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           Tetonia Blossom
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  Niya and LJ nodded.

  “All right, let’s start with making some valentines for Alice and Justin.”

  Nina set up the custom high chairs at her dining table and let the twins stick the precut shapes and letters to the cards she’d put together for the older kids.

  “Okay, I think that’s everything. I’ll be at the salon if you need me,” Angie said as she entered to see the twins working on their crafts. “Aww, how cute are they? I need to get a picture.” She snapped a couple pics with her phone while Nina checked on her brisket.

  “What are you cooking?”

  “Brisket, its Jack’s favorite.”

  Nina had collected a book full of his favorite meals and desserts. She tried to make one a week so he didn’t feel too deprived. She certainly didn’t mind with how much he tried to change his eating habits to match hers.

  “Smells good,” Angie said.

  “Thanks. You better get going.”

  “You’re right. Okay, call me if you need me.”


  Jack returned to his office with a bag full of healthy treats. He couldn’t wait for Nina to taste them; he even got her a recipe for the gluten free truffles. He’d also stopped off for a box of regular chocolates for the kids.

  “Where have you been?” Eve asked when he entered. “I’ve been fielding calls all day. Did you tell any of these people that your date changed?”

  “Everyone except the bakery. I picked those up today.”

  “Well, the pilot and the band were confused. Also, Sarah called asking what time she should have the sleigh delivered.”

  “Crap, nothing went to the hotel today, did it?”

  “Not that I know of, but I’ll double check.”

  “Okay, thanks. Oh, and one more thing…” He pulled a small bouquet out of his box and sat it on her desk. “From the clone.”

  Eve simply smiled and shooed him away.

  Jack barely sat down at his desk when his phone rang. “Hello?”

  “Jack, hey you never asked me what Nina wanted for Valentine’s Day,” Angie said.

  “Yeah, I know. I got side tracked with LJ’s accident, but I think I’ve got it covered.”

  “So you’re taking her to the cabin for the weekend?”

  “No, why would I do that?”

  “Because that’s what she wants.”

  “Angie, I’m not taking her there, but she’s gonna love what I have planned.”

  “Okay, I told her I would tell you, so I did my part. Thanks for taking the kids tonight. I know we’re always screwing up your holidays.”

  “You’re not screwing up anything. I actually saved a ton by moving my date.”

  “So what’s the plan?”

  “I’m not telling, just be on your front porch tomorrow morning to see the big kickoff.”

  Jack couldn’t wait to see Nina’s face tomorrow morning. There was no way she wouldn’t love the surprises he’d planned for her.

  He stored most of the goodies in his mini fridge but decided to take a box of the truffles home to Nina. He could already smell the brisket as he climbed the stairs and opened the door to a house full of laughter. As much as he griped about it, he did kind of enjoy the nights the kids spent with them. Nina always made a production of it with crafts, games, and movies. It was also the only time he got to eat her amazing candies and cookies.

  “Listen to all this fun you guys are having without me,” Jack said as he entered the family room.

  “Uncle Jack, look.” Justin held up his cookie card with blue frosting.

  “That’s pretty cool, can I have a bite?”

  “No way, I’m saving it for school on Monday.”

  “We made you one too,” Alice said holding up a big cookie card for Jack.

  “See, someone still loves her uncle.”

  Niya and LJ were busy devouring their cookies.

  “Jack, is that you?” Nina called from upstairs.


  He removed his coat and waited for her at the bottom of the stairs. She came down wearing a fitted red dress and kissable red lips.

  “You look beautiful.”

  “Thank you.”

  Jack presented the box of truffles and Nina raised an eyebrow. “Organic, gluten free, sugar free, and almost as amazing as you.”

  “Wow, I can’t wait to taste them.”

  Nina took the box and gave him a kiss, “Happy Valentine’s Day.”

  “It will be later when I take this off you.” Jack pulled her closer.

  “Only a few more hours to bedtime.”

  “I don’t know the twins are nose deep in those cookies.”

