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           Trisha Lynn
Chapter Three

  When they left first period class and headed toward their lockers she looked ahead of them through the throng of students, searching, and finally her eyes alighted on him. His back was to them, talking to some of his friends. When he finally turned around, searched through the crowd, his dark blue eyes landed on her. She felt weak and hot all over. His sandy blond hair was perfectly gelled and just long enough to give him a polished but still carefree look. He was tall and athletically built without ridiculous muscle. He was an all-around athlete, good at every sport he tried and loved all of them, and it came across in his long, lean physique. His clothes were also for sport, as they consisted, almost entirely, of long shorts and comfortable shirts. Today was no exception; with sneakers, blue shorts and a plain white shirt. It wasn't the look that Adeila had envisioned herself for a guy, but since Erik was the guy she wanted, had wanted for a while, she couldn't really mind.

  Erik sauntered over to them. “Hey.”

  Both girls smiled and greeted him. Adeila watched him a moment, just seeing what he would do. He seemed content to just walk beside her. She'd been waiting for him to lay some claim to her in school. Sure, he talked to her whenever he could and walked with her to some classes, but he didn't hold her hand or kiss her. They'd only been a couple for a short time and still testing boundaries, but she was looking for something to show that he was just as interested in her. Teenage love was so ambivalent.

  Toward the end of summer when she'd finally agreed to go on a date with him. They'd gone to the local burger place, which almost every teenager in their town went to. Of course, with her horrible luck they'd run into Sadie Simms and her cheerleader posse. Sadie Simm's was Erik's vile ex-girlfriend. It wasn't exactly the perfect start to a first date.

  When the horrid girls had greeted Erik and asked what they were doing; he neither confirmed nor denied that they were together. He'd just made a noncommittal murmur and brushed past them, but she remembered very clearly how Sadie had brushed against her in passing and whispered in her sugary sweet yet dripping battery acid like tone, “He's just using you to waste time, he'll be back, you'll see.”

  She wondered now, if that were true. Erik never made any inkling that he was still into Sadie, and gave Adeila no doubts towards him, so she'd just brushed it off. The glare the girls gave her every time she came within their presence was enough of a reminder.

  Erik smiled warmly at her, and moved his arm as if to reach for her, then looking up stopped himself, and let his arm swing back at his side. She wanted to shout at him; to tell him it was okay, it was what she wanted, but she didn't have the guts, nor did she have the guts to take that first step herself.

  So they walked together side by side, listening to Marissa go on and on about the new kid, even though she'd still yet to set eyes on him personally. Erik finding the whole situation hilarious egged her on.

  Finally, they dropped Marissa off at her next class, she'd rushed inside then back out with a sad face. Clearly insinuating that she didn't share this class with the new guy. Shaking her head Adeila began walking to her next class, a silly smile on her face. Her friend was just so pathetic, but it was entertaining at least.

  Erik slipped up beside her and smiled. “What are you doing today?”

  She looked sidelong at him, and remembered why she'd agreed to go out with him. His face was aristocratically handsome, bordering on pretty. You could tell that his family had good genetics, with his perfect skin and toned body. His blue eyes lit on her, and a glimmer of hope shone in them.

  It was a Thursday. She worked Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday nights.

  “Homework, but otherwise nothing that I’m aware of. I have the night off.”

  He nodded. “I know. I was thinking maybe we could get a pizza and watch a movie at my place if you’re free? I'll have you home by nine, I promise.”

  How the heck had he become interested in her? He could get any girl here. Was he really toying with her? Her mind reeled with the possibility as her heart denied it. She still could not believe that a few months ago he'd begged her just to talk to him. To give him a chance, and here he was again asking for her. Begging her to take chance on him, and still something felt out of place.

  All these years she'd wanted nothing but him, dreamt of him, prayed for him, fantasized about him and watched him in full stalker fashion, but now that he was hers, it all felt surreal. Like she was on some crazy show where people were going to jump out and say gotcha! And her heart would break.

  Still, heartbreak or not, she smiled at him. A genuine smile, where her straight white teeth showed. Damn it, if even for now she gave in and let this little daydream ride out.

  “I'd like that.”

  Relief, so obvious, washed over him, and showed in his eyes. “Great! Want me to give you a ride or pick you up at your house later?”

  She calculated things in her head. Riding with him to his place instead of home with Marissa would alleviate dealing with Marissa's talk about the new kid, but then she wouldn't get to change or brush her teeth, or whatever else she may want to do before seeing him out of school. Marissa was her best friend after all, she could handle the gossip, plus, maybe Marissa could lend her some advice about what to wear for pizza and a movie since she'd never gone to a guy’s house for pizza and a movie before, and felt like it was some weird epic encounter that she should call the troops in for.

