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       Bloodlines, p.41

           Trisha Lynn

  Chapter Thirty-Eight

  The next day dragged on. She'd taken the week off of work so that the Fae could figure out a system to best watch her while she was at the bookstore. She was really looking forward to going back to work but she understood the R.F.R.U usually came in and took Fae; they weren't normally body guards for someone. It was going to be a bit of a learning curve all around.

  She'd yet to find a way to talk to Erik about their relationship. That morning he asked her if she would hang out with him that afternoon, it seemed like a good opening. She'd agreed to let him come over to her house, since she knew that was easier for her protectors to keep an eye on her.

  Having Erik in her bedroom was just plain weird. It's not like she was no longer interested in him, or no longer attracted to him, because she totally was. It was just she knew now that she certainly couldn't have him, and being with him did really feel wrong.

  “I really like what you did with your hair.” He grabbed a strand of it and rubbed it between his fingers. The gestured surprised her, and had her looking at his fingers and then up to his face.

  She could do this. “Erik, I-”

  “Shh. Adi. I'm just really happy your back. I was worried about you.”

  She almost laughed, because he may have been, but he'd only sent her one text asking to hang out, then another one with a question mark, but otherwise he'd never called or text again. So if he'd been so worried, he hadn't expressed it overly much.

  “I even asked Marissa to see if you were okay, but she assured me you were fine. I really assumed you were with her, so I was surprised when she showed up at the party with Becky and not you.”

  Wait, what? What party? Marissa never mentioned a party, and no one talked about it. Then she really thought about it, she hadn't really listened to a damn thing anyone said over the past two days. Her mind was just so full of her own Fae, realm, magic, throne, unicorn and family drama. Marissa probably did tell her about it. Actually now that she really thought about it, Marissa may have snuck in a few references to a party, but no details. Adeila just never assumed it was a teenager party. Adeila had summed it up as Marissa's parents had had a party. Maybe they did. Hell, Adeila had no freaking clue what was going on anymore.

  She shrugged it off as more crap for her mind to think about. For now, she tried to focus on Erik. One thing at a time.


  Again he interrupted her. “You really look amazing. I hope that your real parents were nice?” He looked at her quizzically with his non question, question.

  “Ah, yes. They are amazing.”

  “That's great! I'm so glad of that.” While he said the words, he trailed his fingers down her hair, over her shoulder and down her arm. Then he gripped her, and pulled her into a hug.

  She swallowed, and allowed him to hug her. A small ounce of her frustration needled out with the embrace. Damn if this didn't feel good. She'd felt so much strange emotions and desires with Loki being around, but when Erik hugged her some of that frustration came out. She knew it wasn't the same, nor was it okay, but she reveled in a moment.

  But that moment was too long, because he pushed it. Before she realized his intentions he was kissing her, and she knew she should make him stop, but it felt too good to let go just yet. She twined her fingers around his neck, and that was when she stopped things. Her fingers brushed the warm metal of the ring on her finger as they twined, and a savagely handsome face flashed into her mind. She stepped back.

  “I'm sorry, I've had a hell of a weekend and-”

  He put up his hands. “No need babe, I get it! I'll let you get some rest and stuff.”

  He just leaned back into her, kissed her lightly on the lips and then he was gone. That was why she'd dated him to start with. He was damn sweet and understanding when he wanted to be.

  She tried to file away everything weird she'd learned and everything else, and finish her homework. A sense that something was coming to a head was strong.


  The next day school was daunting. Every day she discovered a new word for school. Horrible. Loud. Daunting. Smelly. She was getting annoyed faster with both fellow students and teachers. She needed fresh air more often, and found it harder to concentrate. Having gone to the Fae realm was really ruining her chances at leading a normal life in the human realm. She knew she just needed to try harder, but her energy was waning. She was starting to think that her real parent's had been right, she should have just stayed in Faerie.

  “We need to begin some kind of training. Both physical and mind.” The timbre of Loki's voice filtered into her ear during the short hallway walk to lunch.

  “Okay, let's do that.”

  He looked at her as if he expected a fight. “Okay, today, after school.”

  She nodded at Loki as Erik's eyes met hers in the lunch line. Without looking back she walked over to Erik. She didn't want anyone to realize that there was any real connection or relationship going on between her and Loki. They'd never been friends before she left for Fae, it would seem odd if they were extra chummy now. Not that they were really friends. She was a Faerie Princess and he her oath sworn body guard. The least they were seen speaking the better. She seriously doubted that that fact bothered Loki much.

  When they finally all sat at the table, Loki included again; apparently his days of being a creepy loner outside the school during lunch time, were over. It's funny how each Fae had nothing but an apple, some vegetables, and water on their lunch trays while all the other teens had processed frozen burgers, chips, cookies, spaghetti or whatever else was being served, on theirs.

  Marissa's voice snapped Adeila's attention to her. “So, I was thinking that we could show Sorryn and Saibol around, you know, maybe get a burger and see a movie tomorrow night or something? Obviously they are invited Saturday night to Rage to see Wasting Youth. I already told them all about that, but maybe we could do something sooner? ”

  Adeila tried to hide her surprise since Marissa hadn't even said such a thing to her at all. The idea must have just come to her, probably thanks to Loki's presence.

  “I think that's a great idea!” This coming from Erik beside her. She swung her eyes to him, and then to Loki, who raised his brows at her.

  “I think that would be fun.” This came from Saibol's incredibly gorgeous, sweet voice. The girl was very quiet but her voice could bring grown men to their knees. Sorryn had said once that she was an incredible singer if you could get her to sing.

  All eyes turned to her, and her pretty cheeks stained pink. Adeila piped up to take the heat from her. “Yes, that could be fun. I'm in.”

  She tried to resist the urge to squirm under Loki's golden gaze.

  “I'm in.” He finally said, his deep voice vibrating through her.

  His eyes turned to Marissa's and she smiled foolishly and clasped her hands together.

  “Okay, cool.”

  Chatter enveloped around them allowing Adeila to think about some of the things festering in her mind. She wasn't sure why, but the first thing she thought of was how Marissa hadn't told her about the party over the weekend. That was really strange. Marissa told her everything. Had something crazy happened that had made her want to keep the party from her? Or had she really blanked and Marissa told her about it, but she truly didn't remember? It really was possible, it's not like Adeila wasn't under any kind of pressure or anything. Adeila decided the only way she'd get over it was to ask Marissa or to truly blank the whole thing from her mind. She looked over at her friend who was outrageously flirting with Loki. When Loki's eyes found her own for a brief second, a strange emotion passed over them and then he began flirting right back to her friend. You could see the switch flip in him, and she fought to swallow for half a second. Marissa was clearly astonished by the strange twist in his interest and she cranked up the flirting by smiling brighter and touching his arm.

  Adeila looked away and towards Erik, who was texting on his phone. She leaned into him and asked him how hi
s day was going. After a second he put his phone away and focused on her. She couldn't help but let her eyes wander now and again to her best friend and Loki who were still in the middle of conversation, whenever Loki's eyes drifted to hers, she looked back at Erik. She wasn't really sure what game he was playing or if he truly was all of a sudden interested in her best friend. She was a little confused. She also had no idea how she felt about that, but had to hope that the emotion was not jealousy.

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