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           Tuku Moni
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Plan B
Plan B


  By Tuku Moni

  Copyright 2017 Tuku Moni

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  It is a bizarre story of unholy union of two persons of uneven age, uneven economic background and uneven society. But is it end the story? Or the old lady had a plan B? (It is a borrowed story from Hiranya Borah’s Suitable Groom except few turns and twist in chapter V and VI).

  It is also a story far from reality.

  If, however, my story resembles with some reality, it is pure coincidence only, nothing to do with any reality or any real person.


  Chapter I: Travelling for a job

  His name is Amar Nag, age 25. He is the only child of a school teacher from a nondescript village of India. His parent did not go for a second child as they thought, with the salary of a teacher, they would not be in a position to give proper education if they would go for more than one child. Fortunately for them, Amar’s results were good throughout his academic career and mostly he studied with negligible fees.

  After his post-graduation in financial management from a reputed management institute, he was looking for a decent job and accordingly he had applied to many MNCs located in many cities all over India. He got few interview calls also. He had appeared some of them; but without much luck. Some companies had offered job; but salary was not up to the mark. Though he needed a job desperately, he did not join at a very low salary, because if he would join a job with low salary, he would get such types of jobs only in future also.

  Finally, when he was shortlisted for this job, he was happy considering the fact that though so far job was not offered, at least this company gave him return air fare from Delhi for the interview. He understood, at least this company was serious about him.

  Another surprise was also waiting for him at the airport. His seat had been upgraded to executive class as the ticket was booked by the company who might be a regular client of the airlines.

  Chapter II: Drama in the Air

  The allotted seat for Amar was beside a lady of around seventy. Amar realised the lady was not in a good shape in terms of health.

  The airhostesses were busy in providing some or other assistances to the old lady. The lady with fragile voice asked, ‘Are you a doctor?’

  ‘No madam. But I can help you as a non-medical person if you require any assistance.’

  The lady smiled; but she did not comment. Once the flight was in the mid-air, the old lady told Amar to hold a few ice cubes wrapped by a towel on her head. Amar did it without any sign of discomfort, though sitting from his seat, it was somewhat dis-comfortable for him.

  After sometime, the old lady asked him, ‘Are you working somewhere?’

  ‘No madam, I am going for an interview only.’

  ‘Your parent must be very rich. Booking an executive class accommodation in a flight is not a matter of joke.’ The lady commented.

  ‘No madam, I am not from a very affluent family. My father a school teacher and my mother is a housewife. I am a financial management post graduate shortlisted for an Indian MNC. They have provided me a to-and-fro economy ticket which has been upgraded by the airlines.’ Amar explained his economic status vis-a-vis his travelling by executive class.

  The old lady did not say anything; but impressed with the truthfulness on the part of the boy. Unfortunately, her condition deteriorated after landing of the plane.

  Once they landed at the airport, the old lady with a feeble voice requested Amar to accompany her to her residence. Amar thought for a while. His interview was slated at 12-30 PM and at that time, it was 10 AM. It will be very tight for him, but he agreed to drop her at her residence.

  Chapter III: Her Condition deteriorated

  The old lady’s residence was at Defence Colony and he was to appear for his interview at Gurgaon. He was taking a calculated risk.

  Thanks to relatively less traffic in Delhi on that day, when they reached the Defence Colony it was 11-15 AM. He thanked God, he had another one hour fifteen minutes to reach his place of interview. But God had a harsh plan for him for that day.

  As he reached the flat, he saw that old lady opened her flat with her keys. He helped the old lady to be in her room.

  ‘Is there anybody to look after you madam?’ Amar asked the old lady.

  She gestured that nobody was there to attend her. In the meantime, her condition clearly indicated that she needed some help.

  He thought for a while and decided to inform the HR division of the company who was holding the interview to give some time to reach the venue of the interview. He tried to contact the competent authority, the HR manager of the office. However, he was denied of his attempt by the receptionist of the HR manager. But he decided to help the old lady before he proceeded to the interview.

  After taking some tea and snacks, provided by Amar she felt little better. Amar asked for her permission to leave, ‘Can I leave now, madam? I am giving you my mobile number, for any emergency, do not hesitate to call me.’

  The old lady nodded.

