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Roses are red and so is.., p.1
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       Roses Are Red... And So Is Blood, p.1

           Xavier Mantrol
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Roses Are Red... And So Is Blood
Roses Are Red… And So Is Blood


  Hector was angry. No, that’s an understatement. He was furious. He was literally ripping some of his red hair out. His face was bright red, and his bright blue eyes blazed with anger. He could hardly believe it; Solomon had taken Ashley! Solomon had to go and steal Ashley from Hector, right out from under his nose! He felt like strangling him, that slime-ball. Then he got an idea. His face changed back to his usual pale pallor, and he got a small smile. He went upstairs to his room, sat at his desk, and started to plan….

  Solomon was happy. No, that’s an understatement. He was exuberant. He was literally dancing around his living room. He finally flopped onto his chair and ran his fingers through his silky brown hair. Ashley had finally admitted it; she like-liked him! He knew his exuberance couldn’t last long – Hector was going to be coming for him; but for now he was delighted. He wasn’t surprised, of course— his bright smile, mysterious green eyes, and smooth tan skin won every girl he happened to come across. However, out of all the girls that fell for him, he couldn’t find one he would’ve liked back. Until he met Ashley. He knew Ashley would fall for him— girls always did— but he knew he was going to like her. But he knew Hector was going to come soon, so he went upstairs, sat at his desk, and started to plan….

  Chapter one

  Hector laughed. His plan was perfect. He had the whole thing mapped out on paper, and nothing could go wrong. Absolutely nothing.

  Solomon cracked his knuckles. If he was right, he had figured out Hector’s plan. He had Hector’s whole plan mapped out, and on the other side, he had drawn how he was going to foil it. Nothing could go wrong. Absolutely nothing.


  Hector was taking a walk in the park. He was confident and happy. He had to wait for Solomon to make the first move before he could put his plan into action, so he passed the time by buying a medium-sized ice-cream cone from the ice-cream man who usually passed around the park this time of day – around 1:00 P.M. He was confident that Solomon would go and make the first move, totally unsuspecting of what would be happening the next day, or even a few hours later. Therefore he was not expecting what happened after he finished his ice cream….

  Solomon had been watching the big gates that let you into the park, which he knew Hector would be walking through soon. When he finally walked in, Solomon looked at his watch from high in his tree. Hector was right on time. Solomon followed Hector, leaping from tree to tree when need be. He watched as Hector bought his ice-cream, and then waited ‘til he had finished it to make his move. As soon as he saw the last parts of the cone get swallowed, he put his plan into action. He leaped from the tree, kicking Hector with both feet. He knew he would succeed in knocking Hector to the ground, because he had hard muscles from hours of exercising. He kicked Hector right in between the shoulder blades, one of the worst places to get kicked. Hector crumpled to the ground, and didn’t move. Solomon grinned. He had known his plan would work. With Hector out of the equation for now, he could proceed with the rest of his plan without interference. Now, before Solomon and Hector had become bitter rivals, they had been best friends. Hector had given Solomon a key to his house one time, and said he could come visit when he wanted to. He hadn’t yet withdrawn that offer, so Solomon walked to his house, unlocked the door, and walked right up to Hector’s room. Once he was there, he sat down at Hector’s desk and began writing. He had memorized Hector’s handwriting long ago, because as children, they had slipped codes to each other. They memorized each other’s handwriting to see if anyone had altered the message before they got it. So Solomon started writing, imitating Hector’s writing to near perfection. He wrote a letter to Ashley:

  My (not) dear Ashley,

  I believe you have been led to the rumor that I am in love with you. I wish to tell you that rumor is false. As a matter of fact, it is the exact opposite that is the truth: I hate you. I hate you with every fiber of my being. I can’t stand being around you, and I wish you would remove yourself from my life. Also, Solomon hates you. He hates you as much as is possible, as do I. Now go jump in a dung-hole and die, you ugly mutt.

  Signed, Hector.

  Solomon grinned. He knew his part about himself hating Ashley would lead her to ask him if he really did. He would tell her no, and so lead her to believe it was actually Hector who had written the note. That would make her leave Hector and stick to Solomon. However, she might ask Hector if he had written the note. And he would truthfully deny it. Solomon had a solution to that, though. He would follow Ashley around until she asked Hector. When she did, Solomon would make him say he had, probably by means of a knife. It was all planned out.

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