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           Xaiver Morden
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City of the Reptilians
City of the Reptilians

  Book One

  Copyright ? 2015 Xaiver Morden

  Published by Xaiver Morden

  Edition License Notes

  This ebook is licensed for your personal enjoyment only. This ebook may not be re-sold or given away to other people. If you would like to share this book with another person, please purchase an additional copy for each recipient. If you're reading this book and did not purchase it, or it was not purchased for your enjoyment only, then please return your favorite retailer and purchase your own copy. Thank you for respecting the hard work of this author.

  All characters and events in this book fictitious and any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead is coincidental.

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  Chapter One

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  Chapter Four

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  Chapter One

  The first beams of the rising sun finally reached the small city of Colorado. The stars were still glimmering, but their light soon vanished in the sky. Birds were greeting the new day with their songs. The city was slowly waking up from its sleep. People were rushing to work and the fresh morning air was filled with the noise of running vehicles. Another regular day was about to begin in the city.

  The harsh sound of an alarm clock smashed the stillness of the morning in a four storey building. The man in the bed quickly stretched his arms to turn off the alarm on his phone. Rubbing his eyes, yawning, he was slowly waking up. He embraced and kissed the girl lying next to him, his unshaven face scratched her soft skin, but she sure did not mind.

  "Are you already leaving?" Tamara asked with a sleepy voice.

  "Yeah, I have to if I want to climb that rock before noon."

  "Fine, but please be careful, you know how much I hate this dangerous hobby of yours."

  "As always," he smiled.

  "Don't worry, I'll be home late in the afternoon," he said, caressing the girl's face.

  He jumped out of bed, got dressed, grabbed a quick breakfast and got his backpack with his climbing equipment. He said goodbye to his sweetheart and rushed out of the apartment. He got his helmet on while running down the stairs; as he stepped out of the building. His beloved and much-honored motorcycle was waiting for him on the street. As he started the engine, the vehicle greeted him with a characteristic metallic sound.

  The neighbors were not entirely happy about it, though. He switched into first gear and while accelerating the speed, he took the road and soon left the city behind.

  In thirty minutes, he was riding into the desert and rangy land that was so typical of the Colorado site. His motorbike was having a blast on these roads as it was racing gracefully up and down the hills, creating a great drift of dust. The rain was a white crow there. He had to ride for hours to get to his beloved mountains.

  Steven Cross was a few inches taller than average, he was a sporty and handsome man in his thirties. His blond hair was cut short, his eyes were blue as the ocean and his face was always unshaven. He worked in the city as a car mechanic. He liked riding the motorcycle and climbing mountains in his free time; its danger magnetized him. He has been doing it for years now and his body has hardened while doing this sport. He could not wait to get to the mountains and start climbing. Although his girlfriend, Tamara was not entirely happy about this, she realized she could not convince him to stop so accepted her boyfriend's passion.

  The sun was running high when he arrived at the familiar rocky area, which wore the light brown colors of the land in the daylight. He stopped the engine and looked around. The weather was perfect, a light breeze blew away all the clouds in the sky. The temperature was escalating quickly and was almost about to turn unbearable. He was surrounded by steep cliffs, both small and huge ones.

  He got his helmet and sweater off and only took the pickaxe and his backpack with himself. After a short walk, he arrived at the rock he had chosen, a thirty yard high, steep top. He struck the pickaxe into the wall and pulled himself up, his muscles tightened up, but they were trained to endure hard physical activity. He was reaching forward skillfully, one grip following another. He was moving carefully, watching his balance and the cracks of the surface that could serve as a climbing hold. He took a rest a few times to regain his strength. It took almost an hour to get to the top. The temperature reached its peak and he was sweating and panting heavily, trying to breathe in the fresh air.

  The sight from the top was incredible. He could see the whole area, covered with mountains and canyons and a plain in the distance, where the city was lying. He sat down, took a deep breath and got the flask out of the backpack, taking big sips of water in order to quench his thirst. This is where he felt the best: in the height and in the silence. He was watching the birds circling in the distance. More than half an hour passed when he decided to climb down. Suddenly the ground and the whole area began to shake, pieces of rocks were falling down everywhere.

  "Damn, an earthquake!" he shouted and quickly grabbed his pickaxe.

