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       BIO-Sapien book 3 - Human Metamorphosis, p.6

           Vlane Carter
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  Chapter 12: The Rebirth of a Legend

  Earth, Albany, NY state trauma hospital 79°F

  Wednesday September 3, 2018 3:12 am

  Two male emergency medical technicians are standing outside the emergency room on a break. One is smoking a cigarette and the other is drinking coffee. They are having a conversation with each other.

  “I tried that Third Virtual Life last night at home online, it wasn’t the same as being in the virtual fantasy store,” EMT 1 says.

  “Yeah, I know what you mean, the store has the full body connection to strap into. Two weeks ago, I went to the store on Main Street and I was having sex with a girl that lived in Texas. It totally felt like the real thing. Women are easy online; we had sex on a cloud then in the White House. Then when my time was up, I got out of the virtual dome I had released all over my underwear,” EMT 2 says.

  “Oh my god, that’s the best. I have to get the Internet 2.0 connection in my house. I still have the old Internet….” EMT 1 is interrupted by an eerie sound behind him.

  Jaden’s unconscious body appears curled up on the stretcher in the fetal position. His body begins to shake uncontrollably as his body goes into shock.

  “Shit, where did this guy come from? What is all this slimy shit around him?” EMT 1 asks while he drops his coffee.

  “I don’t know, but put on your gloves and let’s get him inside.”

  The EMTs roll the stretcher a few feet into the hospital emergency entrance doors. EMT 1 straightens Jaden’s body so that he is laying flat on his back. EMT 2 puts an oxygen mask over Jaden’s face. Two tubes in the mask go up Jaden’s nostrils like little snakes. A thick coolant mist goes into his nasal-cavity and upper throat membranes and evaporates. This procedure is slowly lowering Jaden’s brain and body temperature. EMT 1 talks on a small earpiece and pushes buttons on the side of it. Straps automatically come out from the sides of the stretcher to hold Jaden still. The EMTs are both on a side of Jaden and pushing him down a long hallway. A beam of blue light comes from the ceiling and onto Jaden’s body. Suddenly a red light comes from under the sheets on the stretcher. The lights disappear simultaneously and two nurses appear. Jaden’s left arm is slightly penetrated by the stretcher. A small LCD screen comes up from the top of the stretcher. Nurse 1 gives Jaden an injection into his arm.

  “Virtual x-ray 3D complete and MRI-4D is complete. Where did you pick him up from?” Nurse 2 asks.

  “He just appeared out of nowhere and was lying on a stretcher,” EMT 2 says.

  “Yeah okay, were you smoking in your ambulance again?” She asks.

  Nurse 1 looks at the screen; the virtual x-ray shows his spinal cord is being crushed, and his blood pressure very high. He also has internal bleeding in a few places. They quickly roll Jaden into an operating room.

  “His heart rate is 210. His outside body DNA scan is coming up as an error on the LCD screen. The computer is running his blood DNA now,” nurse 2 says.

  The EMTs stay outside the room. A robotic body with a ten-inch LCD screen as a face walks into the operating room. The screen has a human face on it. Dr. Hoswer shows in small letters under his face. Over the screen are two cameras moving together like eyes.

  “Who is the patient?” Dr. Howser asks from the robot’s mouth, while the hands touch different parts around Jaden’s body.

  Jaden coughs up liquid and blood. The mask automatically sucks up the liquid and blood. Two technicians run to the room to help. He calms down and stops shaking. A few nanodrones get to work around Jaden’s organs. They mimic and assist the coolant mist in his nose cavity.

  Nurse 1 replies, “We don’t know yet. He doesn’t have an embedded RFID, criminal microchip, or Medicaid chip,” Pam says.

  “Get those liquid samples scanned. This male in his early 20’s looks like he has symptoms of the bends,” the doctor says.

  “Bends?” The second nurse, Kiesha, asks.

  “Yes, bends, decompression sickness. First level blood scan shows excess nitrogen in his blood and his body looks as if he was deep underwater somewhere. We will have to put him in a decompression unit, after we get more IVs in him,” the doctor explains.

  “His local and national DNA blood scan isn’t showing anything. HIV1-4, hepatitis and other diseases are showing all negative,” Nurse Pam says.

  “His DNA structure looks very strange as if it was modified. The MRI-4D is showing very little brain activity. Increase his oxygen and get John Doe to the decompression room. Put a back and neck brace under him,” Howser says.

  A technician put a brace on Jaden and they roll him down the hallway toward an elevator. A nurse follows from behind the stretcher with a portable LCD screen in her hand watching Jaden’s vitals.

  “How is his blood temperature at 93.2°F already?” Kiesha asks.

  “I don’t know. It was at 100.4°F, when we first bought him into the hospital ten minutes ago,” technician 1 says.

  “Obviously you have mistaken, he must have been suffering from hypothermia when he got here,” Kiesha says with an attitude.

  There is silence and the men have confused looks on their faces. She presses a button on the oxygen mask and the tubes come out of his nose. The technicians talk to each other in low voices.

  “This is our first John Doe in two years,” technician 1 says.

  “Yeah, this guy looks wasted,” technician 2 says.

  “Yeah, look at his clothes and the old NY Giants jersey. His jersey probably would have been worth something on Zbay if he didn’t take a swim in a swamp,” technician 2 says while laughing.

  Technician 1 laughs, “He fell asleep in the 90’s and woke up in the teens.”

  They move Jaden to a small decompression room and they lock the door. He is still unconscious with IVs and body monitors all over his body. He is lying in a small decompression room by himself.

  Inside of his body, the rest of the nanodrones go online. They come out of his cells and tissues. They go inside of his brain and begin reconstructing his memory. The nanodrones begin to repair things around his body. Ninety minutes goes by and they bring him up to a room on the seventh floor.

  “Well you won’t need this, Mr. John Doe,” Nurse Pam says, while she helps a technician move the back brace.

  The sun begins to rise. The sunlight shines through the windows and onto Jaden’s body. The fresh summer breeze comes through the window from under a television and hits his body. The cool air moves through his clothes and awakens the hairs around his body. His nose interprets the natural smelling air from the trees. He opens his eyes for the first time and looks around. Everything is blurry as he tries to focus on objects. He blinks his eyes a few times trying to adjust to the bright light over him. He sees a middle-aged chubby white woman in a nurse uniform looking at him smiling. Jaden notices he is in a patient’s gown.

  “Hello there, you’re awake; did you have a nice rest?” She asks.

  Jaden looks confused and doesn’t respond.

  “What is your name sir?”

  “How are you feeling?” She asks.

