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Holy Emotions
Holy Emotions

  A Collection of Love Poetry

  Vincent de Paul

  The right by Vincent de Paul to be identified as the author of this work has been asserted in accordance with the international copyright laws and Copyright Act Cap. 130 laws of Kenya.

  All rights reserved.

  Except for use in any review, the reproduction or utilization of this work in whole or in part in any form by any electronic, mechanical or other means, now known or hereafter invented, including xerography, photocopying and recording, or in any information storage or retrieval system, is strictly forbidden without written permission from the author.

  All rights reserved.

  Published by:

  Mystery Books, an Imprint of

  Mystery Publishers (Kenya) Ltd,

  P.O. BOX 18016 – 20100

  Nakuru, Kenya.

  Tel: +254 718 429 184

  Email: mysterypublishers@gmail.com

  Website: www.mysterypublisherslimited.com


  1.Sonia Meets Sam

  2.Original Sin

  3.The Call

  4.Story of Love

  5.Music of the Sun

  6.Happy Birthday


  8.Mad Love

  9.Better Never Again

  10.A Long Time Ago

  11.Sexy Gal

  12.Sister …

  13.Hasta la Vista, Babe!

  14.Lost Love

  15.Missing My Babe

  16.Love is Wicked


  18.The Breakup

  19.Complicated Love

  20.She Left

  21.True Love


  23.To Love Again

  24.Never Ever

  25.Missing You


  27.The Sonnet

  28.The Crime

  29.Cold Love

  30.Holy Emotions

  31.War of Love

  32.The Quest

  33.Crazy About You

  34.First Kiss


  36.In Love

  37.Crime of Love

  38.I Watched Her Leave

  39.At Last We Met

  40.I’m Not An Angel

  41.The Holy Trinity of Love


  43.Florence Merab

  44.The Last War

  45.The Obsequies

  46.Rest in Peace, My Love

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  Forever and for always!

  My only love, sprung from my innocent heart,

  Too early seen unknown, and known too late.

  Prodigious birth of love it is to me,

  That I ought to love a heart that knows no love.

  Sonia Meets Sam

  What a sad mistake you made

  Life forever torn, never to be mend,

  Chided the voice in him;

  His sermon trailed

  For the umpteenth time

  When he looked her way

  Marvelous beauty in the nave

  Truly God’s handiwork.

  Just watching him preach

  Made her want to reach,

  and touch him—yes, touch—

  Something he was never going to allow;

  She stared at him,

  She oblivious to him,

  the preacher she wanted, the preacher

  She had fallen in love with.

  Her Madonna face, dazzling eyes

  Pouty lips, chubby cheeks

  she’s beauty itself—Venus

  From the pulpit the preacher saw

  Wished he had never taken the vow

  such crave wouldn’t be raw

  Denied to him by vocation.

  Man of such grace, and vitality

  She thought from the nave,

  I am sitting here

  Yet I want to be over there

  Wish I had seen him long ago

  I wouldn’t be feeling this way:

  She blushed, ashamed of herself.

  “I’m Sam, as in Samson. Pleasure…” he said.

  The service was over,

  She couldn’t believe it , yet she said

  “I’m Sonia, nice to meet you.”

  The man of God, the angel,

  invited her to the vicarage, and

  Sam was of Sonia—SamSoni.

  Original Sin

  The cool linen sheets caressed her cheeks

  and she smelt him and the aphrodisiac

  the red wine he had drank her with

  The acridity of his masculinity;

  She stretched her hand for him, he was gone

  The memories of it failed

  Except for the all-too familiar voice

  The voice of her little black heart

  Echoing and reverberating inside,

  “The devil is beautiful...”

  She felt a soaring sense of victory, riotous appetite

  For the sweet fruit of Eden;

  Her ever clean white sheets were stained

  The stain of shame

  The stain of sin

  The stain of the beautiful devil;

  It was the trace of her maturity

  Trace of sinfulness

  Trace of her broken virginity.

  The Call

  Slowly I scanned the congregation

  the aura was of medieval sanction

  I saw this statuesque face

  a replica of the Madonna

  God’s wonderful work

  My sermon trailed off

  Human beauty tempts.

  She was the Delilah of Samson,

  She made me a sinner

  She made me a winner

  I became a breadwinner

  She became my diviner;

  The call I never recall

  long gone and done with

  Never again to be alone

  but be as two in one.

  Story of Love

  Babe, when I look at you

  I wonder what to think

  Of the beauty staring back at me,

  Lost for words of compliment

  You scare me away wit’ your beauty.

