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           Trisha Lynn
Chapter Eight

  The next day was as normal as normal could be for Adeila. And thinking back on it she should have been suspicious. What, with strange feelings while looking at a particularly gorgeous (yes, she could finally admit it) dark haired-tattooed-hazel eyed boy, seeing Gyrfalcons, white flecks of something in the woods, dreaming about wolves and falcons, having her brother catch her making out with her boyfriend, and having weird scary feelings when looking at some random weird-buff-crew-cut guy, that the last week had been so full of? The normalcy should have been a clue that something climatic was about to affect her. But it wasn't, and she was clueless.

  As was said, the day seemed normal. Classes whizzed by, she'd avoided eye contact with said hazel eyed-tattooed boy, aced a pop quiz from the previous day, spent some time having conversations with her friends, had a few brief moments with Erik, and even managed to not make anything weird happen. At all. No buzzing of her blood, nothing moving with her mind.

  It was just before last period, that things started to get weird.

  “I'm so sorry, Adi, I gotta leave. I'm so sick. The nurse already wrote me a note to go.” Marissa was looking pale, her eyes were dim, even her hair hung limp.

  “What? You were fine at lunch!” She was stuck without a ride. Great! But worse, her friend rarely got sick. She had a sniffle here and there but the girl’s stomach was rock solid, nothing made her nauseous. Adeila was always envious of Marissa for that particular reason. Although it went both ways, as Adeila had never had any flu or illnesses. None. Not even chicken pox.

  “Can Erik give you a ride?”

  “I'm not sure, but I'll ask. You go home, Riss, I'll figure out something.”

  Now Marissa looked green all over, and Adeila felt really bad for her. She gave her a quick hug before the blonde girl walked briskly to the front doors. Weird.

  Then she text Erik, twice, and got nothing. When last period class was over, he still hadn't text her back. She decided she'd have to search for him.

  When she finally caught up to him, he looked completely confused and hurried.

  “Hey!” She trotted over to him; he looked even more confused at her but smiled slightly, while shoving stuff into his bag.

  “Hey.” He said it offhandedly, entirely unfocused from her. Which wasn't odd, Erik wasn't always completely attentive to her at school.

  “Is there any way you can give me a ride home? Marissa left sick and I rode with her this morning.”

  He frowned at her, and ran a hand through her hair. “Yeah, Adeila, I'm sorry, I can't. My academic councilor just called for a meeting with the athletic director. It's about my interest in becoming a coach. It's like a life goal thing. I'm not sure if my parent's know about it, and when my Dad finds out he'll flip. He's still pissed I'm not taking any sports this year.”

  He paused, grabbing his bag and setting it down, then closed his locker. He looked like he was going off to state prison rather than meeting with advisers about his future life goals. “I need to do this meeting, but play damage control too. Make sure they don't send anything to the house and stuff. Just until I can come up with a good speech for my Dad.” He sighed, and itched his elbow before looking at her again.

  She nodded. “I get it, yeah. Good luck. I really hope that your Dad ends up being more okay with all that then you think.”

  “Yeah, I really doubt it, but it's my life right? Not his.”

  She smiled encouragingly at him. “That's right.” She gazed at him for half a second, before she did the only thing she could think of. She hugged him. She hadn't really initiated much public displays and there were students everywhere. He was the first to pull away, but there was a smile on his face, that actually reached his blue eyes. He leaned down again, and whispered Thanks, babe in her ear before turning around and heading toward the office.

  Adeila watched him go, and groaned inwardly. Now what was she going to do? She went to her locker, put her books way, and text her mom. When she got to the front door, she text her dad. Hopefully one of them would get it. It was a pretty far walk from school to her house, so she hoped one of them would make the trip here.

  Her dad text her back as she walked across the parking lot. Sorry, working until at least 6. I think your mother should be getting out around now.

  She text her mother again, and continued to walk. Just as a red sedan pulled up, her mother texted back; yes, should be leaving in 5. I can swing through that way.

  Awesome and sort of shocking considering her mother just wasn't the most thoughtful or helpful of people. The red sedan stopped and several girls hung out the window. She recognized Becky and Amber.

