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       Save Love, p.1

           TS Thornton
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Save Love
Save Love


  Save Love







  Begin, Again

  About the Author


  A monster walked along the twilight, a time when there was no one around to see him. His tusks cut through the wind as it blew, while he walked. The brine of the salt air was tingling at his senses. He was a lone creature who craved company, a friend he didn’t care. A companion or even an acquaintance he would speak to now and then. But none exist for him, none will.

  He continues to walk towards the dock, his heavy footfalls and the sea the only sounds in this place this night. The monster inhaled deeply letting the air soak into his lungs, into his body feeding him its magic. It was calling him to the sea, his only home. Ever changing like the monster.

  In a burst of speed he was unaware of using he reached the dock then dove. He shed his long jacket as he went over. He didn’t care he would not be returning here. For when he swam it was to start anew. To begin again, it was something this creature was not afraid of. It was for him to find life anew, to begin again. As familiar as his own face, to start again was his plan.

  This night he will swim until his lungs burn. Until he needs to breathe the air will be when swims upward. Breathing underwater is part of his nature but even he had limits in water. He was of water and of air. He was just one of many creatures on this planet.

  As the sun set on the second day he was in yards of his resting place. He came to the shore and walked along the beach late this night. He stayed near the shallow just in case he had to dive in. Just in case a human were to see him. He would look like a huge walking walrus. His tusks did shine in the moonlight.

  As he found a dock he took a seat on a large rock underneath it to rest. While sitting he heard the song of the sea, the scent of her nectar filling him. Before long he drifted off to sleep. Not too deep for something caught his attention. As the human snapped a shell his head turned. The human was running with speed as they entered the water. For a while he watched a black shadow dance with the sea. Not moving towards the shore as the waves got higher, bigger stronger. The monster began to watch in horror as the body was hit by a wave that was meters above the human. The body didn’t move seeming lifeless from his distance, he began to run. He would have thought it was away from the disaster but he was running to save the lowly human.

  He dove into shallow water not able to wait any longer to hit that water. He swam as fast as he could. Another wave was headed towards him and him towards it. His prize was in the middle. The monster would not falter. Not until his hands gripped his prize. Faster and faster he moved as he reached out for a dainty hand. He pulled the human close and dove deep just as the wave hit. As the wave pushed and pulled him he held on tight while kicking his feet. For a while he was lost in the darkness but not alone in it. Something that has never happen to him before, for the sea, she was always with him when he swam. But another person this was a first. He held on to this small human clutching it to himself as he swam waiting to break water to meet air.

  Once his head hit the surface he lifted the being above himself as he tread water. He searched for the shore for a moment. They were farther out than he expected them to be. He swam fast for the shore hoping in all hope that the creature he was holding still had life, just a spark would suffice. He ran to the dock ripping away the black suit and exposing lots of red hair and a feminine face. She wasn’t beautiful to him, why would she be? He needed to see if he could save her life.

  He laid her down quickly laying his hands above and below each covered breast. He heated her lungs drying them out with his magic. Steam came from her face and the image of a smoked pig came to mind. Wanting to laugh but given the grimness of the situation he didn’t. He began doing palpitations. He gave her his breath infused with his own magic. He was risking a lot by doing this act but he didn’t think a second time. Her time to die was not now. The second set of palpitations sent his magic through her body. In the instant his magic hit her toes she was bright like a beacon for a split second before he could cover his eyes. It was over and she was staring up at him. He thought she would be flailing or something, not calmly looking this monster in his face. Not that he even wanted her to look or even to look at her. He fell in love in that moment and wouldn’t ever take it back. Starting over was over. She was his main concern his everything, his reason for being, now to get her to understand that.

  “What happened?” Who are you? Did…” She didn’t continue as her vision cleared and she screamed. He built a bubble barrier that absorbed the sound. She scrambled away from him as fast as she could. He stood, backing away from her only to give her the illusion of space. Yes, he could cloak himself in magic but this is reality and that is where he lives. She would have to accept this form or he would hide forever in the shadows watching over her. Her choice, he would give her the options once she calmed.

  After an hour of her screaming from his appearance and her lack of escape she quieted. She had been screaming and trying to get to the ocean once she understood the bubble was impenetrable of physical damage and sound. She was now calm and sitting with her back to him.

  “Let me go.” Anger slowly replaced fear.

  “What is your name?” He asked her his voice sounding gruff from nonuse. He cleared his throat which made her jump. “Sorry I don’t often speak.” This sparked some interest in her for she turned to him partly showing her face.

  “Winter, my name is Winter.” The he stifled came to the front. She turned to him fully, standing while she did so. “Really, you are laughing at me?” Feisty.

  “No, it’s been a long day and…” He sat in the drier sand still smiling. “Winter, I am Solin. I am magical, I saved your life. Your olive green eyes have stolen my heart. I was not ready for this. I only stopped to rest a little while. I don’t even know where I am right now. When the wave hit you,” A cringe from them both. She turned away still standing. “Instinct took over. I used my magic to dry your lungs and to spark your heart. Why did you not fight against the wave?” He asked the question that had plagued him since he watched the whole ordeal.

  “I wanted it all to end. The wave was an easy way out. This night’s swim was to be my last.”

  “Winter?” Softly he spoke to coax the answer from her lips.

  “I am unhappy and alone. I have lost all that were close to me. I just wanted the pain of heartache to end.”

  “Can I take you home? I would love to talk more and become friends.” Something the two of them needed in this life. “I am sorry, I cannot leave you.”

  A glimmer of something began to bloom inside of her. She tried to remain stoic as she nodded and walked towards him. His magic ended with an audible pop. The scents and sounds of the sea came rushing at them both. She stumbled but did not fall. He was already next to her being sure as to not touch her, but close enough if he needed to. She stepped to the left keeping herself upright.

  “Solin thank you for saving me.”

  “You are welcome, Miss Winter.” She shook her head smiling to herself. Who’d have thought Winter Skye Bluu would have a friend, even if he had tusks.


  “Are you cold?” The monster said to the girl. He stripped her of her wet suit while saving her life. She had on a full body torso covering swim suit.

  “Yes, but it is fine.” As she finished she was covered in jeans and a tee shirt with flip flops. “Um thank you.” She smiled shocked at the gesture and the magic.

  “You are welcome.” He walked three steps behind her. He could see the magic the he imbued her with took hold.
He wondered again what would happen to her.

  After a mile his thoughts had not changed. The air around her was changing, there was a light shimmer that he could see. Was this meant to be? Was this meant for her? Was she meant for him? Question upon question running rampant through his head all he ever wanted was a companion, didn’t care if he ever loved someone. Just to carry on a conversation would please him. This situation was more than he could have hoped for. Right at this moment he should be somewhere in the sea, dancing his insecurities away. Running from nothing to nothing, for nothing, why did he start over? The sea called to him, comforted him. He was alone in the world abandoned at ten when the magic wore off.

  His mother hoped he would stay this beautiful child, but of course that was never to happen. At the age of ten, the stroke of midnight he was visited. His paternal grandmother came to his window. She took him to a world that he never knew existed. She first told him of the spell keeping his human appearance ended. It was a spell that had an expiration date. She told him that his father knew you would be born this monster. He loves your mother but she couldn’t see past his appearance. He told me to cast the spell if you were born with tusks. They were so cute and tiny. She never saw the true you, she told him. His
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