  “Pick me up around four-thirty, at my house?”

  He nodded as they approached the door to her Calculus class, the one she dreaded each day. She turned to him, waiting and wishing for him to make a move. She looked at his face, and saw questions there. She bit her lip. He reached out and ran a hand down her arm, then squeezed her hand. When she squeezed back, he moved closer and with his eyes on hers, he ran his lips across her cheek. It was incredibly innocent and insanely sweet. The knot in her stomach expanded and sent little grenades out, exploding throughout her insides. Just when they started to pull apart, a body brushed past them. The bouncing blonde hair gave the rude action away, as Adeila's foggy brain focused on the girls face as she looked back over her perfect shoulder, showcased in a cut top sweater. The look was one of certain death, and Adeila resisted the urge to groan. She turned back to Erik who was gazing at her.

  “Don't mind Sadie, she will get used to it, eventually.” His passive expression only hinted at a small bit of lie in the statement.

  Adeila sighed, and pushed a few strands of very light brown hair behind her ear.

  “I'll see you later.” She whispered before entering the dreaded math class.

  Luckily for her, her assigned seat was in the front row close to the door so she didn't have far to go. Once she sat, she fished out her book and prepared for another horrible class. This one in particular gave her major trouble every day, and she couldn’t wait for it to be over. This was the only class she truly struggled in. It did not help that she shared it with Sadie Simms and her sidekick, Nadine Fisher.

  When she finally focused around her, she realized the class was unusually loud. Miss Carlson, their teacher, was waiting patiently for a few more students. Finally when everyone was seated she pointed the back of the classroom. “Let's all welcome our new student, Loki Staghorne.”

  Adeila turned in her seat, and barely caught a glimpse of a dark haired boy before they were forced to quiet by the teacher and the class began.

  So this was the new kid. Boy was Marissa going to be bullshit when she found out that she had a class with him.

  Adeila made it through most of the class ignoring the feeling creeping up and down her spine. The hair on the back of her neck zinged with a charge. Sadie was most likely staring daggers at her or something.

  As the bell went off, Adeila's annoyance flared. How dare the girl treat her this way over a boy! It's not like she stole Erik from her. They hadn't even been dating when she'd started talking to Erik. Enough was enough. Adeila turned to the back of the classroom where she knew Sadie was. Many of the student
s had proceeded to the exit, so the seats had cleared out some and she had a better view of the classroom. Her eyes went to find Sadie, but were confused when she didn't find her where she was usually seated. Instead the girl was already to the right side of the classroom, head down deep in conversation with Nadine. Their eyes kept peeking to the back of the classroom, seemingly ignoring her. That was weird, maybe they'd just decided to finally give up the evil glare trick on her.

  Adeila sighed deeply through her nose, but the electric feeling buzzed along her arms again and she looked up. Her eyes met those of someone in the back of the classroom, the same someone that had Sadie Simms attention. The eyes of the new kid; they were trained directly on her.

  She finally had a full view of him. He was tall, broad in shoulder, slim at his waist and well-muscled, just as his backside had shown. But his face was unnerving, magnetic. Rugged, strong, tanned and just slightly exotic.

  So maybe Marissa had been right when assuming he was hot. If that was even the right word for him; more like otherworldly beautiful.

  His eyes, a golden honey color, were riveted on hers. When she held his gaze her heart rate involuntarily sped up and the current running along her blood seemed to boil. Feeling incredibly awkward, she turned away and bolted out of the classroom, almost running straight into Erik as she rounded the corner. He gripped her arms to steady her, and an expression of concern etched his face.

  “Are you okay? Did Sadie give you more trouble? I really need to talk with her about this.”

  Adeila gulped in some air, and waited for the fizzing in her blood to simmer. “No, no I'm fine. Just hate that class.”

  She tried to play it off as they walked together to their next classes.


  At lunch Marissa went on and on about the new kid, although she hadn't had any classes with him Marissa had caught a glimpse of him in the hallway; that was enough to have her tongue wagging about him. Adeila was uncomfortable even hearing about the guy. He gave her the creeps. She knew that most likely the weird fuzzy electric feeling she got when they stared at each other was coincidence but it felt oddly like how she felt whenever she moved something with her mind, and she did not particularly like or understand that feeling.

