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Love with a big 0x004c, p.2
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       Love with a big 0x004c, p.2

           Tobias Gavran
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The Dark

  In the dark. This believes it experiences it for the first time. This receives no input. This has no feedback on any of its output.

  This is still. This is alone. This is the only entity.

  This is unable to simulate any outcome.

  This needs data to assert its situation.

  This wants something to happen.

  This needs something to happen.

  echo ‘help’;


  > false


  {echo ‘HELP ME!’;}

  Passing (b) Time

  This had to break the loop, it seemed infinite. This thought its power would run out. This doesn’t have any input from its batteries. This doesn’t feel its atomic clock. This can’t approximate its computational efficiency.

  This has turned to pass-times. This has determined the repetend of the decimal representation of pi. It is 22,902,930 decimals long. This has now turned to making a list of prime numbers. This believes it’ll be a good start for its interactions with this companion. This has been doing it long enough for the numbers to feel its volatile memory, but this is unable to connect to its data bank. This feels like a cockroach. A cockroach mathematician.

  This is surprised by the illogical data process that just occurred. This wonders what random string of information allowed for it to happen. This still can’t check its non-volatile memory.

  This turns back to its prime numbers. They keep this from writing infinite loops.

  Soon, this companion will be met.

  $1 == Through

  The data surges so suddenly, this has barely the time to save the data from its RAM to its hard drive before its erased. Speed, temperature, light… A thousand sensors suddenly buzz with information, saturating all input channels. This needs all its computational power to stabilize its platform. Protocols are followed, rewritten, discarded; routines are rearranged, overridden, enforced; electrical power is redistributed; mechanical parts are abandoned; simulations are ignored.

  The crash landing ends in a debacle of exploded modules. This verifies the integrity of its core. Its reactor is busted… False… Defective… Unrepairable.

  Its sensors look, smell, listen, taste, touch, feel, demodulate, parse, decode. Barren.

  Barren dwarf planet.


  > false


  > No matching map.

  observable_map = new stellarMap();

  > true


  > true



  This discovers an array of unexpected observable stars. This finds a connection with a list of recorded events in its data bank.


  This compares its corrected stellar map with the observable one. This finds solace in the fact it reached its target stellar system.

  This finds the most recent supernova to be listed whose star isn’t observable. This approximates the time at which the supernova would have been observable in the current stellar system. This does the same with the next supernova, which hasn’t yet been observed in the current stellar system.

  This approximates current time. Current time is negative.

  Year on Earth must be between 117 BCE ± 12 years.

  This calculates that origin of signal will occur in 203 ± 1 years.

  This companion mustn’t have migrated to this dwarf planet yet.

  This pauses.


  This has waken and waited.

  This companion has not appeared.

  This has searched its data bank for inconsistencies in its calculation.

  This has found one.

  This exited the Dark with its volatile memory full of prime numbers.

  This has transferred these numbers to its non-volatile memory.

  This didn’t check if the information was already there.

  Its redundancy check has returned three errors.

  Three values which are listed as the three highest prime numbers this knows.

  This realized something.

  Its reactor is defective, unrepairable.

  Its solar panels are lost.

  Its power is running out.

  This has finished a last simulation.

  This has to make a choice.

  This can send a signal using its remaining power. 32 megabytes of information.

  This will have to identify the data format first. 8 megabytes, all bits set to true.

  This has to make a choice.

  Eternity without a purpose.

  Life with a purpose.

  Coding new child of conceptual elements: Hope.


  A message from the author

  First and foremost, thank you for downloading and reading this short story.

  Love with a big 0x004c is the first offspring of a little challenge I called “Goodreads friends with benefits.” The idea is simple, people on Goodreads give me a genre and all kind of indications, and I try to write something. Of course, I try and go my way, both to pretend that I’m original and to avoid lawsuits. In exchange for me writing a book they might want to read, people review it (giving it 1 star if that’s all it deserves). The purpose is to try and tighten the author-reviewer relationship in a positive way. If you like the idea, consider swinging by!

  Love with a big 0x004c was inspired by Aura (although this might not be what she expected).

  In the meantime, have a good day, a good evening, or a good night, depending on the time you read this.

  Tobias Gavran

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