Bloodlines, p.3
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       Bloodlines, p.3

           Trisha Lynn
“Earth to Adi!”

  Her mind lifted from the fog it had been suspended under and she focused on the pretty face of her best friend.

  “Yeah, ah, sorry. Didn't sleep well last night.”

  “What's gotten into you lately? You’re acting so strange! Is it Erik?”

  Adeila almost winced with guilt. She'd been thinking of Erik less and less since the restlessness and worry about her weird little power issues kept coming to the forefront.

  She could only shake her head to Marissa. She'd been really neglecting Marissa and Erik lately. She barely left the house anymore, afraid she'd say something wrong and the words would get her in trouble.

  She was worried in school at all times. Just imagine wishing she hadn't left a book in her locker, just to have it come zooming down the halls after her, hitting students in its wake.

  Just the thought made her shiver with the embarrassment and complete upheaval it would cause. There would be no doubt she'd be considered a freak and tossed into some kind of mental home. That was just something she could not afford. She had to focus on her school work, and studying. It made her appear like a total nerd but in all honesty it was more for the safety of her secret than being the teacher’s pet.

  She always felt bad lying to Marissa, but she just couldn't confide in her what was going on. At least ninety percent of her life now she had to be on guard and ensure she didn't say or wish for the wrong thing. Even her job, her wonderful, quiet job she had to be careful.

  Dusty Cover Books and Cafe was a great place to work. The owner was an eccentric middle aged women that loved everything fantasy and witchcraft and had interesting items scattered all about the store.

  Adeila hated that the bookstore was now, a constant reminder of the weird power - or whatever it was - she possessed.

  She did pick a glance at a witchcraft book now and again to see what it said about her “powers”. Other than bits and pieces written with spells, all she had discovered was that it was a loose form of telekinesis. She wasn't even sure if that was really it or not, and she most certainly wasn't saying a spell to achieve the affect. So the witchcraft idea was up in the air.

  Despite that, however, something about the atmosphere in the store always seemed to calm her. Last night it had been no different, the book store had given her a bit of serenity. Working itself had given her something for her mind to focus on, and she didn't have to worry about students milling about and judging her. Her shift ended at 7:30 p.m, and on her way home she had called Erik and they'd talk about school and sports.

  It had been a perfectly normal night. She'd slept like a rock, and telling Marissa differently felt so wrong but what else could she say? As much as her best friend meant to her, and as much as she trusted her, she just couldn’t bring herself to talk to Marissa about what was going on with her.

  Marissa was like ice cream on a hot day, or the perfect snowball. Their friendship was something that ran deep and strong, and it made Adeila feel guilty hiding things and lying to her, but she felt as though as much as she loved Marissa, their friendship would change if she told her anything of the powers. She'd look at Adeila like some kind of freak, and she just couldn’t bring herself to chance it. So she continued to lie.

  Sighing, she forced herself out of the funk she was in and focused on her best friend, who looked exceptionally beautiful today. The skinny jeans and thin white sweater accented her short five-three stature; her hair was in perfect curl mode, with the blonde tresses falling in tight waves to her shoulders. Her brows were waxed into a perfect arch; her big brown eyes were perfectly accented with shadow and mascara, which highlighted the honey brown flecks in them. Her skin was tanned and smooth, and perfect. Marissa really was the perfect girl next door. She wasn't insanely beautiful but close to it, and she had a warm, bubbly, caring personality that suited her looks. Originally from Louisiana, Marissa had moved to California when she was ten. She and Adeila had been best friends since Marissa's first day of school.

  Adeila couldn't help but smile at her.

  Marissa put her hands on her hips. “I don't know what's gotten into you, Burton, but I'm sick and tired of it! One minute you’re ignoring me as if I'm a skunk under your porch, and the next you’re smiling at me with that super creepy grin of yours!”

  She threw up her hands, but a faint smile played on her glossed lips. Adeila loved when the girls Louisiana twang came out when she talked, her southern roots showing through.

  “You know you can't stay mad at me. I've got a lot on my mind. I'm sorry for being so distant.” Adeila batted her lashes dramatically at her best friend.

  Marissa sighed, rolled her eyes and put her arm through Adeila's. “That's okay! Today I'm making it my mission to see if the newbies front-side, matches his back-side!”

  Adeila groaned but sauntered along with her friend to their shared first period class. She passed her freshmen sister and did nothing but nod to her. The girl had made it very clear that she didn't want Adeila to acknowledge her in school. She had wanted very separate lives while on school grounds.

  Adeila and Kayla had never really had the best of relationships but the fourteen year old's teenage mood swings were out of control. Kayla had asked her before her freshmen year began if Adeila could just act as if she was another student and not her sister. It was an odd request, but since they didn't really look alike it really didn't surprise her that no one even noticed that they were related. Burton was a common enough last name too.

  It still rubbed Adeila the wrong way that her sister didn't want to acknowledge her. It's not like she was a complete nerd with no friends or anything. Sure, she got straight A's but other than the cheerleaders, she was fine with everyone, even the jocks now that she was with Erik. But her sister had been planning on trying out for cheer and Adeila could only assume that that was why. Of course Kayla would want to do the exact opposite of her.

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