  The earthquake did not last for long, the shaking stopped after a few minutes, as suddenly as it started. He stood up carefully and looked down. There were cracks and rubble all around the ground.

  I really hope my motorcycle is alive and well he thought.

  Then he slowly began to descend, hoping to avoid another earthquake. It was a long way, but it took less than half the time he spent climbing up. When he finally got down he saw his motorcycle tumbled over and surrounded by several smaller cracks on the rocky ground. He rushed there to check if it had any damage on it. Using all his efforts, he remounted the bike. Luckily it only gained a few new scratches and a bash on the tank, but there was no serious damage.

  As he was examining his vehicle something got his attention. An unusual, supernatural and pale light, was shining from one of the cracks caused by the earthquake. He chocked the motorcycle and rushed to the source of the light. He was overwhelmed with curiosity, just like so many times before.

  "What the hell can it be, I've never seen anything like this before!" he cried out.

  He slowly approached the rift and looked down. In the dim light, the gap seemed about ten yards deep. However, the light coming from below was oddly light blue and UV-like. He rushed back to his backpack, got his rope, tied it to a rock and threw the other end into the rift. He quickly descended into the narrow gap in order to take a closer look of the unusual phenomenon. As his feet touched the ground he stepped into a round spacious room.

  The dim blue light was coming from the lamps all around the ceiling. He saw the outline of a huge metallic door. Steven switched on his torch and pointed the light on the door to examine it.

  The light of the torch finally revealed the whole door, which was obviously made of metal alloy. It was dark grey and skillfully polished. An umbrella-sized, silvery symbol was carved in the middle. It portrayed a dragon embracing seven white stars. Opposite this huge door, there was a double door, about half as big as the other one. The walls were covered with large ventilators, letting the booming of the warm air sneak out to the outside world. The walls were also polished and the floor seemed constructed too.

  "This is unbelievable, what can this be, in the middle of nowhere?" he was overcome by an unpleasant sentiment.

  I better get the hell out of here, before I get into any more trouble, he thought.

  He turned around and headed towards the rope to climb out. Then he noticed a noise, getting louder and louder, coming from the smaller door. A few moments later the door opened and he saw three figures stepping in the room. As Steven looked in their direction, his pupils dilated and his heart beg
an to beat very fast as the adrenaline spread over his body, when he caught the sight of the newcomers.

  They were strong-muscled humanoids, with an average height, but they were far from being humans. Their skin was covered with little greenish-beige scales, with random light green and brown dots on them. Their faces were human-like, two eyes, two ears, wide and flat nose and small nostrils. The scales above their eyes were significantly bigger and two darker lines were running from there, through the whole face right down to their chins. Their eyes were a bit bigger than average and their characteristically vertical black pupils were surrounded by a dark green iris. Their ears were smaller than human ears and were round. The only hair on their body was on the top of their head; it was short and it seemed greenish-brown. They had five long and thin fingers on each hand, ending in claws. They had small and sharp teeth, lining up in their jaws. All three were wearing dark blue, light tops ending above their elbows and pants made of an artificial material.

  When they set their eyes on Steve, the air was frozen for a moment. They were not expecting a stranger either. The man made a quick decision and hoping to escape, he jumped towards the rope and started to climb rapidly. He could see from the corner of his eye, one of the creatures reaching for some kind of a weapon and pointing it towards him. He was hit by a blue energy discharge and his body was immediately stiffened. Having terrible pain, he fell back to the floor and lost consciousness.

  Steven was waking up slowly, all his body parts were hurting thanks to the weapon that hit him. His cramped muscles were only starting to slacken now. He slowly opened his eyes and looked around.

  He was in a smaller room, lying on some kind of a bed that seemed to be built into the wall. It was covered with a strange, soft fabric that took his shape. A round and flat device provided the light on the ceiling. In the middle of the room, there was an oval white table, made of metallic material too, standing on one leg in the middle that tapered gradually. He still had a terrible headache and he had no idea how much time passed since he had fainted.

  The room had one exit, but he did not see any doorknob, button or switch on it. He was slowly overcome by fear.

  Who are these creatures, where did they bring him and what do they want from him? Thoughts were flitting in his mind.

  He climbed down from the bed and examined the room carefully. The walls and the floor were polished like in the small round room that he saw down in the crack.

