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Dead End (english version)
Dead End.

  By TheMuhan

  Copyright 2014 TheMuhan


  Table of Contents.

  The Great Escape.

  A Light.

  She Can’t Stay.

  On second Thought.


  A Hard Night.

  Fight Between Brothers.

  A Day Like Any Other.

  In The Store.

  A Little Explanation.

  A Strange Chase.

  Home Sweet Home.

  No Way Out.

  A Bitter Night.


  With Unknown Course.

  Pursuit in progress.

  Before The Storm.

  Run Woman Run.

  What should not have happened.


  About the Author.


  The great escape.

  Two days ago four uninvited strangers came at the door of my house, and although I did not know them, kindly asked me to accompany them.

  As if a decent woman like me would accept their invitation, if in my life hadn’t seen them.

  What they told me was...

  Stranger # 1: Miss, we come to ask you to come with us.

  Stranger # 2: You have the right to bring a change of clothes.

  Stranger # 3: Your life is about to change.

  What caught my attention was their insistence; it was almost like if they ...needed me for something.

  Stranger # 1: You are the one.

  Said one of them.

  Stranger # 2: Your profile is just perfect.

  Said the other.

  Stranger # 3: Your beauty is beyond compare.

  Concluded the third stranger.

  One of them explained to me that they had seen me on the street...

  Stranger # 2: A few days ago our company discovered you walking in the streets of the city and decided to extend you an invitation to their facilities to make you an offer you cannot resist.

  Stranger # 1: Miss, we're openly inviting you to attend a casting.

  I remember being very confused at the time, I did not know what to think; could I be living the dream of every woman? Be discovered by a media outlet that promises to turn me into a sex symbol.

  In any case, when in doubt, I accepted to go with them.

  Minutes later I was riding on a car as black as the night and as elegant as a limousine, and while the three strangers were silently watching through the window I look inside the vehicle; it was a beautiful spectacle I had never seen anything so elegant.

  And a second later all I knew was that I was running away from a group of religious fanatics who wanted to perform a ritual, !with me!

  Stranger # 4: You got to stop her, don't let her escape she could compromise the brotherhood.

  Strange # 5: We got to stop her, we must finish what we started.

  Stranger # 6: Stop running woman, no one will do you no harm.

  Stranger # 7: You don’t have escape.

  Stranger # 8: Resistance is futile.

  The last thing I remember is to go in a limo with the three strangers who were looking for me and suddenly I'm running away from 5 other strangers who want to catch me.

  Don’t ask, I don’t remember how it happened.

  I run as fast as I can, I need air and my legs weigh a ton, but I keep running.

  I don’t know where I am and I don't know the place neither because it seems I'm in another city.

  Without realizing it I came to what it looks like a commercial area surrounded by hills.

  I'm tired, I can no more, but I decide to keep running.

  Occasionally a stranger shouts at me...

  Stranger # 7: ¡Stop! is for your own good.

  But I keep running.

  Suddenly the strangers separate to catch me and I take the chance to go to a furniture store to hide and ask for help.

  God my feet hurt.

  I walk over to talk to an employee and ask for help but the fool tries to sell me a couch, I say I'm not interested, I explain him that somebody is chasing me and plead for his support but the fool decides to ignore me.

  While I go to talk with another employee I notice when some of the strangers enter the store and I run to the second floor by the stairs.

  As soon as I get to the second floor I run to downstairs when I see them coming up, and while they are confused looking for me I left the building by the front door, but I do not anticipate that the rest of them waits for me outside.

  So I keep running.

  God, what do these people want, my organs maybe?

  Sell me as a slave?


  Somebody tell me please!

  As I run for my life, I put my hand around my neck to wipe the sweat soaking my body and I realize that I carry some sort of unknown device.

  I don’t have time to stop, in fact there is no time to lose, and I keep running.

  I walk away from the shopping area and I head to the houses around the mall crossing the street without looking to the sides, two cars were about to run me over but I manage to get to the other side to keep running.

  When I look back I see the 8 stranger running among the cars and I ask from the bottom of my heart: Where is a road hog when you need him the most?

  I keep running without knowing what’ll happen with me.

  Back to the top.


  A light.

  I manage to lose them and I stop to catch my breath.

  I had never run so much in my life, but I am scared and willing to keep running, if necessary.

  Looks like I'm melting, sweat soaks my body.

  It seems I lost them but what scares me the most is to not know where I am.

  I try to talk with the people walking next to me but everyone ignores me. I try to talk to them but it’s like I wasn't there.

  For the god's sake don’t you see I need help?

  I can't stand it and I start to mourn.

  Then a young woman stops and asks me...

  Young Woman: Are you all right?

  Finally someone takes pity on me.

  I wipe my tears, I tell the girl I'm from out of town and I'm lost, she asks me...

  Young Woman: Is there someone you can call?

  I say no, I tell her that I'm alone and I'm lost.

  She asks me…

  Young Woman: Can I take you to the police? Perhaps they can help you.

