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     One World, p.1

       Vincent Cleaver / Actions & Adventure / Science Fiction
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One World


A Sci-Fi Novella




Atoms or Adam, which came first? Atoms of course, they are the force behind the physical, making things visible. But one second preceding, Love was believing. This omnipotent force was God of course, creating the blueprint for existence and evolution.
The actual fabric of space-time was conceived by the pure energy from a divine thought of Love. It exploded out from one point of singularity to form an unbelievably hot and dense soup of radiation. This sent out scolding quarks that suddenly burst into matter as the trillion degree temperature cooled.
Massless matter expanded out with swift inflation for a quick duration. These massless particles collided with invisible Boson particles, and it was like a buffet as the massless particles immediately gained weight. After the feast protons and neutrons were born, causing atoms to form.
An unlimited mixture of atoms and energy fused like cosmic fireworks, expanding outwards millions of light years as a colossal gumbo of scorching gas and matter. Once this simmering elemental brew finally began to cool off, hydrogen and helium condensed from the mix, as well as other essential elements.
A primordial periodic table of various matter materialized over infinite space. Clumps of elements and clouds of gas gravitated together to form a bunch of different galaxies. Most of them merged together to form larger galaxies. In no time there were countless clustered and grouped galaxies, all spaced apart at mind blowing distances. Within the giant molecular clouds of each galaxy, dense clumps of gas and dust made turbulent love with gravity, birthing bright stars in every direction.
Every galaxy served as a habitat for the stars, like Hollywood or Manhattan, except each galaxy contained billions of stars. Orbiting most of the stars were planets, which were formed from the clumping dust and debris found around a star during its infancy. Billions of years elapsed as the stars and their planets formed solar systems all over the place.
In one specific, medium sized galaxy over in a calm and quiet section of the universe, elements flourished over time and matter evolved everywhere. Near the outskirts of this spiral galaxy was a five planet solar system with a giant yellow dwarf star that shined bright and white. Two of the planets in the system were gas and the other three were rock.
The outermost planet had a light green glow with glistening planetary rings that sparkled like diamonds around it. This terrestrial planet radiated bright lime in the day, and blue-green like a traffic light at night. Its beauty was accentuated by pearl white clouds, silvery oceans and a glittering halo that made Saturn look dull and bland.
Back when the planet was young and forming, it was frozen as a result of its distance from its star. Grainy ice and ammonia crystals collected around its orbit in a comely fashion. As time progressed and events happened in the solar system, gravity pulled the planets closer to the star. This planet was still the furthest of the five, but now it was positioned much closer.
This maturing planet started to warm up a bit as it roamed around in the habitable zone. After the planet thawed completely, it reached a cool climate condition with an average temperature of fifty-five degrees. A majority of its surface ended up being a massive liquid ocean that was clear as glass. In the middle of the aquafina ocean emerged a humongous landmass shaped like a giant asymmetrical snowflake, with strings of islands branching out from every point.
The smooth but rugged terrain had been through so much turbulence as it took shape during the planet's embryonic stage that, the nature of its mega landmass turned out to be filled with unimaginable beauty. Its highly fragmented topography was a combination of countless islands of all sizes joined together, which created dazzling mountainous landscapes and endless lakes.
In a few million years the planet stabilized with hospitable weather patterns. Its ecology got a chance to originate and the deep crystal clear ocean was where the mixture of matter started to occur.
A divine thought of Love caused molecules to dissolve around the hot springs at the bottom of the ocean. They interacted and formed living organisms that survived and thrived. They multiplied and modified, and over eons, organisms evolved to become composed of billions and even trillions of cells. They bonded and materialized and diversified in water before making it to land. Over countless generations they began to stand. Evolution or creation, the image of man.
The biological process of advancement from animals to the level of acumen took millions of years. Before long, a specialized species of hominids manifested in multiple millennia. Inspired by imagination and intelligence, over many lifetimes they made their way in a world where it was all about survival of the fittest. Originally, morals took a back seat to survival because people were mostly tribal. As time went on they became more righteous and began to think beyond the limits of physical investigation.
It took extended eras and several stages of cultural evolution for them to settle and organize into nations, which was the key to enhancing their overall duration. They developed into a spectacular species of people with extended height and round dreamy eyes. Their appearance was normal but their skin was flawlessly smooth and covered in beautiful tricolor schemes of chocolate, tan and peach. Everyone's body print was unique and comprised of those three colors in a swirl or curvy pattern.
Their fascinating physical paled in comparison to the evolution of their mental. Tens of thousands of years into their quest as a species, their brains had developed exceptionally well. They erected sophisticated cities on the islands and many mega-cities throughout the mainland. All of the cities were lean, self-sufficient and pretty. Most of the food, energy & water production was interwoven into and onto the major city buildings for maximum efficiency.
Soon their planet was a technological wonderland. They used technical ingenuity to change and customize their own nature. They excelled in stem cell technology to where most physical ailments and diseases were cured. For safety from harsh weather patterns, and for pleasure and comfort as well, they focused their efforts into manipulating the weather. Eventually they were able to master a way to control the climate.
They were not a perfect species but they constantly strived for excellence. The remarkable quality of life they enjoyed on their planet was achieved through cooperation and unity. They named their planet Wuhn, which meant 'whole' in their vocabulary.
The Wuhns' epic ascent from single celled organisms to the multi-complex beings of intelligence they had become, seemed to be more than just a lucky or random occurrence. They were at the top of the food chain of millions of other animals that had evolved on the planet. Their ultimate intent was to become more than just an apex animal species.

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