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       Bloodlines, p.47

           Trisha Lynn
When she walked out of that class, having retained not even a single word the teacher uttered, she began regretting staying at school. She was technically eighteen now, she had every right to leave if she wanted. Plus, who would really notice?

  Loki peeled himself from the wall, and fell in step beside her.

  “Are you sure you want to do this, Adeila? We could go and train instead, since we didn't get too yesterday.”

  She smiled at his words. He was clearly looking out for her, and she was thankful that that was an option, and even more thankful that he was actually beginning to be understanding and caring about her feelings. So he obviously wasn't made of steel.

  She allowed the smile to remain and even brighten as she looked up into his striking face. “I'm a freakin' Faerie Princess, Loki. This is nothing.”

  His look of empathy and understanding was completely erased by his own grin. The humorous expression was shared by one of pride. A look that caused her knees to go weak; it was an intoxicating feeling, knowing he was proud of her. Two emotions he so rarely held and they were both directed to her.

  “That a girl.” He surprised her even further by squeezing her shoulder briefly before stepping away. He didn't go far though. Oh, no. She had a feeling her Faerie warrior would be within arm’s reach as much as possible today. She couldn't help but relish in that fact; even as they entire area that his fingers had touched tingled even through her thin sweater.

  She could do this. She made her way to her locker, but it was obvious everyone in the school had heard about the bet because many stopped and stared. Looks of pity and surprise were certainly plastered on many faces. Then her eyes caught on a face. A certain bouncy, blonde female that had the most genuine, feline smile across her full, blood red lips. Adeila turned away quickly and finally looked toward her locker. But she stopped dead when she saw Marissa and Erik there. Standing close together, heads almost touching, speaking in hushed voices. When they looked up to her, they stopped talking and took a step away from each other.

  Clearly Sadie wasn't looking out for her man because here he was chatting up to her best friend!

  She'd have to speak to Sadie about her leash. Time to keep that thing tighter. As she thought it, she couldn't help but let out a foolish giggle. Everyone who stood close by stared at her. She felt Loki's presence behind her, and she turned. He had a gleam in his eyes that was clear that maybe; just maybe, he was privy to her own private joke. But then she sobered at her own thoughts, because if those thoughts continued it would show her a different kind of betrayal. One she could not face. So she allowed her mind to come to the more obvious conclusion, she had, of course, told Marissa to ask Erik about what happened, or maybe Erik was using Marissa to get her back. And that would just not do. So instead she flashed Marissa an obviously annoyed expression and stood before them, wanting to get this over with.

  Both looked at her perplexed, but it was Marissa who made the first move. She stepped away from Erik and gave him a contempt look before tossing her shoulder length blonde tresses and turning her back to them and fishing inside her locker.

  Well, that was not exactly what Adeila was looking for, but she'd take it. At least Marissa wasn't going to try to convince her of anything. Like Erik being innocent or something equally as ridiculous. Adeila's mind was still processing the fact that she'd come up on them standing very close, and speaking in whispered tones. It seemed much more intimate then she wanted her mind to truly process, but she couldn't complain too much as she'd told Marissa to speak with Erik about what had happened.

  Adeila just stared at Erik. Her resolve towards him strengthening by each silent moment. She felt the energy of the Fae close by and knew that they were awaiting any kind of trouble Erik may present. It was an empowering feeling, knowing such powerful people had her back. She wondered how it would feel to have an entire realm at your back? To have villages of people to depend on you, and you them? That deepest of loyalties. It was exhilarating all in its own, and she felt herself stand straighter, and let a look of serenity pass across her features. She knew when Erik noticed it as well; because you could see the apology and the excuses die on his lips.

  Instead he looked behind her and to her right, scowled and walked away. She shrugged and sidled up to Marissa.

  “What was that all about?” Adeila was shocked that her own voice was able to ask the question so nonchalantly when her brain was screaming what the hell is going on with you two?

  She hoped that an innocent explanation would put her overzealous mind to ease.

  Marissa looked into her locker, squinted and shrugged. “You know, he was just asking if you were still here, if I thought you would accept his apology.”

  The entire time Marissa continued to look into her locker not once meeting Adeila's eyes.

  “And what did you say?”

  Marissa gave another shrug, closed her locker and moved to the side, clutching her books. “That you were here, obviously, and that I seriously doubted you'd forgive him.” Adeila tried not to let her mind dwell on the fact that, that was most likely not what was said, or at least not the entire extent. It was very evident that there was far more going on around her, that she was unwilling to see. The strangest part about it was that for once, she really didn't care all that much. She had much larger things in her life then ordinary, petty teenage crap.

  “He didn't tell me personally, but I heard about the bet. I'd like to hear what you heard him say?”

  Adeila only nodded as they walked to class. “Later?”

  Marissa nodded.

  At lunch she sat outside on the grass below a large oak tree, all of her Faerie companions seemed much more at ease here and she regretted not trying this before. It was a little brisk outside but she'd noticed since coming back from Faerie, the cold affected her much less.

  The wind tousled her hair around, but otherwise her thin jacket kept her from the chill. No one spoke of Erik, but Loki kept sending her worried glances. She withdrew within herself and just tried to think about other things. She found that thinking of the Fae realm, Obysson, or her real parents kept any thoughts of betrayal at bay.

  She avoided Erik, easily enough, the remainder of the day. Although whenever he was within a hundred feet from her, he would steal glances her way, she would quickly turn and go into a different direction, or hide out until he'd passed through.

  Everyone else seemed to act the same around her. Sadie Simms and her posse, instead of sending her evil glares, were now sending her boisterous grins and high pitched squeals of obnoxious laughter whenever in her presence. That was something she could handle. She just tuned it out as best she could.

  Danny had come up to her and wholeheartedly apologized, saying he had nothing to do with the bet and that he'd tried to talk all of them out of it. He also “knew for a fact” that Erik did indeed care for her. She'd taken his apology but had just shrugged at the admission of Erik's feelings. If he cared for her, he'd have called off such a cruel bet, and told his friends to shove it. But he hadn't, and that was all that Adeila cared about now.

  When the final bell rang signaling the end of the school day, she and Loki made their way to the front entrance. Marissa caught up to them as they walked to the parking lot. None of them spoke; Adeila turned back and lifted her eyes to Loki. She swallowed and her heart skipped a beat. The look in his eyes earlier, when he'd stood beside her, had been a sliver of real compassion; something that shocked her to her core. She obviously knew he could possess real feelings, she just hadn't really seen any sign of something like that from him. Her ever stoic guard. It brought a new sense of friendship to light within her. Now that look was replaced with one of concern, compassion and something lighter, softer, gentler. Something she couldn't read.

  She'd come to depend on him. Even now she willed her eyes to tell him she still wanted to meet, to train that afternoon. When he nodded, and turned away, she almost willed him back to her side, but, begrudgingly, let him go.

  When her eye
s wandered, they found Erik standing at the curb below the main entrance, hands in his pockets. Sandy blonde hair tousling from the wind, his blue eyes on her. In them she could read sadness, anger and complete bafflement at the same time. Obviously shocked that his little joke was wasted so quickly.

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