  Your lips can spill kisses like a fountain

  I can’t kiss them lest I corrupt you

  I restrain from touching your cheese-cheeks

  You’d be thawed away by my fiery hands

  And explode in to shards of passion

  And tempt me to grope for the forbidden.

  I look at your small perky breasts

  How I yearn to fondle them,

  Your bosom debilitates me with desire.

  I feel erupting like a volcano,

  I want to feel you all over me as we rock

  When we escape from the flock;

  I want to move with you in dance

  A slow waltz of romance;

  And then we shall have a chance

  To tell each other the story of love.

  Music of the Sun

  So unfortunate you’re born of land in distance

  it makes your being an unlucky existence

  but with you so far away with this distance

  I know a million ways to love somebody.

  The sun rising, its splendour spreads

  the fine satin of the linen the body caresses

  Memories of the dreams the mind carries

  The fantasy of the sweet forbidden cherries;

  Warm welcome for the rising sun

  Strength to trudge all day till it goes back down

  The longing turns to dream,

  Cold night tumble wishing it doesn’t dawn

  I would just but have to let
me drown,

  To the tunes sang in June for the moon

  Singing the music of the sun for the new day

  When we’d make no boring fun of the distance

  But until that day, you’re the verse and stanza

  Of the music that I sing for the sun .

  Happy Birthday

  As though blessed with ubiquity

  Babe, you touch all my holy iniquity

  I long for the day of our unity

  Unification like of the trinity,

  Yet this distance creates frailty.

  This very day you were born

  You celebrate yet I ain’t there;

  I want to write and sing you songs

  I want to be one of among the throngs

  Yet I never get what my heart longs.

  In a world full of strange humanity

  You’re the one I know and love,

  Take n’ accept these words as my present

  For I couldn’t make it to your birthday party.


  Unlucky you’re so far away

  but I think of you every day

  You always get your way,

  Creep up all the way

  To be in my memories always;

  Your pretty face is like a halo

  Your voice music to the soul

  Your touch heals all my ills;

  But what I have is memories of you

  I want all your fears to fade

  And listen to your whispers on my ears.

  The recent past I resent backing

  The cloud this time is so bleak,

  The visions are so ominous

  Tomorrow seems dreadful

  Yet I hope for a silver line

  And the recent madness to go away;

  I hate the feeling

  That you’re so slipping away

  That I am throwing it away

  That I am losing you yet I pray:

  Memories of you are so ominous.

  Mad Love

  Only yesterday

  you came out of the blue

  I was looking for nobody, true

  today I get your missives Miss

  Telling me how you miss

  The times we never had,

  Signed “Yours ...”

  When did I own you please?

  When did you mother a son so big at sixteen?

  By the way I’ve no brother

  this is not what it should be

  I know love is different from madness.

  Better Never Again

  With foggy eyes did she look at me

  Lips quivering, eyes wide shut, kissed me

  Perfunctory than never before;

  then full of tension she jerkily released me.

  I gave her the anticipatory stare of “I love you”

  Words she said always after such kissing.

  Then she spoke what I was sure would be

  Words I never thought were in her diction.

  Still rooted to where we had stood kissing

  Her bullet-voice hit me long after she was gone

  Ricocheting and reverberating deep inside

  That better never again see each other;

  What a romantic goodbye?

  A Long Time Ago

  I just called to say hello to an old friend

  Lest you tagged me fiend,

  Now you mistook it for the first step

  Of a long itinerary of romance;

  You christened me your boyfriend

  Yesterday you called me your lover

  Today you promote me to fiancé

  I’m soon to graduate as your hubby

  Babe, you astound me, who knows

  Maybe you loved me from a long time ago.

  Sexy Gal

  Your eyes are a gelatinous orbs of love

  smiley face like the Mona Lisa’s;

  Your cherry lips intense kisses they spill

  teeth whiter than snow

  Your small young breasts are like apples

  I can’t wait to wrap my arms around your waist

  I dream to feel your luscious thighs against mine,

  and your body is statuesque, willowy

  Michelangelo couldn’t have done better.

  Sister …

  Oh my sister

  You are an angel

  A package of rare beauty,

  Your breasts are like minarets

  Calling men to worship

  You hypnotize them

  Make their heads twirl

  Make their bodies swirl

  What more can I tell you girl

  You glory in the attention they give you.

  Mother used to beat your legs closed

  “Sit like a girl.”

  Now all lessons are gone

  you flaunt your body

  Shake booty in men’s faces

  and they tuck dollar bills

  in your bust and butt

  Mother would kill herself

  If she knew the daily bread she thrives on

  Is mined from the temple of the Holy Spirit

  She believes you guard like a secret.