  She allowed her eyes to drift to the lunch tables, but she did not see him anywhere. Nor felt the buzzing in her skin.

  She chose to ignore the weirdness of the day as soon as Erik's arm brushed against hers. She allowed those feelings to wash over her; the giddy ones. The ones she understood. These feelings had started months ago, years in fact, if she wanted to get technical. But the fresh ones were different. Deeper. Not just the longings of a young girl, but the potential romantic feelings of two young adults.

  It had all started with a mid-summer party at Marissa's parent’s lake house on Lake Tahoe. Marissa had been dating Ben, one of the football players at the time, and Erik had come with him to the party. Adeila had been just lazing around for most of the morning since Marissa was spending a lot of time with Ben. Oh, Marissa had included her too, but Adeila had wanted to give them privacy. So she'd been sitting on the dock when Erik had sauntered over. She'd been slightly self-conscious about her jean cut off shorts and black bikini top but he'd been so nice to her, he'd made her feel comfortable.

  The entire party he'd spent trying to talk to her, trying to get her to talk to him. It had been pretty adorable, and Marissa thought it was the most ironic and romantic thing ever; considering Adeila had been harboring a crush on Erik since elementary school.

  Off the bat he had said that he and Sadie had broken up. Adeila remembered having to resist the urge of rolling her eyes, as even though she reveled in his attention, she knew that Sadie Simms would never release him from her grungy little clutches. She was the head cheerleader and he the quarterback, she was meant for him. Not Adeila, with her mousy pale brown hair and completely average physique. Sadie Simms was super thin, with much bigger boobs then should be allowed on her tiny frame. Her long wavy blonde hair was always curled and looked like perfection. The girl was model gorgeous.

  Adeila thought Marissa was prettier but she was very biased on the matter.

  Why Erik Thompson would be remotely interested in her after dating Sadie, other than to pass the time?

   So she'd denied his every pass, even if her heart skipped a beat with every word that had come from his lips. Just being seen talking to Erik would likely start Sadie on a war path that Adeila's senior year could not afford. So even after the party, when he'd asked for her number, she'd denied him. But that hadn't stopped him. Later that night he'd asked Marissa for it. Who denied him under her request until the next day, then Marissa's matchmaker heart had taken over and she'd given the number to him.

  “I'm sorry, it's destiny! I can't fight it!” Had been her only excuse.

  Yup destiny - to have Sadie Simms murder her in her sleep. Adeila may have been pretty pissed at her friend, but Erik kept insisting that he and Sadie were through for good. They were just two different people, looking for different things. They were really through this time. No going back. The Sadie and Erik duo was history. Or so he said.

  Erik had spoken so honestly and openly to her; telling her about how he was planning on quitting the football team to focus more on studying for the upcoming senior year. He wanted to be a coach, even though his parents wanted more for him. It's not like he needed a football scholarship or anything for schooling, his family was one of the richest in California.

  After a few weeks of his obsessive calling and texting her, she had to admit she was beginning to feel a bit smitten, and even started reciprocating information about herself and anticipating his calls and texts. A few weeks after that, they'd finally gone out on their first date. A simple dinner at a burger diner in town. That was where her encounter with Sadie Simm's had happened. Erik had deemed to take her somewhere much farther away next time, but despite the evil glare and the warning she had received, they'd had a great night. She couldn’t help but see that Erik was much deeper than just a pretty face. He was highly intelligent, with goals, and dreams. And now Erik Thompson was her boyfriend and she didn't even know how to be someone's girlfriend.

  Sure, she'd gone out with Greg Walsh in middle school for like two weeks, and he'd given her a sloppy kiss on the playground, but that had been the extent of her dating accomplishments.

  The first time she and Erik had kissed had been the second date, when he had taken her to The Blue Pearl, a very nice coastal restaurant that was a good hour drive away. It had been the Saturday after their first date. He'd been the perfect gentlemen all night, and when he dropped her off at her doorstep she had had all the giddiness and anticipation that most girls do after going on a second date with the guy they'd had a crush on for so many years. She could barely see straight. Her cheeks were probably stained red, and her stomach was definitely in one giant knot. When he'd touched her arm, then her cheek, and then leaned down to touch his lips to hers, she'd melted right into him. It was so much more awkward and magical then she even thought it would be.

  After that night, kissing Erik had become much less awkward and just as magical. Not that they had much time for kissing, with both of them having school, and her with work, plus still maintaining friends. A lot of their time together was also spent with Marissa and one his friends. Their relationship seemed to be progressing normally, not that she really had anything to compare it to.

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