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           Trisha Lynn
Chapter Thirteen

  Adeila tried pushing everything out of her head to focus on Erik's face when she finally caught up to him Monday. She really had missed him. It was just before second period and she was surprised that he hadn't even looked for her earlier that morning. She thought he'd find her early, see what had her caught up all weekend. He could have waited for her in the hall so that when she came in, he'd greet her, or find her in the parking lot, but he hadn't. Loki had.

  As soon as she'd gotten out of her car that morning, she watched him jump down out of his pickup, as if he'd waited for her, and then he trailed behind her and Marissa the entire way into the school and to their lockers. A silent Fae bodyguard. She had no idea whether her emotions were pleased or unhappy with that transpiration, but she decided to leave it be for the time being.

  Marissa had greeted and flirted with Loki. It was odd seeing her doing this, after she had just told her about her weekend experience, but Adeila tried not to dwell on the weirdness of it all. Just seeing Loki made everything from her own weekend come crashing into her, like a huge wave, unlike Marissa, none of it was carnal bliss. More like Alice of Wonderland, that had fallen down the rabbit hole.

  She allowed a tiny bit of comfort to seep into her at Loki's nearness. She had no idea why, since she still didn't really even like the guy but, hey, she had to get used to him since he knew so much about her. It felt really good that someone, anyone, knew her secret. Knew that she wasn't completely... Normal. She almost said not completely human, but that just felt strange to even think. If she really were Fae, as Loki claims, than she wasn't human, not entirely, anyway. It made her feel like an alien or something. She felt human enough. Usually.

  At this moment, just before second period, Erik was standing in front of her, the bell would ring any second, and she had no idea what to say to him.

  His voice broke her inner upheaval of thoughts. “I take it work and everything was okay, all weekend?”

  She nodded, because honestly, she had no idea what else to say. “How were things with your parents?”

  He ran a hand through his sandy blonde hair. “I guess it could be worse. My Dad is still furious that I'm refusing to do football this year, but my mom is slowly getting used to the idea.” He shrugged.

  She nodded. She sympathized with him, but the feelings only ran skin deep. Within her soul she envied him of his simple problems. At least he wasn't adopted and his parents weren't some Faerie rulers, or whatever. She watched him another moment, his blue eyes shifting around the hall. Things just seemed tense between the two now. She wasn't sure if it was just because over the course of the weekend the entire shift of her life had been put off its axis, or if their differences were just really coming out, or if Erik was getting tired of her just as the prophetic Sadie Simms had insinuated would happen.

  She decided right then and there that she needed to focus on their relationship and get back what little they had gained over the past few weeks. Even if it was doomed to fail in the end, she wanted to be sure she gave it her all. It was what she'd wanted for so long, there was no use in letting it go because of her own family and mental issues and whatever else was going on with her.

  Adeila had never been much of the flirty type, but she had tried out a few things on Erik and they'd always been reciprocated. So, she ran a hand up his arm; his eyes followed the path, and then met hers. She smiled, trying to make it a more sultry gesture. It must have worked because Erik's eyes were on her lips.

  “I'm really sorry about this weekend. I was under a lot of stress with work, and family stuff. But I'm going to try to make it up to you.”

  She knew that the innuendo was wrong. She was quite sure he would get the very wrong impression of this, but she was saved by the bell. His mouth hung open slightly, and she watched him swallow. She leaned up and kissed his cheek before walking to her class.

  She'd chosen her clothing carefully today, for this reason. She had on very tight low slung skinny jeans, with the leather boots that she had to beg back from her sister, with a low cut long sleeved black shirt. Her favorite lace black matching bra and thong was what gave her confidence underneath. She tried to give her hips a little more of a twitch as she walked away, but when her eyes came up, they connected with those of the most enchanting golden-green, and she almost stumbled.

  The expression on Loki's face was unreadable but something was there. His eyes never lowered from hers but she could almost feel the magnetism of him studying her. She knew he didn't think of her in any way other than purely platonic, purely profession based, but her face flamed and her heart flopped from just their eyes connecting. It was such a different feeling then that of Erik's attention.

  She gulped down some saliva past the slight tightness in her throat. She couldn't help but notice how he looked today. The black shirt he wore hugged every muscle; the jeans were loose fitting, but still showcased strong legs and narrow waist. His stance was rigid, like he was prepared for the fire alarm to pierce through the air, but yet he gave off the portrayal of relaxed, as he leaned against the locker. His hair seemed disheveled, as if he'd dragged his fingers through it a few too many times.

  She swallowed again, and let out a long breath. She did not want to be caught checking out Loki. Nor did she want to admit the tiny inkling of attraction she felt for him in that moment.

  She put her head down and went straight to class. Her little display for Erik already leaving a bad taste in her mouth, and the feeling of trepidation cascading about her body had her teetering on the edge of a mental breakdown.


  She didn't try any more seductive moves on Erik, but at lunch as if right on cue, he asked her what she was doing later. She sorely regretted acting the way she had.

  She looked down at her tray of apple, carrot and the package of cookies she would likely nibble on but end up giving to Erik, she couldn't meet his eyes.

  “Homework, then, I'm not sure.”

  He touched his arm against hers, trying to gain her attention. “Maybe we could ah, hang out.”

  Well, this is what she'd wanted, right? For him to notice her, want to spend time with her. This is exactly the game she'd been playing at.

  “Yeah, that would be cool.” Not. She was regretting the entire morning. She should have just continued being the timid, shy girlfriend that she had been, not the makeup wearing, hip swaying girl she tried to portray that morning.

  She'd begun the day with the sole idea that she really wanted to make up to Erik, the fact that she'd been the less than stellar girlfriend, but now she wished she hadn't even tried.

  Her mood had shifted on its own, but after she had caught Loki watching her a few times throughout class and in the hall, it had completely shifted. The knowledge they shared together almost seemed like such an intimate detail. It made her more aware of him, as if the feeling of electricity that slung its way up her arms every time she was in his proximity wasn't enough.

  But she'd be damned if she wouldn't uphold this end of her own doing. It was her own damn fault that Erik got the impression he got. It was her own doing and now she had to live with it.

  She and Erik made plans to hang out after school, and only a small portion of her looked forward to it. It was crazy to think that not even a few months ago, he was all she'd ever wanted, all she ever thought about and now so many more things had piled onto her plate and he was farther and farther from her mind. Talk about a mood killer. Now, she had no idea what her future held, but she most certainly knew that the likelihood of Erik Thompson being in it, was very slim, but she still wanted to enjoy having him as her own until that time came. The time to give it all up.

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