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       A Little Holiday Thrill, p.2

           T.J. McBee
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  “Yes. Pull me up now.” Adam whisper as quietly as he could. The dog started walking toward him, growling louder than ever.

  “Did you put them under the tree?” asked Trevor.

  “Pull me up or I’m going to die!” yelled Adam into walky talky.

  The dog lunged at him, and at the last second the rope around Adam pulled him up through the chimney.

  When Adam had gotten back inside the flying saucer, he was panting out of fear.

  “The next house Mike goes!” he yelled out.

  A Close Encounter

  Mike and Trevor laughed at Adam as they sped off to the next house. When they arrived at it, Mike looked at the chimney and tried to act brave.

  “Ok, away I go.” He said, and tied the rope around him and jumped down the chimney. When he reached the bottom he began to unload the presents under the tree. Suddenly he heard a noise from behind him.

  “Sanna?” came a high pitched voice from behind him.

  He jumped and turned around. A girl, no more than three years old was standing there. She ran up and hugged him.

  “Ewww, cooties!” Mike yelled out and tried to push her off. The girl would not budge, however, and remained stuck to him. After a minute or two, Mike began to calm down. Realizing he was still alive, he said to himself, “I guess cooties aren’t real. Trevor wasn’t lying to me, then!”

  When Mike had climbed back in the saucer he seemed like a different person.

  “What happened to you?” asked Trevor.

  “Oh, Nothing” replied Mike, smiling.

  A Moon Light Landing

  So they went to the third house. While they were coming in to hover over the roof, Mike suddenly sneezed. He jerked the controls, and they slammed into a power line. Sparks went everywhere, but the flying saucer was fine.

  “Good one, Mike!” Trevor yelled out. “You knocked the power off in the house!” He pointed at the now dark house. They hadn’t brought any flash lights.

  It was Trevor's turn, and the presents had to be delivered, so Trevor tied the rope around himself and slid down the chimney. When he reached the living room, he expected it to be pitch black. Instead, a bright light shone throughout the whole room. He looked up and saw sky lights. Through the sky lights, he could see the moon. The bright light was coming from the moon! Trevor was thankful for the moon for the first time he could remember. He put a large robot under the tree and grabbed the cookies that were sitting on the mantle. He walked back into the fireplace and had Mike pull him up.

  The Return of Santa

  The rest of the night went off without a problem, except when Mike went into a kitchen looking for some milk and set an alarm off. By the time they had delivered all the presents, the boys were tired. Yawning, they started to fly towards home, all of them ready for this adventure to be over.

  They returned to Trevor's house and parked the flying saucer in the laboratory. They went upstairs to Trish’s room to see Santa. Trish was asleep in her bed, so they quietly looked in the window of the doll house. Santa was asleep on the bed, snoring. His reindeer were asleep in the living room, cuddled up to the fake fire. They quietly woke Santa and carried him and his reindeer out of the doll house and went back into the laboratory.

  “We did it!” yelled out Adam.

  “Good job, boys,” Santa replied, smiling. “Now return me to normal.”

  Trevor walked over to his computer and started to type quickly.

  “I have it!” he proclaimed loudly after a few moments of frantic typing. He ran over to a second machine that looked like an unfinished C.A.T.S. He worked hurriedly. In what seemed like only seconds, Trevor stood up and smiled.

  “Gentlemen,” he said, smiling. “Let me introduce you to my newest invention, the D.O.G.S. or my Device Only Grows Stuff!”

  They pushed the machine outside, so there would be room when Santa and the reindeer were returned to normal. The boys put on their goggles. Trevor pointed the D.O.G.S. at Santa and pushed the button without a countdown, because he was so tired. A bright flash lit up the neighborhood and once again the sound of bells was all around. When the flash disappeared, they saw Santa and his reindeer now full size.

  “Good job Trevor!” Santa said proudly, patting Trevor on the back.

  Trevor and Mike were smiling, but Adam had a sad look on his face.

  “What’s wrong Adam?” Santa asked.

  “Do we still get presents?” he asked quietly.

  Santa chuckled like only Santa can.

  “You’ve already gotten them!” Santa said.

  “We did?” the boys all said together.

  “All of you have conquered your fears.” He began. “Adam, you faced your scary monster with that dog in the first house, didn’t you? Mike you know cooties aren’t real now, don’t you? And Trevor, you finally overcame your fear of the moon and realized it is useful.”

  The boys all nodded, understanding what Santa was saying

  Santa climbed into his sleigh, and with one last wave to all of them, he flew off into the night. The boys stood looking after him.

  “What an adventure,” Mike said.

  Mike and Adam went back to their houses, and Trevor went upstairs to his room. They all fell asleep as soon as they had climbed into their beds.

  The Best Christmas Ever

  That Christmas was the best any of them had ever had. None of them had a present from Santa under the tree, but they knew why. Trish had gotten a new bed for her doll house.

  “I wonder why he gave me this?” she asked when she unwrapped it.

  Trevor smiled, knowing exactly why he had given it to her. His mom and dad were both confused as to why Trevor was so tired looking yet happy at the same time. They had no idea what he had done the night before. That Christmas was the first that Trevor and Trish got along. He even helped her put the new bed in her doll house. She was amazed at the tiny lamp that was in her doll house. It looked exactly like the one that was in her room.

  That night, Trevor sat with his dad as he watched the news. He was half asleep when he heard a report start.

  “It seems Santa had a little help last night, Tom,” the woman on the TV was saying. “A UFO was spotted multiple times, hovering over people’s houses last night. Apparently, the aliens wanted to get in on the present giving. Also a little girl said she saw Santa and that he, in fact, was a young boy. Maybe we just have a new Santa on the block?”

  Trevor smiled to himself and went upstairs. He lay down on his bed, feeling good about the things he had done. Maybe that’s why Santa does it, he thought to himself as he drifted off to sleep. To make the world better for everyone else.

  About The Author

  Travis (T.J) McBee was born and raised just outside of Atlanta, Georgia. As a freshman in college, he rediscovered his lost love of writing when he penned a children’s book entitled A Little Holliday Thrill. Since then he has gone on to write four novels: Bridgeworld; Triton: Rise of the Fallen; Triton: The Call of War; and Bridgeworld: Encounter at Atlantis. He is also the author of The Chronicles of a Second Grade Genius series, a continuation of his first children’s book. As well as novels, he has written several short stories. He also hosts a YouTube channel where he frequently talks about writing. For more information and his complete Bibliography, please visit: www.TravisMcBee.com

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