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           Trisha Lynn
Chapter Five

  “I still cannot believe you knocked soda over on the hot new kid!”

  Adeila almost groaned. Marissa would not drop it. “Yeah, seriously. So you think the black long sleeve and jeans? Or yoga pants and the off shoulder sweater?”

  An hour after she had said good bye to Erik at Marissa's car, she still hadn't completely decided on an outfit. Marissa had fussed with her natural makeup palette, insisting on a dark liner for her eyes to make the baby blue pop, then blow dried her hair; all the while preening over how much she wished her hair was thin, straight, and fine like Adeila's and how she wished she had a class with the new kid. How she considered switching something so she could.

  Adeila looked at Marissa's shoulder length, thick, loose curled hair and didn't get it. Marissa's hair was gorgeous, why she liked her hair was beyond her. It was a boring light brown with some lighter tones throughout it, and it was fine and straight that refused to hold any color or style. And as far as switching classes, Adeila knew it was an empty threat, Marissa loved all of her classes. Especially drama, which she knew would conflict with getting a class with Loki.

  “I think the yoga pants and sweater. Simple; perfect for lying around at his house watching a movie. Plus they make your butt look even more incredible then it already is.”

  Adeila let out a snort, then couldn't help but laugh and roll her eyes. Marissa was so good at making her confidence soar. But she listened to her advice. She stepped in her bathroom and threw on the black yoga pants, a simple white tank top, then the soft ice blue sweater with its off the shoulder cut. The sweater really brought out her light blue eyes and almost made them seem lighter and bigger.

  She did a twirl in the mirror - the kind that went from the top of the door to the floor of the bathroom. The tight, comfy pants did make her butt look good. Plus, they were incredibly comfortable to wear. When she was happy with the results she went back to her room, Marissa was laying across her bed on her stomach, playing with her phone. She looked up and whistled.

  Suddenly a knock sounded at her door, and Adeila looked to Marissa, who just shrugged. When Adeila opened it, she was extremely surprised to see her younger sister. Kayla's deep auburn hair was cut in a short, angled style, which showed off her beautiful, angular features. Her dark brown eyes were wide and lovely. She was a perfect mixture of their parent’s features.

  “Hey, is there any way I can borrow those tall brown boots of yours? I know they'll be a little big, but... Well, they are way cool.”

  Adeila swallowed. Her sister was growing up fast, so much faster than herself at that age. At fourteen, the girl was more like a twenty five year old. It was a little frightening.

  “Ah, yeah of course.” She went to her closet and pulled them out. “What are you wearing them with?” Adeila thought she would show some interest and see if her sister took the bait of conversation.

  “Skinny jeans.” Kayla took the boots as soon as Adeila was close enough and mumbled a thanks before turning on her heel and moving from the doorway.

  Sighing, Adeila still chalked the experience up as a win. At least the girl thought something that Adeila had was “cool”. She turned to Marissa who only offered a sentimental shrug. She knew this whole situation all too well and rarely got involved. Adeila knew that Marissa just didn't really like her sister, but out of respect to her, said nothing about it. It only made Adeila sadder that they couldn't all just get along and be friends. But for now she could only handle one problem at a time, and at this moment it was Erik. Who would be here any minute, and the knot in her stomach was not helping matters at all.

  Marissa had talked Adeila into pairing the ensemble with simple silver hoop earrings, and the pretty charm bracelet she had bought Adeila for Christmas a few years ago. It had two little silver sparrows on it.

  The doorbell rang about five minutes after Marissa had driven away, and the knots intensified. She heard her brother yell - Got it - and she grabbed her purse and darted down the stairs, she didn't want anyone to embarrass her. She almost skidded to a stop at the base of the stairs when she heard his masculine voice. He was talking to her twelve year old brother about some video game. Boys!

  She finished tying her sneakers and moved into the hall. She watched them a second before Erik's eyes rested on her. He smiled; that boyish smile, with his perfect white teeth. He sure was easy to look at. His dark blonde hair had gotten a trim, maybe that's what he'd gone and done while waiting for her, but he was still able to gel it a little. The look was really nice on him. All around, the whole package was nice. She still could not believe he was hers, at least for now.


  Adeila nodded and licked her lips. She smiled at her brother and said good bye. He trotted off, clearly excited about whatever insight that Erik had given him. She grabbed her zip up fleece and stood in front of him. He looked down at her and smiled again, it made her weak in the knees.

