Evelina - "Love You To Death"

      Timothy Pearsall
Evelina -  "Love You To Death"

*4 on Amazon "Excellent dark thriller"Eve, beautiful, strong and predatory. Created by pagan magic she feeds on the suffering of others. Cursed by longevity she tramples down the ages with death as her legacy. A warrior, an assassin, and a whore. Eve is out for revenge, and for blood! You do not want to get in her way...Evelina (volume 1) is a stand-alone supernatural thriller. This volume introduces her as a serial killer in modern London, the pace is fast, bloody and furious. The tale unfolds with mix of interesting and unusual characters, and climaxes in the cellar laboratory of the mad Sir Clive and his theory of longevity, a showdown of revenge killing and unrequited love.

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