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           Wilson Ayinbangya Amooro
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  Wilson's philosophy of life and work can be summed up in a simple quote:

  ‘’The more I love, the more I grow; the more I grow, the more I love’’---Wilson ‘thePoet’ Mandela.

  Wilson's artful way of crafting words from the raw materials of personal experience and emotion continues to win him fans. His poetry is a testament to his life, and also serves as a touchstone for all those who read and relate to his words.

  (Bio Credit: Tiffany Howard)

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  Something from Sweet Christmas & New Poems Book

  A little Child’s letter to God on Christmas Day

  Dear God

  Many, many Christmases have passed me by,

  I sent you several letters,

  No sign to show you received any of them.

  Please tell me,

  If you are taking time to answer me in a special way,

  I guess that will be enough to console me with a hug,

  and make me feel just alright as your little child.

  I starved myself of the soft and yummy ice cream for weeks,

  saved my last pennies for my envelope and writing pad.

  And the other kids made me into a teasing stock.

  Oh, Dear God

  Hear me out

  Just this one moment

  Search through my heart

  Please, don’t let this last tear drop,

  Walk through my cheeks in vain.

  Is it because you know what I am thinking?

  I am a sinner

  I broke rules too

  And I didn’t do my homework the last time

  When I want to compare

  All the new things the other kids have for Christmas,

  It will only increase my pain.

  All I have is a piece of my heart I share in this letter.

  I have no more tears

  I wait for the day when I will also smile

  And when they see me from miles afar

  The teasing label will become a pleasing star

  Dear Lord, I don’t want much this Christmas.

  Bless my world to accept me for who I am.

  Something from Love Letters Book

  Let Me Lay My Gentle Hands On You

  I know just how it feels

  When you get that heartache,

  To face reality;

  Mood so blue and bitter.

  Pain won’t last forever.

  It will soon be better.

  When it all gets too tough

  To bid farewell rough thoughts,

  Just relax and breathe slooooow.

  Close your eyes, feel me close.

  I’ll wrap my Earth’s wings ‘bout you,

  To keep you always warm.

  I want to be the one

  You accept in your heart,

  Even though you feel pain!

  Tattoo now on my heart,

  Deep passion not to fade.

  I know your emotions

  As fervent as they are,

  Would surely break me down

  If I basked in your shade.

  That’s not my illusion.

  I am now a part of

  Your perfect impression!

  Place your fingers near mine.

  Fill those empty spaces.

  Merge unbreakable bond.

  Let me now lay on you,

  My willing, gentle hands,

  Even for a second!

  Something from Football Game versus Life Game Book

  Football with God


  A little fellow put words together and formed one of the most endearing letters my eyes have witnessed on earth. With a breath of fresh air, I sighed in delight, soaked in awe for this tender heart’s tempting invitation to play football with God.

  On a seemingly promising day, passion drove ego out of the lonely islets and pushed the footprints into adventure at a not-so-popular- park.

  The gentle efforts exerted on the ball caressed the floor, as eyes gazed in an unblinking direction like a stubborn stalker on a rich dad’s belle.

  Then, that unprepared moment came across a strange appearance of feet. The little boy lifted his head up, to catch a glimpse of the mighty shadow. He was neither expecting, but was willing to be filled in by the warm feeling of companionship.

  An elderly woman stretched a wrinkled palm for a handshake. ‘This is the best gift I ever received from a stranger,’ soliloquized into the little figure of the big-heart- boy.

  Before, emotions could translate into words, another Hollywood worth capturing ambience evoked.

  ‘My little one, please could you teach me how to play football? I have been sitting here and everyone that passed my way never said hello to me,’ said the old woman. She wore on her face the most perfect and priceless make-up in the world, her smile.

  Throwing, kicking and catching the ball, the process went on and on, as they played joyfully without any bother of rules of the football game. What mattered to them was finding someone to bring out the best in them. They surely moved along, as age weighed on the day and dusk traded place for light. The hugged each other tighter. And they parted ways in opposite directions. As if they planned it, in between some footsteps away, they turned back to look at each other for the last, and when their eyes met they even beamed brighter.

  When the little boy got home, his face was greeted with a reflection of the pure joy he offered to his mother.

  Mom asked, ‘What is the secret to your unending happiness?’

  The reply blew mom away…

  ‘I played football with God’

  Before, his mom could manufacture words for a reply, he added, “You know what? God finally received my letter and made special time for me, at my special park. She made me the most special person on earth today.’

  Scenes switched to the home of the old woman. The storyline is an irresistible recipe of soft slices of inspiration as gourmet to nourish the inner being.

  Her son was clouded by a piece of heaven from her face and asked, “Mom, you are not only cheerful looking, you look years younger today. What’s the secret? ‘

  She replied, “I played football in the park with God.”

  ... to be continued

  Something from Lovers’ Diary Book

  What is Love?





  When we listen

  we tenderly hear love

  When we obey

  we wisely have trust for love

  When we give love value

  we cherish love

  When we listen, obey and value LOVE

  we will enjoy LOVE;

  A gift adorned from above

  Something from Colourful Poetry Book


  I love purple

  It makes me look supple

  Just like a fresh apple

  I’d choose violet

  Instead of scarlet

  To match my bracelet

  I’d go for red

  That’s what a friend said

  So I’ll be called, ’lady in red’

  I look good in pink

  I always end up with a wink

  And always go out in a blink

  I prefer yellow

  To make me glow

  And the brightness will
never go

  Did you just offer me white?

  Thanks please come home

  For a bite of pizza

  Because you make me feel like a heaven’s kite

  I’m in love with blue

  And I’m stuck to it like glue

  Ha-ha, guess you’re looking for a clue

  Something from Inspirational Poetry & Prose for Cancer Patients Book

  Cure for Cancer

  I won’t promise you perfect chemotherapy

  without nausea

  I owe you a home in my wrinkled palm

  I won’t promise radiation

  without dizziness

  I believe in our mused memories fused with inspiration

  to grow our happiness

  I can’t afford for you a perfect therapy

  without side effects

  I can afford for you all my time

  to listen to your cherish desires calmly

  I am not a fan of promises

  I promise to make one journey for you my precious child

  ‘I will be your cure without side effects’

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