Bio sapien book 3 huma.., p.7
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       BIO-Sapien book 3 - Human Metamorphosis, p.7

           Vlane Carter
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  Chapter 13: Mr. John Doe

  September 4, 2018 1:41 pm

  Jaden is lying on a bed under a white sheet. He can hear his heart beating and lungs breathing. There are no handcuffs or straitjacket on him. He is in a room that resembles a hospital room. The room is very bright with huge windows behind him and across from him. Painted eggshell white walls reflect the sunlight very well from both windows. The lights on the ceiling are off and a ceiling fan is rotating over him. Air is flowing in three different directions around him. He feels the breeze coming from the ceiling fan over him and from the two open windows. The blinds on both windows are moving back and forth from the summer breeze penetrating the room and are creating a slight knocking sound. He also hears a faint ticking sound from a distance that resembles a clock. Jaden also smells toast, eggs, and fruit in the air. He opens his eyes and everything is completely white around him. He raises his hands and quickly pulls the sheet from over his upper body. He opens his eyes and everything is blurry around him. He hears a soft female voice a few feet from him.

  “Good afternoon sir. I see that you are awake. How are you feeling?” The female asks.

  His eyes focus on the direction the voice came from. His pupils constrict and adjust to the brightness around him. He sees someone sitting in a chair a few feet from his bed. His vision quickly clears up and focuses on this person. He sees a beautiful Asian woman in her twenties sitting in the chair. Chills go up and down his spine. The bright sunlight reflecting from the walls around her make her look like an angel. She has a pretty, round face and beautiful brown eyes that are hypnotizing Jaden. Her petite shape and long black hair catches his attention. Chemical message signals from Jaden’s pituitary gland in his brain race around his body. Goose bumps go up and down his arms and his heart rate increases. She has her legs crossed in the chair. She is about 5’6” 115 lbs and is wearing khakis. She is wearing a white button up dress shirt that hugs her small frame.

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