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  Dad: Is everything okay?

  Mom: Yes

  Dad: Okay honey, I'm dying to see you in the afternoon.

  Mom: You should say that to all women don’t you?

  Dad: Only to the woman who stole my heart and don't want to give it back to me.

  Mom: Okay Romeo you better go back to work I don't want you to have troubles because of me.

  When mom hangs up the phone, we get in the house.

  Mom: How did it go?

  Iveth: I found everything I was looking for.

  Mom: And what about you Yvonne?

  Yvonne: It was entertaining to accompany your daughter to do her shopping.

  Mom: Daughter can you give us a minute please? Yvonne and I have to talk about something important.

  Iveth: Don't worry; I'll go to my room to save all the new things I've bought.

  Yvonne: What happens?

  Mom: A man just talked to my house asking for you, did you give someone our phone number? Who gave you our phone number? Answer me.

  I’m speechless and I sigh.

  Mom: Are you involved in criminal activities?

  Yvonne: No way ma'am.

  Mom: Who was the one who called my house then?

  I tell Mom that when I was found out by her daughter, I was running away from a group of bad men. I was escaping from a sect which wanted to perform a ritual with me.

  Mom: I want you out of my house immediately, the problems you have with your sect are not our problems.

  Yvonne: I'm not part of any sect! But I was abducted by it...

  Mom: The problem is that the sect followed you to our house and now my family is in danger because of you. I'll be good with you, I will give time for you to say goodbye to my daughter but tomorrow I want you out of my house.

  Very resigned, I say...

  Yvonne: Thank you ma'am, I know not how I could thank you for everything you've done for me.

  Mom: ¿Want to thank me? Leave my house.

  Back to the top.


  No way out.

  When Iveth comes back to show her mother and me the things she bought, she finds a silence that overwhelms the whole house.

  Pointing her ears, she says…

  Iveth: Look mom, I have found the pendants I was looking for since 3 months ago.

  Mom: They look very nice in you.

  I’m in silence staring at the floor, very serious.

  Iveth: Yvonne ¿What do you think about my new pendants, aren’t they cute?

  Yvonne: They’re perfect; they match your beautiful face.

  Iveth: If you aren’t looking at me ¿How can you say that?

  I lift my face and with my eyes full of tears I answer...

  Yvonne: I don't need to see you to know that those earrings look beautiful on you.

  Iveth turns her head with her Mom and asks...

  Iveth: Is everything OK?

  Mom: Yvonne will leave the house tomorrow, that was what we were talking about, and she is crying because she will miss you a lot.

  At that time John enters the house and runs to me as I'm still looking to the floor, crying in silence.

  John: Look at the game that I’ve got.

  With teary eyes, I answer...

  Yvonne: Great. I played the first part and I loved it, but it was very difficult.

  John: I finished that game the first day I played it.

  I cry and I say...

  Yvonne: Don't be cocky sir.

  John laughs, Mom on the other hand begins to mourn while Iveth runs to her room.

  Then John goes to his room whistling the song of the videogame and jumping like a mustachioed Italian video game character.

  Iveth's Mom and I were alone again.

  Yvonne: I'll leave tomorrow morning ma’am, you should not worry about anything.


  Mom: My child seems to have many problems socializing, over time he had become increasingly reserved.

  Yvonne: I do not want to aggravate those problems, and that's why I'll go early tomorrow.

  Mom: It really hurts me that you say that, you're the closest thing to a friend that my son has had in a long time.

  Yvonne: I will not lie to you ma'am, I managed to escape from the sect as it prepared to perform a ritual with me. As I said I have nothing to do with them, I'm as normal as you or your daughter.

  Mom: Why don't you go to the police to ask for help?

  I tell Mom that a member of that sect came to me and told me I couldn't trust anyone let alone the police because many of the sect's members are part of it.

  Mom: I can't find another solution to our problem. You must retire.

