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Her halloween treat, p.8
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       Her Halloween Treat, p.8

         Part #1 of Men at Work series by Tiffany Reisz
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  to her and threw his leg over her lower back. “But now that you mention it...”

  The moss-covered trees outside the window did look a little like furry spider legs.

  “You have beautiful eyes,” he said, rubbing her shoulders.

  “They’re just brown.”

  “No, I mean, the way you see things.”

  She rolled over onto her back. “I see you.”

  “What do you see?”

  “Someone with a lot going on in here...” She tapped his forehead. “Even when there’s not much coming out of here.” She caressed his lips.

  “Are you accusing me of being a thinker? That’s a new one.”

  “I’m accusing you of having more to you than meets the eye. You say I have good eyes. How did I not see you had this person inside you?”

  “We were in high school. What did we know?”

  “You liked me. I should have liked you.”

  “I didn’t give you a lot to like. And I would have been an idiot to not want you. And I might have been a stoner and a slacker—to quote Dad—but I wasn’t an idiot.”

  “No, definitely not that. Not then, not now.”

  “I’m in bed with you. I’m definitely the smartest man alive.”

  “I am also clearly a genius.” She leaned into him, wrapped her arms around his shoulders. Her skin was so soft and smooth and warm to the touch. He could stay in this bed forever as long as she stayed with him.

  He kissed her because he had to, because he wanted to so much that if he didn’t he’d never forgive himself. He had enough on his conscience. He didn’t need more.

  Chris pushed her onto her back and kissed her neck, her chest... Joey arched her back and he knew she wanted her nipples sucked again and he was more than happy to do it. Ecstatic even. Really, she was the one doing him the favor here. But first...he had to tease. It was his favorite thing to do in bed—taunt, tease, torment, even torture a little tiny bit. He knelt over her on his hands and knees and kissed her right breast under her nipple. Just under it. As lightly as he could he kissed that soft, soft patch of skin, licked it. Then he kissed and licked around her nipple carefully, tenderly, lightly.

  “You’re driving me crazy,” she said.

  “I know.”

  “I know you know. I just wanted you to know I know you know.”

  “Tell me what you want.”

  “I have to say it?”

  “Yes...” He breathed the word onto her breast and her nipple hardened.

  “I want you to suck my nipples.”

  “Is that so?”

  “It is so and you said—”

  He covered her nipple with his mouth and licked it. Abruptly Joey went silent. He massaged her breast with his open mouth for a few delicious moments before latching on to her nipple and sucking. She moaned as he swirled his tongue around the tip and took it into his mouth gently but deeply. Not to be outdone in the torture department, Joey reached between his legs and stroked his erection with her soft little hands. He could tell she was using just her fingertips, barely touching him, almost tickling. It drove him wild. He was hard already but getting harder with every passing second. He caught her wrists and pushed them over her head again, pinning her to the bed.

  “Not fair,” she pouted. God, he loved it when women pouted like that—Yes, please, act like I’m the meanest man in the world for not letting you stroke me off. I will reward that pout in ways you can’t even imagine...

  “Life isn’t fair, little girl. You lie there under me and behave yourself like I told you to and when you’re allowed to rub my cock I’ll tell you.”

  “Am I allowed to rub your cock right now?”

  “No. You’re allowed to lie there while I fuck you. I’m going to fuck you right now. Unless you want to pout some more.”

  “Nope. I’m good. I’m all done pouting.”

  Jesus, did he just call her “little girl”? He did have it bad for her already. Already or still or something like that. Didn’t matter. He wasn’t going to think about how much he’d kick himself for doing this tomorrow when he realized he’d had the sexiest sex of his life with a woman he wouldn’t see again for years. If ever.

  He sat up and rolled on the condom. Joey watched. Did she know how hot that was? Being watched while he touched himself?

  “I wanted to be an astronaut when I was a kid,” he said.

  “That was out of left field. Like way left field.” Joey smiled, which was a good reaction to his non sequitur.

  “There’s a point to that comment.”

  “I can’t wait to hear it.”

  Chris kneed her thighs apart and lowered himself onto her. With one hand he braced himself over her. With the other he guided his cock to the entrance of her vagina.

  “Every kid wants to be an astronaut,” he said, talking to keep himself from coming immediately. Fuck, he was doing it. Joey. Inside Joey. “But kids don’t get to be astronauts and they grow up and they’re doctors or lawyers or plumbers or nannies or whatever. I dreamed of being with you when I was a kid. And it’s like...”

  “Like what?” Joey dug her heels into the bed and lifted her hips to take him inside her. He let her, didn’t try to stop her, let her work her pelvis so she was bringing herself around him instead of him thrusting into her. That would come later.