  Suddenly the metal door opened. Two humanoid lizard-men entered. One of them had a manual weapon attached to his side; this one was wearing some kind of silver coloured uniform and had a scale-like pattern. His arms from the elbow and his legs above his thighs were uncovered. The creature had the same symbol on his chest he previously encountered. A dragon, embracing seven white stars. His greenish-brown hair was cut short. He wore an emerald lens on his right eye that was attached to a frame, resting on his ear.

  His companion seemed smaller and weaker and was wearing the dark blue, light dress. This one had mid-long hair. The door closed immediately behind them. Their eyes were so radiating and powerful that Steven was simply petrified. They walked towards the table and suddenly two blue chairs, facing each other, rose out from the floor, but they did not have any legs, they were just floating in the air.

  The one in the blue dress, seemingly having a more important status, sat down and the other creature stood next to him. The one sitting gave a cold look to Steven and started talking. His voice sounded metallic and commanding, but he could perfectly understand what he was saying as he spoke distinct English.

  "My name is Krosan and I am one of the leaders of this settlement. You are in Sipapuni, in our underground city. Please sit down, human, so I can explain your situation," he offered a seat to his prisoner pointing his long claws towards the other chair.

  The man was hesitating, his heart was beating fast, his palms were sweating, but he slowly made up his mind and sat on the strange chair floating in front of him.

  "Well, as you can see, we are not human. We are another kinds, the reptilians. We are natives on Earth, living underground for thousands of years. I will not go into details why. I have some bad news for you. Anyone who is not one of our kinds, seeing any of the entrances of our underground settlement can never leave, meaning that you are a captive from now on. The good news is that we are not going to hurt you if you obey the rules which will be explained to you by my fellow reptilian."

  "I am Vorden, Lieutenant Commander of Sipapuni's defense," the other creature began to talk with a firm and clear voice.

  "You are not the first human to find our settlement, thanks to some incredible luck. There are three of them living down here. Rules are simple and clear. You cannot leave the city. You cannot even walk on the streets all by yourself, without the supervision of at least one reptilian. If we catch you trying to escape, you will be killed immediately. You will get an implant that will allow you to enter certain buildings. You cannot open or operate anything without this. You will have daily tasks like everybody else. Attacking anybody of our kind will be punished with death. One of our fellow reptilians will be assigned to supervise your daily assignments and you always have to obey your supervisor. If you disobey his commands, you will get a penalty too so think careful before you act. You are a tolerated stranger here, remember that. This was all I wanted to say in a nutshell."

  "If you have any questions, you can ask them now," said the other reptilian as he clasped his hands in the chair, waiting for the human to say something.

  Steven could not really get over the shock after all he heard. His head was still aching, but he mustered up his courage, took a deep breath, trying to arrange his thoughts.

  "I am Steven Cross from Colorado, I am an American citizen," he started out a bit confusedly.

  "How can you just kidnap people? This is outrageous, we are free and you cannot imprison us here. If my government knew about this, they would sure send help to get me out of here!"

  "First, this is our territory, so we act as we please. This is not America, we are several miles underground. Second, we are in contact with your government in the framework of strict conditions of course. Only people in the highest places are initiated. They approved that we can treat our human prisoners, the way we want to."

  Steven could not believe, what he was just hearing or maybe he did not want to believe it, but he did not say anything out loud.

  "So you are reptilians, an ancient tribe that has been here next to us all along?"

  "Exactly. Our kind evolved from a dinosaur species millions of years ago, way before humans appeared on Earth. Your kind, the humankind was created by an alien race, the Annukaki, who created you from your primitive ancestors, the pre-humans."

  "What? We were created by aliens? I cannot believe this!" Steven was outraged.

  "I will not argue with you, but everything I said was true. Believe it or not, you are a hybrid species created through gene surgery. We have seen the whole process," Krosan replied firmly.

  "Where will I live, what will I eat?" the man asked nervously.

  "You will live where the other humans live. There are not many of you, as mentioned before, there are three other humans living in the city. We eat almost the same you do, probably a bit more meat and a few things that are poisonous for you. One of the guards will lead you there."

  "I will take care of that," said the large reptilian in the silver suit.

  "Then this conversation is over, I hope you understood everything that has been said. It is for your own sake."