  I tell her that I don't want to go to the police and I start to mourn inconsolably.

  She tells me...

  Young Woman: You should come with me to my house; my parents could find a way to help you.

  I thank her from the bottom of my heart and accept her invitation.

  I do not know what I am doing or where am I, but at least I'm accompanied by this young woman that makes me feel safer; less alone.

  We take public transportation, and although I see that the young woman tries to comfort me with her talk, I'm very worried thinking about what just happened.

  God, my life is in danger, how it could have happened if I have never hurt anyone?

  While the girl is trying to talk to me I observe my empty glare in the bus's rearview mirror and I worry.

  I turned my head to see her and I noticed she went silent because of my silence, and I appreciate her help with a thank you very much.

  The girl smiles back and squeezes my hand with hers.

  Suddenly she tells me that is time to get off the bus, but I’m terrified. What if the strangers are awaiting us? What if she works for them? ¡Oh god, so many doubts!

  But then I remember that she has tried to be nice all the trip and I decide to have faith and acco
mpany her to her house, thinking that someone with bad intentions wouldn’t have bothered so much.

  The bus makes a stop and the Young woman says…

  Young Woman: We've arrived, we better go down the bus my house is not far from here we just have to walk a bit.

  My head is a mess and the stress is killing me but I try to pretend to be calm.

  I nod.

  Young Woman: You're safe.

  She tells me.

  Young Woman: Maybe my parents can find a way to help you.

  She states with great confidence.

  Young Woman: In this part of town there are very few crimes and most of the time is a quiet place.

  She keeps being nice but all is silence in my head and I can't find a way to reason what she's telling to me to give her an answer.

  I don't know how much time has passed or how much we've walked, but suddenly we're in her house.

  She opens the door and says...

  Young Woman: Go on, after you.

  I Nod.

  When I walk through the door I meet the woman's parents that are sitting at the table and greet me kindly.

  Father: Good afternoon.

  Mother: Hi, good afternoon.

  I greet them with a gesture while the young woman behind me secures the door.

  When the door‘s completely locked, she says…

  Young Woman: What’s up mom, dad? She is a woman to whom I’ve found lost in downtown and who I've offered to help.

  I smile nervously.

  I would have liked to take a picture of her parents reactions when they heard that I am a stranger whom their daughter offered to help. Her mother opened her eyes as if she had seen an alien and her dad narrowed his eyes as if I were some kind of convicted felon.

  Mother: Dear...

  Father: ... We would like to talk to you.

  Her parents said.

  And she said...

  Young Woman: Sure!

  Mother: Dear...

  Her mother said to me.

  Mother: With your permission, we'd like to talk with our daughter for a second.

  No problem I said while I was thinking “Take your time”.

  Father: Family, please come to the kitchen.

  Back to the top.


  She can’t stay.

  Although in appearance everything seemed fine in the kitchen the story is different.

  Mother: Daughter but what are you thinking?

  Father: Why did you bring a stranger to our house without telling us first?

  Young Woman: But...

  Father: I understand why you want to help this woman, but it was wrong for you to take decisions on your own without asking us first.

  Mother: Do not be so hard on her, my love, remember that our daughter has always been concerned excessively for other people's welfare...

  Father: Exactly, and I’m worried that my house become a hotel for vagrants and homeless.

  Young Woman: Come on Pa! Do not exaggerate.

  Mother: And how about if she is a thief? I'm sure you wouldn't like to lose your whole record collection of Justin Bieber, your clothes or your vinyl records and CD collection.

  Young Woman: Mother, do not exaggerate.

  Mother: No, you should not be so careless.

  Young Woman: What can I do? I already brought her here.

  Father: Should I repeat to you that it is not my problem?

  Young Woman: Do not be so insensitive.

  Father: My house, my rules.

  Young Woman: (grunt)

  Mother: Do not be rude.

  I'm sitting alone in the dining room of the house of a stranger who offered to help me, worried thinking that at any moment they will come for me; I can’t stop thinking about the sect.

  Suddenly, a kid that appears to be the younger brother of the woman who rescued me comes to me.

  Younger brother: Hello, who are you?

  Woman: Hi I'm a friend of your sister, who are you?

  Younger brother: My name is John.

  Woman: Hello little John what are you doing?

  John: I just finished coloring one of my drawings.

  At last a nice person.

  Woman: So you like to draw?

  John: I really like to draw Garfield.

  Woman: Hey, Garfield is my favorite character too.

  John: Really? Sometimes I also draw his friend Odie.

  Woman: And don't you like to draw John Arbuckle?

  John: Who's that?

  Woman: He is the owner of the house where Garfield and Odie lives.

  John: Yeah, I draw him too.

  Women: Have you seen? I like the same things you like, we should be friends.

  John: What's your name?

  Women: Yvonne, my name is Yvonne. What is the name of your sister John?

  John: Her name is Iveth.

  Yvonne: Iveth. Your sister has a cute name, John.