  Hasta la Vista, Babe!

  I believe you’re sent from above

  Thank you for giving me your love,

  The comfort I get from your bosom;

  Receive my appreciation

  For I didn’t have to pour libation.

  Like a lily among thorns

  You are, my love, among women;

  When it comes to pass this moment

  With you away from home,

  In my heart of hearts you shall remain

  A constant reminder of our love.

  Now we have to say goodbye

  Till I see you again after the holiday, in May

  Hasta la vista, babe!

  Lost Love

  I thought you’re sent from above

  So much I gave you for love,

  The sun found us making love

  Went down leaving us cuddling at the alcove;

  You twinkled like the panoply of stars above

  Our love the deepest of oceans;

  I never thought you could’ve had enough;

  Now we no longer feel the love.

  Tell me why there’s no appreciation

  Of the love we once gave so much attention

  between us is great tension,

  Babe, you’re giving me hypertension

  Now we no longer feel the love.

  I gonna shake the stress away and get moving

  So long gone are days when you were so loving

  Since now it’s lacking

  All the walls cracking

  The hurt so whacking

  And no longer on it working

  We’ve to move on, hurting

  Our hearts still hacking the soul.

  Missing My Babe

  We lived of stolen moments

  every time compliments,

  I have lived all these months

  battled with all my strength;

  To delay the explosion of this passion.

  Ten months I’ve been without sight of my love

  Ten minutes longer will make it sweeter

  in the arms of my love;

  I see the flowers nod in unison

  The pain and strain of the past months recedes.

  Tell Me, Babe

  I know loving me you’ve ceased

  Don’t tell me it’s going to be like this till I’m deceased;

  It hurts to know I’m no longer missed,

  and this gets you pleased;

  Why this feeling within me so deep?

  Why do I wish you were still mine to keep?

  Why do I do nothing but just weep?

  Why do I no longer have comfort even of sleep?

  Tell me this before you go down the cliff so steep;

  I can sense the impending disaster

  Tell me you are not going to miss the banter and laughter

bsp; Tell me you are not going to miss the caress,

  The things we did without duress

  For there has been no love of much love

  Than the love I had for you my lovely dove.

  Love is Wicked

  You tell me my love is wicked

  and you can’t pretend you love me.

  You too have your own feelings

  And with me that’s all right

  It’s the notion deep inside you

  I don’t like even in the least

  And that’s why you say

  My love is wicked I know.


  I thought I was flying without wings

  Knowing that you’re the girl of my life;

  and the joy it brought

  When I found you

  and made my life whole, complete.

  Out of the blue you no longer trust me

  You now doubt my love for you;

  You make me plummet down

  I see nobody down there to salvage me

  I’m afraid I’m gonna

  Break my neck from the fall

  Never again to fly without wings

  Though I believe I can fly.

  Seems there ain’t so much left to say between us

  There ain’t so much left for you,

  And you are going to move on wit’ your life

  Mine has come crashing;

  If this is your decision, n’ there’s nothing I can do

  I’m gonna sail on a flotsam of dejection,

  I’m the one feeling lost

  Though I’m not gonna dethrone you

  As the Queen of my heart

  Forever you shall rule.

  The Break-up

  You broke my heart to pieces

  And scattered the shards everywhere

  In to the middle of nowhere;

  When you walked away.

  Smile seldom forms on my lips

  I’m nervous, everything slips

  just tell me this was a Freudian-slip

  and you are coming back.

  Whenever I felt you needed me there

  I gave you the whole of my heart

  you never told me you never wanted it.

  Oh fire and desire of my hurt heart,

  I’m no longer in thy sweet heart

  Gone are the days of “my sweetheart”

  And now you live in mine heart

  As nothing but heartache

  This must be a terrible mistake.

  How could you be pain?

  That’s alright, though

  and whilst it’s hard

  I shall puff and huff ahead

  and learn to live wit’ a hurt heart.

  Complicated Love

  To me it’s quite tough

  To get that light laugh,

  When all you do is quarrel;

  Never look me in the eye

  Never give me a smile,

  You forever smirk.

  It feels odd

  to hold a conversation

  when words are not heard

  to stretch my hand and touch you

  when my hand is leprous.

  I find it hard to look at you

  When the cold in your eyes

  Freezes me from a mile away

  I find it quite hard

  to love a complicated heart;

  Yester night you loved me

  In the morning you doubted

  In the evening you no more love me;

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