  I tell Mom that a hundred swords have me against the wall, but still she just says...

  Mom: I'm so sorry.

  Back to the top.


  A bitter night.

  It's night and the sky is completely cleared and starry.

  Inside a room, Iveth and I, prepare to sleep.

  We are in silence for about an hour until Iveth dares to speak, and she asks me...

  Iveth: What happened to you?

  I tell her the story of the ritual of which I managed to escape from.

  Yvonne: I just remember waking up in a dark room, illuminated by a circle of candles placed in the center of it, amid a group of people staring at me.

  I did not know how I got there, just that I was scared and that I had to flee from that place.

  After that I remember nothing because they blindfolded me with a black cloth.

  All the time there was someone with me, and they even took turns to keep an eye on me day and night, besides I had my hands and feet tied to a fence.

  Days later I realized I had a span of 5 minutes, where the guards were relieved, and I could exploit that to my advantage.

  After I don't know how much time, I could release my left arm and then untie my other arm with it to finally release my legs.

  The problem was that the day I could free myself was the day that the ritual would take place; so I pretended to remain tied.

  Two members of the sect who were sent to carry me somewhere else, talked about a woman named Debora, and how much she had wanted this moment.

  They spoke of muster the north with the south, or something.

  I never met Debora in person but I was really scared of what I heard about her.

  At the time of the ritual, shortly before they put me into the room with Debora, I stopped pretending to be tied and ran out.

  Iveth: Did you managed to escape?

  Yvonne: I'm talking to you, isn't it?

  Iveth: Right.

  Iveth is surprised and says...

  Iveth: Now I understand why you were running when I met you.

  Yvonne: Your family has been very nice to me; you do not know how much I appreciate your kindness. I will always be in debt to all of you.

  Iveth: But, there must be another way out. Did you go to the police?

  Yvonne: The man who was following us at the mall told me that I can't go to the police because many of the cult members work there.

  Iveth: And do you have any proof certifying that you were kidnapped?

  Yvonne shows the artifact placed by the sect to perform the rite.

  Iveth: It's a strange device.

  Yvonne: Stranger as the people who kidnapped me.

  Iveth: And where will you go when you leave?

  Yvonne: I do not know, but it's not your problem you've already done too much for me, don't worry.

  Iveth: Where are you from?

  Yvonne: A neighbor city.

  Iveth: Do you know this city?

  Yvonne: I do not know it; this is the first time I'm here.

  Iveth: I think I should go with you. You can't walk around alone What if something happens to you? You should not be alone at this difficult time.

  Yvonne: I will not allow you to go with me, no way, you don't even know me.

  Iveth: I know you're a good person who needs all the help she can get. I believe you would do the same for me.

  While observing the artifact the sect placed in her body.

  Yvonne: You got that right.

  Iveth: What, the object you are holding in your hands, is supposed to do?

  Yvonne: I do not know, I did not stay long enough to find out.

  Iveth: How old are you Yvonne?

  Yvonne: 29 years old, what about you?

  Iveth: 25.

  Yvonne: We are almost the same age.

  Iveth: But our lives are way too different ¿Isn’t it?

  Suddenly I hear strange noises coming from outside of the house, in the grass, which make me jump out of bed.

  Yvonne: You hear that?

  Iveth: Must have been the wind.

  Yvonne: It heard like people walking on the grass.

  Iveth: Is your imagination, we'd better go to sleep.

  I get up quietly out of bed, and then I go to the edge of the window and see several shadows moving through the garden.

  And I softly shout...

  Yvonne: ¡They came for me! I can see them, they are here.

  Iveth shakes off the sheets of her bed while I ask her to be quiet.

  Back to the top.



  I tell Iveth, if you really want to run away with me the moment is now, and she answers me...

  Iveth: We should get dressed if we want to flee.

  Yvonne: You're right.

  We got out of bed, and with the light of Iveth's cell phone, we took some clothes from her closet and we quickly dress.

