Bloodlines, p.31
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       Bloodlines, p.31

           Trisha Lynn
“Don't let that creep-o Marla bother you. Loki is really through with her and she'll get over it. Eventually. She's only visiting for a few days, then we won't have to see her again, until hopefully, summer. Or never 'cause that would be great.”

  Adeila only nodded and tried really hard not to let it bother her again for the rest of the night.

  Having Kami around made things so much better. Easier. Funner. Kami ooh'd and ahhh'd over her room and all her clothes. Then she insisted they dress for dinner like a Princess and her friend should. Which, although Adeila thought it was completely ridiculous, she went along with it. They had a fun time getting ready, and getting to know each other more. The clothing fit her like a glove, and was of exceptional quality.

  “Try this one.” Adeila tossed a very beautiful short silver dress to Kami. It looked like molten liquid silver, and would no doubt complement the girls' smokey gray eyes perfectly.

  “You think?” Kami put the dress against her small frame and swayed side to side, as if she were dancing.

  “What? Yeah, of course. It's totally you.”

  The girl slipped the short gown on and twirled around. It was a little loose on the chest, and came down well past where it would have on Adeila, but it really was stunning.

  “Too bad glamour didn't work on clothes.”

  Kami stared at her for a second and then burst out laughing. “It does, silly. We just never bother to waste the energy for it. But for tonight, I will.”

  After only a moment, the gown seemed to stitch itself and before her eyes the dress molded itself to Kami's small, compact, little frame. The hem line coming to above her knees, and the neckline perfectly tailored to her chest.

  “Whoa! That's amazing!”

  Kami twirled. “It takes a lot more concentration because it's on an inanimate object and not yourself, but you'll learn how to do it too. People can cast glamour on each other and objects, as long as... Well, in the case of people, they have their consent. Objects, obviously, have no choice in the matter.”

  Adeila grinned. “That's really cool.”

  “You'll learn how to do it. I'm sure that your parents plan to teach you everything. It was really hard to adjust my first few months here; everyone seemed so far out of my league with everything. Then I picked up stuff. My mom had taught me the basics in the human realm, so I guess I wasn't really completely lost, but this is so much more overwhelming.”

  Adeila only nodded as she continued to get herself ready. She thought about everything she had learned, and something still plagued her. The whole betrothal thing.

  “Hey, Kami, have you ever met Lukkas?”

  Kami cocked her head, her eyebrows pinched together. “Just once, briefly, when I first arrived in Oakend. I just remember him speaking with Loki. He was ethereal gorgeous, in an almost overpowering way. With these stunningly dark gray eyes. I only saw him a moment, but he gives me the shivers. I haven't a clue whether they were the good - He's so hot, I could die - way, or the - He's so hot, but would probably turn out to be a serial killer - way.”

  Adeila laughed, and filed that tiny thread of information away. Well, at least she wasn't betrothed to some hideous, old guy. But just the word sent strange, uncomfortable sensations through her. She would still never accept the idea of her future husband being chosen for her. She would not stand for that, at all. Down the road, if she did come back to Faerie, that would be one of the first things to be addressed. She wanted to discover exactly what the betrothal kind of thing entailed. Was it like a written contract? A verbal agreement? Was he just someone they wanted her married to so they called them betrothed? Who and where were his parents?

  When she felt a vibration in the spot where she'd tucked her cellphone, she almost jumped as it pulled her out of her deep thoughts. She excused herself to the bathroom.

  She opened her phone as soon as the door was closed, and read the texts. She hadn't felt it buzz earlier.

  From Erik – Hey you doing anything tonight?

  She hadn't told him anything about her real parents or anything at all, actually. She just kind of left him hanging. She'd have to text him at some point.

  Three were from Marissa – I know your busy or whatever but just wanted to say good luck  Another one – Miss you and love you and another one – No matter what I'm your family! Remember that chica!

  Tears welled in her eyes as she texted her best friend back. Love you too and miss you. Things are going pretty well. Be home tomorrow.

  As she fixed her makeup and did indeed pee like she excused herself to do, her phone buzzed again.

  So you’re not leaving me to live with them?

  Adeila gripped the sink and blew out a breath. And that was the million dollar question wasn't it?

  Buzzing again – I don't wanna be selfish but I don't want you to not be here.

  A soft knock echoed at the door. “You got five minutes, Adeila, before we are due to the dining hall.”

  “Okay, coming!”

  She texted Marissa back – I know! I won't. I'll see you tomorrow afternoon.

  Adeila let out another sigh that she felt way down into her heart, and went out the door.

  Kami smiled brightly. “You look absolutely stunning!”

  She did, even she could admit it. She'd chosen a stunning light blue dress. It made the lightness in her azure eyes pop, and it showcased all the nice assets the Fae world had enhanced. The dress was strapless and hugged her body all the way to the floor. The slit up the side was a dramatic effect, but it was classy and came up to just above her knee on her left side.

  She brought her arm up to push at a strand of hair, and that was when she noticed it. She almost yelped in surprise. Her tattoo had been added to. Golden swirls looped up her arm entwining two horse hooves, small stars and dots added to the lines.

  Adeila stopped mid-stride and stared at the intricate lines, causing Kami to gasp.

  “Whoa, Adeila, how didn't I notice that before? The bonding has added to your tattoo!”

  Adeila had a brief moment of thinking about going back in her room and finding a dress that had long sleeves, but what the heck, everyone was going to find out at some point anyway.

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