  He doesn’t respond because the speech and auditory cortex parts of his brain are still offline. He just sees her moving her mouth. More nanodrones enter Jaden’s brain. He feels strange tingling sensations around his body.

  “Well just press this button, if you need me,” she says while walking away.

  A robotic body with an LCD screen as a face comes into Jaden’s room. He turns to look at it with a nervous expression on his face. Suddenly his hearing comes back, but it comes back very loud with a ringing sound. He sits up holding his ears as the volume goes down and ringing disappears. He hears echoes of voices.

  “Hey buddy, are you okay? What’s wrong?” The robotic human screen face asks.

  Nurse Pam walks back into the room.

  “He can’t speak yet,” she says.

  “I can speak now,” Jaden says.

  “Well excuse me,” s
he says while walking to the other side of the bed, checking the bedside LCD screen for his vitals.

  “Hello, John Doe, I’m Dr. Mayflower. Your vitals look much better. I think the MRI-4D scan made a mistake a few hours ago when it showed problems with your body. The new scan shows your bones, body structure and internal organs look fine now. I’m surprised to see your eyes open now; you were presumed brain dead. Were you night scuba diving somewhere in a lake or ocean?”

  “I don’t know,” Jaden replies.

  “What is your name? Where do you live?” Mayflower asks.

  “I don’t know,” he says.

  “Do you remember anything?”

  There is silence as Jaden thinks, holding his hand to his chin. So much information is being shuffled around his mind.

  “I think I just traveled from a nearby galaxy and I’m supposed to be warning the government on a future alien attack,” Jaden says.

  There is an awkward silence as they both stare at him in disbelief.

  “Is there anything else you remember?” The doctor asks.

  “Not now, but I would like to know why are you talking through a robot body and your face is on the screen?” Jaden asks.

  “Doctors at night aren’t required to be in the hospital. They can remote in through these R.H.I.U. or robotic human interface unit. I’m currently in Los Angeles and I’m covering a night shift for another doctor. I see everything through the two camera eyes, above the screen. My body here is fully connected into the robot unit. Where have you been, Mr. John Doe? These have been around for a few years now.”

  “I’m trying to figure that out,” Jaden says.

  Jaden can’t believe how advanced technology has gotten on Earth.

  “Well relax and get some rest. Some people will be by later to ask you some questions,” the doctor says while walking away in an all white robot body. The odd clanking sounds of the feet walking echo around the room.

  “Doctor!” Jaden yells as he stops walking and continues, “What day is today?”

  He turns around and says, “Wednesday September 3, 2018.”

  The robot continues to walk away, while taking irregular sounding footsteps.

  “Well, I’ll turn on the TV for you to watch,” Nurse Pam says.

  Suddenly the wall lights up as a television appears over the window. He hears the sounds from the television from different directions. He turns his head and looks all around the room.

  “That is 12.1 Dolby stereo sound you hear all around you,” the nurse says.

  She walks out of the room and talks to the doctor in the hallway. Jaden turns his head towards them standing by a nursing station. He zooms in on them and is able to hear what they are saying.

  “Nurse, make sure you keep monitoring this John Doe, a lot of things aren’t making any sense. This guy just came out of nowhere, he has no records, no DNA on file anywhere and we can’t get any DNA samples from him,” Mayflower says.

  “No DNA on him? I gave you a sample of his hair and skin earlier,” Pam says.

  “I know you did, the lab keeps saying it is an invalid sample and the DNA/RNA structure is missing. I’ve never seen this before, his blood is coming back abnormal. This person might also be mentally unstable. Get the psychologist that comes in at seven to interview him ASAP. I’m taking a break; this electronic body suit is giving me a headache. Send me a brain text if anything develops. Thank you nurse.”

  “Okay doctor, I’ll get on it.”

  They walk away from each other and the robotic body goes into a room with other robotic bodies. It stands on a designated area and it is powered down. Jaden is confused to how he was able to hear the conversation from so far away. The TV on the wall grabs his attention.

  “Good morning America. I’m Jake and this is Michelle and we are live on BNN this morning,” the male on the television says.

  ‘BNN sounds so familiar,’ Jaden says to himself, while the T.V continues.

  “It was just eight months ago this week that Vice President Stefanie Paylin took the commander-in-chief position and was sworn in. The inexperienced Alaskan governor was the running mate with President J. Macarthur. Macarthur had a sudden heart attack early this year and died at the age of 76. She has become the 46th President and the first female President. She nominated the Secretary of Defense Kevin Robinson earlier to vice president. Robinson, also in his seventies, has served the military all his life and received the Purple Heart for his heroism in the Gulf War in the early nineties. He has since been with the Pentagon in top-secret government projects; including being a major player of N.G.D. (Next Generation of Defense). Robinson has been known as someone for getting the job done for his country....” Michelle reports.

  Robinson’s much older face is shown in a close up on the TV while he is at the White House at a birthday party for one of Paylin’s children.

  “Shit, I remember now. That asshole was trying to kill me. It is all coming back to me now,” he says while he continues to watch the television.

  Michelle continues, “…A spokesman for the Pentagon says N.G.D. involves a highly classified prototype quantum diamond processing supercomputer called Motherdrone…”

  Jaden falls asleep thinking about who he is.

  ‘Who am I? Who am I?’ He asks himself.

  Two hours pass and his body is fully healed. A technician walks into his room to take MRI-4D scans and virtual x-rays from his bed. He leaves the room.

  A commercial comes on the television. A middle-aged man stands there with his body completely covered in a thin, black body suit. His eyes are covered in all black goggles. He is moving his arms around.

  “…Strap into Nextbox 3 the next generation of virtual reality gaming. Create your own worlds of video games. Play paintball from home, swim underwater in your swimming pool at real Bahamas’ underwater locations, and take classes across the country… Adult world is now online. Why date real women, when you can have a virtual date? Strap into a new world of virtual reality. Internet 2.0 required, not suggested for pregnant women, and people who experience seizures.”

  The news comes back on Michelle and Jake is talking.

  “…Electric bills around the country have been greatly decreasing thanks to the technology of enhanced geothermal energy drilling. This new process has proved successful over the past three years in providing fifteen percent of the electricity for the USA. The process involves injecting high-pressure water three to four miles deep into the crust and rocks. The heated water returns to the surface in steam and turns turbines to create electricity for homes,” Michelle says.

  “That is amazing Michelle, every day we are being less dependent on gas. I heard that next generation wind turbines on our coast lines are producing another fifteen percent of electricity for our country,” Jake says.

  “Looks like the green technologies are in a neck and neck race,” she says as they both chuckle.