  Chapter IV: The Interview

  When Amar reached the office of the MNC, it was already half past three. The receptionist told Amar, ‘Sir is very angry on you. Even then he will take your interview. At least you are lucky on that account.’ Saying this she talked to her boss on her intercom. Then she said to Amar to go to the chamber of her boss.

  As Amar was entering to the chamber, he saw three persons including the chairman (he guessed) were looking at him.

  He was gestured to take his set and then the chairman asked, ‘You are late for the interview, how we can expect that you will be on time when you will be on the job?’

  ‘It was an emergency. My co-passenger needed immediate some medical assistance!’ Amar told without trying to elaborate.

  ‘Is the passenger your relative?

  ‘No sir. She is an old lady. As she was not well, I had to drop her at her residence.’

  ‘Where is her residence?’

  ‘Defence colony.’

  ‘Your flight landed at 10 AM. Even after dropping her you should have come by 12-30 PM.’ The Chairman was not convinced. Then Amar elaborated what happened after reaching the residence of the lady.

  After hearing his explanation, the Chairman asked him, ‘Ok, take a hypothetical situation: you are supposed to attend a meeting at 10 AM and you find somebody in serious condition on the way to the venue of the meeting. You know if you do not attend the meeting in time, you are going to lose a contract. What will be your reaction?’

  ‘It will be same sir. I can recover loss in due course of time. But if due to my fault, someone loses his/her life, neither I can make him/her alive again nor I can forgive myself throughout my life.’ Amar was candid in his answer.

  ‘From whom you learnt all these impractical advices?’ With an irritation in his voice, the Chairman asked Amar.

  ‘My father taught these things sir. I can sacrifice any job to keep advices of my father. He taught me, always help others, God will take care of you. God will always come to your rescue, if you help someone who needs. He also uses to advise me not to help any bad person.’ His voice was full of pride while mentioning about the advices of his father.

  ‘How do you distinguish a good person from a bad person who seeks your help?’

  ‘You close your eyes. Hear your inner voice, you will know who is good and who is bad- my father tells me.’ Amar was confident that his father can neve
r be wrong.

  ‘In my opinion, you are not fit for the job we have advertised. But still, my friends will ask you some questions on financial management.’ With clear cut sign of disgust, the Chairman said.

  The other members of the interview board asked few tough questions on financial management. To their pleasant surprise, with ease, Amar could answer those questions correctly. After completion of question answer session, the chairman asked Amar to sit outside the room for some time.

  Chapter V: The Argument

  A few months back, at the dining table of Anup Gaur, a business tycoon, Kamla Gaur, mother of Anup Gaur, told to all sitting for dinner, ‘If you have no time for me, I am going to remarry again!’

  There was pin drop silent in the room.

  ‘Mom, what you are saying! What people will think about our family if you marry again! Who will marry you? If someone will marry you, he will marry you only for money only. If the person is very intelligent, he will be selfish and crooked. Otherwise a dumb one will marry a seventy plus lady.’ Anup said to his mother.

  ‘I am giving you three months’ time to find out one suitable groom for me. If you fail, I shall take three months to find out one by myself. I guarantee you, if I find out one, he will be young, intelligent and honest.’ Kamla Gaur declared.

  ‘OK Mom, I bet one lakh on this. If anyone of us will be able to get one suitable boy with your specifications, I shall lose and if both of us fail to get one, I shall win the bet.’ With a mysterious smile Anup Gaur told his mother. He was sure his mother was saying all these without iota of seriousness. In Indian society, no seventy plus lady from a reputed family will go for a remarriage.

  ‘Done.’ Kamla agreed to the proposal of his son.

  Anup Gaur did not search for a groom for his mother. To his utter surprise on expiry of three months’ deadline, he was summoned by his mother to discuss the matter.

  She asked her son to report what he had done in the last three months. He did not have an answer to his mother’s query. However, she did not show any unhappiness over the inaction of her son. But she said him categorically her plan to find out a boy with extraordinary brain with a golden heart as her life partner for rest of her life.

  As per the plan, Anup Gaur will collect a list of first three toppers from ten top B school of India for last four years and then short list by eliminating the married ones, females and those are thirty (she promised to get half of her own son’s age). Having no alternative, within next one week, Vimal had short listed 20 out of 100 toppers of these B school.