  He got a thin needle out from his robe.

  "Give me your arm, so I can inject the implant in."

  Steven gave him his arm cautiously and the creature injected the tiny gadget that was smaller than a pill, deep under his skin. Strangely enough, he did not feel any pain.

  "We are done. This is a tracker and a device that gives you a restricted access to our technologies. I do not recommend you to take it out, you will be
punished for that."

  He turned around and walked out of the room, not wasting any more time on this human.

  "Follow me, Steven Cross from Colorado! Said the reptilian commander.

  Steven could not do anything but obey. There were two similarly strong and armed reptilians outside the door, in silver scale-patterned uniforms and with green lenses in front of their eyes. They were talking to each other for a while, on a sibilant, incomprehensible language. Later one of the guards started talking to him.

  "Follow me human! I will take you to your housing and you will get something to eat."

  This reptilian did not have any hair and there was a scar across his whole face. He seemed pretty repulsive to Steven. The aisle they were standing in was about ten yards wide, the sunlight was imitated by the oval lamps on the ceiling from several smaller light sources. The walls were grey and polished and there were no windows at all. They turned left and the aisle ended in an elevator. They got in and ascended with a quiet, buzzing noise. A few seconds later they arrived and the doors opened. Steven was shocked by the sight in front his eyes. He saw the underground city of another intelligent species.

  He could see tall, barrel-shaped towers and dozens of strange, dome-like buildings next to each other, all glowing in darker and lighter shades of grey, but there were a few white ones too. Their height varied between the height of a townhouse and a skyscraper. Some parts of the city were glowing brightly and some were just glistening.

  Only a few reptilians were walking down on the streets, in groups, wearing light clothing. He could not see any vehicles. There were no sidewalks, no roads just polished stone everywhere. The whole city was carved from rocks and it was surrounded by a hemisphere under the surface. An immense, white hexagonal building stood in the middle of the settlement; it was more than 300 yard high. It reached to the top part of the hemisphere, ensuring that the ceiling does not collapse. He just noticed the silvery flying objects in the sky that were shaped like cigars and were the size of a van, with tiny illuminating windows on their sides. The air felt pretty warm outside, like a nice summer day on the outside world

  "My name is Pyrat and I am responsible for the humans, so I hope you will not cause any trouble," the guard said, giving him a cold reptile look; Steven felt Goosebumps on his skin.

  "I don't think so," he replied cautiously, slowly coming around his astonishment.

  The reptilians on the street were staring at the newcomer and pointing fingers on the man; they talked about him on their unknown and unpronounceable language. That was the first time Steven saw a female reptilian.

  The only difference was that they obviously had breasts, although they were smaller that human breasts. The iris of their eye was light green. There were probably more brownish-green dots on their faces, as Steven noticed. Their figure was slimmer, just like a woman's body. Their costumes were a bit lighter and flashier than the men's clothes.

  They turned right at one corner, where several cigar-shaped vehicles were waiting on a smaller round square. They got in one of the vehicles. There were several comfortable seating areas in it and it had little windows on both sides, but these were not made of glass, but an unknown material. There was a round and transparent control panel in the middle, but it had no buttons on it.

  Pyrat said something in his own language and the controller of the vehicle replied while lights started to flash. It began to ascend with a quiet buzzing noise and headed towards one direction with a steady speed.

  Looking down on Shipapuni was even more incredible. The tall building in the centre was surrounded by the districts in a circular arrangement; each had different colors, white in the middle and becoming darker from the inside. There was a power plant-like, towered building in the inner circle with flashing blue lights on it. Steven noticed a giant, flat building which was half the size of a football court. He could not hold his curiosity back and mustering up his courage, he asked his grumpy companion.

  "What's that building down there?" he pointed there curiously.

  Pyrat gave him a strange look but did not reply immediately.

  "Did it catch your attention, human? Well, that is one of our most important buildings, which is an underground sunbathing facility. We can warm up there time to time, as we are reptiles with unbalanced temperature, not like you humans. But enough of the questions!" he ended the conversation grimly.

  The vehicle soon landed on a square, in front of a building in one of the outer districts.

  "We are here, this will be your home, and this is where the other humans live."

