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In the garden of floydet.., p.1
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       In the Garden of Floydette, p.1

           William Pierce
In the Garden of Floydette
In the Garden of Floydette

  Copyright 2010

  William Pierce

  [email protected]

  In the garden of floydette I sit and watch the peppers grow. The morning light gives golden delight. The mowers And weed cutters roll. The car sings Viva Mexico! The sun gently stirs around the chosen world. Dogs and Birds spew out their merry tunes. Arise! Arise! What is a foot? Slash, slash! Die weed. Die! Die sound. She rides the high breeze. Searching for prey. On the ground. In the Sky. Everywhere. Silently gliding. Hammers echo in the distance. Blue jay shrieks! Sun shines. Millions of dollars of helicopters grind by. Shine. Sunshine. A new country will get a hot time in the towns, Soon? U. S. A.! All the way, every day ! Yahoo! The greeks told us what to do. It’s only natural. The strong should take from the weak? O bother. You rock the World. Be careful, I’ll rip you a new one! Audience, Arise! And may we arise, in that blessed day, which has no eventide.

  Yeahh baby! O love, given in cold dorm room. Spread out upon the bed.Sweet, soft, kisses. Love divine. All loves excelling. Exposed in the internet scandal. A love divine. Sweet caress with a tenderness. A love forbidden, even in olden times. What were you thinking! You thrust yourself off the g. w. bridge and ended it all. A brief passage. You were only 18. A Love divine. A silent night. Holy, holy, holy ? Goodbye sweet prince. Your life was but a passing shadow?

  No, it don’t come easy. You have to search every room. Listen to the Dry, Dry Martini. He’s telling a dirty joke over in the corner. Climb all the mountains, search the dry seas. Remember what was lost and what you have gained. Remember what was lost with a favorite Shotgun. Beware of lost hearts and fallen old oaks.

  On the carousel . The fun never stops. The music plays continuously. Each painted horse awaits you, Rider! She waits in quiet white moo light. Your queen? She is wicked beautiful and young. Plump and slightly brown. Soft red lips. A thousand and one beautiful dreams. She awaits your touch. So much. Dreaming. Screaming touch, touch, touch. For power. Rule over your silent dream. Lions and tigers open and shut their mouths. The dolphins fly through the air. Horses race every where. The Universe slides by. The end of daylight. Sweet red white candy canes. Bright lights. Puppy days.

  Cold ice glacier. Good German sausage and potatoes. Sauerkraut soup, a kiss is just a kiss, without love. Arrest that man. Chili chicken stew. Traitor hater. Bold painting fool. The sea. The fish with the pelicans drying their wings in the sun. seagulls crapping on my pants. Bloodwurst and liverwurst, fresh steaming from the pot. Sauerkraut, potatoes and coffee.

  Knee deep in the ruble of human beings, The blood is fresh. Mothers spent the best years of their lives building the cherished sons. Hot machine made brass litters the plain. Behold the blazing sun. Even the birds don’t want to see. Hooray for the bold warrior. Remember good warm homes. Loving wives and children playing. And what you have done.

  Do it. You don’t love me, you never loved me . Do it, do it. Hype! Hype! You no good, you no good son of a dog! Hype! Hype! You just use me. You abuse me. Take all my money, I hate you! Hype! Hype! You don’t listen, all the time. Hype! Hype! You never Listen!

  Glorious things of thee are spoken. Perfect passion. I like the make up. I like the look in her eye. The wounded bird approach. She looks just like an angel. Perfume raises gently from the flower. Wanting, needing? I like the illusions, the enchantment, the warm wet lies. The short, short, shorts. Every woman looks good after a couple of beers.

  Ammunition and alcohol is what I needs. Just a little alcohol. Boiled shrimp with lots of hot, hot sauce. She sure likes her food. Boiled pigs ears and strawberries for dessert. Never happy, always scheming, working it. Dressing herself, getting ready to go. Trusting, wasted, poked and prodded. I waited for you and you never came.

  Nesting in green crap. Real animal fur with golden stairs.

  Absolutely equisit. Crsytal and gold Chandaliers. Location, location, location. It’s so magical. Could a crude room compete? Charming farmers market. Nestled in green crap.

  The sea, the sea. I must go down to the sea. The mother of all rivers is calling me. Come to me. Come to me. To bath in that salty brine. To watch the sun glisten on white waves. To sit and do nothing at all.