  “Don’t worry they will be exhausted by the time I’m done with them.”

  After dinner Jack and the older kids played a board game while Nina and the twins must’ve chased each other up and down the hallway at least thirty times. Niya eventually passed out on the couch while LJ had to be tickled until he started yawning.

  “Okay rug rats, I think it’s time for bed.”

  “But, it’s Friday. We get to stay up late on Fridays,” Alice said.

  Jack leaned in close. “I’ll tell you what, I’ll set up the TV in your room and if you promise to be quite and get along, you can stay up as long as you want.”

  “Really?” Justin asked.

  “Yep, do we have a deal?” Jack extended his hand and Alice and Justin both shook it. “All right, let’s go.”

  Jack set up the 36-inch on the desk while Alice and Justin got comfortable on the bed.

  “All right, one hour each. Alice goes first.”

  “Why does she get to watch first?” Justin asked.

  “Fine, you can watch first ya baby,” Alice said.

  “Hey, we had a deal young lady.”

  “Okay, okay. You’re not a baby.”

  “Good, now I’m counting on you two not to let me down. If Aunti Ni-Ni finds out I let you stay up, I’m gonna be in big trouble.”

  “We’ll be good,” Justin said.

  “All right. Goodnight, guys.”

  “Goodnight,” Alice and Justin said.

  Jack had just closed the door when Nina exited the playroom where they’d set up the crib for the twins.

  “The twins are out.”

  “So are the other two.”

  “Good, I’m just gonna kiss them goodnight.”

  Jack grabbed her wrist before she could reach the doorknob. “Already taken care of.”


  “How about you kiss me goodnight?” Jack said guiding her toward their bedroom.

  “Well, if you insist.”

  Jack led Nina into the room and closed the door. He unzipped her dress to find nothing underneath. “Now that’s what I’m talking about.”

  “I was in a bit of a rush.”

  “It’s my favorite outfit to date.” Jack kissed her bare shoulder and her arm as he laid her down on the bed.

  “I’ll keep that in mind for next Wednesday.”

  “Please do.”

  She was so beautiful that Jack endeavored to kiss her every curve. He started at her forehead, lingering at her lips. They were always difficult to escape. Jack could taste the powdered sugar on her collarbone. He lingered again at the surgical scar between her breasts. It strangely turned her on even more. Jack grinned as she squired and took his time leaving a trail of kisses down her abdomen and her inner thigh, but it was Nina’s deep breathing which caused him to pause short of her mound. Jack lifted his head to find her sleeping. She must’ve tired herself out along with the twins.

  He pulled back the covers and carried her over to her side of the bed where he laid her down and kissed her forehead. They had the whole weekend for sex. Tonight he would have to settle for watching her grin in her sleep.

  Chapter 6

  Nina woke up the next morning to find Jack’s side of the bed empty and the night started to come back to her.
“Oh no,” she whispered when she realized she’d fallen asleep on him.

  “Jack?” she called as she rushed to the bathroom, but he wasn’t there either.

  She found a note resting on a stack of folded clothes at the foot of their bed.

  “Get dressed and meet me downstairs,” she read.

  How could she have fallen asleep, and on Valentine’s night? Nina often felt compelled to make up for lost time after the eight months it took for her to recover from her heart surgery and his unwavering patience. She took a quick shower, wishing he was around to join her. Nina finished dressing when she realized she hadn’t heard a peep from the kids.

  “What is wrong with me?” she asked herself as she rushed to check on them. The playroom and guest bedroom we’re empty and the kid’s overnight bags were also gone.

  Nina paused at the bottom of the stairs when she saw the rose petals sprinkled at the front door and another note attached to the handle.

  “Don’t forget your coffee and special muffin.” In the kitchen there was a travel mug and muffin waiting for her with another note.

  “Eat me.” She grinned and took a bite. She’d never had a muffin with so any berries, it was delicious. Nina sat enjoying her muffin until she heard what sounded like drums coming from outside. She took her travel mug and headed outside. The neighbors were exiting their houses as the sound of a marching band grew louder.