  “In other news, the national debt has reached a record 19.5 trillion dollars last month and with a public portion of 14.3 trillion dollars. This is due to years of hyperinflation, Iraq War and new healthcare spending that started in 2010. The countries we are borrowing from, including China, increased their interest over the years on the money we owe them. China has become the new super power of the world over the years. President Paylin has vowed to reduce the United States defense budget by seventy-five percent to help balance the federal budget. Something republicans are one hundred percent against. She also suggested congress passes a bill to use fifteen percent of our gold reserves to pay off some of the national debt. House speaker Perry says the President has very little support for the bill in congress…The democrats and republicans agreed the debt should be paid by future generations,” Jake says.

  Jaden wakes up and feels the sun shining brightly over him. He pulls the plugs and monitors from his body. The nurse rushes into the room.

  “Sir, you cannot take those off, please sit on your b
ed,” Pam says.

  “I’m feeling better. I have to inform the President of an attack on Earth,” Jaden says while lying back down.

  “Tell me more about these attacks on Earth and who you are, Mr. John Doe,” a man with a dark blue suit and baldhead walks into the room saying.

  Jaden turns to him, “I know this sounds a little crazy, but I was on another planet called Xenos in the Andromeda Galaxy. I left Earth in 2000 and now I’m back. It’s a lot to explain, but these bad aliens called Darclonians are on their way to Earth. The Darclonians infected us humans many years ago with these nanomoles that record our memories and can temporarily control us. So this is why I have to inform the government and President about what is about to take place.”

  “How did you travel to this Andromeda Galaxy? Did you use a Stargate?” The man in the suit asks.

  “Wait a second, who are you, anyway?” Jaden asks.

  “I’m Dr. Brown, the hospital psychologist.”

  “Why am I wasting my time talking to you? I thought you were a detective or something. I have to go,” Jaden says while getting out of the bed.

  “Mr. John Doe, I would suggest you get back into the bed and finish answering my questions,” Dr. Brown says.

  “You can take your questions and shove it up your tight ass. I’m not explaining myself to you. I’m out of here. Where are my clothes?” Jaden asks.

  “Sorry your clothes are being analyzed for DNA samples, since we can’t identify who you are from your body DNA,” Dr. Brown says in a firm voice.

  Jaden walks towards the window and looks out into the parking lot. He notices he is on the third floor of the building. There are dozens of trees across the street and he can see the wind shaking the branches.

  “Mr. Doe, please sit back on the bed so that no one gets hurt here,” Pam pleads.

  Suddenly two men with blue bionic exoskeleton suits walk into the room. They have security guard badges on the outside of their hard plastic body suits. The bionic suit has many small yellow wires outside the suit going down the arms and legs. The wires run straight into a special helmet around the head. The men have clear goggles around their eyes showing information like a computer screen. Special microchip embedded gloves are covering their hands.

  “Mr. John Doe, please get back into your bed or we will use force on you,” security guard 1 says.

  “Force on me? I’m not afraid of you fake Robocop freaks,” Jaden says.

  He walks up to the guards blocking the door. He gets into his karate stance and throws a straight punch into guard 2’s chest. The striking blow doesn’t faze the guard.

  “That’s all you got you little punk. Punch harder, maybe you’ll break the bones in your hand,” guard 2 says.

  “Stop this, immediately,” Dr. Brown says while standing back.

  Jaden concentrates on his right arm and his muscles tighten. Small bubbles form inside his skin and run up and down his right arm. The nanodrones in his muscle tissue in the lower back, waist and upper thighs are being strengthened. Nanodrones protect and strengthen the bones in his fist.

  “I have some more for you!” Jaden yells.

  He swings again and hits the guard with a more powerful blow in his chest. The punch makes a dent in the hard plastic armor. The guard loses his balance and falls backwards onto the nursing station knocking over a small computer screen. The air is knocked out of him. The other guard looks in disbelief.

  “Wow that was amazing. I never hit anyone that hard before. Oh no, I feel so weak now,” Jaden says in a moaning voice.

  The other guard grabs Jaden around his arms and body from behind. He can’t move, but he kicks his feet wildly. The guard slams him on the bed. The nurse injects Jaden with something to calm him down. The guard puts handcuffs around his wrist and cuffs him to the bed. Jaden closes his eyes and opens them. The room is moving around very slowly and he passes out. The nurse checks on the security guard that fell down. She comes back into the room.

  “Notify the sheriff that we have a B1 John Doe patient going to Central Mental Ward,” Brown says while reviewing his charts and x-rays.

  “Yes, doctor,” the nurse says.

  “Also, check him for more drugs and diseases,” the doctor says.

  “Yes, doctor.”

  “Okay doctor, if you need us we will be down the hall,” guard 1 says while he helps partner down the hall.

  “I lost my balance when he hit me, man,” guard 2 pleads while walking down the hall holding his chest while breathing heavily.

  A few nurses, doctors and more security guards are in the hallway trying to see what is going on. Some transport workers come into the room. They uncuff him and lift him onto a transport stretcher then re-cuff him. The transporter pushes him into the hallway while all the nurses and hospital workers look at him. Two female nurses begin to talk to each other.

  “That cute guy said he is from another planet?” Nurse 3 asks nurse 4 while they both look at him being rolled towards the elevator.

  “Yeah girl, I wonder if he is single,” nurse 4 says.

  “Are you crazy?”

  “At least he just got checked out for every disease. Lord knows there is a shortage of men these days that are disease free. I can deal with a man with some mental issues. He also maybe never played Third Virtual Life or Adult World,” nurse 4 says.

  “Hmmm… My husband stopped touching me after playing that sick game,” nurse 3 says.

  “I had to pay for a guy on a date last month because he has a rent to own R.F.E.C. at home and doesn’t have the money to date a female.”

  “Shit, you mean to tell me he had the money to buy a robotic female entertainment companion?” Nurse 3 says.

  “Yeah, he said he doesn’t date women and doesn’t want to get married.”

  “That is sick, I would kill my husband if he bought one of those nasty sex robots home. My husband doesn’t even want to have any more kids with me because he is on birth control and…” Nurse 3 says.

  The elevator door opens, and Jaden is still unconscious. They roll him through a side exit. His body shakes for a second then stops. Something enters into his brain and changes in size.

  “Did you see that?” Escort 1 asks.

  “I did, but I wish I didn’t. I’m just trying to get this weirdo in the sheriff’s van. I’m getting bad vibes from him,” escort 2 says.

  “Where is the van? These guys are late.”

  Jaden still unconscious hears voices.

  ‘Jaden, wake up. What is going on? Where are you being transported too?’ AI asks telepathically.

  “Jaden? AI is that you? I’m Jaden, that’s right,” Jaden mumbles in a confused tone.