  “Hey! I heard Riss went home early, I told her not to eat the cafeteria tacos but she never listens! You need a lift? I don't have much room but we can squeeze you in.”

  Adeila looked at the two girls in the back, and smiled. “I'm okay my mom should be here any minute. Thank you though!”

  “Okay! See you tomorrow.” And the girls sped away.

  Adeila walked on for another five minutes, and got another text from her mother: Stuck here another few minutes prepping something for Stebbin's case tomorrow.

  Then a moment later another one: can't another of your friend's give you a ride?

  Adeila pressed a fingertip to her brow just above her right eye. Kathryn Burton was a legal secretary, constantly at the mercy of the schedules of the two lawyers in the firm she worked for. Adeila should have just taken Becky up on her offer for a crammed ride.

  She trudged along; hearing kids hooting and hollering as they left the school. She'd taken a back road that led away from town, more toward the rural northern part of town, where her house was, so fewer of the kids went this way. Thankfully. She really wasn't in the mood to deal with teenage shenanigans right now.

  Dark shadows lengthened on the road, and she looked up. Where the sky had been clear moments ago with puffy white clouds, it was now dark with angry gray clouds. The temperature had also dropped several degrees.

  At least she'd worn her warmest, waterproof jacket but still, walking twelve to fourteen miles in the rain was not how she wanted to spend the afternoon, and she'd have to call Bev to let her know she'd be late for work. Just as she pulled out her cell phone, a few drops of water fell onto the screen.

  She sighed deeply and pressed call for the book store. After a several minute conversation with Bev that consisted of babble, more babble and Bev exclaiming, “Walking's good for you my dear!” she put her phone away and trudged on.

  Rain began pelting down, faster and faster until it went from drops plopping onto the pavement, to sheets of water coming down, hard. She had pulled her hood up, tying the drawstrings tight, and ambled along.

  When she heard a vehicle, she moved over on the shoulder slightly more and didn't even bother looking up. The loud car drove by, but then she heard the sound of gravel from the vehicle pulling over ahead of her. This could mean only two things; a fellow student taking pity on her, or some teenage girl abductor. Either way she'd be out of this wretched cold, hammering rain. Got to look at the positive in any way you can when the sky opens up and pours down cold buckets of water onto the earth.

  When Adeila did looked up, she saw nothing but a large black pickup truck tailgate, then the tall figure jumping out. They wore a dark maroon hoodie, she noticed, when they got closer. Everything was out of focus because of the sheets of water blurring the surroundings. When the tall figure reached her, she looked up into honeyed hazel eyes. Those mystical eyes that turned from golden to green to gray and every ring of color in-between.

  She couldn't help the jolt she felt all along her body. She gulped, and looked up at him, mutely. The buzzing along her skin prickled every hair on her body; the awareness of him was so intense, more intense than ever before. It sent a warming heat through every limb, to sit within her belly.

  She figured this was pay back for avoiding him as much as humanly possible in a building where she shared two of her five classes with him.<
br />
  “Adeila! Why are you walking in the rain?”

  What a dumb question, she wanted to retort. Instead she cocked her head, and gave him a very crooked smile. “Oh you know, taking in the sights. Is it raining? I couldn't tell.” Water dripped down her face from where she had to tip it back slightly to look up at him.

  A big grin spread across his incredibly handsome face, and his eyes lightened and turned greener, the gray turning molten silver. The smile transformed his face into something more approachable, less stoic.

  He laughed, and hooked his thumb toward his truck. “Need a lift?”

  She looked past him at the giant pickup truck, inwardly groaned and complained, but a small part of her was a little interested to see inside something that was his. Interested in learning just a little more about this boy that had her best friend so enraptured. Damn, Marissa was going to throw a complete bitch fit when she found out about this.

  Shrugging, Adeila said yeah and he walked her to the passenger door, opening it up for her. He waited until she was settled in before shutting the door. She looked around as quickly as possible. A pretty normal, newer pickup with all the fancy gadgets and nice tan leather interior. It smelled like him; evergreen and earth with the hint of leather. When she looked in the backseat she was even more confused and intrigued. She could see his black backpack, but next to it on the leather seat she could see a very old hand mirror.