  Hoist high you ready club. Use both hands. The horse gallops with muscles rippling. Your bones will crack with every wack. No need of force. What spurs on your hatred? Gold, rage, religion? Am I your enemy? Where do you rest and pray at night? Outside the snakes and hyenahs play. Who is your God?

  Throw the bones, boys, let’s see what we got. Hair. She’ll buy hair and let her children go hungry. Give me a happy home. Do you remember her hair? That blonde pony tail? She was never happy. Always tense. Watching. Not saying a word. Watch and remember, mule. Could this be love? Oh what transport and delight. A good song. A little wine. And you by my side?

  Don’t leave me this way. Hair will grow back. Time will heal all wounds?

  Tangarine. Exotic lie. Customers go sailing by. The window separates you from us and your smiles. The hot red pink shows much too much to my eye. Waiting for the next customer. Barely covered. Silent words, ”Come in, come in.” waiting for the next customer.

  Great oxen, you pull a heavy load. Where do you go? The pilgrims seem too heavy for you. The winter snows have covered the road. Six hundred miles are left to go. Grain and straw are gone. The pilgrims must move on. The trail has disappeared from the snow. Gaunt bodies in rags pull the carts. Who will save them now?

  Hold back the night. It’s easy to die, harder to live. Clean and repair. Don’t give in to despair. The clock ticks and Man rules his dominion. Every pot should have a chicken. Every widow: her portion. Meat and barely for everyone. A car , a blonde on your arm and a millon dollars.

  A dollar for this, a dollar for that. Each day, the market groans. And will Greece seal our fates? Try to find meat without a ten per cent solution. Six dollars a pound! Are you insane? I don’t need know stinkin ten per cent solution! Let’s go look at chickens; do you like pork? Adollar for this, adollar for that. Everyday it gets higher.

  On the edge of free3dom. Brown short buckskinned Indian queen. Brown mountain tigress. Now don’t stop talking pictures. We need all we can carry. The landing gear is here. Please say good day to his lordship, Billy you don’t have any business in town, The Man don’t play Shot robert hamburger, Actually hers was a stir spoon but that will do, Down in front happy song for you, Transmit the invasion signal, He’s a bad boy he need’s paddling, Hamburger fries and a drink, Sunlite lovers waiting for the bus, You and I just us, Poor dirty old sad clown bastard.

  Yes the golden rose, No mortals beheld him, Clean clean machine,

  Oil lots of oil. The gnash of teeth darkness Give flames to the war! Oh we all did that passed him around! Her friends and children said good things about her, Takin’ that meth and working them tables. It was a tall lonely beautiful green hill, They pulled a car up near and blasted tunes, Be careful and don’t look anybody in the eye, All the way, way out in the free, free country, She elven had a lover in the field, She is ended and laid gently in the ground.

  Find protect move on, Black crow must fly or he must die. The fly is not free he is in prison, Smoke eat drink a little wine. She walks on gossimer wings. It’s good to be white Sally forth and slay the dragons, Still the mind and behold the world. Why hear and why now, It’s good to be Seminole. Capture kill destroy, Black crow must fly or he will die. Look eat fly.

  High heals rhinestone tiara, White bright skin tank top, Rhinestone earrings build a dream, Soft white tonight what a dream, ti
ght shorts high heels she’s looking for love. Tonight. Red puff cloud blue green eyes, Black nails red lips white night. Dream build a dream. Tonight.

  He’s so cute he’s like a puppy dog, When his mother comes he gets so excited. Wear sandals if you want. He does everything his mother says,That’s not what I said at all, Mommy dearest me thinks, Constantly attended too. Been on a bender completely cockeyed . Big mama gonna make everything all right, that’s not what I said at all: His eyes cross and his mouth gapes open; Loves his mother and everyone is his friend! Watch and remember mule3 The sweetest little thing. I didn’t say that I didn’t say thatSee really sea what do you see. Has his own little room, you would put him out on the street? Where’d you get that water mule, Short haired bright eyed wonder, He even does tricks! Just seventeen,

  Bright yellow flights,. Get yourself home soon shopper’ Eat slobber roll in the grass. Due due white lightning, Green worn sunlight. Race slowly race down the rue ;Just a walk in the park. Pow pow pow pow.