  ‘Jaden, you’re talking out loud and other people can hear you. Think telepathically like you were doing before. Also don’t say your name out loud,’ AI orders.

  “Other people? Where are you hiding at AI? Are you still in the Gravhawk?” Jaden asks in a delirious voice.

  There is silence while the escorts look at Jaden as if he is crazy.

  “The van just pulled up, let’s go,” escort 2 says.

  They quickly push him towards the van.

  “Hey fellas how is it going today?” Officer Randy asks with a country accent.

  The middle-aged officer with red hair and beard with sunglasses on looks over the paper work.

  “It’s going fine. This one is talking to himself,” escort 1 says.

  “We got a John Doe here huh? I haven’t seen one of these in years. No identification whatsoever?”

  “Nothing at all. We don’t know where he came from,” escort 2 says.

  “Let’s get this bad puppy all properly wrapped up for his new home,” Randy says.

  Jaden opens his eyes and looks around. He sees his hands cuffed to a chain that leads down to his stomach and feet.

  ‘Jaden, it’s me again AI.’

  Jaden tries to talk, but can’t.

‘Talk telepathically, remember?’ AI asks.

  ‘Okay, I remember, what did you do to me? My voice is gone,’ Jaden says telepathically.

  ‘I temporarily disabled your voice. You were talking aloud to these humans. That isn’t the best idea right now. I also removed that drug they put into your bloodstream, this is why you suddenly woke up.’

  ‘Where have you been all this time?’ He asks.

  ‘I was parking the ship in a safe spot and I had to make sure our ship wasn’t detected by humans and the Darclonians mother ship long range radar. That required a few hours. Why are you in handcuffs and being transported by an armed man?’ AI asks.

  ‘They think I’m crazy, because I told them about me being on another planet and warning the government about the Darclonians being on their way here,’ Jaden explains.

  ‘That could only mean…’

  ‘Psychiatric ward hospital,’ they say at the same time.

  ‘This is a weird future...’ Jaden says while being interrupted.

  ‘I leave you alone for a few hours and you get yourself on your way to a mental hospital.’

  ‘I wasn’t thinking right; I didn’t even know my name or who I was for awhile. I’m remembering things little by little,’ Jaden explains.

  ‘I understand, listen, when your body was reassembled from optic-warp something in your brain was disrupting your brain functions. Your neurons in your brain were going crazy and then it stopped when we got to Earth. Your mind needed time to reorganize itself more than what was estimated before. Therefore, I dropped you off at the trauma hospital and flew very low to the North Pole. The nanodrones went online ASAP to help get your body in normal condition,’ AI says.

  ‘Where are you now then?’

  ‘I’m in your brain. I entered through the back of your spinal cord. Your nervous system jumped. Then I had to ride your bloodstream into your brain. I’m in a part of your brain where another personality would be at. You have mazes and mazes of neurons in your brain.’

  ‘That is good to know. How can I break out of these chains and get out of this situation,’ Jaden asks while moving his chains around making clinging sounds.

  “Hey buddy, relax you have a twenty minute drive ahead of you. You are not going anywhere in those chains. I’m taking you to your new home,” Officer Randy says.

  ‘There isn’t much you can do now. I have to calculate what weapons your human body will be capable of. This could take hours, days or weeks,’ AI says.

  ‘Are you crazy? That long? I can’t survive in a mental ward that long. I want to see my girlfriend and family. I also have to warn the government on where to look in space to get the communications sent to stop the Darclonians mind nanomole attack,’ Jaden says in a nervous voice.


  ‘Turn my voice back on,’ Jaden demands.

  Jaden clears his throat.

  “How are you officer? How long will I be at the psychiatric hospital?” Jaden asks while looking up towards the white ceiling of the van.

  “You are a B1 patient, you’ll be there two to four weeks minimum,” the officer says while looking into the rear view mirror at Jaden lying on his back.

  “Shit!” Jaden yells.

  “I can talk to the doctors there and I can talk them down to having you there for one to two weeks minimum. Only, if you can tell me your name and how you got to the hospital. You’ll enter as a C1 patient, less security and you’ll be able to do more in there,” Officer Randy says.

  ‘Jaden, don’t tell him your name. You could have warrants on your name and you don’t need the wrong government catching you without a way to defend yourself,’ AI says.

  ‘Warrants? From eighteen years ago? I don’t think anyone is looking for me now,’ Jaden says.

  ‘Just give him a fake name, trust me. I think the government has better things to worry about than a teenager who disappeared eighteen years ago,’ AI says.

  “I’m Henry Cooper, and I’m twenty years old,” Jaden yells.

  “What town are you from? Do you know your social security number?” Randy asks.

  ‘Shit, this asshole is asking me too many questions,’ Jaden says to AI and himself.

  “I’m from Troy, New York. I don’t remember my social security number.”

  “Thanks for remembering for me. We will be there in ten minutes. I’ll see what I can do for you,” Randy says while touching the front windshield looking up some information.


  Jaden’s body shakes as the van goes over potholes. The chain clinging gives him an eerie feeling around his body.

  ‘Are the nanoscanners or eyes working yet?’ Jaden asks.

  ‘No, they are being configured now and are offline,’ AI says.

  ‘I wanted to see what was going on outside and which highway we are on,’ Jaden says.

  ‘Doesn’t matter now, we are here,’ AI says.

  They pull into a gated area outside the huge complex. There are two guards with bionic upper body suits at the gate verifying Randy’s paperwork. The officer drives his van to the patient entrance. He stops and is met by two workers in all white uniforms.

  “Here is another one for you,” Randy says as he gets out the van and walks around back.

  “There have been a lot of mental patients coming in the last few months. We are getting full here. I have never seen so many patients coming in here with unexplainable mental issues. We have scientists, biologists, neuroscientists and a retired psychologist from around the country here,” Williams the patient transporter says.

  Williams, a black man in his late twenties with a beard and soft brown eyes, smiles at the officer. They roll Jaden and the stretcher out of the van and onto the ground. The sunlight feels good on Jaden’s body. Officer Randy approaches Jaden and looks him directly into eyes.

  “You’re a liar, Mr. Cooper. All seven Henry Coopers in New York have RFIDs and two have criminal microchips. You don’t have any. There are no Henrys on file in the entire United States with your DNA blood information. People know better than to lie to law enforcement these days. Now you have one star against you going in here,” Randy says with an angry face.

  Jaden just looks at him, while he is pushed away still in his hospital gown. The officer stands there smoking a cigar keeping his eyes on him.

  “Hey wait a second!” Randy yells.

  They stop pushing and Randy walks over with a bag in his hand.

