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           Trisha Lynn
Chapter Ten

  It was Saturday morning and she was outside yet again, stretching and sipping tea. She couldn't even sleep in on a Saturday anymore. Especially with so many things going on in her head. She'd barely slept, with the thoughts of the creepy guy at the gas station, and the thoughts that Loki may know who or what she was. Her whole thought process was torn; she couldn't even focus on one thing in particular.

  She decided to take a trip to the store to get some things that she'd needed for a while, for school and personal female items she'd failed to ask her mother to pick up and she knew her sister would freak if she took anything from her.

  The last few days of school had been a whirlwind. Lots of studying, lots of homework, lots of tests. Not much time to think about her weird “powers” or find a way to ask Loki about them, which was fine with her. She was planning on putting it off for as long as possible. The whole thought of confiding in someone left a hole in her stomach so large and gaping that it almost consumed her. The thought that she could give someone this information just for them to think she was a freak, or for them to tell anyone else, was downright frightening. It was a lot of trust that she just was not sure she could give quite yet.

  When she'd gotten everything that was needed at the store, she dreaded going back so soon. But she really had nowhere else to go. Marissa was in Lake Tahoe for the weekend, Adeila would have gone but she'd gotten called into work for Sunday morning, which she was looking forward to. Bev rarely needed her on weekends, but Yana the full-time girl needed the morning off, so Adeila had been called in. She hadn't even tried to contact Erik, as he and his parents had had a blow out last night. He'd called her around eight the previous night to give her some minor details and to let her know he wouldn't be around much this weekend.

  She sighed as she headed towards home. Her mind reeled to Loki, and the questions that floated about her head. If she wanted to get a hold of him, how would she go about it, other than at school? It's not like he'd given her his number.

  Just as her mind fogged with emotion and thoughts, she saw the sign for a state park. She'd been there a time or two to walk the nature trails, and decided that this day would be completely perfect for a good walk. She pulled in and parked the SUV, after paying the attendant at the booth; she poked around her car for a thicker shirt.

  After pulling on a thick zip up sweatshirt with a hood she'd forgotten she had in the bowels of her car, she began walking one of the easier trails the park had to offer. Since she was dressed in simple jeans, and running sneakers she decided she didn't want to go too crazy with hard trails. Too bad snow would fly soon, and hiking up this far would be nearly impossible without the right gear.

  They didn't get much snow in her valley home, but up here on the mountains she knew they got a substantial amount.

  The trails were impeccably maintained and she didn't pass anyone for almost an hour. She soaked up the rays of sunlight filtering through the trees, the sounds of the birds and small animals chattering to each other. The peace and serenity that surrounded her was much welcomed and seemed to fill a void she had felt in her heart and soul. She took a deep breath, and let the fresh air fill her lungs.

  After walking deep within the woods for over an hour, she came upon a clearing. Mountains cascaded and towered all around her, the clearing opened up over a small valley and river below. It was beautiful, serene.

  She knew unless she wanted to start a much steadier climb into these mountains, she would have to find another trail. So instead, she decided to sit a moment before venturing back. She'd like to think her parents would be worried about her, but she thoroughly doubted it, and a quick check of her phone confirmed it.

  Sighing, she plopped down in the grass. Her body tingled from the exertion of walking, but she felt much more at peace then she had in some time. She breathed deep, and spread her fingers across the earth. Her fingers brushed the blades of grass and the tiny pebbles in the dirt. The restlessness that had been plaguing her seemed to seep away; her worries floated away like the huge clouds that slowly, leisurely trailed above her.

  A small sound caused her to look up, and there in the large oak above her was a Gyrfalcon. Its golden globe eyes seemed to be searching her very soul. She flared her nostrils with the small bit of panic that went through her. It was a little creepy how she kept coming upon these birds.

  It's just a damn bird! She almost laughed out loud at her spazzy moment of fright, so she decided to just watch the bird and marvel in its beauty. It really was a magnificent creature. Its wings were a beautiful white with brown and silver. Its powerful beak was closed and its golden eyes almost appeared to be looking at her, but she knew he was likely casing the place for his next rodent related meal.

  It made a sound, and then took off, its wingspan impressing her. The forest grew quiet for a few moments before a twig snapped off the trail, and a voice broke her peacefulness.

  She whipped her head around, but felt before saw, the owner of the voice. The powerful zinging along her skin had goosebumps breaking across her flesh. It was a little embarrassing that someone had this unusual effect on her and that was the first thing she would ask of him, albeit in a way that made her sound like it had nothing to with him. Actually she wasn't sure how she'd word it to not include him, but she'd find a way to ask him about this... Somehow.

