Bloodlines, p.40
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       Bloodlines, p.40

           Trisha Lynn
At lunch Erik was, unfortunately, able to get her alone. “So, what happened this weekend?”

  She resisted the urge to bolt; instead she looked around, seeking a way out. Of course, the agents were too busy chatting it up with the humans to help her out. What good were they? Ugh.

  “Erik I -” She paused. Did she really want to break up with him? She knew she absolutely should, but would she? “I had family stuff. I'm...Erik, I'm adopted. I was meeting my real parent's over the weekend.”

  His eyes widened, and she could see any facade of anger fall away. She just had no idea how to break up with him. Until she figured it out she would let the semi awkward, weird relationship continue, even if she shouldn't and she'd even give him some truth. He deserved that much, at the very least.

  “Whoa, Adi, I had no idea.” He looked truly abashed and a shimmer of pity touched his blue eyes.

  She nodded. “I didn't either until recently. Marissa didn't even know. I tried to keep it to myself. I'm sorry.”

  “No, no need to be sorry, babe. I was just.. You know. Worried.”

  She swallowed. She really should just break it off with him and get it over with. Like ripping off a band aid, but she was interrupted again by her Fae and human friends as they bustled around the lunch table. Her eyes swept and found Loki, he watched her a moment as he began to walk past the table. His eyes showed indecision, and then he sauntered over to them. Clearly deciding that sitting with them, as annoying as it likely would be for him, would be best. She almost laughed out loud. How the mighty have fallen!

  He must have caught some kind of twitch to her mouth, because his eyes narrowed but the scowl lifted ever so slightly and he took the place next to Marissa, who was beyond delighted he'd chosen that seat. Saibol, Sorryn, Amber and Becky sat around them. Several of the other tables were watching them, whispering.

  They all ignored it, except Erik who kept looking over to the table where his own friends sat, all of them looking over to them awkwardly. She bumped his shoulder. “You are welcomed to sit with them, you know?”

  He looked down, chastised. “No, that's fine. I want to sit here. No worries.”

  She shrugged and didn't let it bother her. Lunch went about as normal teenage lunches do and all too soon was it over and they all bustled to their next classes.

  The day continued on like that, she was grateful that nothing terrible happened. Like someone pointing and yelling that she was different. A fake. A fraud. A Fae. She wasn't really expecting any of that, but hadn't expected to feel so out of place either. An inkling that she really should have just stayed in Fae, traveled its way into her mind and down to her gut.

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