Bloodlines, p.49
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       Bloodlines, p.49

           Trisha Lynn
Chapter Forty-Three

  The truck ride was filled with pleasant silence. She liked that Loki never felt the need to fill gaps of quiet, with chatter. It was something she was beginning to thoroughly enjoy about being around him. He allowed her to be lost in her own thoughts. He'd told her earlier that they'd likely train with magic today, but she really was hoping that she could convince him to do something physical so that she could work out some of this frustration and anger that was in her mind and bloodstream. The sadness was pushed down towards her heart, but she decided to not dwell on that emotion. It would get her nowhere fast.

  Loki opened the car door for her once they parked in the dirt drive of the house, and she hopped down. She was still a little shaky from the emotional upheaval and the observation of seeing him shift from bird to man. That magical interlude had left her already frazzled brain just a bit mushier. She looked around to give herself a moment and was surprised to see none of the other Fae; usually they were outside, sword practice, or something. A few birds chirped in the trees surrounding the house, and she turned to Loki.

  “So, exactly what are we learning today?”

  He smiled briefly and gestured for her to follow him. She shrugged at his strange smile and walked along with him. What greeted her when they finally approached the backside of the house sent a new shock wave of emotion through her body.

  A beautiful newly handmade trellis of branches awaited them that led into the backyard. Beautiful flowers climbed along the sides and across the top, obviously magically manipulated to grow so quickly on something that must have been made very recently, if not today. On a banner tied across the top, in beautiful calligraphy was, “Happy Birthday, Adeila!”

  Through the trellis she could see tables set up, and flowers cascading everywhere. Presents sat wrapped with bows atop one table, and an amazing arrangement of fruit in the shapes of flowers sat on another table, with what appeared to be a small chocolate cake.

  Adeila threw her hand to her mouth, as tears threatened at the back of her throat, and began to brim in her eyes. She turned her watery blue eyes Loki and he smiled brightly to her. A smile she hadn't seen in some time, and it transformed his face from ruggedly handsome to mostly approachable gorgeous.

  “I didn't know today would go as it did, if you are not up for this I can send everyone away or we can find peace somewhere else to actually train instead.”

  She shook her head. “No, no, this... Loki, this is amazing!”

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