  It was dull gray, like pewter or very old dull silver; she really had no idea what kind it was just that it was a dull gray color. The handle was a curved leaf, like one of the American elm or similar species of tree. Etched to perfection, with every detail as accurate as possible. The frame of the round mirror was etched deer-like antlers. Two antlers, their points meeting at the top. It looked too much like a family heirloom to be haphazardly thrown into the back of a teenage boy’s truck.

  He had hopped into the truck and upon seeing her pointed gaze, a small smile etched his face but he said nothing just removed the soaked hoodie and threw it onto the backseat, over the mirror.

  She turned her attention back to the front. Maybe he was taking it be appraised or something?

  “So thanks for the ride. I was only waiting for my mom to pick me up. I wouldn't have walked the whole way.”

  He only nodded. “Well, let her know your all set.”

  She swallowed, and quickly text her mom. She knew how relieved she'd be that she didn't have to come get her.

  If it hadn't been for the cold and pouring rain she'd never have agreed to ride with him. Just being in the close confinement was like being in a too hot house with a well-stocked wood stove. There was no air to breath that didn't smell of earth and pine. She felt the warm buzzing within her blood, and a shiver of excitement whispered up her spine. Although she had no idea why.

  She furiously wished she'd just taken Becky up on her offer and been done with it. Cramped would have been better then riding with this boy she barely knew, who gave her incredibly weird feelings along her body. A boy she hadn't made the best of impressions upon.

  “I hope Marissa is alright.” His voice was low and deep. She turned to him, his stoic features a mask. Unlike the boy she'd seen laugh at her earlier. At least he was being nice and trying to make conversation, to not make this seem less awkward. She should at least reciprocate on the conversation.

  “Me too,” however, was all she could muster.

  Finally she decided she'd keep the momentum of the Marissa talk going. Since her best friend was completely obsessed with the boy, who hadn't really given Marissa the time of day, she decided she might try her shot at the whole matchmaker thing.

  “So do you think Marissa is pretty?” Straight, blunt and to the point. She blushed, in embarrassment at the bluntness of the question, and a knot formed in the pit of her stomach as if she'd asked him the question about herself not her friend. Which she would never have the guts to do. She looked to him to see the complete shock wash over his features.

  He inclined his head towards her, his eyes very golden, with little green, gray flakes dusting the inside circle.

  “Ah, sure. Yeah, I guess.” He seemed uncomfortable with the confession, and he shifted in his seat.

  She smiled; this may be easier than she thought. “Well, she thinks you’re pretty too.” She laughed as she said it, letting the humor override the ridiculous wording.

  He smiled awkwardly. “Well that’s nice of her, I guess.”

  His eyes shifted and she caught him looking at her from the corner of them, clearly feeling a little awkward and she sighed.

  Tough nut to crack. Asking him about her best friend was slightly weirder then she'd anticipated.

  “I'm not really here to pursue other girls.”

  Other girls, what the heck did that mean? What was he implying exactly? Duh, she thought of course someone as gorgeous as him would have a girlfriend. Most likely from wherever he moved from.

  His fingers gripped the wheel. “With academics and all that.”

  She could only nod, it was weird the way he said it, and no guy is just in school for academics, who was he kidding? Every guy was out there to get girls, unless... Well unless he was out there to get guys. Wait!

  She swiveled and looked at him. Well, he was gorgeous, but that certainly did not mean he had to like girls. The realization of this new possibility almost smacked her on the head, and she instantly felt bad for asking him such personal questions. But there was no way he was gay. Just no way. She would never believe that. Well, it could be true. It could. Right? No way, he exuded a strange, dangerous sexuality. There was just no way. She stared at him, openly, whilst the litany of inner conversation went on in her mind.

  He looked over at her and saw her mulling over something, while staring at him. His eye brows instantly went up, as if he knew what she was thinking and a horrified expression crossed his face.

  “It's not...I'm not...” He sighed, then grumbled, and ran a hand through his dark wet hair. He mumbled something that sounded a little like, why the hell did they send me for this? But she could only stare at him in embarrassment.