  To test their hearts, Kamla Gaur had another plan. She would travel along with the candidate by the airlines which is owned by her family. On the way, she would feign illness and would ask for help from the candidate.

  Kamla Gaur also almost lost the hope to get an intelligent man with a golden heart when first seventeen eligible men refused to drop her at her residence and only one was ready to drop her at home. Nothing happened beyond that.

  Chapter VI: Indecent Proposal

  As Amar was waiting for the result of his interview, his mobile rang. The old lady telephoned Amar, ‘Sorry my dear, I have to give you trouble again. Can you come as early as possible? I am feeling very bad again.’ Then she disconnected.

  Without losing time, he told the receptionist, ‘madam, please tell your boss, I have to rush to the residence of the old lady who is still not well.’ Without waiting for result, without waiting for permission, Amar left the waiting room and took an auto rickshaw to go to Defence Colony. After one-and-a-half-hour auto ride when he reached Defence Colony, darkness had already descended.

  The whole building where the flat of the old lady was located was illuminated with lights and gate was garlanded with beautiful flowers. Before proceeding to the flat, he asked the guard, whether there was any function in the building. The guard answered affirmatively. However, when he wanted to enter to the compound, the guard objected to his entry.

  Arunabh told the guard, ‘It is urgent. The old lady residing in the first floor flat is seriously ill. She called me for some help.’

  The guard retorted, ‘Sir in this building none is ill. The flat you are referring, is occupied by the mother of our master. She is 100% fine and waiting for someone important to visit her.’

  Having no alternative, he telephoned the old lady. The phone was not picked up by anyone despite of ringing. Amar became worried. He pleaded with the guard to let him go inside. When guard was adamant in not allowing him to go inside, he told the guard, ‘Ok, do not allow me to go inside, but you go and see if everything is alright or not? I am guarding your gate for the time being.’

  But Amar did not have to guard the gate, because the old lady appeared before them. The guard saluted her. Amar was perplexed for a minute. Then he told the lady, ‘Good to see you madam in good condition. Now I have to rush to the airport to take my flight at 9 PM.’

  ‘You need not have to rush to the airport my dear. Come inside and stay with us for the night and take your flight to your home tomorrow.’ The lady invited Amar inside the building.

  ‘Thank you, madam. But I have to go home today because my ticket is non-refundable and probably I failed in the interview also.’ With a smile, Amar told.

  ‘So, you failed the interview because of me.’ The old lady told with a sigh.

  ‘No madam, do not think that way. I am happy to see you hale and hearty. If God wishes, one day I shall get a good job.’ Genuine-ness in his voice surprised the old lady.

  The old lady understood, the boy standing before him might not be the most intelligent boy in the world, but surely with the intelligence he has, he might be best boy (in terms of humane face) in the world.

  But he was yet to cross the last hurdle. She gave her the most indecent proposal, ‘I am alone and I may die within a year or two as I am suffering from terminal illness. If I propose to marry you only for company sake, will you accept? I have only this property, that too in the name of my son. However, I have few lakh of Rupees with which we can live even if you do not get a job for next two years comfortably. In other words, with our marriage you are not going to be benefitted much. You will get a free accommodation in Delhi and free food which may in turn help you to find a good job for you.’

  He thought for a minute or two and then replied, ‘You may think I am a circumspect or selfish. Yes, I need an accommodation in a mega city so that I can explore the possibility of good job. I am already fed up, being a burden of my parent after passing out from a B school. Most of friends having better economic background with worse results are getting better offer than what I am getting. Therefore, as a stepping stone for my future, I agree to your proposal.’

  The old lady looked at the young man. She found the boy practical as well as very honest. She became hundred percent sure, she would not be able to find a better boy than this young man with a golden heart!

  Then he dropped the final bombshell.

  ‘I was looking for an intelligent boy with a golden heart. Do not worry, my son, I am not looking for a groom for me. I am looking for a groom for my granddaughter, Lina who will be the owner of our business empire. I want a young man who is competent, practical, helpful and has value for human feelings but not hungry for money only. You fit in all the qualities of my desirable qualification for my granddaughter.’

  Then the old lady hugged the young man as her own grandson.

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