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           Trisha Lynn
Chapter Fourteen

  So just as she anticipated Erik got the wrong impression or the correct one, depending on how you looked at it. She'd ridden with him, and at first things were fine. They'd decided on seeing an early movie; a thriller with a few major actors in it that she liked. During the movie, Erik put his arm over her shoulder, or held her hand. Very typical boyfriend things and it made her heart soar. She really did like him, and had begun falling pretty hard for him before her world exploded.

  She'd missed this. The entire feeling of that giddy teenage love thing. It had been put on hold with everything else that was going on in her life, but in this moment she tried desperately to gain it back. Erik being so sweet in the movie theater certainly helped gain back all those girly feelings.

  After the movie, he let her choose where they would get dinner.

  “This place?” He pointed to the very small deli. She loved this place because their food was fresh and typically she could find something that wouldn't make her feel sick. It was also not a very popular place for most of the high-school kids from their town.

  After ordering Erik said he was going to go to a “spot” for them to eat. Fifteen minutes later, Adeila began to recognize said spot. It was a beautiful area, on a curvy mountain road, but the particular spot she had a feeling he was referring to was a popular make out spot for teens. It was a dirt turn off that set down into the curve of the road. Most people didn't see the turn until they were right up on it, making it perfect for horny teenagers. She wasn't entirely sure why but a small thread of apprehension worked its way into her belly. She'd asked for this though, hadn't she? Wanting to save her and Erik's relationship?

  She tried to allow the panic to ease from her body; it was just Erik, not some crazy stranger. Before learning Saturday that she wasn't a normal human, if one at all, she'd enjoyed their intimate encounters. Now she was a bundle of nerves and unease.

  She tried not to comment on their location as they ate in silence. The local pop station played across his clear speakers. She hated this popular music. She'd caught herself listening to nature sounds, violinists, and folk music more and more. She drove with her radio off, mostly, in her own car, unless Marissa was in there. In which case Marissa's favorite band Wasting Youth played. They were an Indy Rock kind of band, and had a very non mainstream sound that she didn't mind too much.

  She resisted the urge to turn off Erik's radio, when a particularly annoying female artist played. She wasn't sure why such things were annoying her more and more as time went on.

  After they'd finished their meal, they sat in silence another few moments, before she decided to apologize to him again.

  “Erik, I'm really sorry for being so distant lately -”

  She was cut off when he turned toward her abruptly, his hand cupping her neck, and he pulled her into a very passionate, if not a little rough, kiss. At first she was shocked, then she tried pushing away, but stopped herself - this was her boyfriend. Why was she pushing him away? So what if they made out a little; this apparently was the spot for it.

  Finally, after another battle within herself she eased into the kiss, and put her hand on his arm. His hand began exploring her back; she reveled in the feel of his touch, even if the feeling of apprehension remained within her core. It was good to feel wanted. Especially from a boy she had wanted for so long.

  He shifted their bodies closer; his hand that had trailed up her spine now pushed her clothing up and caressed her naked back. Her instincts were to stop him, but she pushed herself to remain calm. He cupped a hand along her slim waist, to where the jeans hung low, trailing a finger along the curve of her hip to the front of her jeans below her belly button. She broke the kiss, panting, and moved her body back from his.

  He looked at her perplexed. “What?”

  “Erik, I...”

  He smiled and moved closer again. “Really, it’s okay, Adi. I'm really happy your here with me.”

  She swallowed and allowed him to pull her back into him. The center console was the only thing in his way of pulling her closer again, and soon he broke apart and moved his seat back.

  She wasn't exactly sure what he was planning, but a sliver of unease rolled across her. This was a bit farther then she had planned to go. How far was he planning to go? Once his seat was moved back, he came and took up her lips again. He ran a gentle hand across her cheek, and she was undone. She really liked that small, sweet gesture, some of the layer of unease shredded away. It seemed that every time she let the unease come to surface, he pushed it back down with a word or gesture. She should really be feeling one thing or another, but her mind was such a jumble with everything else, trying to think straight was completely useless. Finally, she allowed Erik to help lift her until she was settled; facing him, in his lap, her back to the steering wheel.