  “Look, Adeila, it's so far off of what you’re thinking at the moment. I... Have you... Do you...” He hit his hand on the steering wheel causing her to jump just a little.

  He grumbled something like I certainly hope I get something monumental over all this.

  Then he turned to her, focusing. “Adeila, do you ever make things happen? You know… unexplainable things? Thing's you yourself cannot even understand?”

  Her heart stopped beating and lodged completely within her throat. She bit the inside of her cheek. How could he possibly know anything about that?

  She tried to convince herself that he was speaking of something unrelated to her strange telekinesis powers or whatever the hell it was she could do.

  When she could finally speak her voice came out as a squeak. “What do you mean?” She tried to keep all emotion from her voice; even though she was quite she sure she didn't manage it.

  He gave her a less then patient look, clearly the strange embarrassment and stumbling through words, was over. He waved a hand in the air.

  “I don't know, like wish for a thunderstorm and have the clouds darken and the pound of thunder to be heard moments later, or make something move with just a thought? Or say something to your cat and have them understand you every time, even if it was something they certainly should not know? Or make something catch on fire without a flint or lighter? Anything strange and confusing…? Something that completely defies logic and science or even gravity?”

  Even though her heart was still lodged in her throat, and the pit of her stomach was an aching hole, she managed to fake a croaky laugh.

  “You sound completely insane, Loki. I have absolutely no idea what you're even talking about.” But she couldn't meet his eyes when she said it, and there was much less contempt in it then she'd gone for. She knew he'd likely not believe what little dramatics she put into the word

  His eye brows raised, he looked at her insufferably, and she could tell his patience was wearing thin. She wanted desperately to confide in someone. Anyone, about this. But how could she possibly do that with a boy she barely even knew?

  A long silence stretched between them. She didn't feel uncomfortable per say, just digesting everything. She stared hard out the window on her side, and tried not to even glance in his direction for fear that she would give away all that she felt.

  He broke the silence with, “I know you feel it, Adeila. That hypnotic electrical current running just below your skin. It heightens when you look at any magical being and when you perform magic. It probably happens at random times when you have no idea why it's happening, but in fact something of magical intent is happening around you and your body is trying to tell you. Or warn you, depending upon the situation. The magic within your body is an energy that pulses in itself, and it is aware of things you may not even be aware of.”

  She whipped her head around towards him, and just stared at him. How was it possible for him to know and understand that strange buzzing feeling she felt sometimes?

  She shuddered, but still a small voice in her head told her she wasn't yet ready to tell anyone. Especially him. Lack of trust, lack of knowledge, lack of being able to handle the real truth. A combination of those things had her turning away towards the window again. Even if her heart soared with the possibility that maybe there was someone out there who understood.

  “I have no idea what you speak of.” She said it solemnly, almost wanting him to notice her lie and call her out on it.

  He did not push, simply made a mmhhm sound then said, “Well, when you do know what I'm talking about, I'm here. Find me and ask questions. I have some answers.”


  Oh, to have the answers to all these questions that floated around her head. Why? Why her? What was it she could do? Was it really magic? What kind of magic? And again, why her?

  He shifted the truck into park; she looked out the window to see that they were in her driveway. She'd been so consumed by all this that she hadn't even noticed where they were, or felt the truck slow, or climb up her drive. She could see the dark wood of her front door. She needed to escape this moment.

  “Again, Adeila, if you want answers, I have some.” His golden green eyes were on hers. They were sincere, but also arrogant. He knew she would come to him for answers. Knew she had nowhere else to go.

  “Thanks for the ride.” She grasped the door handle. There was no way she could be outright rude, considering he had been helping her out, but her mind was reeling. She leapt out of the truck, and had to refrain from running to the door. She did not look back, as she heard the truck back down the drive. As soon as she stepped inside, she leaned back against the door, and let out a deep breath.

  It was almost an hour later, after she'd chugged three glasses of water, showered and sat on her bed with homework spread out before her, that she realized she'd never told Loki Marissa was sick, or even given him the address to her house.

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