his hand towards me, “I apologize to you!”

  “No need, you just go your way.” I do not have any strength to hold hands with him right now.

  A knight behinds him puts his hand on the handle of the sword. He shouts at me, “How dare! How dare you even…”

  “I’m Feshert.” he gives a stare at that shouting knight, that knight shuts his mouth right away, “I know that you are wounded, you are not in a good mood.” He sticks his body out of the horse back, he holds my hand and shakes it slightly.

  “One against three.” He straights up his body and puts his hand into his own bosom, “the one who doesn’t know any magic of fighting skills even won incredibly. I really can’t believe it.”

  “Actually.” I say, “I’m almost dead soon.”

  “Let me give you this.” Feshert gives a small bottle to Feline, “even it can’t heal all your wounds, but at least it can make you feel a little bit better.”

  “Thank you.” My expression is still the same, “we are in a hurry!”

  “Then good-bye!” He waves his hand, he even doesn’t care about my ungraciousness, the troop of knights gallop forward after him.

  “Who is him? It looks like that he is just only about fifteen or sixteen.” Kelly asks.

  “How can I know?”

  Feeling the weariness, I close my eyes…

  Suddenly, some hues and cries come from ahead. The booming explosions of the magic and the clear and painful screams set my nerves on edge.

  “What the sound is that?” I ask Wensly.

  “It seems like the dragon’s screams.”

  “Dragon? Is the thing that just flied over our heads?”


  “I never saw a dragon before.” I suddenly have the curiosity, “let’s go there to take a look.”

  “Alright.” Feline jumps out of the carriage, she runs to uncle Meza who is responsible for guarding me back home.

  The whole fleet adjusts the direction, we follow far behind uncle Meza and some guards, and go to the place where the noises come from.

  As we getting closer and closer, the sound we heard is clearer and clearer. Uncle Meza puts his left hand up suddenly and holds it as a fist, he stops the carriage fleet and then brings several guards forward quickly.

  “Dragon, it’s a very strong life. It can use the magic without any chanting.” Wensly speaks to me, “my mother tells me that they are very clever. They are even more intelligent than most people, they even have different mode of thinking from us, the normal way of doings in human beings doesn’t work for them. Furthermore, dragon is very arrogant. Thus, they very seldom show up in front of people.”

  “My master! You may not go to there any more.” uncle Meza rides back quickly, he speaks to me by the side of the carriage, “The troop just caused the destruction to both sides with a white dragon. They should all be dead.”

  “Is it really a dragon?” I ask, “and it’s a white dragon?”

  “It’s a dragon, my master. But it’s too dangerous, you can’t go to there." It looks like that uncle Meza has a very firm attitude.

  “just let Kone go to take a look…” Feline speaks whisperingly.

  “I!” Uncle Meza speaks, “can’t agree!”

  “Feline,” I speak to Feline with smile, “when you ask uncle Meza to do something, you should have something in your hands. For example like right now, you should hold a bag of water and speak to uncle: Uncle Meza, you have lots of sweats on your head! Here’s the water for you.”

  “Like this?” Wilsa jumps out of the carriage, She tips her toes hardly and speaks to uncle, “here’s your water, uncle Meza.”

  “My master…” Uncle Meza takes the water bag over, his eyes are getting red… “guards off horses, cover the carriage!”

  “If anything wrong happens, you bring my master to run right away.” uncle Meza whispers to the carter.

  A giant white dragon as the center, the marks after all kinds of magic being used surround it, the wild grass on the land are pulled out with roots, the exposed black dirt is punched out lots of big holes, the dead bodies of the knights and horses are spreading all across in confusion on the ground, there are even some ice poles not melted down yet…

  Dragon, that is the dragon lying in the center? The gigantic body, the strong two wings, and the wounds which are all over its white body runs the same red color blood…

  Suddenly, maybe it feels the shocks by the running carriage, the dragon opens its eyes. Its black, deep eyes stare at us straightly.

  The carter is stunned, his hands on the rope are stiff like a rock…

  “Wait a moment!” I stop Marf who kicks the carter down and jumps on the carriage, “don’t go in a hurry.”

  “Hold me of the carriage,” I speak to the stunned everyone, “hold me off the carriage!”

  Maybe knowing that I have made up my mind strongly, Hairt and Moah, one left and one right, come to hold me up to the side of the dragon. The white dragon swings its wings and struggles a little bit, but it still can’t stand up.

  “This one is still alive!” Jack behind us holds up a guy, “It’s that guy whose name is Feshert!”

  “He is still can be saved.” the accompanied magician looks at me.

  “Then go to help him out.” I look at Feshert who is taken off the armor, I recall the medicine which he gave to me.

  “There’re a lot of wounds.” uncle Meza points on the dragon’s chest, “the most fatal one is right on here, this wound is caused by the dragon-killing sword.”

  “Dragon-killing sword?” I ask confusedly.

  “Yes, The dragon-killing sword. It’s a kind of weapon invented by the dragon-killers, they mix some special materials in the metal. Because the dragon is a strong life, and they know how to use the high level recovering magic, so the normal wounds can be healed really quick.” uncle Meza says, “but if they are wounded by this kind of weapons, the recovering magic will be useless. the wound will not be coalescence, the blood will keep running out until it die.”

  “Why do people invent this kind of cruel weapon?” Wilsa asks in pale face.

  “The other weapons can’t do much harm to the dragon. Killing a dragon will bring great fortune and fame to the dragon-killer."