  This is the most constructive talk I've had today, I thank God for it; John is a really nice boy, I would like to have a son like him.

  In the kitchen the story is different as Iveth and her parents discuss the situation of Yvonne, and her future do not see anything good.

  Father: Forget it lady.

  Mother: You want us to reprimand you isn't it?

  Father: Did you forget that your pranks have gotten us into a lot of trouble with the neighbors?

  Mother: She has not forgotten, isn't it Iveth?

  Father: Simply put honey, you're in no position to bring strangers to my house.

  Mother: You must find a way to ask this woman to leave; she's not your problem.

  Iveth: It looks like something I did in the past is stopping you of helping a woman who really needs your help.

  Father: Do not raise your voice to me.

  Iveth: Spit it in my face, tell me that you don't trust me!

  Father: Come on honey.

  Mother: If we do not trust in you, it is because you have not given us any reason to.

  Father: Think about that, please.

  Iveth: So now I'm the problem? Please! In the dining room there is a person who has no place to stay and needs our help.

  Mother: Iveth, we are concerned about your little brother's safety. She can't stay in the house, what if she jeopardizes the security of your brother? What if she steals our belongings while we are sleeping, What if...?

  In the dining room the story is different...

  Yvonne: Nice toys John, I bet my doll would like to take a walk with all your soldiers.

  John: ¡They can protect her!

  Yvonne: That’s it. That would be nice.

  John: My soldier protects people, so they can protect your doll too.

  Yvonne: ¿Is there another toy that you like to play with, John?

  John ran to the bookshelf in the living room.

  John: I also like to play with my handheld game.

  Yvonne: Do you have a handheld game? That’s fun.

  John: ¡Yeah! My parents gave it to me on my birthday.

  Yvonne: ¿What games do you have?

  John: I have the Destroyer of the Galaxy IV, Small Tourism, and several games of cartoon characters that I see on TV.

  Yvonne: That's so cool John, in my house I have the game of the Little Wild Fruit 2.

  John: I have that game too! Let me show it to you.

  I see the woman and her parents as they leave the kitchen and walk towards me.

  When they are in front of me the woman's mother walk towards me very determined. I just know that I am very sad and by her eyes I presume I can't stay.

  What a bad luck.

  While the mother approaches me, the father has his hand around the neck of the woman, who seems to be very upset and has watery eyes.

  Today is not my day.

  Back to the top.


  On Second thought.

  Iveth's mother sits next to me at that dining room which it was becoming sma
ller. Her gaze is so off and the silence is deafening. I cannot stand it, but I decided to stay quiet; I cannot break I still believe that a miracle can happen.

  The lady rests her arms up in the table and I begin to feel as if I were on trial, waiting for the judge’s final verdict.

  Suddenly the father coughs, the woman sighs and her mother says...

  Mother: Iveth told us your story and how you met…. And the three of us were talking.

  Yvonne: Ma’am, I know it was not the best way to meet your daughter…

  The mother of the young woman cut my answer as if it were butter.

  Mother: That's not what worries us honey, what happens is that as we don’t know anything about you, we do not want to put at risk the life of our toddler.

  I am very seriously thinking about the words of the mother, when suddenly John happily comes with the Wild Little Fruit 2 game to show it to me.

  John: Here's the game.

  Mom and dad are stunned with John’s reaction.

  Mom makes a gesture to dad to let him see her reaction, while Iveth’s face fill with tears at the same time she’s smiling.

  John on the other side is so excited showing me the game while I do some comments about it.

  Iveth and her parents look at each other.

  Iveth smiles.

  Father: Few people have had such charm with John.

  I can only smile and keep talking with John about videogames.

  What a relief! There is still hope.

  Back to the top.



  I do not know how, but I find myself in the bedroom of the girl who helped me today. I think her name is Iveth, I will ask her...

  Yvonne: Everything happened so fast today, we did not have time to introduce ourselves, I'm Yvonne what is your name?

  Iveth: Mine is Iveth, but you can call me chocolate cat.

  I look into her eyes and smile sarcastically.

  Yvonne: Of course Iveth, whatever you say.

  She laughs wryly and the sound of her laughter feels like a caress, then I look through the window and I realize that night is falling as melted chocolate over a vanilla ice cream.

  Iveth: Do you like to go to the movies Yvonne?

  Yvonne: When I have time, yes.

  Iveth: Or you love to go to see to a certain actor?

  I do not know what happened, but those two simple questions unleashed a tsunami of comments and physical comparisons between the various actors in Hollywood. I couldn't stop talking and she also couldn't do it, we found a common theme that both enjoyed and we were determined to exploit it until it stopped being funny, yeah! I love pushing buttons.

  It's getting late and Iveth's image gets blurred.

  It's getting late and I don't know what I'm saying.

  It's getting late and I forget what we are talking about.

  She yawns and says...

  Iveth: I think it's time to go to sleep, tomorrow we can continue talking.

  I nod with my head and we headed to her bed.

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