  Yvonne: Okay, I'm already fully dressed.

  Iveth: Me too, I'm wearing something light.

  Yvonne: We must leave then, I hope your parents can forgive me for what you are about to do.

  Iveth: Do not worry about them; we must take away the sect from my home and my family. Let's get them somewhere else.

  Yvonne: For now that's the best we can do, let's go.

  Iveth grabs her phone and dials the police number. And when they answer her call she says she wants to report a group of men that are stalking her family.

  I softly say…

  Yvonne: Very clever gorgeous.

  Iveth: My address is...

  Outside the house several men move through the shadows from one side to the other in complete silence.

  Minutes later a police car arrives at the address given by Iveth and one officer gets off the patrol pointing his flashlight to Iveth's house.

  His companion, who stayed in the car, shouts…

  Partner: ¿Is everything all right?

  The officer with the flashlight responds.

  Officer: Apparently yes, but we should take a moment to review the site, maybe these people are hiding around here somewhere.

  Suddenly the front door opens.

  Iveth: Officer, would you be so kind to come please?

  The officer nods and enters the house.

  Yvonne: Officer, we need your help.

  Officer: What is it?

  Yvonne: A group of men has been following us all day and it seems they found our house.

  Officer: Don’t worry; my partner is checking your home.

  I ask the officer to take us away from the house, but he says he cannot do that. So we take each one of his arms, and tenderly beg.

  Officer: It seems that you spoke to my wife and daughters who told you what my weak point was. Let's go then, we will take you somewhere else.

  Iveth and I were very happy.

  Yvonne: We are ready Mr. Officer.

  Iveth: When you are ready.

  Officer: Wait for me here you two, I'll go to talk to my partner first.

  The officer moves away while Yvonne sighs.

  Yvonne: It seems that we managed to escape, for now.

  Iveth: The important thing will be to think what the next thing we are going to do is.

  Yvonne: It isn't late, you can still stay in your house while I escape and I take these men with me. My God who are these people?

  Iveth: Stop talking nonsense, I will never let you alone.

  At that moment the other police officer gets in the house and asks us to go to the patrol.

  Iveth: Thank you officer.

  Back to the top.


  With unknown course.

  Once inside the patrol, the officer who carried the lantern asks us…

  Officer: Where are you going?

  Iveth: We're heading Ruan's park in downtown.

  Officer: Do not worry, in a moment we'll be there.

  I asked the officer...

  Yvonne: How safe is the city at night?

  Officer: The city is quiet at night; we just take care of theft reports.

  Partner: We've recently received multiple reports of women who have been abducted.

  Officer: Not happen very often, but you have to keep your eyes wide open. Usually in this city we do not speak to anyone after a certain hour.

  Iveth: My friends and I have never experienced any problem with anyone.

  Officer: You were lucky, that means you have not walked in dangerous places, but that does not mean that you should not take care.

  I ask the officers what they know of the sect who is looking for us.

  Officer: I've only heard about it.

  Partner: What has that cult?

  Iveth: They are the men who have been following us.

  The Partner remains silent.

  Officer: We are almost there.

  A police car stops in front of a park, suddenly a door opens and two women descend of it.

  Yvonne: Thanks for the ride, officer.

  Officer: To serve and protect.

  Partner: You can't escape.

  The police officer turns to see his Partner, and as he turns his head, the partner quickly shoots him in the head and his body immediately freezes in the passenger seat.

  I shout to Iveth...

  Yvonne: We have to get out of here. Run!

  Iveth worried, tells me...

  Iveth: We must get to the other side of the park.

  Suddenly the patrol's door opens and the lifeless body of the police officer falls from it.

  We run to the park and we stop to unlock the front door, while 3 shots hit the wall leaving huge holes. We run under the illumination of the light poles to the safety of the shadows of the trees.