  “Jack, tell me you didn’t,” Nina whispered as she walked out to the curb.

  He turned the corner a minute later with Annabelle pulling the carriage. The high school marching band was right behind them.

  Angie, Jason, and the kids came out to watch.

  “Seriously, a band!” Angie shouted and Nina shrugged.

  Jack stopped in front of their house and the band started to play Charlie Wilson’s You Are. Nina was so shocked she’d forgotten to breathe. She sucked in a breath as Jack hopped out.

  “Good Morning,” he said before pulling her in for a kiss. Nina gripped the collar of his coat, pressing her lips to his.

  “Get a room!” Angie yelled. She felt Jack lift his right arm and grabbed his hand before he ended up teaching LJ and Justin another bad habit.

  “Be nice,” she whispered against his lips. Jack responded with another charged kiss before sweeping her off her feet and into the carriage.

  “You ready to go?” He asked once he climbed inside and grabbed the reigns.

  “Yep, I’m all set.” Nina said before she felt her coat pocket. “Wait, I forgot my pills.”

  “I already packed them.”

  Yet another example of what an amazing husband he was. Nina was still learning how to accept this new life of being loved and cared for. She never had to question how Jack felt about her, because he showed her every day just how much she meant to him. Nina bundled up in a blanket and he held her close as she waved goodbye to her family and neighbors.

  “I can’t believe you did all this. Now I’m even sorrier about last night,” Nina said once they got going.

  “For what?”

  “I feel asleep before I could give you your Valentine’s cookie.” Nina grinned.

  “Nina, you never have to apologize for being tired.”

  “I just don’t want you to ever feel deprived.”

  “Based on the number of times you tried to get me to climb into your hospital bed, I would say me feeling deprived is physically impossible.” Jack kissed her forehead. “Besides, I’ve got you to myself for the whole weekend, which means all the cookie I can eat.”

  Nina’s cheeks burned from the heat of his gaze. A whole weekend alone had to mean he was taking her to the cabin. She’d given up hope after their conversation earlier in the week, but he was really doing it, and he didn’t look depressed about it at all. It was the best Valentine’s Day present he could’ve ever given her.

  “I love you,” she said.

  “I love you more.”

  They rode the carriage to Main Street where large signs hung from the light posts.

  “Nina’s Valentine’s Day,” Jack said as she squinted to read them. He pulled her phone out of his pocket. “In case you want a picture.”

  Nina snapped a few of the signs but her attention was quickly stolen by the limo they were approaching.

  “Is that for us?”

  “Not us, for you,” Jack said.

  He stopped the carriage and hopped out. He and the driver loaded the trunk with a couple of suitcases before Jack jogged over to help Nina out.

  Together they gave out snacks to the band members, and Jack thanked them for their performance before heading for the limo. Once inside, Jack blindfolded Nina and she felt his lips on her neck.

  “How about you remove the blindfold so I can kiss you back?” Nina asked.

  “No, I don’t want to ruin the surprise, but if it’s kisses you’d like, all you have to do is tell me where you’d like them.”

  Nina’s breath caught at her naughty thoughts.

  “Dirty girl,” Jack whispered.

  “I didn’t say anything.”

  “You didn’t have too, your face just turned three shades of red.” She could feel his breath on her cheek and turned to meet his lips. Nina made a mental note to get a few blindfolds for future Wednesdays.

  She was in Jack’s lap by the time she felt the limo come to a stop. The ride didn’t seem long enough to be at the cabin yet, but she was too consumed by Jack’s lips to voice her concerns. Being blindfolded made every touch like a mystery, and he played the game very well. He gripped the side of her neck and Nina’s lip quivered. The thick air was filled with the scent of his cologne, and drove Nina wild.

  “Pause,” she said when his lips pressed against her collarbone.

  “See I told you…physically impossible,” Jack said. She could hear the grin in his voice. “Lucky for you, we’re here.”

