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           Wilson Ayinbangya Amooro
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  By Wilson Ayinbangya Amooro

  Copyright 2014 Wilson Ayinbangya Amooro

  This ebook is licensed for your personal enjoyment only. This ebook may not be re-sold or given away to other people. Thank you for respecting the hard work of this author.

  Copyright © 2014 Wilson Ayinbangya Amooro


  To Africa & Africans!


  I am paying tribute to Dr. G. A. Agambila the Vice President of Ghana Association of Writers (GAW) for being an intellectual icon and a hub of inspiration and doing the first edit.

  I appreciate the following pundits: Zakiya Penny, Ronnie Lee Daise and Bulawa Zukiswa for this book’s rich Praise Report which can easily pass for the main content.

  Thanks to you, for choosing to read this book!

  Praise Report

  Africa is a book of poems where each poem reads like a short story. Fascinated and intrigued by every word, I found that when I thought I had found a favorite, the next poem was even better! Imaginative and inspiring, Author Wilson Ayinbangya Amooro displays a refreshing and unique literary style that is indicative to his Ghanaian roots and global experiences. Once I started reading "Africa" I couldn't put it down. "Africa" gives you a colorful vision, uniquely seen through the eyes of a poet.

  Zakiya Penny, Founder/Director Sabayet Foundation

  Africa is a must read!!! Wilson Amooro is a needed voice in the true world of pure poetry. A soul blessed with the rare gift of interpretations. I am impressed with the heart and art of Author Wilson Amooro, and I am honored to call him, my brother.

  Published Poet Ronnie Lee Daise, USA

  My friend Wilson Amooro:

  Siphosihle that is a suitable name for you, and it means “a beautiful or precious gift’’ from the Xhosa tribe of South Africa

  Bulawa Zukiswa, South Africa

  Table of Contents:

  Praise Report

  Beyond the Drought


  Africa’s Tears

  I Am Strong

  Africa is our Dreamland

  Haunted Desire

  Prize of an African

  African Woman

  Road to Redemption

  Our Unsung Heroes

  African Mama Cries

  African Papa Cries

  Dreams without teams

  Prisoner to President: Nelson Mandela

  Black Youth Wake Up!

  Feeling for Africa

  Victim to Survivor

  Rhythm of Africa

  Volunteers for Africa


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  Beyond the Drought

  Tears of Hope

  Slowly ooze from those sunken eyes

  To nurse our arid soils


  My feeble veins

  Calmly await love’s transfusion

  From its own home


  No more shall those tender eyes

  Be witnesses to the raiding torment of history

  But our patience will silence the heat


  Can you see it-the way I feel

  Or can you feel it-the way I see it

  That Africa will someday soon flourish


  God bless the little children of Africa, who innocently suffer for the pains, they do not deserve.


  Beautiful woman

  The rich melanin that bathes your skin

  Reflects your true beauty

  And is able to resurrect

  The sleeping aesthetic senses

  You need no mirror to prove it

  Did you hear the rumour?

  The crown Prince of Tamale

  Had his vision blinded

  By your alluring charm.