  “Thus theses many people go to kill a dragon, and then be proud and pleased with themselves. What did she do? Make you guys to treat her like this?”

  A dignified and tremendous voice comes from the vast sky.

  I raise my head, more than ten different colors giant dragons float onto our heads soundlessly.

  Immediately, the sharp fricatives from pulling swords are full into my ears.

You guys can leave here! But that guy has to be left here!” A red dragon comes down onto the ground, he raises his arrogant head, “we have already known that this is not done by you guys.”

  “How did you know?” I ask.

  “Dragons don’t need to communicate in languages.” the red dragon says, “the dragon who is dying on the ground told us everything.”

  I turn around and take a look, the white dragon’s eyesight is still deep, but it has a kind of calm that it does not have earlier.

  “Can you save it?” I ask the red dragon.

  “She was hit by that dirty weapon hundreds miles away, we don’t have any ways anymore.” the red dragon’s voice is full of sadness, “we have to bring her home. We hope that she is still alive right then.”

  If it is like this, doesn’t it mean that she is same as me? I can not image that it is not only me who has this kind of fate.

  “What about him?” I ask.

  “This dragon-killer?” the red dragon’s eyesight is very incisive, “he must pay for what he did, he will be dead.”

  I lower my head to check on the wounds on the white dragon carefully. They are the typical traumas, they stab in obliges corners from the skin, they are not that deep inside, and the wounded areas are not that huge… They should be stabbed while the white dragon was in strenuous movement, the wounds on the skin and muscle are at random…

  “If you can give me some helps.” I speaks to the red dragon, “I can try to heal her.”

  “Heal? The magic is useless for this kind of wound.” the red dragon sticks his head towards me, uncle Meza quickly steps between us nervously, he blocks in front of me with his body.

  “I can give it a try.” I speaks behind uncle Meza’s back.

  The red dragon raises his head, he looks into my eyes from up there, and I look at him back as well.

  “Alright! I can provide you the helps!” The red dragon stretches his body a bit, and then shrinks without any anticipations, before I even can take a blink, it has already changed into an old man’s look, “What do you need?”

  “I… I need a clean room.” I am at a loss what to do by his change, I stammer when I speak to him, “and I need some equipments, besides I need…”

  “I can fulfill all your requests.” the red dragon speaks to me after he hear what I say, “even if it doesn’t succeed, for your respect life, you still can leave safely.”

  “You can call me Reid.” the red dragon walks to me, he holds my body for Hairt. Another dragon change into the human being’s form and walks to us as well. I give a nod to Hairt, then I talk to Reid, “We can begin now.”

  Without any sounds, a ball shape which yielding out white light is formed around us, the air inside runs quickly and steadily. The light ball shrinks slowly, it covers us and the white dragon which still lying on the ground inside…

  “Let me know the structure of her body first.” I speaks to Reid.

  Reid looks into my eyes, a picture is shown on my mind, the bones, the muscles and the blood vessels are shown one by one…

  After all, the dragons communicate each other in this way, it is so convenient.

  “Now, use your sharpest tool, cut the skin open with the wound as the center.” I make some lively gestures laboriously while I am speaking.

  Another person changed from dragon has a small transparent slender long knife in his hand, he cuts three times on the skin over the wound as my request.

  “Hold the wound open with something, and lift the skin up a bit… that’s right, check whether any internal organs got hurt first.“ after I see the dragon who holds the knife shakes his head, I keep saying, “if no any internal organ get hurt, then it must be the blood vessels! There are two big vessels around here, go find them.”

  “I found them…”

  “Can you see clearly where the blood runs to?”

  “Yes, I do. What should I do next?”

  “Use something to block the front end of the blood vessel, do not let the blood runs again…”

  The dragon uses a clamp to clamp on the blood vessel with a very gentle movement, the dexterous level of two hands makes me lose in astonishment…

  “Normally, when the dragon people get hurt, will the blood be clotted?” I ask Reid.

  “Will be clotted! And really quick too!” Reid tries to cooperate with me, he does not communicate in mind.

  “Then it must be some other materials in the wounds! They prevent the blood clotting…” I try my best to think, I recall what uncle Mega said to me, “go check the foreign materials in the wound!”

  “There’s some gray color things.”

  I get my head close up there and take a look carefully…

  “Can you remove these things? But make sure not to let them sticking to other places.” I speak to that dragon.

  “Of course I can!” The dragon holds the knife with his left hand, he sticks his right hand into the wound, and then his finger-tips yield out the bright white light… Not long later, the light balls on the finger-tips that he brings out are all with gray dirt on…

  “These things are very sticky, but I still take them away.”

  “All of them?”

  “Yes, none at all is left. I am pretty sure.”

  “You go out of here right away, and clean the things out of your hand as soon as possible, change another one with dexterous hands in!”

  This dragon leaves without making a sound…

  The next dragon coming in cuts the necrosis blood vessel parts off under my order, and then connects them with the blood vessels moved from other body parts and sews them together.

  When he finishes all of these, I have sweats all over my body, and my face turns deadly pale…

  I lean to sit by the head of the white dragon, and watch the third dragon which just changed into the human being form coming in to give her the final step of healing. I speak to her, “what about this? You never thought that you still can be alive?”

  The white dragon does not say anything, and it even closes its eyes up. Hey… It is your life saver who is speaking to you!

  “White shadow seldom speaks,” Reid speaks to me, “to our dragons, she is still a little kid.”

  I just want to say something more, a mouthful of blood gush out of my mouth. In my eyes, the bright sky becomes dark…

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