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       Wrong Exit, p.23

           Vicki Graybosch, Kimberly Troutman, Linda McGregor, & Teresa Duncan
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  List of Characters


  Nick Stryker..Chicago Homicide Detective 107th precinct

  Jen Taylor..Chicago Homicide Detective 107th precinct

  Wayne Dunfee .. Chicago Homicide Detective 107th precinct

  Sam Flores….Detective 107th precinct

  Steven Phillips….Chicago field office, organized crime


  J.T. Barrimore…Owner of Global Securities, part-time hitman for Chicago mob

  Matt…Programmer that works for J.T. Barrimore

  Dr. Derrick…Developer of hypnotic software, psychologist

  Cynthia Bronson….Confessed to murdering Nick, local artist

  Dolly Weston.. Confessed to murdering Nick, Librarian

  Darla Turner…Dolly’s best friend

  Peter Jarvis….Confessed to murdering Nick, stock broker, Kevin’s brother

  Kevin Morris….Reporter for Chicago Tribune

  Sharon Perez…Works with Kevin reporter wanna be

  Jack Dugan….Copy editor for Chicago Tribune

  Jason Little….Partner and assistant to Dr. Sanford

  Dr. Tony Scalla….Sunrise Specialty Hospital Administrator

  Lucas Costellano….Mob man head of organ business

  Kidnap team….John Vince and Juan

  Family victims….Marvin, Carla and Allison Schultz(Found at brewery)

  Elizabeth Hull….Sister of family victims

  Nadine Schultz….Owner:Schultz Energy/Mother:Elizabeth Hull,Marvin Schultz

  Sirus Corn….Homeless man

  Gill Mackey….Hypnoitzed assassin, lawyer

  Sal Cutler….Mobster works for Lucas

  The New Orleans Series

  Alcohol Was Not Involved

  Book One of Trilogy

  Extreme Heat Warning

  Book Two of Trilogy

  Silent Crickets

  Book Three of Trilogy


  Book Four of Series


  The Nick Stryker Series:

  Cusp of Crazy, Book One

  Twisted, Book Two

  Zero Margin, Book Three

  Wrong Exit, Book Four

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