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       Dink, p.1

           Thomas M. Willett
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  © Thomas M. Willett, 2015

  Art “Design” by Thomas M. Willett

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  The following is a story that was written in a fever dream of an afternoon when I discovered that one of my cats had gone missing. With great concern about where it went, my mind immediately went to the worst ideas. It wasn't the first cat that I had lost due either to age or negligence to close a door. I was concerned. It was a day or two later that I found the cat sitting on the fence outside of my house and everything went back to normal. Still, in that brief moment of fear, I wrote this short-short story about losing a cat and the emotions that go with it. If you at all feel like you connect with the themes, this story is for you.

  *Author’s Note:

  The people and events depicted in Dink are fictitious. Any resemblance to reality is coincidental.

  Praise for Thomas M. Willett


  “What a fantastic creation this book is. A young man who is starting to realize that his earlier years that were spent as a some times troubled some times care youth are over. It is time to make more mature decisions. A great example of today's social urban life styles. I did not want this short story to end. I wanted it to continue to explore this youth's new realizations and life in his new future.”

  4/5 stars - rucrazy

  “A very interesting read, well written. It sounds like a teaser for a novel; I would have liked it to continue through life...he gets a job, marries, lives his life, etc. Maybe there is more to come?”

  4/5 stars - Sue Gross


  "Very interested with the beginning of a fresh new story & character. Somehow the author seems to have a dark & troubled side to his work.. I will continue to follow his publications to see if he can pull himself out of a funk..Overall it takes awhile to get into his stories but I do enjoy what I have read so far." - PART ONE

  3/5 stars - rucrazy

  "I thought I was in a different story until Max brought the story together by ragging on his sister. I feel it would have been better published all at once, I read the last chapter of #1 to bring it together for me. Overall I enjoyed the outcome of this story. Someone should tell Max to love himself, then it will be fair to say good job." - PART TWO

  4/5 stars - rucrazy


  Another fast & interesting read from this young author. His outlook on some of subjects that are in our social network today make for very interesting reads. Mr. Willett does make thoughts & ideas come to life in all his books (short stories). I look forward to seeing a new story or perhaps a novel to be released.

  4/5 stars - rucrazy

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  You can purchase these for $2.99 each.

  *A Plagiarized Christmas currently has three editions available including The Definitive Edition available for $3.99.

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