  “Like I dreamed of being an astronaut as a kid and then I grew up and didn’t give that dream a second thought because what grown man with his own business still goes around dreaming of being an astronaut? And then one random day, years after you give up on that dream, NASA shows up and says, ‘Hey, congrats, you get to be an astronaut now. Let’s go.’ I’d forgotten I had that dream, but you better believe I’d be on the next rocket to space.”

  Joey lifted her arms, wrapped them around his neck and brought him down onto her body.

  “That’s the sweetest, weirdest compliment a man has ever given me.” She kissed his mouth and he had to make himself stop smiling to kiss her back.

  “Yeah, well...all the blood is in my cock right now. I blame the weird on that.”

  “What do you blame the sweet on?”

  “On you, Joey.”

  He thrust into her then, a smooth hard stroke that went deep. Joey sighed with unmistakable pleasure. Of all the sounds that a woman made during sex, his favorite was the sound of relief when he finally penetrated her. Like she’d been waiting for this moment, and finally...thank God, he was inside her. He knew how she felt. He pulled out an inch or two and pushed back in, finding his groove, his best angle to move in her. Even with the condom on he could feel her wetness surrounding him and her heat, her incredible heat. Beneath him she moved in slow undulations, lifting and circling her hips, circling and spiraling, spiraling and pushing. Chris listened to her breaths—ragged and shallow. She licked her lips and her head fell back when he pushed in deeper.

  “Open wider for me, babe,” he said into her ear.

  Joey lifted her knees and splayed them open.

  “I like that,” she said.

  “Good angle?” He pushed in again, pulled out, pushed in and in...

  “I like that you called me babe.”

  “I liked that you liked it.”

  “We’re a good team.”

  “Yes, yes, we are.”

  Chris shifted so that he was on his knees and hands and could move his hips more freely. He rolled his pelvis against hers, not pulling out but staying inside her as he moved. Her clitoris needed as much attention as her vagina and at this angle he could graze that sensitive skin with every thrust. Joey gasped as he hit in just the right spot.

  “You liked that.”

  “I did...” she breathed. “Do it again...”

  “Say the magic word.”


  “That’s the magic word.”

  He shifted again and thrust. Once more she gasped, twitched, shuddered and moaned. In high school she seemed so untouchable, so young and innocent. Didn’t stop h
im from having obscene sexual fantasies about her, but even back then he hadn’t believed they’d ever come true. But this woman was made of passion. This was a woman who adored sex. There was no faking pleasure like this. He could see it in her eyes, in the way she looked up at him under the veil of her eyelashes. And her wetness was incredible. Her inner muscles clenched around him with each thrust. She was enjoying this. Maybe as much as he was—but he wouldn’t bet money on it.

  Chris bent his head to suck her nipples again. They felt perfect in his mouth. Her breasts were his ideal—not too big, not too small, a perfect handful with reddish-brown nipples he couldn’t get enough of.

  “You’re a breast man, aren’t you?” she asked, her voice hardly a whisper.

  “I am,” he readily confessed. “Ass is nice, but tits are the tits.”

  “Don’t make me laugh while you’re fucking me. I once laughed a guy right out of my vagina.”

  “I dare you to try. I’m not going anywhere. I’m in and I plan on staying...” He thrust in deep. “Right.” He thrust in deeper. “Here.” He thrust in as deep as he could go before pulling out again to the tip.

  “So good.” Joey wrapped her legs around him, tucking them against his sides and resting her heels on his back. “Kira says it takes six months at least to rebound from a bad breakup.”

  “You want me to fuck you for the next six months?”

  “Solid,” she said. “Non stop.”

  “I don’t know if one condom’s going to last six straight months. Better go to Costco.”

  “That’s what oral is for.”

  “If you think I wouldn’t spend half a year eating you out, you don’t know me.”

  “I don’t know you. Not anymore. But I’m enjoying getting to know you.”

  “A pleasure to make your reacquaintance, Joey Silvia.”

  “The pleasure is all mine...”

  Joey raised her head and kissed his naked shoulder. It was a small thing but felt so good he swore an electric current passed from her lips to his shoulder all the way down to his toes and back up to his cock. She kissed his shoulder again, licked and bit it. She liked his shoulders. She liked his body. He could tell because she couldn’t seem to stop touching him. Her hands wandered down his arms, down his back, up his sides and his neck and over his chest. She kissed him everywhere she could reach. He had to block out the pleasure of her touches and kisses as he fucked her or he would come in the next fifteen seconds when he wanted to last another fifteen minutes at least. Or another fifteen hours. Fuck it, he’d stay in her the next fifteen weeks. Who needed to work when he had a girl like this willing to spread for him?

  One time isn’t going to be enough.

  He didn’t say that out loud, did he?

  Chris looked down at Joey’s face. Her eyes were closed. She looked utterly lost in the moment. Good. He hadn’t said it out loud. But it was true. One time fucking this woman was a few thousand times too few.

