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       Bloodlines, p.54

           Trisha Lynn
Chapter Forty-Six

  “Now push your energy into the tree.”

  Adeila was dripping with sweat. They had spent three hours between throwing daggers and self-defense moves and she was feeling a little tired, but mostly empowered.

  Saibol was a far better teacher when it came to demonstrating the defensive moves from a smaller female size. Not that Saibol could be thought of as a small female, but it still helped for her to show her the moves, and for them to then be demonstrated on Sorryn. Who was a very good sport about it all. He gave her enough fight to be concerned but always allowed her to get the upper hand so she knew what it was like. He made a couple perverted compliments, but she'd gotten so used to him that she only smirked and punched him each time. She was getting closer and closer to him and Saibol the more time that was spent with them.

  She had the throwing daggers down, and Sorryn even told her that she could keep them. Self-defense, she was getting, slowly. Using her own strength against someone was going to take some getting used to, but she was learning the moves and following them through with precision. It was a little different since it was Sorryn, and she had absolutely no interest in hurting him, despite his super-fast Fae healing abilities. But it was just the gist of it that she needed to learn.

  Now they were trying to get her to use her magic to heal the tree that was now shredded from the hundreds of throws it had taken from the sharp daggers.

  “The same feeling you use to read someone's magic, you use that to read the trees magic, and then push yours out to it. Your Earth affinity should heal it within moments.”

  Gritting her teeth, she tried again. Feeling her own magic, came as easy as breathing now, pushing it out towards someone or something was a little difficult, but she could do it.

  She pushed her energy against the trees glowing green aura, feeling the thrumming of its long life. It was almost one hundred years old, and its massive roots expanded out for a long ways, interconnecting to many other trees. She could feel them all, like a thriving heartbeat. It was a little overwhelming and she gave herself a moment to gain some control of the energy swirling around her.

  How could humans not see or sense this? It was insane. Like an entire world within the earth. An entire thriving city of life. She reveled in it a moment, reveled in the fact that she could feel this kind of connection to the Earth, and then she pushed her swirling energy out and into that of the large, old sycamore. Trying to concentrate on its bark that had been damaged.

  After a moment her palms began to heat up where they lay on the damage, she made another heaving push of energy. She heard a few intakes of breath, and hoped that meant she'd accomplished what they'd asked. She slowly pulled her energy back, and it trickled back into her, to sit within her core, brimming on the surface. She didn't feel an energy drain like she thought she would, instead she felt rejuvenated, confident and connected to the living things around her. A special connection.

  Finally, she slowly opened her eyes. Not only was the tree completely blemish free, but its branches were fuller, greener and several young saplings had dotted up next to the old tree.

  Sorryn laughed, heartily, and grabbed her waist, lifting her up. “Princess of the Forest!” Adeila laughed back and looked into his shining and excited face. She hugged him, heartily, and then turned to look at her handiwork.

  Saibol stood with a grin on her face, hands on her hips. “Well, done, Adeila. It does seem like your magic is strong.”

  Adeila turned to her, those emerald eyes holding a smile, shining mahogany hair falling in waves down her back. She felt such a kinship to these two. “It would be nothing, without you guys' help.”

  Saibol grinned harder, and put her arm around Adeila's shoulders. “I think that deserves some left over cake.”

  Adeila laughed and tried to give Saibol a serious look. “You've been holding out on me this whole time, Saibol! I thought we were friends?”

  Saibol's twinkling laughter was loud and uninhibited. “It was just waiting for a special occasion. This warrants.”


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