  “Here are the rest of his belongings,” he says while handing it to Mike the other patient transporter.

  ‘How did he know I was lying so fast?’ Jaden asks.

  ‘Technology has changed greatly since you were last on Earth. Governments have better ways of tracking people these days,’ AI says.

  “Hey buddy, what did you do to piss off Sheriff Randy?” Williams asks Jaden.

  “I just gave him a fake name.”

  “Yeah, buddy I don’t know where you been, but people don’t do that anymore. The most I’ve seen people do was having fake RFIDs or scrambled embedded microchips. I think you better tell them something real, before they hook you up to the DSN machine.”

  “DSN machine?” Jaden asks.

  “Yes, it is an experimental machine that scans your mind and tells them everything they need to know. It is a second-generation machine from the lie detector 2.0. They have been trying it on mental patients at will, not even knowing the long-term effects on the brain. What is your nationality, Mr. Cooper?” Williams asks while pulling the stretcher from the front.

  “I’m bi-racial; I’m half black and half white,” Jaden says.

  “Cool, just like our former black President. Sir, can you walk?” Williams asks. “We have to give the stretcher back to the sheriff.”

  “Yes, I can walk. Black President? Meaning, as in President of the United States?” Jaden asks in a confused voice.

  “Yes, as in the 44th President of the United States in 2012,” Williams say
s while he and Mike lift Jaden up and onto his feet. The long white hospital gown reaches his feet as he slowly walks into the entrance with a confused look on his face.

  “Where you been buddy? Everyone knows that, even people locked away years in prison.”

  ‘That’s unbelievable. I feel like I’m just coming out of prison from another planet. I must have missed so much over the past eighteen years. I wonder if my parents are okay and where my friends are,’ Jaden says to AI.

  ‘If I can get on the Internet somehow, I can look up your family and friends. I could also look up information to help prepare your body for its full potential,’ AI says.

  He walks inside the building and down a long hallway. A doctor walks up with a big syringe with buttons and red lights on it. The transport workers hold Jaden still as he gets nervous of the big needle.

  “What the hell is that?” Jaden asks while struggling.

  “This is an RFID needle. We are just inserting a chip into your left wrist. This won’t hurt much,” Doctor Cochman says while giggling.

  The doctor inserts the chip into Jaden’s arm while he yells.


  The small microscopic chip goes under his skin and he doesn’t bleed.

  “That’s strange usually there is some blood,” Cochman says while he has a Band-Aid in his hand.

  The doctor pulls out a glowing wand and goes over Jaden’s face a few times with it.

  “What was that?”

  “Now your face is in the national face recognition database,” Williams replies.

  “That doesn’t sound good,” Jaden says.

  “The worst is over buddy, now just a blood test and urine,” Williams says.

  The doctor takes blood from Jaden’s right arm. He hands him a cup to go into the room on the right. Jaden walks into the small room with a cup.

  ‘I should shit in this cup and give it back to them,’ Jaden says to AI.

  ‘Jaden, you don’t want to cause more problems here and get put into a high security area. I need to do many calculations to figure out what powers you will have. Sunlight and being able to surf the web are very important.’

  ‘Okay, Okay, I’ll cooperate. You better get working on those calculations fast. I can’t take being in this place for too long. I never even heard of this mental hospital before,’ he tells AI.

  Jaden pees in the small metal cup with sensors inside. He walks back out still in chains. A nurse takes it and walks away. The escorts remove the chains down to his feet and just leave regular handcuffs around his wrists. They continue to walk through a gated area that requires them to be buzzed into. They reach an elevator on the other side. Jaden walks by a few small rooms with people inside of them. Some are in straitjackets talking to themselves. Two are in straitjackets looking out the window and towards the sky like zombies.

  “You aren’t taking my brain. You aren’t taking my mind! Get out of my mind!” A mental patient in a room yells.

  “Come on guys, do you have to put me with the real crazy people?” Jaden asks.

  “We are just following orders. You already have a strike against you. Two more and you are on the higher floors in maximum security. Twenty-three hours lock down a day and you’ll be strapped down to a bed,” Williams says.

  They get to his room and open the door. They uncuff him and hand him a small bag.

  “You can put on these hospital clothes in the bag and a few of your belongings are in there. Have a good day sir,” Williams says while he closes the black steel door with silver bars in the middle.

  “Yeah, the doctor will be with you soon,” Mike says.

  “Thank you, Mr. Two Cents Mike,” Jaden says sarcastically.

  A tray of food and water is left at the door’s window.

  Jaden puts his bag on the small single cot. The walls are all white, with a three foot by three-foot window with Plexiglas in the rear of the small room. There is a small toilet in the corner of the room. He reaches and takes the water from the tray and drinks it.

  ‘That toilet looks disgusting. I would hate to use that.’

  ‘If you don’t eat any food, you won’t have to use it. I can control your eating using advanced photosynthesis same as we did on Xenos.’

  ‘Okay, I don’t feel hungry. But this room is jail alright,’ he says to himself while he walks over to the window and looks out.

  The sun shines from behind a cloud into the room, brightly lighting it up.

  ‘The sun feels good. Makes my body tingle. What time is it AI?’

  ‘From calculating the position of where the sun is and the time we left the hospital to now, it’s about 10:25 am,’ AI says.

  ‘Speaking of calculating, give me an update,’ he says while he looks in the bag.

  ‘So far, we have successfully reprogrammed your white and red blood cells to accept all the nanodrones. Your T-cells have been reprogrammed and replaced. You will never catch a cold or get sick again. Your DNA and RNA genetic code has been modified again. I have a trillion drones in your mind verifying your neural code. Your ears, nose, eyes and taste will be greatly enhanced by tomorrow. Tomorrow you’ll be able to hold your breath for thirty minutes or more. Filtered oxygen will be able to be absorbed from your pores to directly into your bloodstream, filtering out nitrogen. Your brain is at thirty percent usage now, when it gets to seventy-five percent you’ll be able to multi-task and control multiple things at one time, as simple as walking and talking,’ AI says.

  ‘What about my weapon systems?’

  ‘That’s going to take more time Jaden. How long, I’m not sure. My processing speed is only one quadrillion calculations per 100 milliseconds. If you took the nanosincoid from Bellona we could both calculate at one quintillion calculations per fifty milliseconds,’ AI says.

  ‘I don’t know what all these trillion, billion, quadrillion and quintillion milliseconds mean. Tell me in simple meanings what the benefits would have been,’ Jaden says.

  ‘Instead of days or weeks to calculate your weapon systems, it would take two days max, with the proper information being downloaded,’ AI says.

  ‘Thank you AI Einstein.’