  Nina was weak in the knees as Jack helped her exit the limo. He stood behind her before removing the blindfold. Once her eyes adjusted to the light she took in the black helicopter and her mouth dropped. “Jack—”

  “It’s just a little ride. Nothing to be scared of.” Jack kissed her neck.

  He pulled her toward the helipad, and she looked around to see their suitcases being loaded into the storage compartment.

  Nina climbed in and took a seat.

  “Hey, do you mind getting a picture of us?” Jack asked one of the workers as he handed Nina a champagne flute.


  “You are blowing my mind, Mr. Spears,” Nina said as they posed for a photo.

  “You haven’t seen anything yet.” Jack tipped the attendant, “Thank you.”

  “My pleasure, enjoy your ride,” the attendant said before closing the door.

  Jack strapped Nina in and put on her headphones.

  “Can you hear me okay?” he asked speaking into his mic. Nina nodded.

  Jack took his seat beside her and the helicopter powered up. She gripped his hand.

  “Scared?” Jack asked.

  Nina shook her head. She could never be afraid with Jack by her side.

  The view of the mountains from the helicopter was spectacular, especially whipping through the low clouds. Jack held her hand the entire ride and every time she looked back she saw him watching her.

  “This is unbelievable,” she said.

  “I’m glad you’re enjoying it.”

  Nina squeezed his hand tighter when the helicopter took a turn. In the distance she spotted a building atop a large mountain. Even from afar she could make out a beautiful wrap around balcony and shimmering floor to ceiling windows.

  “Welcome to Vail,” the pilot announced in her headphones.

  Nina was a little disappointed that it wasn’t the cabin, but she still had a weekend alone with Jack, and that she could never be upset about. They landed on the roof and were rushed to a large suite only a couple of floors below.

Jack, this is too much,” Nina said as she stood in front of the double doors.

  “Nothing is too much for you.”

  He opened the door and Nina was caught off guard by the group of women sitting in the living room.

  “Do we have the wrong room?”

  “Nope, these are your ladies in waiting.”

  “Ladies in what?”

  Nina was fine with the idea of alone time with Jack, but having five other women there also was just annoying. Jack took her hand and pulled her in.

  “This is Quinn, Darbie, and Erica. They’re going to do your hair, makeup, and…something else. I can’t remember.”

  “And this is Stacey, and Amelia. They are your stylists for the day.”

  “It’s nice to meet you all,” Nina said even though she was still confused as to what exactly they were doing there.

  “You ladies take good care of my girl.”

  Jack rushed to answer a knock at the door, only he didn’t invite the person in.

  Nina wanted to follow him but she had five women staring at her as though they were waiting for instructions or something.

  “Do any of you happen to know what’s going on?” Nina asked.

  “We’re here to make you look fabulous,” Quinn said.

  “And do some serious retail damage,” Amelia added.

  When Nina turned around Jack was gone. She rushed out to try and catch him, “Jack?”

  He paused before stepping into the elevator and jogged back.

  “Where are you going?” Nina asked.

  “I’ve got some more surprises to work on, but I’ll be back for lunch.”


  Nina didn’t understand. She thought this was a weekend for the two of them.

  “Don’t worry, you’ll be too busy to even miss me.” He gave her a squeeze followed by a peck on the lips and was off again.

  Nina felt deflated as she returned to the suite and she didn’t even have her phone to call Angie. Jack had left her with a group of strangers.

  “So…” Darbie said handing Nina a champagne flute. “Tell us what the special occasion is.”

  “It’s sort of our first Valentine’s Day.”

  “Wow,” Stacey said. “You’ve got quite a husband.”

  “Yeah, he’s something,” Nina said taking a sip of her drink. She quickly spit it out when she realized it was real champagne.

  “Something wrong?” Darbie asked.

  “No, not at all. I just…can’t drink.”

  “Oh, I’m so sorry. I must’ve opened the wrong bottle. There’s a special kind for you. I’ll fix it.” Darbie quickly took the glass and headed to the kitchenette.

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