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     One Hundred Poems, Volume IX

       Tuomas Vainio
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One Hundred Poems, Volume IX
One Hundred Poems
Volume IX
Tuomas Vainio

One Hundred Poems, Volume IX. Copyright ? 2017 Tuomas Vainio.

All rights reserved. No part of this book may be used or reproduced in any manner whatsoever without a written permission except in the case of brief quotations embodied in critical articles and reviews. Please contact the author at

This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents either are products of the author's imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

Thank you for downloading this ebook. This book remains the copyrighted property of
the author, and may not be redistributed to others for commercial or non-commercial
purposes. If you enjoyed this book, please encourage your friends to download their own
copy from their favourite authorized retailer. Thank you for your support.

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Table of Contents

The sound of loneliness
An oppressive country
Avoiding a thing?
Cowardice of Scottish newspapers
Golden Showers

'Hate speech'
Final Fantasy XV
Back to work?
Moment of pessimism?

'Two European Leaders'
The day many have dreaded?
How did that song go again?

Gender Marxists
Despicable behaviour
White river
Reform or revolution
Generic villain species (For a science fiction novel)

Suspended from Twitter
Election promises
'He will not divide us'
Sleep rhythm
Pretence of love and fake news

Berkeley riot
Salt of the internet
Just thoughts of today?

Bleeding-heart liberal
Soul-selling conservative
Where are the jokes?
Eiffel Wall
Sweden's Feminist Government

'Dear White People'
Politics in comics done right?
Lego Batman
Thy name comes from hypocrisy

A meaningless word in ten years
It begins anew?
Trump 2020
300 Russian hackers? To sort emails? REALLY?
Trenches of a culture war

So much for that peace
Nothing but fake news
Future Filtered
A thing about free speech
John Wick: Chapter 2

I'm sexy
A poem about online polls
Lone wanderer
Trump's "thin skin"
European union silences any dissent

The age of walls
A touch of madness (For a science fiction novel)
Two five year old friends
Half a moon

Those men of ill intends
After a snowfall
Yet another '#' about women in the west?
How could you not love humanity?

And a novel draws to a close?
Power of repetition
On a distant world (For a science fiction novel)
Dutch Election Results

The radical left and garbage bins
Faces of Andromeda
That topic that escapes me mind
Cover songs
Go ahead, make my day?

Some tears of joy
The world that wasn't
Art is not fit to stand among STEM fields
Almost done?
With headlines like these

Iron Fist and its reviews
Old media's war on the new
Summertime madness
Brexit Day
Speech at the wall (For a fantasy novel)

A society of ropes and canes
So tired
Ghost in the Shell
The last multicultural empire of old Europe

Winter is dead, so long live the spring
The horrors of Syria
I spat on the back of a flying seagull
About recent events in Sweden

No need for broadcasting licenses
Life is strange (For a science fiction novel)
Loneliness is bad for the economy

The sound of loneliness

The house sounds so empty,
Every second feels like twenty,
And it is a day just like any,
But I would not wish for many,
Because loneliness is heavy,
Unseen force that is truly scary,
The hardest burden to carry,
Blinded within any great library,
It is an impossible adversary,
And there is no hope of sanctuary,
As an experience unnecessary,
It is a foul curse to become solitary,
Its horror may remain imaginary,
Until finally thrust upon involuntarily.
An oppressive country

Do you know what lies underneath the snow,
Is it dirt and stones or plants ready to grow,
Just biding time with temperature low,
Waiting for the spring sun's glow,
But days pass ever so slow.

Imagine if a mere opinion gets you killed,
Then silence alone makes you gilled,
But you are never truly thrilled,
As reality lies unfulfilled,
Yet truth gets instilled.

The pressure remains ever growing,
With a rate that is never slowing,
But without strength showing,
You will not see elbowing,
But it is still ongoing.

Thus on one day barriers break,
It will seem a massive shake,
But if you had been awake,
It is not much of a quake,
And world is less fake.
Avoiding a thing?

And here I am slacking off once more,
Editing my poems feels like a chore,
So things remain in my drawer,
Perhaps for a day or four,
Not a moment before.
Cowardice of Scottish newspapers

Are they addressing issues or doing honest reporting?
No, they have chosen the path unsporting,
One of dangerous courting,
And self thwarting.

A man online spoke views they did not exactly fancy,
Ones that I do not even find slightly dandy,
Yet the newspapers did something nasty,
Perhaps in hopes of a headline flashy,
They revealed his address and panty,
Throwing him at mercy of vigilante,
With no mercy granted to his family.

And yes, this was just an attempt to deny credibility,
One born out of pure bigotry of mental senility,
It doesn't matter if views lack agree-ability,
If this man becomes a victim of hostility,
By granting him the victim's legibility,
You absolve him of any culpability,
You have increased his audibility.

It really is a sorry state with our far right and far left,
Because neither side is actually acting deft,
As bigotry blinds them from bereft,
It is each other they heft.

> It is only a matter of time?
> Until the far right answers in kind?
> And reveals reporter home addresses online.
Golden Showers

Someone on the chan boards has claimed credit,
And that is unsurprisingly all it takes to discredit,
Whatever was previously pushed out by the media,
As their mistakes already fill an entire encyclopedia.

And if you ask me; Trump can sleep in tubs of uremia,
It is not that odd if you recall one victim of ophidia,
Perhaps some are now furiously typing a new edit,
But it is too late, this nonsense is their only credit.
'Hate speech'

Few days yet ago another man was put on a trial,
For a reason as nonsensical as it is vile,
Because some words might rile,
There is a need for a spile,
So pretentious twats could smile,
Abuse power just for a moment while,
Before they are pushed aside by the electoral dial.

Huge headlines about tears shed before the court,
A lurid example of how they comport,
Without a single thought to abort,
They think winning a sport,
With attempts to distort,
To deny any support,
When their report,
Fell ever so short.

It is the same song,
And the tune isn't wrong?

There are so many things to loathe,
But I simply cannot stand the stains on your clothe.
Final Fantasy XV

She bought a video game,
I mocked it a boy band simulator,
She lacked the time to tame,
And it was left behind to be finished later,
Thus as I stare at boredom's flame,
And I cannot give it a spin out of being a hater,
Perhaps you might consider it a shame,
But I will stand behind this conviction far greater,
Because liking it would make me quite lame,
I would rather stick my head into a maw of an alligator,
Than admit ever playing it to my dearest dame.

> To me it is a word kindergarten kids shout to one and the other?

While some say it is the most offensive word in the English language,
And that fact grants me an opportunity rather sanguine,
One I cannot help but to take advantage.


I find you a colossal cunt,
And you might think me blunt,
For tossing out such a verbal stunt,
And your anger might be beyond shunt,
Blowing full steam while ready to confront,
For daring to use that word
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