  The officer stops firing, gets off the patrol and runs to the park while he calls the police station by radio saying that there's a wounded officer and he's following a pair of female suspects of shooting him.

  Back to the top.


  Pursuit in progress.

  The officer gets into the park with the gun in his hands, shouting....

  Officer: Get out, I swear I'll do no harm to you, there is nothing to fear. We're looking for you two. We were just looking for Yvonne, but now that Iveth has become her best friend, we are looking for her too. Get out, I will do not harm to you. I promise!

  Among some trees, behind the police officer, Iveth and I lie down in the ground.

  Iveth: I have to record this with my cell phone.

  Iveth takes her cell phone and she starts an app to record audio.

  The police officer continues shouting...

  Officer: You should allow us to finish our ritual, but no, you dared to leave our beautiful Débora waiting for you at the altar.

  Iveth turns to me impressed and she asks me in a low voice...

  Iveth: ¿Are you lesbian?

  I close my eyes, shake my head in denial and indicate Iveth to stop talking.

  The officer walks away as he continues pointing his gun straight into the trees. Suddenly he straightens, looks sideways, pack away his gun and returns to his car.

  We feel relieved to see how the patrol leaves the park, but then Iveth suddenly feels a hand on her shoulder and she thinks that it's mine, but when she turns
her head she realizes that it's the hand of a vagabond.

  I scream of fear and at the distance I see how the patrol stops and comes back to the park.

  Vagabond: Good evening lovely ladies can I provide you of a place for you to hide?

  We nodded without hesitation and the vagabond takes us to a tree which has a hole in the ground on one side, in which we hide.

  The police officer descends from his patrol in front of the park, takes a look, then he got back into his patrol and he goes away.

  I sigh and say...

  Yvonne: We managed to escape.

  Iveth: Thank you, Mr. Vagabond.

  Vagabond: My kingdom is your kingdom; I share my domains with you beautiful maidens.

  I laugh and say...

  Yvonne: You are a very polite gentleman Mr. Vagabond.

  Vagabond: Being a vagabond doesn't mean I cannot cultivate myself.

  Iveth: You're the nicer Vagabond I have met.

  Vagabond stands up and helps us to stand up too.

  Iveth: What is your name sir?

  Vagabond: Travis.

  Back to the top.


  Before the storm.

  The Vagabond begins to dance and says...

  Vagabond: Tonight I'm very happy.

  He grabs the trunk of a small tree with his right hand and spins while shaking his left hand to the four winds.

  I tell him...

  Yvonne: It seems that you're happy to have us in your kingdom sir.

  The vagabond answers me...

  Vagabond: My princesses, don't worry that I will protect you.

  Iveth: I really hope that the men who were in my house's garden have followed us; I wouldn't like to endanger the lives of my parents.

  I take Iveth's hands, and I say to her...

  Yvonne: Do not worry we will find the solution, or at least I'll try, I will try not to drag your family.

  The Vagabond stops dancing and stares at the scene.

  Iveth hugs me tightly.

  Iveth: I will help you.

  The Vagabond joins the hug, and says...

  Vagabond: I will help you to help each other.

  Iveth and I do a face of repugnance.

  Yvonne: My lord, you will help us a lot if you take a bath Don Quixote.

  Iveth: I think I brought soap with me if you like we can clean you right now sir.

  The Vagabond jumps back and says...

  Vagabond: No way, there is no time! The army of the dark knight was here and I'm sure he will return. I must protect you.

  Yvonne: Well, it seems that Don Quixote will protect us during the rest of the night.

  Iveth: I feel sorry for the police officer.

  Yvonne: What’re you talking about?

  Iveth shows me the officer's body at park's entrance, and although I feel guilty, I say...

  Yvonne: I see. We can do nothing for him.

  As I extract the artifact of my clothes and caress it with both hands.

  Iveth: We've to be very vigilant during the rest of the night, the bad cop might come back or someone might find the police officer's dead body, and our hideaway.

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