Bloodlines, p.52
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       Bloodlines, p.52

           Trisha Lynn
On the short ride to her house, a million thanks ran through her head to say to Loki, but none of them seemed to suffice how truly thankful and surprised she really was.

  When it came time for her to get out of his vehicle, she was lost for what exactly to say.

  “So, ah, Loki... Today was truly amazing. I cannot believe you pulled off something like that. I can't thank you enough.”

  Loki looked at her a moment, a flutter of panic washed his golden eyes, before being replaced with their typical blank expression. He wasn't fast enough because she caught it, and wondered about it. What the heck? Did he think she was going to hug him or something? As much as a piece of her wanted to do just that, she never would. How awkward that would be for both of them, especially considering every time they touched she got the overwhelming electric feeling, and the burning of it trailed along the entire area that he touched, well after his touch was gone?

  No thank you, she'd rather not deal with that right now.

  When she turned the door handle and began jumping out, he spoke. “Your welcome. You deserve it. Plus, it was your parents who gave me the idea, when they gave me your gifts and asked me to give them to you on your birthday.”

  “Yes, but you could have just handed them to me and been on your merry way, Loki, but you didn't. You set up something, and even though I know Kami is here for other reasons then to just be at my party, I also appreciate that you timed it for me to see her. It was...” She could not get her mouth to shut the heck up. Her emotions must be on overdrive from seeing her parents or something, because she just kept spouting out words. “It was something I never expected and I can't thank you enough. It's been many years since someone has gone through such lengths for me.”

  Loki's eyes widened slightly at her uninhibited proclamation, but he recovered with a nod.

  “Like I said, you deserved it. I'm glad that I could help, and that you liked it. Have a good time tonight, but please remember the ring. If anything suspicious or unusual arises, please contact me. We will watch at a distance and not raise suspicion to the human.”

  She nodded, and jumped out of his truck and then into her car. Determined to get to Marissa before any crazy suspicions arise and to give herself a distraction from thinking about the words that she just spoke to Loki. She feared he would see her as weak by spouting such unreserved, emotional words to him, but he seemed unfazed. She was also trying to suppress the flip her heart made whenever she thought about the kindness and thoughtfulness he showed by doing such a thing for her.

  She'd be best to just see it as a friendly thing he did for his King's daughter. Was it though? Now her mind was a torment the entire ride to meet with Marissa.

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