  A tiny feeling of empowerment flowed through her, as she took in the feel of his thighs beneath hers, his hand against her waist, his eyes only for her. She smiled, shyly. Never did she think she'd allow him to get this far with her, but here she was.

  He grinned and pulled her against him, her torso against his. His body was hard against the softness of her own. His kisses got rougher and more demanding. She was enjoying the high, but also deciding when to call a stop to this before it got too out of hand.

  His hands roamed up her naked back, and in a smooth move unlatched her bra. She halted and pulled back from him. He smiled sheepishly.

  “I want to feel all of you, Adi. You’re all I think about.” He was far smoother at this then she had thought, the glimmer of warmth went through her at his words. She allowed him exploration of her back, and then his hands ran along her sides and up to the underside of her breast. Just as she was getting ready to pull back, he cupped her neck harder and deepened the kiss. She felt a small bolt of electricity along her skin, and was so shocked by it. She'd never felt that before with Erik. Nothing like this. That magical feeling.

  A loud rapping was heard against the roof of the car and both of them sprang apart. Someone loomed outside their window, Erik cursed numerous times. Her face flamed, she felt incredibly vulnerable. She bolted onto her side of the car, clumsily, and tried to re-hook her bra as soon as she got into the seat. Erik cursed again as he watched her move.

  He rolled down the window and she could hear his very pissed off voice say, “what?” to the person out the window.

  When the voice of the intruder reached her ears, she perked up and inclined her head around Erik's. The buzzing along her skin erupted again with the sound of his voice, and the dawning of what she felt moments ago had nothing to do with Erik. It was Loki.

  “Yeah, my truck is just down the road. I need a jump; I was hoping you could help me?”

  “Ah, dude I don't think so, I don't have cables.”

  “I do. It'll take only a moment.”

  Erik turned to Adeila who nodded her head. They were done here anyway, and she was pretty sure Erik realized that.

  “Yeah, I guess, whatever.” But his voice was incredibly angry. “Get in.”

  As soon as Loki entered the vehicle, her eyes went to his. They glowed, a brilliant golden, but the thunder cloud grays that shimmered across them with the dome light let her know that he was mad. Even if his face was blank, the emotion swirling within those swirling colored depths gave her a small hint of how he was feeling. She was picking up on the tempo of his emotions from the complex coloring within his eyes, and that fact shocked her. She had no idea if she was proud of it, or horrified. For now she allowed the thought to mystify her. Just as he always seemed to do.

  Loki's tall frame looked ridiculous within the small car, but he didn't seem to notice. She decided she was probably staring when Erik put the car into reverse. She looked straight ahead and blew out a breath.

  Thankfully it was a very short ride, because the tension could be cut with a knife. Adeila tried not to notice the buzzing along her skin, or how the goosebumps rose along her flesh, or the fact that there was an almost m
agnetic pull coming from the backseat.

  When they came to the bend where a large vehicle loomed, Adeila closed her eyes and swallowed. Loki hopped out as soon as Erik stopped and went to get the cables. When Erik's head lights dimmed, Adeila made out another figure within Loki's truck. It looked distinctively female, and a tiny feeling, she hoped was not jealousy, inched its way through her body. What was Loki doing out here with a girl? The same thing Erik had been planning?

  When Loki had first came upon them, a small bit of her had been thankful he'd shown up, and even wondered if this had been a ploy because he had someone known she needed help. Since the guy seriously was like in tune with her or something, but clearly that was not the case.

  Erik got out of the car, barely sparing her a glance. After only a moment, the truck started right up, and Loki was unhooking the cables and moving away. Erik said something to Loki before he shut his hood, she only heard the word cock block and it instantly pissed her off. She couldn't see Loki because the hood was up, so she had no idea if he'd laughed it off or not, but when Erik shut the hood she got sight of Loki's expression. It was less than impressed, his eyes blazed. He was mad. She had no idea if it was because of her and Erik, or because his dead truck may have been a cock block for himself. She tried not to meet his eyes, as Erik got in and they were off, but as they passed by the truck, the dome light was on in inside. Loki's face was turned toward them and his eyes were on hers, but she was looking past him at his passenger. She could only make out simple features, short blonde hair, light eyes, and a narrow but undeniably beautiful face.

  Adeila tried hard to stamp down anything she felt at the moment, and just wanted to get home.

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