  ‘We need to look up many subjects on the Internet: advanced physics, advanced calculus, nuclear fusion, advance nanotechnology, Earth biology, Astrophysics, rocket science and definitions that weren’t translated from your language from when you were on Earth eighteen years ago. Meaning us Andromedian need to convert our definitions with your human advanced science technology definitions. We were only able to convert what you knew eighteen years ago into our translation. We also need the Internet to figure out which natural resources on your planet we can use to create a weapon system to work with your biological body.’

  ‘I gotcha now; I understand,’ Jaden says, ‘Just make sure I don’t turn into an alien or make my outside look different. Last thing I need is to look like a freak.’

  Jaden thinks about the freaks in other movies: Predator, Alf, aliens in Star Trek and the V lizard aliens.

  ‘Yes sir.’

  There is a knock on the door. A security guard opens the door and a doctor walks in. Jaden turns around.

  “Hello, Mr. John Doe, I’m Dr. Cochman,” he walks in holding an LCD screen that looks like a notepad. He stands over Jaden.

  An overweight, white guard around 5’10” 250 lbs stands by the door with an all black material looking similar to a black dry suit just covering his upper body. He looks directly at Jaden by the window. He has a full beard and is missing a front tooth in his mouth. He is bald and has freckles on his face. His lower body looks like work pants. Wires and cables go around the arms to a pair of gloves with small microchips over them. There aren’t any cables or wires going to the legs. The door closes and the doctor sits on the end of the bed.

  “Sir, please sit down,” the doctor politely asks.

  Jaden sits down near the pillow of the bed.

  “Why is that
guard looking at me as if he is a pit bull and I stole his bone?” Jaden asks.

  “That is Mr. Ruffo; he is the main guard on this floor. He doesn’t take any shit from anyone. But don’t worry about him, me and you are going to talk,” Cochman says in a nice voice.

  “They tell me at the hospital you didn’t remember your name and you gave the sheriff a fake name. The doctors and nurses at the hospital also tell me you came from another planet. That you have to warn people on Earth of an attack,” Cochman says.

  “I don’t remember saying that. I was confused and couldn’t remember much,” Jaden says.

  The doctor looks at his LCD notebook and words begin to fill in on the screen.

  “How are those words going on that screen?” Jaden asks.

  “The signal from my mind is going directly onto the notebook screen. It is a lot easier than typing or writing by hand. So you never said in the hospital room, that the vice president of the United States tried to kill you and it is all coming back to you now.”

  “How did you know I said that, no one was in the room?” Jaden asks.

  “We have recording devices all over the place. Are you going to answer the question?”

  “I was delusional, I don’t know what I was saying,” Jaden says.

  “You aren’t on any drugs, but you did do something to your body. Your fingerprints don’t match anything. For some reason we can’t get any DNA from your hair, skin or saliva. Do you know why that is?”

  Words continue to fill the LCD notebook.

  “No, I don’t know why it is. Maybe something is wrong with your machine that scans for DNA,” Jaden replies.

  “Our computer machines have ninety-five percent of every citizen’s DNA on file. Your body’s DNA shows up as corrupted and our computers have never failed. There is no way you don’t have any family in this country. We would be able to locate your family, friends and siblings with the smallest fragment of your DNA. However, nothing is showing up, not even in your blood. Your blood is even showing up some unusual anomalies.”

  “I don’t know why this is Dr. Cockman. Oops I’m sorry, Dr. Cochman,” Jaden says while chuckling.

  Mr. Ruffo walks over to Jaden with a serious and angry look on his face. Jaden stands up as he quickly approaches. The guard lifts Jaden into the air by his hospital issued white button-up shirt with his left hand and slams him against the wall. Jaden is lifted six inches from the floor. Ruffo's right hand is covered in a glove and is pressed strongly around Jaden’s throat, cutting off circulation. Jaden’s first reaction was to grab his hand and pull it from his throat to breathe, but he doesn’t. He folds his arms instead and looks Ruffo in the eyes with a smirk. Jaden’s body absorbs oxygen from his pores around his body. The nanodrones in his blood in his neck push the blood through the tightly compressed veins, towards his brain.

  “Listen you little shit, you going to answer what the doctor is asking you. This isn’t a game and no time to be making jokes. You are in my house now and you are going to respect Dr. Cochman!” Ruffo yells

  “Okay, I’ll respect Dr. Cockman,” Jaden says with a smile on his face.

  Ruffo increases his grip around Jaden’s neck, “His name is Cochman.”

  Jaden has a smile on his face. Thousands of nanodrones race into his throat area strengthening the bone structure, veins and increasing blood flow. The guard releases the grip around his left hand from his shirt and tightens his grip around Jaden’s neck.

  “Let him go, Ruffo,” Cochman calmly says.

  “This little shit thinks he can hold his breath.”

  ‘Jaden, what is going on? Why is this guy choking you and making your heart rate go up?’ AI asks.

  ‘Don’t worry about me, just keep calculating and preparing my body. I’m getting to know my new friend here. I can feel the oxygen going into my pores around my body and I feel the carbon dioxide leaving. It feels like a slight breeze on the hairs around my body. My body feels like it’s releasing micro farts,’ Jaden tells AI.


  “Look at me Dr. Cochman, I’m levitating in the air like a genie,” Jaden says.

  “I don’t have time for this,” Cochman says.

  Ruffo is still staring Jaden in the eyes. Ruffo brings Jaden over to the bed by his neck and head butts him, before dropping him. His body bounces once and a thumping sound is heard. Ruffo walks back towards the corner of the room.

  “That’s all you got big boy?” Jaden asks, while he touches the small gash on his head. “I’m surprised that bionic suit fits you, I’m sure it was originally made for a cow,” he snaps.

  Jaden begins breathing again through his lungs. Blood begins to slowly come from his head.

  “Listen Mr. John Doe, I see you’re not cooperating with us. Maybe you’ll cooperate tomorrow,” Cochman says while he gets up and walks towards the door.

  They leave and Ruffo slams the door and looks at Jaden from the bars.

  “We will see you soon and we will get the answers we are looking for you little shit.”

  “Make sure you find the answers to why you don’t have futuristic breath mints in your mouth when you talk to people. Your breath smells like a homeless man’s socks,” Jaden snaps.

  Ruffo walks away with a grin on his face.

  ‘Jaden you are pissing this guy off. We don’t need extra problems. My calculations tell me this guy is going to be a problem for us,’ AI says.

  ‘I know what I’m doing. I don’t like being pushed around by a security guard with a small dick and has something to prove to the world.’

  ‘Okay, you should get some rest. Move the bed closer to the window so we can feel the rays of the sunlight,’ AI says.