  Beautiful woman

  My heart wept

  When the waves hit me hard

  In my auditory canals

  That you want to rob yourself of the rich melanin

  With a matter called bleach

  You want to be more of someone else

  And less of yourself

  You need no pearls

  Nor mirror to reflect your true image

  In fact, you are regarded as accurately representing

  The womb of fertility

  Beautiful Black woman

  Africa’s Tears

  There comes a consoling feeling

  Flooding the corners

  Of our eyes as a people

  Soaking our hidden emotions

  Traveling down the streets of our cheeks

  In its own language and motion

  Don’t fight this feeling

  Allow it to flow

  Allow it to show

  At the end we will grow

  Others may try to make an untrue story

  Out of our past hurt

  Don’t feel sorry

  For who you are

  Keep moving

  Please, don’t worry

  Let it flow

  Beneath this skin tone

  We will grow

  United as one

  Sometimes we can’t hold it any longer

  The stronger

  The feeling

  The refreshing the healing

  I cry not because of a broken nail

  But for the unfed souls around the world

  I cry not because of riches

  But for our ill looking kids shown on the news yesterday

  Yet we step on earth of diamonds and gold

  But our own is treating us so cold

  It hits my heart

  Like the wild wind of the cyclone

  Self-pest glued to our possession

  When our kids are afraid

  To pronounce their confession

  To claim the dreamland

  Our pride as a people has been sold out

  The more I try to forgive my past

  The more I won’t forget the lessons

  That have brought me thus far

  Counting my loss

  Makes me red to very own destiny

  Africa will go far

  If we cherished our history

  And won’t wait for anyone to tell our story

  I have a refreshing feeling

  Our heartaches won’t stay longer

  We are stronger

  This flows directly into my veins

  I believe the toil of our forefathers

  Won’t be in vain.

  I Am Strong

  If I never cried

  I bet today

  I wouldn’t be that strong

  There comes a feeling

  That refreshes the soul

  After this voyage

  So my dear, pregnant mother

  Grab your divine healing

  As you push, push and push

  Let your eyes sweetly rain

  No fears

  Our hospital has no electricity

  Like the President’s city

  One more little push

  For my sibling in there

  Ahead is our gain

  If I never tasted pain

  I guess the meaning of gain

t wake me up from this sickbed

  Through the tubes I am being fed

  To resurrect my spirit within

  I will rise again

  I am strong

  If I never lost

  There wouldn’t be value or cost

  To add to what I cherish the most

  Africa will recover from modern slavery

  Starting from weeding out our own

  Milking us down

  With lessons learned are blessings

  Double, double, double

  Please don’t tremble

  Be calm no trouble

  Komla Afeke Dumor of BBC fame

  Is still making us proud

  Up there

  As I saw him in my dream

  In his usual infectious grin

  He whispered to me,

  ‘shhhh my young poet Wilson don’t scream

  It’s Africa appointed to win, win and win’

  If we knew how strong

  We would be today

  We wouldn’t care or run away

  But comfortably laugh at our every human weakness

  Happiness, our home

  To cure every despaired syndrome

  I am strong

  That’s where I belong

  I know someday

  When my child’s eyes greet mine

  And asks me the one most important question,

  ‘How did you make it?’

  I pray my memories rescue me

  And remember to sing this lone song

  [Written by the days I walked on earth above]

  I will find strength to let it all out

  In my own way

  As I feel me still rising

  Woes washed away

  No matter the weather

  Together, child let’s hum this sweet melody along

  Africa is strong

  I am strong

  We are strong

  Africa is our Dreamland

  Africa is a lifestyle

  Our life is but a dream

  Each step rouses us to love

  Dare to dream

  Beautiful fantasy clouds the unpredictable challenges

  The relishing smiles our facial tattoos

  An emblem of customs and taboos

  Rhythmic sounds music from our earth’s cymbal

  Dare to dream

  Our dreams travel beyond imaginary

  And may not be all sweet as ice cream

  HOPE will take Africans there

  Courage will be admired

  Endurance will be honourable

  Africa dares to dream

  A touch of perfected precision pays

  A gentle spirit will envision visions

  Leaving no room for grief to be conceived

  Got my eyeballs impregnated with bliss

  Why should ubuntu be endangered?

  When every day I see a new heaven

  A land promised with completeness

  This is right in front of me

  In my African brethren’s eyes

  Haunted Desire



  I dream not to be crowned only the richest

  But one not far from being the wisest

  Stretching my hands over to heal my world




  I feel it all inside

  African pride

  I dream never to package beautiful lies

  Branded in immoderate flattery

  Standing in failing promises

  That’s amiss the African pride

  But one whose words:

  Would inspire


  And resurrect the common man's heart

  Deeply from the words

  My lips are anointed to say

  I dream never again for any man

  To be a slave

  But to each individual

  On their own

  Taking their own decisions

  Making their own choices

  In the new gown of human dignity

  My desire is to see a free Africa

  Each man to the doing of their own conscience

  Reconnecting to the tales of our ancestors

  Told from the hearts of our forefathers

  Together, we claim our Africa

  Our dreamland

  Prize of an African

  I strive to prove my opponents wrong

  I want to show others that I belong

  I forgive to build up my heart as strong

  I need no approval from man and woman

  I do it for joy to prolong

  This prize I desire for this journey long

  Africa will win with resolve by forging along

  African Woman

  "Favour is deceitful, and beauty is vain: but a woman that feareth the Lord, shall be praised. Give her of the fruit of her hands; and let her own works praise her in the gates."