  Crucify him six turns to nine. Burning down the house ,Yellow hair blue eye shadows’ Shelter in place, Evacuate the waste lands’ Take a little bite of time’ Hide in the hills away from the freeways, Come down princess to here. Duct tape and plastic, Share some time, Four hundred for dinner lunch and breakfast, I can do that I can do that, Capital idea,

  The enemy is confidently approaching. Generals talk quietly and smile,

  Bow wow yippy yippy yay, The smoke pots are lit gently billowing, The dust settles gently, We are calm our minds are clear. Our mighty machinery is waiting freshly greased. No one has wasted the prayer time. We will go and sleep with our wives, We have captured the bright green hills, Bow wow yippy yippy yay. The flag flies high victory is ours, The fires rage on.

  Bow wow yippy yippy yay .

  Put the vegetables in perforated foil, Grill the flesh unhunted, sear.

  With cool water flush the grim away, Corn fed grass fed sweet meat,

  Heat the iron skillet to medium, Saute the mushrooms, Don’t forget the hickory chunks . Enjoy the meal with a cool friend.

  Piter patter what can matter, Does your garden grow well, Dust will come and dust will go, The storms blow through and shatter,The sun goes down the weary ground, The hopes die gently shattered. Bold warriors dead they have lost their heads. The coals don’t really matter. Potatoes rot that’s all we got. The dreams lie down shattered . They don’t really matter. They don’t really matter. Rich or poor what does it matter.

  Alive I’m alive I will survive alive. Train versus truck train wins.

  Rule the plains rule the uprights pain never sleeps. Again he blairs his nasty music on my street. Disgusting nasty wolves stalk the concrete jungle. Cool slides down the plains washing eating away with cold . fashion passion comes in the fall . loose in the plaza . the body was freshly plugged. don’t take any calls in Chicago . sunshine will take me away to higher highs . Baby don’t worry everything will be all right Honey don’t I’ll be home tomorrow sometimes it makes me cry . Beware of the big three election connection bring us our salvation Your side is bad our side is good Beat the flag to wave the good Hoooray Hooray late at night late at night don’t die young Give me the home where the alcohol flows and the dog and cats roam and the peppers and tomatoes grow . And that will be good for the earthlings Fifty years on the planet Maybe you learnt something burn in the old burn in the new . is he a nice man Sonny boy. No work no play what will we do today build seek destroy rebuild reseek redestroy wash rinse repeat . where do we go from here we aren’t good enough don’t you worry about a thing beware Earth you shall soon be mine pain is no virtue I’m famished pizza pizza. Firemen go for giant pizzas purple passion flying racecar please fasten your seatbelt Call in battle coordinates kick in turbo thrusters she still ain’t happy what the ?

  Can you feel the beat can you feel the beat coordinate. relate order activate check for leaks repeat repeat. Tailgate attack the serfs not me red red passion fruit juicy sweet dripping goodness my toung longs for your goodness transformed sensible cook fire sausage beans rice and beer sausage beans rice and beer Come save us grat hero save us from boring commonality follow me once follow me twice maybe we’ll make it over the rainbow that’s not it at all that’s not what I meant at all .Open the portal wide all manner of things all cascading down and up and down bringing in and bringing out and the fresh vegetables shout for ‘meat meat meat? Hotdogs with ketchup for breakfast .

  Dispose of her the invaders lurk around every corner invisible Networked they do nothing without the leaders approval they risk their lives their fortunes their sacred honor Savoir the light the light blah blah blah? Bold fat rear wheel long fork raked ape hangers big twin chromed engine waiting to fly the rue.

  I told you not to listen electric energy I almost had you . You want a piece of this do ya do ya punk take the asphalt home it needs you beautiful brown eyes pink pleasure palace clear plastic beaded chandeliers gunsights enjoy the moon in cool Arabian nights? Wild word preserve he’ll be so surprised

  Somethings a foot fry fry fry happy chili day, Welcome to the beast bar you don’t look too well, It looks as if a sunbeam will take you away, Beware the planet many dogs bite . I saw her dancing there floating in air smilig the greatest of smiles drifting on a sea of forget me nots odd notes odd lies sometimes I wish I was the other guy . Same same same Same old fool long time love you honey pie invite girl for pie. Look yo pie Sausage rose pie cheese it sausage rose pie cheese it Sway forth to beat the brave slime foth and heat . And then he cooked her and ate her!

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