  ‘I stopped bleeding, cool. That really hurt when he headbutted me.’

  Jaden bends down to try to move the bed, but it is bolted to the floor. His arm muscles tighten up and he pulls it harder. It comes off the floor and he moves it towards the window. Jaden looks into the rest of the bag, and sees his wallet. He opens it and everything is missing except fifty-six dollars and a condom.

  ‘Where is my driver’s license and credit card?’

  ‘They are in the Gravhawk. I removed them before I dropped you off,’ AI says.

  ‘What am I going to do with this outdated condom?’

  ‘I have no idea.’

  ‘Great, maybe I’ll try it on to jerk off and I’ll have safe sex with myself. Oh man, that was a horrible thought. I’m beginning to think like these people in here,’ Jaden says to himself while lying down on the bed.

  ‘You are going to sleep for about twelve hours then I’ll wake you up,’ AI says.

  ‘Okay. Man, I need a female, it has been years, I mean weeks. I have to try to contact Amy,’ he says while he closes his eyes.

  Jaden instantly goes into deep delta sleep. Hours go by and he wakes up. It is dark outside and the stars are shining brightly above. Everything is blurry for Jaden as he focuses his eyes. He hears moaning from patients in other rooms. Jaden feels pain in all of his muscles all over his body.

  ‘Why are all my muscles sore and my body in such pain?’

  ‘I turned off a protein in your muscle stem cells. I would need to search the Internet to see if there is an exact word. You will be a lot stronger. I ran hundreds of test on different cells throughout your body, while you were asleep,’ AI says.

  ‘Can you do something for the pain?’ Jaden asks while sits on his knees and look out the window.

  ‘Thanks, that’s better. What time is it about? Why do I feel dizzy?’

  ‘It’s about 11 pm. We should get some more sleep. But, first walk around the room,’ AI says.

  Jaden walks around the room and he does not feel dizzy.

  ‘Stand on the bar at the end of the bed with one foot,’ AI says.

  ‘One foot? Okay.’

  He jumps up on the bed and stands on one foot on an inch round iron bar.

  ‘The equilibrium in
your ears that control your balance has been greatly enhanced. You will also soon be able to walk on walls and ceilings just like in the gravity games.’

  ‘Good work AI, but I’m feeling tired again.’

  ‘Get some more rest I’ll wake you up in another ten hours.’

  ‘For some reason I remember the combination lock from when I was in the second grade. I also remember things from when I was one and two years old,’ Jaden says while he lies down.

  ‘That is the info from the Darclonian nanomole that was in your brain from when you first left Earth. We decrypted it on our planet and I’m synchronizing many details of your past with your brain. You are going to remember many details of your past. This increase of information is also going to make things in your subconscious come out and give you very realistic dreams. Many areas in your mind are going to be greatly enhanced. You could go back into any day in your past and relive the entire day…’ AI says and then stops.

  Jaden quickly falls asleep. About three hours go by. He begins to dream.

  It is dark, completely dark as he finds himself walking to nowhere. He can’t see his hands or body. Not sure what direction he is going or where he is going to. A low voice is heard in the background, the voice gets louder.

  “Join us. Join us,” the unknown voice says from different areas in the dark.

  “Join who? Where is this?”

  “We are your destiny…”

  “Listen you coward, why don’t you turn the lights on and stop hiding in the dark!” Jaden yells.

  There is silence and Jaden continues to yell, “Join what? Join your gay orgy? Mafia? Cult? Join a gang? Come out of the closet…”

  It suddenly gets very bright. Jaden opens his eyes. It is still dark outside. There are flashlights shining in his face as he tries to cover his eyes. People are walking into his small room. The lights overhead comes on. Two people grab him and hold him down. One of the people is Ruffo in his bionic body suit.

  ‘Jaden what is going on?’ AI asks.

  ‘I don’t know. Give me some super strength to fight them off,’ Jaden says.

  ‘I can’t right now. Fighting them isn’t going to help the situation. Just go along with whatever they want for now, it’s best,’ AI says to Jaden.

  ‘Easy for you to say, you are tucked away safely in my brain somewhere.’

  A nurse walks over with a needle. Jaden kicks the other guard against the wall.

  “Oh, we have a fighter here?” Ruffo asks while leaning directly over Jaden holding him down. His massive strength makes it hard for Jaden to move.

  “What are you people doing to me?” Jaden asks them.

  “You’ll see, I told you we would be back to get those answers,” Ruffo says with a smile on his face.

  The nurse injects Jaden with the needle into his arm. Ruffo is handed a straitjacket from the other guard. Jaden calms down and they try to put the straitjacket over him.

  ‘What was that I was just injected with?’ Jaden asks AI.

  ‘Something to calm you down, I’m going to counter balance the injection. It’s already in your brain and bloodstream,’ AI says.

  They finish wrapping Jaden in the straitjacket. His legs are tied together. The nurse rolls a stretcher into the room. Ruffo single handedly lifts him onto the stretcher and they roll him out of the room. Jaden feels very weak as he sees the ceiling passing by him above. People are yelling in their rooms. Jaden looks towards the left and he sees the moon on a long glass window with bars. The moon is following him down the long hallway. Everything is happening in slow motion. The bell for the elevator rings and Jaden is rolled onto an elevator. Ruffo is behind them and walks onto the elevator with them. The elevator door closes and it quickly goes down. Jaden stares at Ruffo while he stands there with a grin.

  “We going to get some answers out of you little bi-racial freak,” Ruffo says.

  “Now that’s funny. That is exactly what your mother called me eighteen years ago at the strip club in the champagne room,” Jaden says while smiling and chuckling.

  Ruffo gives Jaden an evil look as if he wants to rip his head off. The elevator stops at a sub-basement floor. The doors open and he is rolled into a room with large plasma televisions on the wall. The screens are connected together and display as one big screen. The walls are blue and a dim eerie feeling resides in there. It is very humid in the room. There is a seat in the middle along with other electronic equipment. Jaden is lifted up by Ruffo and put into this huge seat. A belt comes down and straps him into the seat. A special helmet is bought down from above and put over his head. The black helmet covers Jaden’s entire face and wraps around his chin. He begins to get nervous and breathes heavily. He fights to get out of this imprisonment. Inside the helmet are small color screens for the eyes. Colors are flashing, images and pictures of different objects are quickly appearing on the screens. The helmet’s signals are getting into Jaden’s brain. He can’t close his eyes. A metal probe goes into his mouth, between his lower and bottom teeth from the helmet. Forcing him to breathe through his nose. It then retracts back out. Ruffo walks outside the room.