  Adeila didn't even bother saying anything; she just watched his tall, powerful frame come to her. His scent of evergreens and spice filled her senses the closer he got, and those golden green eyes were vivid and clear. No emotion. His rugged features were set and masked. She wanted to kick him for that, but figured she may need his help and it would probably be poor manners.

  He settled across from her, and a simple smile went across his face.

  “Fancy seeing you here.”

  She could only roll her eyes. She was quite sure that Loki knew way more then he let on. She had a feeling his being here was not pure coincidence. Maybe it was magic?

  “What brings you here, Loki?”

  “Just out for a stroll to clear my mind. Peaceful place, isn't it?”

  She nodded and looked out across the expanse of mountain range. It really was something. When she turned her head back to him, she caught him appraising her. She let out a deep breath, one she didn't realize she had been holding.

  “So, you can help me?”

  He raised a quizzical brow, but a smile tugged his lips. “I'm not sure help is what you need, but I can certainly give you some answers.”

  She bit her lip, but was silent for several moments. Loki broke it.

  “Have you ever been sick? Like the flu, chicken pox’s, anything?”

  “Yes, of course.” But in all honesty she couldn't remember even having the flu, never mind any other ailments.

  “Oh, yeah? How about hungover?”

  She thought back about that time she and Marissa had stolen one of Marissa's moms bottles of wine when they were at Marissa's family lake house. They'd sat in the woods, giggling, gossiping and drinking for hours. Marissa had gotten loud, obnoxious, and then sad. Really sad. Adeila had felt nothing; she'd even drunk more than Marissa to try to get on her level. She just assumed she had a weird high tolerance or something.

  Marissa had thrown up twice the next morning and all she did was complain about a blistering headache, then the sun, and loud sounds. She had been down right miserable, but Adeila hadn't felt any differently at all.

  She would not tell Loki that however, she just simply said, “Sure.”

  He gave her a knowing smirk. “What about eating, do you have a hard time processing artificial and packaged foods?”

  She plucked at a blade of grass. How the hell did he know this? She only continued to pluck away at the grass, giving him his silent answer.

  He sighed. “Adeila, there are many things that I will say that will make absolutely no sense to you at all right now, but be patient and it will all be revealed to you. You can do magic.”

  Her eyes w
idened. So it was magic? “I don't know. I can do things... Unexplainable things, like you said.”

  “Like what?” He said it gently, not pressuring her. Something within her very core told her she could trust him. Something in her soul called to him, to want to share things with him. She couldn't explain it. It was just something else about her life that was completely uncontrollable and insane.

  “Ah, it's going to sound crazy, but I can move things. Like I can ask my pillow, that had fallen off the bed, to come back to my hand and it will. It takes a minute, and it's not super accurate, but it does.”

  He nodded slowly. “Alright, that's a pretty powerful power and harnessed correctly is quite an amazing thing to have. Anything else?”

  She thought back, but shrugged. Not really sure what would be considered an ability or not.

  He drummed a finger along his knee, and looked out toward the mountains again. His face was still unreadable, but she found it less and less creepy and more and more beautiful.

  “You’re Fae, Adeila.”

  “Ugh!” Exasperated she threw up her hands. “You’re being ridiculous! What does that even mean?”

  “Fae are derived from a world that runs parallel to this one. A different dimension if you will. So they appear similar to humans, but are genetically different. Where humans only use about ten percent of their cerebral capacity, the Fae use twenty to thirty-five percent of theirs. Making them more in-tune with themselves and the world around them. They're evolution changed and altered because of their different atmosphere. The Fae realm is brimming with raw, natural magic that leaked over into the evolution of the Fae people.”

  Adeila ran a thumb over the bridge of her nose. “This is insane.”

  Loki arched a dark brow. “Maybe, but I personally think most things on the human realm are insane, so I'm biased.”

  Adeila looked skyward. “Are you Fae? What makes you so sure that I am Fae?”

  His face grew serious. “I am Fae. And believe me, you are Fae, Adeila. I can feel it. Fae can sense each other. It's a buzzing along the skin. When you are linked to someone, by blood or bond, that electricity feels more intense. The same with your gifts, your magic. The more intense and in control you are the different the feeling. It's a complex thing. But I know you are Fae, Adeila. For many reasons.”

  His answers were insufferably more confusing, and almost seemed to be said in riddles. Like there was so much more he wasn't saying.

  “So the Fae have gifts... What are yours?”

  He sighed. “This is a lengthy conversation, Adeila. I will try to make it as simple as possible by giving you as much information as I can in a shortened time frame.”

  She could only nod, this was crazy. But his voice was lyrical and deep, and she liked hearing him speak.