  They were definitely at the edge of the city, the tall central building seemed very far. He could see several flat and small houses around. The reptilian was heading towards one of dark grey houses, with oval window-like holes on its side. He saw some signs on the wall, but could not read them.

  The door opened as the reptilian stopped in front of it. They stepped in a spacious round room. The walls here were also polished and there was a similar lighting device on the ceiling, he had previously seen. There were four doors and two smaller aisles opening from this room. One of them led to a kitchen, the other one to the bathroom.

  "The devices work by verbal command," Pyrat explained.

  "For instance, chair, up!"

  Suddenly an oval table and four chairs rose up from the floor, floating like they were glued to the air.

  "Since we live underground and there is not much space, everything is built-in so it only occupies space when used. You will meet your supervisor tomorrow, he will manage your daily tasks. The other humans will be here in a few hours. Stay here until then and I recommend you not to leave the house. I will watch your every step and your behavior," then he turned around and left without saying goodbye.

  Steven, having nothing better to do, walked around the house and tried the verbal command thing. He looked in the bathroom, which had a built-in metallic tub with tepid water in it.

  "Hot water to the tub!"

  As he said these words out loud the implant started to work quietly and translated his command to the alien technology. A few seconds later the tub was full of hot, steaming water.

  The kitchen was interesting too, needless to say that everything there worked on command. The shelves and storage units were built in the walls and pulled out or slid back on command. The stove was a transparent, thin panel made of an unknown material, with strange signs running around its surface. The pots were oval-shaped and they were made of an unknown metal. He could only recognize the knife among the cutlery, there was a spoon-like thing with the grid on one end, but he had no idea what it could be used for.

  The rooms were simple, with built-in beds, a small round table with a screen in them. It could get in contact with a person on command if this person permitted the call. The beds were relatively comfortable, their surface was covered with an intelligent, jelly-like substance that adapted the shape of the body.

  A few hours later he heard a noise from the outside. A flying vehicle arrived and he heard human speech and steps approaching. The automatic door soon opened and the first man entered.

  He was a portly, older man, with average height, his hair was turning grey and he had a bald spot on the top of his head. His face was covered with a big beard. He was wearing a light-green robe-like dress. He had wrinkles on his cheeks and his forehead, revealing his age, but his brown eyes lighted up as he burst into a smile of surprise.

  "We have a guest, people, what a surprise! You are the first new man we see in two years. Let me introduce myself. I am Bruno Oswald," he shook his hand excitedly.

  There was another man and a woman entering the room. The girl seemed a bit younger than Steven. She had a lovely face with big, green eyes, filled with joy as she looked at their new guest. Her red curly locks were waist-long. She also had a light green robe that revealed the outline of her large breasts. She also welcomed him with a slight Russian accent.

  "Hello, I am Agnessa Vladina," she introduced hers
elf with a soft and high voice.

  The third inhabitant was Roger Hagen, an exceptionally tall and thin man in his late thirties. He had dark, curly hair, bright brown eyes, a strong jaw and a hawk-nose.

  "I would offer you some alcohol, but, unfortunately, they not make it here. The lizards cannot handle it," Bruno said mockingly.

  "So let us hear your story, how did you get here, to the city of the reptilians?" the bearded man asked.

  "I was rock climbing in the nearby mountains and there was an earthquake and the ground opened up. I saw a strange light coming up from one of the cracks to the surface, so I climbed down and, unfortunately, I ran into three reptilians. Then I woke up in this city," he was scratching his unshaven face with a troubled look.

  "And how did you get here? Go on, Agnessa," he turned to the woman with curiosity.

  "I came to America as a tourist about two years ago. I am from Saint-Petersburg, Russia and I am a biologist. I love nature and I was examining the wildlife of the desert and taking photos for a magazine. I accidentally noticed one of these creatures coming out from a hidden door. I took a few photos, but they noticed me, caught me and forcefully brought me to their city. I select fruits and vegetables for them in a greenhouse. You can imagine, how much I enjoy this work every single day!"

  Bruno started talking.

  "I have been here the longest. I am from Washington. About five years ago we were hiking with my wife in the nearby mountains and one day we saw these creatures coming out to the sun, from one of the underground entrances. Absorbing the sunlight is very important for them. Unfortunately, they noticed and caught us. My wife died two years ago here, may she rest in peace. I have lived here since then. I am a genetics professor by the way. I am the assistant of a reptilian scientist called Oronna and I help him with different experiments. I am doing pretty well, regarding the circumstances."