  “You look great.”

  She swallowed and resisted the urge to swoon at his feet, a quick thanks was all she could muster before he opened the door and led her out to his blue BMW that waited, running, in her drive. She almost floated to the car, she heard a beep of the unlocking mechanism and waited for him to open his side and get in before she mimicked him. He smiled at her again, almost shyly. He'd never picked her up before, they always met places. This was new, almost like a first date all over again. She found it hard to focus on their time together with so many things going on lately, but she steeled herself to think of just him tonight. Which proved to be easy enough; as he made her weak, when he kept asking if she was comfortable, warm enough, hungry. Then admitting he was nervous. She thought it was adorable, since he always seemed so confident and in control at school and any other time they'd hung out. Tonight just felt different, somehow. As if they were crossing some invisible stepping stone.


  No one was home when they first arrived. Erik was an only child and his parents were both business people with extremely high demanding schedules. They did have a live in maid, who'd doubled as a nanny when Erik was a child.

  They discovered Alice had gone grocery shopping, so made full use of the private moment. He showed her around the house, since she'd only been in the living room once before with Marissa. When they got to his bedroom, she smiled. He had wood floors, a huge four poster bed; a large desk with what she knew was a top of the line lap top on it. A case held CD's and DVD's. A huge flat screen television graced one wall. Posters included a few cars and many San Francisco 49ers memorabilia. She knew his parents had season tickets. His father had played football all throughout high school and some in college. They were a huge football loving family.

  It was a typical guy room. At least from what she'd seen on television, since she'd never been in a guy’s room before. She looked around at all his trophies. There were far more then she would have guessed. They were scattered about the room on shelves, and practically every other surface, and she knew this wasn't all, as his parents had many on display in their living room too.

  They made small talk as she poked around, he didn't dissuade her. When finally she turned to him, he was standing there watching her. She smiled tentatively, he did the same. She watched his Adam’s apple bob as he swallowed, then he stepped towards her. He ran his hands up her arm, then to her shoulders. His dark blue eyes looked down at hers and he smiled.

  “It's nice to have some time alone.”

  She could only nod in response as his touch ignited a need within her. She'd never ever felt this way around anyone, not that she'd ever really had the chance. This was so intense, more then she thought it would be. Puppy love, some would call it, but she thought differently. It may not last forever, but she was falling in love with him. Every moment they spent together had her spiraling towards that edge. It was exciting, exhilarating, but also frightening. She knew he'd break her heart.

  College was around the corner and both of them wanted different things from life. She still con
sidered going to school to be a Veterinarian and she knew he wanted to be a coach, but had a feeling his parents might change that by the time they were through. But for now she was living in the moment and taking this experience with her.

  Adeila looked up at him, and tried for a sultry look. One that read he could kiss her if he wanted to. She hoped he got the message. She was shocked when he did. He bent his head, and brushed his lips against hers. It was sweet, gentle, and she wanted more. She ran her hand up his arm to his chest, one hand splayed over the muscles there while the other gripped his shirt. He groaned and ran one hand up her neck and cheek; the other went to her lower back. He deepened the kiss, sliding his tongue across her lips and into her mouth. It deepened even more, she felt her body soften and melt against him, pushing her ever closer into his body. His hand went from her lower back to her hip bone, then rested along her outer thigh, fingers lightly caressing. Her body was thrumming from the hidden desire. This was far more intense than anything they'd done thus far. The exhilaration of it had her heart beating erratically.

  Just then a banging was heard at his bedroom window, sending them springing apart. They spun to the window to see a large white and brown speckled bird that looked like a falcon of some kind. It hovered there, and then flew away.

  Erik wiped his lips and rubbed the back of his neck. “That was weird.”

  Adeila sucked in her lips and stared at the window. She shivered as the recollection of those intense, golden, predatory eyes seemed to rest on her own. She was shaky from the experience, between the super intense kiss, being frightened, and then the birds eyes, she felt a slight tremble in her limbs. She composed herself and made her heartbeat slow a little before turning back to Erik.

  “Totally.” Then the bang of the door downstairs had them jumping again. Both laughed, but the moment of passion was gone. They went downstairs for her to meet Alice, and have some pizza.

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