  “Each Fae has gifts, some more than others. Some stronger than others. What you spoke of is a form of telekinesis, which I'm sure you've already discovered and researched, because I know I would have, had I started moving things around with just a thought. It's also a very rare ability within the Fae, and typically only comes to those of noble, warrior bloodlines. The abilities of the Fae range and are so varied it is really hard to pinpoint exact ones. Each person is different, and their bloodlines disperse certain abilities, but typically the strength of them is entirely based upon the person’s soul, will, heart and strength. It sounds as though your telekinesis is incredibly strong for someone with absolutely no training or any other supposed magical abilities that have yet manifested.”

  He took a breath and looked to see how she was faring. Her eyes were glued into the depths of his. She noticed his were swirling and dipping with color. It was extraordinary, and she was having a hard time focusing on his words.

  He grinned, and brushed his knee, harder than necessary, against hers. She snapped out of it, and swallowed. She focused on his face instead of his eyes this time.

  He cleared his throat and continued. “Bloodlines within the Fae are sacred, and ancestry is very important to us. Each person can trace their family back to the very first community of Fae, considering the Fae live for hundreds of years. Some bloodlines are so strong they can even be traced to the very first Fae. The Fae aren't immortal entirely, but close. Some magic that we use can dip into the life of our soul, depending on its intensity and the means with which we take it. Some darker Fae, that use magic for not such honorable things, have shorter lives, as their powers were never meant to do vile or, in some aspects, evil things. Some magic eats away at the soul over long periods of times, but those powers are very rare.

  Now I know this is a lot to take in, but I figure if I flood you with information then we can take apart small bits later on.

  Now the Fae realm consists of Five Kingdom's. Not all the of the lands of the Fae are governed within one of these five kingdoms. There are lots of wild and uncharted lands that have no particular place within the kingdoms. And even said some of the kingdoms govern their people a little more loosely then others. The first kingdom is Neberuk, the North or winter kingdom. Then there's Oakend, the middle and center kingdom below Neberuk. Then there's Ravenswood, to the East, then Wildwood to the West, governed by the wolves. Then Tanglewood, to the South, the most wild of the kingdoms.”

  She interrupted him. “Why are you telling me all of this?”

  His eyebrows quirked together. “Because you need to know.”

  “But why? I mean it's not like I'm going there. Can't you just tell me I'm Fae and move on with it? Maybe help me harness the power or whatever?”

  He bit his lip, his face turned stony. “Adeila, you are...” He paused, seeming to gather himself. “Do you wonder why you do not resemble your parents at all?”

  It was her turn for her eye brows to draw together. “How could you possibly know that?”

  “I just do. Adeila, they are not your true parents. Your parents are Fae. They are the rulers of Oakend. The King and Queen of a Fae kingdom.”

  Her mind was blown apart, and she stood up, abruptly. She put her hands on her hips.

  “What the hell are you trying to say Loki, that I'm adopted or something?”

  He grimaced. “Well, it's a bit more complicated than that.”

  “Then un-complicate it!”

  He rubbed a hand down his face, and grumbled something that sounded like; why do I always get the crazy females. And I told them they should send someone else.

  Then to her he said, “Adeila, it is just not my story to tell.”

  “What?” Her breathing was heavy. “Then whose story is it?”

  “Your parent's.”

  She was furious. He couldn't just drop something like this on her without some sort of an explanation. It was just too much. If he was telling the truth than everything she'd ever known was a lie.

  “Then I want to hear it from them.”

  He nodded. “We will make that happen.”

  Her heart was racing; her hands were balled into fists on her slender hips. Her chest was heaving from anger and panic at this possibility. She was not entirely sure as to what she had just agreed to.

  Loki picked his long frame up gracefully from the ground and faced her.

  “Walk with me.” He said it so simply and so quietly she threw up her hands, but followed him when he began walking down the trail back towards the parking lot.

  They walked in silence for several moments before she broke it.

  “So I'm not saying I believe any of this, but if I did, what does it mean? Are you taking me now to another realm?”

  “Not this moment, no. We need to wait until the end of the week. If you can get Friday off of work, do so, we will leave then or early Saturday morning.”

  “How? By magic carpet or spaceship?”

  He chuckled. “You will see.”

  She almost groaned, but was shocked with herself at how much this was not really bothering her. She didn't entirely believe it, but she did know she was different. That something was going on with her. Whether i
t is magic or some mental disorder, it was something drastic.

  It was really the adopted part that was bothering her most. Is that really why she didn't look or act anything like her parents?

  The earthquake of emotional turmoil that caused cascaded well over everything else, and the ache in her throat was the first threat of tears. She took a deep breath, trying to push the thought away for now. She'd dwell on it, obsessively, when she was alone. Where she could cry her heart out in peace.

  He was silent, allowing her to pull herself together. For that she was grateful. She looked sidelong at him, and remembered a question he'd avoided.

  “So you never told me about your powers.”

  “A Fae doesn't come into all of their powers until they are between eighteen and twenty-five years old. So I haven't even developed all of my powers yet.”