  ‘Jaden this machine is getting into your brain and scanning your neurons. It could permanently damage many parts of your brain, especially since there are many parts of your brain being used,’ AI says.

  “What are you doing too me?”

  “Don’t fight it Mr. John Doe. Fighting it will only damage your brain cells. This is our digital simulacrum of the neocortex machine. It will first perform a process called neural decoding and then measure changes in blood flow in the brain. It will then copy data from different parts of your mind. Allowing us to find out who you are,” Dr. Cochman says.

  The machine scans the activity of Jaden’s brain. The machine is temporarily paralyzing him from moving. A Hispanic, slender female assistant, named Cynthia, is in the room helping the doctor. Jaden can smell her perfume with pheromones in it from across the room. The perfume is sending hormone signals from Jaden’s brain down his spinal cord, slowly causing him to get aroused. AI blocks this signal in Jaden’s nerve cells.

  ‘Why am I getting excited?’ Jaden asks AI.

  ‘It’s a part of the brain test.’

  “Doctor, the fMRI is scanning the right side of the brain,” Cynthia says.

  ‘AI, do something, I can’t move. This is also painful,’ Jaden says while he struggles to close his eyes.

  ‘I have to calculate what this machine is doing and how to stop it. It is deep inside of your brain, doing things I don’t have definitions to. It is mapping out your brain somehow,’ AI says.

  Images of Jaden’s past are showing up on the huge puzzle screen. The assistant is looking at the screen with a confused look on her face.

  “This can’t be right, sixty percent of his brain is active,” Cochman says while he looks at different information showing up on the screens, “Something is wrong here. Record everything Cynthia.”

  “Yes, doctor,” she says.

  The doctor looks at the screen in disbelief.

  “His brain activity is far from normal, there is activity everywhere. This information cannot be right. His neuron cells are moving at an incredible speed. There has to be a mistake. Adjust the reading speed,” the doctor says.

  Menus are showing up on this huge screen and the assistant has something around her head that is glowing like a head bow. She is controlling a mouse on the screen and typing letters on the screen with her mind. Flashes of lights, colors and symbols are showing up quickly on the small screens around Jaden’s eyes.

  ‘I’m going to create an electromagnetic impulse around your head. This should disable the machine,’ AI says.

  ‘Just hurry, I can’t take much more of this,’ Jaden says to AI.

  The words Jaden just said to AI, shows up on the lower part of the huge screen.

  “Who are you talking to Mr. John Doe? What can’t you take much more of?” Cochman asks,
“This can all go away if you tell me who you are.”

  “I’m talking to your mother,” Jaden groans in pain.

  “My mother?” The doctor asks while he increases the power.

  “The computer software is analyzing Voxel patterns,” she says.

  The power increases and blood slowly comes from Jaden’s nose. Images of Jaden’s mother, father and brother are quickly showing on the screen from his eyes. Images of Jaden flying in his Gravhawk on Earth and in space. Images of crying people dressed in black at his brother’s funeral. An image of Jaden writing his first name on a piece of paper in kindergarten shows up. The first few letters are distorted. AI tries to distort the images before they leave his mind. The scanning machine is all over different parts of Jaden’s mind including the amygdala and anterior cingulate cortex.

  ‘Jaden don’t think or speak back, they will see your words on the screen. The electromagnetic wave is speeding up around your head and will go in different directions. I’m also creating a small energy shield around your skull to keep the computer and electromagnetic signals from coming back into your brain. This should take less than a minute,’ AI says.

  Jaden’s body begins to shake. He closes his eyes from the bright LCD lights.

  “His brain waves are beginning to spike doctor. Should we shut it down?” Cynthia asks.

  “No, he is fighting it, increase the power,” Cochman says.

  White static is all over the screen and the huge screens go completely blank into a black background.

  “What is happening?” The doctor asks.

  “I don’t know. I can’t move the screen’s mouse or type anything,” Cynthia pleads.

  Cochman walks over and looks at the helmet around Jaden very closely. Cochman quickly puts his hands over his head and takes some steps back.

  “Doctor, what happened?” Cynthia asks.

  “Something just zapped my head as if my mind was being read. Memories just instantly came to mind. Shit, that hurt, I have to sit down,” Cochman says in pain with a headache.

  Cynthia assists the doctor in sitting down as something suddenly shows on the screens. Large white words appear over the television screens and reads: Eat shit Cockman. I know what you did last summer is repeated over the screen, over and over again. New images quickly appear on the screen. Cochman and Cynthia look at the screen with their mouths open. They are in shock at what they are looking at. Their eyes are fully open in disbelief. The doctor tries to get up while still holding his head. Cynthia keeps her left hand on his shoulder so he can’t get up.

  “Cynthia shut the screens and the machines down. Something is malfunctioning,” Cochman pleads.

  She ignores him as ninety-nine percent of her attention is on the screens and one percent is on her hand from keeping his body from standing up. Jaden has a smile on his face under the helmet as he is watching what is on the large screens simultaneously through the helmet’s LCD. Suddenly the room goes completely dark and all the screens go off. The lights are off and the power on everything in the room goes off. Jaden goes unconscious.

  “You son of a bitch, [email protected]#$%^,” Cynthia curses Doctor Cochman out in Spanish and continues yelling in English, “You had sex with all those nurses, interns and assistants that work here?”

  There is no response from Cochman as he sits in the dark in shock at what he just saw.

  “You told me you never cheated on your wife when you had sex with me two months ago and last summer. You even had sex with the assistant that worked here before me. You told me I gave you chlamydia, where I clearly saw you had unprotected sex with all of them. Do you really have threesomes with your wife and an R.F.E.C. robot unit?” Cynthia asks in a demanding voice.

  “Check the patient, Cynthia,” Cochman mumbles.

  Ruffo walks into the dark room with flashlights in his hand and lights on his body.

  “Is everyone okay in here?” He asks.

  Jaden sits in the chair unconscious as the flashlights shine on his body and the doctor. Blue emergency lights come on, slightly lighting up the room.

  “I’m filing sexual harassment charges on you doctor. You are a very sick man. I’m going to get a copy of this recording and copy it to holographic disc when the power comes back on and sue this state hospital. Then I’m going to get all the women on this recording to file sexual harassment charges. Telling them they can’t get promoted unless they have sex with you.”

  “What happened in here? Sexual harassment?” Ruffo asks.

  “Ask this perverted sick doctor,” Cynthia says while taking the helmet off Jaden and quickly walking out of the room.

  “Cochman are you okay?” Ruffo asks, “The power went out only in this area of the building.”

  “Just take the patient to the medical ward,” Cochman says while still in disbelief holding his head.



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