  Proverbs 31:30-31

  Worth of an African woman

  Through my cloudy days

  Her smiles

  Startled me with sunshine

  That lingered bright in my ways

  Despite the distant miles

  She’s focus on the destination

  Not the turbulent journey

  She is the pride of her child

  Her counsel

  So sweet to my longing soul

  Presenting me

  With the key of life

  To unlock treasured sage

  The creations of her fingers

  Pampering my aging body

  Dearly she is my reason to be

  Deeply she is the passion stirring in me

  In her tender eyes my destiny I see

  Her impregnated thoughts

  Whispering into my sleep

  I sweetly weep

  For what she made me get

  I cannot forget

  The world envies me

  Because in my every step

  I feel possibilities calling my name

  Because of your unfeigned love

  There is no dearth

  For us today below or above

  I'm not done yet:

  May God continue to bless

  The womb that nursed the world

  African woman

  You make us so proud

  With your presence and your synergy around

  Road to Redemption

  Too many tears rolled for self-pity

  Ignored human duty

  Deserted for the Almighty

  Emotionally cheated

  Mentally teased

  Spiritually starved

  Some moments the hurt is stronger

  Our suffering won’t last longer

  Dear past

  Your lips told us tales

  About our wretchedness

  Only our hearts could explain

  How beautiful we felt inside

  With the African pride

  Metaphorically we compare our realities

  To a broken shoe

  Yet we believe

  The more we practice to dance

  In its wretchedness

  With our hearts glued to our happiness

  The better we can perfect our imperfection

  From the past

  Our joy will stay to last


  We are arrested midway

  Our past and the future

  We are still on top

  Savor a sweet lullaby in your tongues

  To hypnotize our every sorrow

  And resurrect the sleeping hero in the African

  So long unsung

  Dear Future

  I have found the right person to carry me on

  On this road called Redemption

  I was too blind to know

  I can do it as an African

  I am powerful

African, I can!

  Whenever I brave on

  On this track with lack of fear

  It starts with refreshed tears

  Filling in the happiness within

  So pure

  Both mild and wild seasons

  Will come so sure

  Reason I want to lead first the way unknown

  Bringing healing home

  For the glory days of our unborn generations

  Our Unsung Heroes

  You need somebody

  Someone else needs you

  Wipe away that tear

  And say no to fear

  Invited or uninvited

  Don’t hide that delightful cheer

  Someone needs it

  You know you need it more

  We are never alone

  You can be whatever and/or whoever

  You put your mind to

  In your quest for joy

  Sometimes your feelings

  May be mistaken by others for a toy

  Sometimes they won’t call you bad

  A friendly ‘ungood ‘ is thrown at you

  Don’t let negative labeling pull you down

  Let it motivate you to grab your crown

  When your hard work is accomplished

  Some may not commend you

  From today you don’t need everyone’s approval

  To get there

  When you promise yourself

  ‘No turning back’

  You are filled with confidence without lack

  Don’t race for prizes...

  Stand for Mama Africa’s dignity to be restored

  Every step you move

  Have the motherland in mind

  Look forward

  Keep looking forward

  Build a sanctuary for the disadvantaged

  As you climb high

  Worshipped with love

  Nourish the well being of our own

  I smell freedom today for Africa

  The freedom that releases our unsung sweet melodies

  From mental slavery

  You are an unsung hero for mama Africa

  Release your unsung sweet melody

  YOU my unsung hero for mama Africa

  African Mama Cries

  Her grey hair whispered

  Into her mind

  That one day another lady

  Would steal her son away from her

  I saw her two tear drops

  Travel down on the roads of separation and affection

  Forfeiting my holidays

  To lay my gentle hands on her face

  This time her consoling tears

  Traveled down her cheeks

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