Bio sapien book 3 huma.., p.4
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       BIO-Sapien book 3 - Human Metamorphosis, p.4

           Vlane Carter
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  BIO-Sapien was written in present tense for the following reasons:

  1.So the reader can read and experience the novel as if they were watching a movie.


  3.Detailed action sequences.

  4.Movie soundtracks inserted into different parts of the story.

  5.Telepathic communication and talking to another personality.

  6.Mind reading and answering questions inside of a conversation.

  7.Have the reader experience the story as if they are right with Jaden at all times.

  “….Author, Vlane Carter, has created a story told in a unique and unconventional writing style, keeping the action in the present tense, so as to keep the reader feeling as though they are experiencing the action as its happening. It can be akin to reading a script, or make you feel as though you're watching a movie. It is a writing style that can, at first, be jarring and difficult to understand. But if you give it a few chapters it will not only grow on you, but draw you in. And then you suddenly cannot imagine the story written any other way. And, quite possibly, it could be the first book that includes its own music recommendations (to listen to while reading)…..” - M. Penny Harmon, Review SIP "ReviewSIP"

  Single quotes ‘ ‘ are used in the book when:

  To show main character Jaden communicating with his alien friend AI (located in his mind).

  High-speed telepathic communications.

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