Bloodlines, p.42
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       Bloodlines, p.42

           Trisha Lynn
When the end of the day approached after what seemed like ages she was happy to be driving her car and heading away from the school. The only thing was that Marissa's chatter didn't cease.

  “Did you see Loki flirting with me? I think he might finally be interested in me!”

  Adeila tried not to feel any kind of annoyance at the girl, but it was proving difficult. So she decided to ask some questions she'd been dying to ask.

  “So the party Saturday, who's was it again?”

  Marissa jerked at the change of subject. “Ah, it was Chris Reynolds bonfire.”

  “You went with Becky?”

  “Yeah we were drinking Smirnoff’s, remember I told you?”

  “Sorry, a lot on my mind and I've been spacing it, bad.”

   She really couldn't think of anything else to ask, so she stopped. They rode in silence to Marissa's house. Adeila didn't want to be at odds with her friend, so she decided to push this conversation back.

  “Hey, good idea about inviting Saibol and Sorryn out. It's nice of you.”

  Marissa smiled sheepishly. “Thanks. I'll pick you up in the morning.”

  Adeila sighed, something was off. Her friend was hiding something and she had no idea what it was.


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