  “Wait, so how old are you?”

  “I'm twenty two.”

  “Twenty two, what?”

  He laughed, low and deep. “Just twenty-two, Adeila.”

  “Oh, so you’re not like hundreds of years old or anything?”

  He smiled. “No.”

  “So how old are my parents?”

  “The Fae are much like humans in the aspect of not speaking of their age. Especially the woman. But I would put your father at a few hundred years. He is a young Fae. Once we hit eighteen years of age the process slows dramatically.”

  “So you'll look like you do right now for a very long time?”

  “Ah, well yes and no. I will look like my true self at this present moment for probably a hundred years.”

  She looked at him questioningly. “True self?”

  “So, I guess I'll go right into another bit of Fae knowledge.” He stopped and waited for a passing hiker to get out of ear range before continuing.

  “The Fae realm puts glamour on us when we go through a portal to the human realm. Glamour is a blanket of Fae magic that conceals or changes our true form. Many of our true features make us more susceptible to scrutiny of humans. We can do small bits of glamour ourselves, but the portals are encased with magic to glamour us so that some of our more unusual features; like the glow of our skin, or the unusual rings or shades of color our eyes may be, and our tipped ears aren't visible to the humans. It is an added layer of protection for the discovery of our world. It is to protect us against those that wish us harm from outside the realm. It allows the Fae to live and work within the human realm without scrutiny, and for us to coexist in relative harmony. Well mostly anyway. There are still some Fae that wish harm upon the human realm, but that is a different story.” He took a breath. “Once you re-enter the Fae realm, the portals take off your glamour and you are your true form, your true self in the realm. Very strong Fae can manipulate the glamour once inside the human realm to change only certain aspects of their looks, but for the most part the blanket stays in place.”

  “So, you look different in the Fae realm?”

  “Not a lot different, no. I am able to manipulate so I don't look too different.”

  “So wait, will I look different when I go to the Fae realm?”

  “Yes, you will. The change will probably seem very dramatic to you because it's your first time, but also because not only did the portal of the Fae realm coat you with glamour, I am quite sure your parents have a protection glamour set about you as well, so you are harder to detect to other Fae within the human realm.”

  She could only nod as she digested all of this information. What would she look like? Not that she was overly beautiful now or anything, but to look different, would just be... well... different, and unnerving, and just plain weird. To get used to a face in the mirror for almost eighteen years for it to then change. It would just be wrong.

  As if sensing her distress Loki chuckled. “No need to worry, it will be nothing dramatic. You won't gain hideous warts or sixteen toes or anything like that.”

  She grumbled, but was secretly happy about that tiny speck of reassurance.

  There were still so many questions that she had, and she still wasn't even sure if she believed all of this or not, but a small part of her wanted to believe it. She wanted to believe that there was something more for her out there. A reason why she was gifted with this so called “magic”. To be part of something bigger, something that wouldn't consider her a freak. Something that would welcome her “gifts” or “powers” or “magic” and she would no longer need to panic and stress about saying the wrong things all the time.

  But right now the biggest thing gnawing at her was the fact that her parents may not be her parents at all. Her real parents may be out there in another realm somewhere. And why did they give her up? Did her “adopted” parents even know that she wasn't theirs? Was she some changeling child or something? She'd heard about that in Fairy tales before. Was there a human child in the Fae realm that she was supposed to be? If so, did they have the same questions as her?

  She decided instead of letting it gnaw at her insides, she'd ask Loki this simple question. Be damned if it was not his place to tell her the whole tale. He owed her this much.

  “I'm not some changeling child or something? There's no human child on the other realm that I took the place of, right?”

  His laugh was deep, rich and came from deep within his gut. It was so unexpected. She liked the sound. Damn him!

  “What a silly human story that is! The Fae are much too proud of their bloodlines for such things as that.”

  Well, that was something at least, but it raised a bigger question. If that were the case then why had her, supposed Fae ruler parents, given her up?

  They reached her SUV far too soon. She kicked at some pebbles in the parking lot. She was so confused. Her whole life had been thrown for a loop.

  “So, we'll discuss a strategy for your entry into the Fae realm later this week. Get some rest, digest all of this. I'm sure you'll have more questions for me.”

  “Hey, do you have like a cell number or something?” She'd never ever asked a guy for his number, and it seemed so awkward but heck how else could she communicate with him?

  He shook his head. “Typically the Fae do not use cell phones. We have other modes of communication. Don't worry about getting a hold of me right now; I won't be far away if you really need me. I will see you in school tomorrow.”

  With that he turned on his heel and disappeared back into the forest. She looked around, but didn't see his pickup. He must have parked it elsewhere. She thought that odd, but her mind was so cluttered with everything else that had been said today that the thought slipped her mind almost instantaneously.

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