  "So you are handling captivity quite well down here, aren't you?"

  "Well, we can say that," the old man replied.

  "I am a geologist form Lubbock, Texas," the tall man said.

  "About three years ago, I was surveying with two colleagues in the Colorado Mountains. During one survey, four men, or at least we thought they were men, approached us and asked. What we were doing and how long we were going to do it? We told them it would take a few more hours. They became furious and started to act strangely. The quarrel turned into a fight when suddenly one of them got a weapon out and shot one of my colleagues. My other friend had a gun that he pulled out, but that was a mistake because he was then killed too. After this they revealed their true identities to me: they were all reptilians. Actually they can disguise themselves as humans. Turns out we were surveying next to one of their entrances. They told me I could choose between cooperating or dying like the others. I chose the less bad option and this is how I got here."

  "Have you ever tried to escape?" Steven asked.

  Bruno leaned closer and whispered in his ears.

  "We are constantly being monitored by the aliens," then he raised his voice again.

  "It is impossible to escape from here, trust me! It is not worth trying anyway as you get killed immediately. I suggest we take a walk to get to know each other better," the old man winked at the others.

  "Sure, let's go!" the others replied.

  They were soon out on the streets. They searched for a calm, desolate area, where they were not exposed and started talking quietly.

  "We can only walk around alone in this area, in this district, remember that, Steven. You will get serious punishment if you go anywhere else alone. Sidestep the lizards if you meet them on the street, they will not sidestep you. Give me your hand now!" he commanded Steven and pulled out a knife.

  "What do you want with that knife?" Steven was frightened.

  "Make sure you're human. Their blood is darker red than ours and it is denser too."

  "Fine, I'm a human like you. Examine me if you want to!

  The surgeon carefully cut their new mate's hand, and examined the little stream of blood that was completely human-like.

  "Great, you are really one of us! Let me conclude what we have learned so far," Roger turned to their new friend.

  "There are at least fifty thousand reptilians living in Sipanuni. We are more than two miles below the ground. There are several gates to the surface, but they can only be accessed from the central tower. They are all carefully guarded and we have not been able to figure out a way to mislead their defense and the guards. As you heard, they are able to disguise themselves as humans if they want to. They can simply make our minds believe that they are humans. They use telepathy so they can communicate without speaking. They are also able to move smaller objects with some kind of a telekinesis. They travel to other cities with an incredibly fast train-like vehicle."

  "They have a weakness, a sensitive spot somewhere on their backs, around the spine, they have some bones that are very sensitive. Their whole technology is based on a magnetic principle and their flying vehicles are operated with anti-gravity drive," Bruno said.

  "They have to eat meat, if they only eat vegetables they die," Agnessa joined in.

  "These sound interesting and useful info," Steven replied.

  "I think we can agree that none of us wants to get old and die here, although this city is fascinating and it is nothing like any other city on Earth. One of their leaders, Krosan talked to me. He said that humankind was created by an alien race and we are not the native inhabitants of the planet, but they are. It really upset me. Is it true?" he asked nervously with folded arms.

  Agnessa gave him an answer, with honesty glowing from her emerald eyes.

  "We only know what we've been told, but they went into so specific details we cannot help, but believe them. According to them, we were created by the Annunaki tribe about 500 000 years ago from the pre-humans, with the help of genetic modification, accelerating evolution. Those creatures were also reptile-like, just like the ones living here.

  "But this is not all," Bruno interrupted her.

  "According to them, our society is still controlled by half-human alien hybrids, who can take both human and reptile forms. They are working in the background. They are royalties, great banker dynasties and there are only a few of them. They stayed here to control us and the Annunaki left. They came up with a lot of ideas to influence the humankind. Just look at religion, the financial system, the entertainment industry, they all engage us, divide us and make us vulnerable."

  "I cannot believe this, it sounds nonsense. But if reptilians do exist on Earth, there can be others too outside the planet."

  "We had our doubts in the beginning too, but we slowly changed our minds. Let's head back to the flat, we will be suspicious if we stay out too long and we will have another hard day tomorrow," the professor said.

  They walked back to the house to have some rest in the city of the reptilians.
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