  “How you doing?” He whispered the question into her ear between kisses on her neck.

  “I need to come,” she said.

  “Tell me what I can do to make that happen.”

  “Can you use your fingers on my clit? Please?”

  He spread his knees and dragged her down the bed closer to him. He licked his fingertips and pushed them against her swollen clitoris.


  “Good things happen when you use the magic word.”

  Now he barely moved in her, just shallow thrusts moving only a couple inches in and out while he massaged her with her fingers. Joey reached up and grasped his shoulders, squeezing them as she neared climax. Her hips bounced on the bed as she coaxed herself toward her orgasm, and he did everything he could to get her there. He rubbed and stroked and worked his cock in her. Her fingers dug so hard into his arms that she nearly broke the skin. Fine. Good. Let her do it. He loved making her feel this good. If he had to bleed a little for it, all the better. He’d have souvenirs to look at in the mirror tomorrow as he remembered every single thing they did to each other this night.

  “Come for me, Joey. I want to watch you come. I want to feel it on my cock. I want to feel your pussy squeeze me out. It won’t work, but I want to feel it try.”

  He thrust faster and rubbed harder. She was so wet now he could feel it on his upper thighs, feel it on the bed under them, dripping where they joined. God, it was dirty and beautiful and sexy as hell. This woman—he could fuck her till he died, which might not be long from now because if she didn’t come soon, it would kill him. The need to ride her and slam into her nearly overwhelmed him. Just the thought of it made him thrust a little harder.

  “Yes,” Joey gasped. “Again.”

  He thrust in harder. Harder.

  “Don’t stop.”

  He grabbed her by the waist and gave it to her, gave her all he had. He pounded into her, cock ramming deep and rough, and she loved it, she fucking loved it. He didn’t need her words to tell him, although they did. She said his name, over and over again, called out for more, for it harder, for it faster, and he did it all not because she told him to, but because he needed it as badly as she did. Joey went silent, completely silent, and her back arched so hard her shoulders came completely off the bed. She was coming. He could feel her pussy clenching wildly around him. He rammed her again, slamming into her, holding on to her breasts with both of his hands, squeezing them as he fucked her. And then he came, too, came hard, came harder than he remembered coming in years. Chris felt it behind his eyes, a white light that obliterated the world except for his body, Joey’s body and semen that shot out of him in waves of pure sensation.

  Slowly he came back to awareness. Wincing, he gently pulled out of Joey, hoping not to lose the condom in the withdrawal. He’d fucked her so hard he had a quick moment of panic that he might have broken it. He couldn’t feel it. Then again, he couldn’t feel his feet, either, and they were still there. He hoped.

  The condom was still there, too, thank fuck. He dropped a kiss on the center of Joey’s panting chest.

  “I’ll be right back,” he promised. He left her on the bed and walked into the bathroom. He disposed of the condom, splashed water on his face, peed like usual. Nice that the plumbing still worked after all the rough treatment he’d just put it through.

  “Good job,” he said to his cock. They were a good team, too.

  Chris knew he should probably head out, leave Joey to get comfortable in her new temporary home, but he couldn’t help but hope she’d want him to stay the night. Maybe he could tempt her with the promise of breakfast at the Lost Lake Café tomorrow morning. Maybe he could tempt her with the promise of more sex before breakfast. Or after. But preferably before. They didn’t have any other condoms but who needed them when they had fingers and tongues and lips?

  But first he had to tell her about Lost Lake Village Rentals, which was the one thing he was supposed to do with Joey tonight. Dillon had said Joey would be more open to the idea if it came from Chris instead of her own brother. Maybe if Chris could talk Joey into giving their idea a try, Dillon wouldn’t kill him for sleeping with her before anything was decided.

  And if Joey said yes...that would mean she’d be around here, living here, in Lost Lake or at least near Lost Lake. Chris could see her all the time. It wouldn’t mean years until their paths crossed again. He fully intended for their paths to cross again and hard. Joey had such beautiful paths...

  He slipped back into the bedroom.

  “Hey, Jo. I meant to tell you—”

  Chris stopped speaking when he noticed Joey was no longer in the bedroom. She must have gone downstairs while he’d been in the bathroom. Should he wait? Had she run down to use the half bath off the kitchen? Or was she hungry and digging for food, which meant he should definitely join her?

  Although they’d just spent the last hour naked together, Chris didn’t feel comfortable yet walking around the house without any clothes on. And it looked like she’d dressed, too. Her
clothes weren’t on the floor anymore where he remembered tossing them. He grabbed his jeans and pulled them on, found his flannel and buttoned it up.

  “Jo?” He headed down the steps in bare feet. “Where’d you go?”

  “Just down on the couch,” she said. Her voice sounded light, but tense, like she was trying to sound happy.

  “You okay?”

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