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           Tetonia Blossom
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  “My goodness did you two get dirty. We’re you playing in the mud again?”

  Niya nodded while LJ shook his head.

  “You better not tell mommy, or daddy might be in trouble.”

  Nina finally heard Jack’s truck pull into their driveway and grinned. Her heart filled with anticipation. She hurried to clean the twins up and get them into their high chairs for dinner. She was trying to latch LJ in when Niya screamed “Uncle!”

  Nina turned to catch him sneaking up behind her, and he paused. “You’re so busted,” she said.

  “Short Stack, you gave me away again,” Jack said to Niya before giving her a kiss on the cheek. LJ kicked until Nina pulled the tray back so he could stand and jump into Jack’s arms.

  “Oh man, I’m gonna start calling you Bolder. You’re getting heavy.”

  “Dirty hands,” LJ said pointing at Jack’s filthy hands.

  “I know, I better wash up, and you better get back in your high chair.”

  Jack put LJ back in his seat, and Nina finally got it latched.

  He and Niya banged on their trays.

  “Okay, okay. I’m coming,” Angie shouted.

  “I’m gonna go wash up before she starts nagging,” Jack whispered.

  “Good idea.”

  He’d just passed Nina when she felt the tug on her apron string. She looked back and saw him nod for her to join him. Nina’s stomach did a quick flip as Alice and Justin came rushing downstairs.

  “Hi, Uncle Jack,” Alice said.

  “Uncle Jack, I found a lizard, or at least I think it is. It has a tail,” Justin said.

  “Really? You’ll have to show me later.”


  Nina snuck away once she helped the kids get seated and made their plates. She slipped into the powder room to find Jack drying his face.

  “Just in time,” he said before pulling her into his arms.

  Her day wasn’t complete until she was in his arms again. She’d grown to love his scent of sawdust and sweat. It always conjured images of him shirtless with a power tool in his hand.

  “I missed you,” Nina said.

  “You say that every day.”

  “Because I miss you every day.”

  “All you had to do was call, and I would’ve been here.”

  “I didn’t want to bother you.”

  Jack pulled back to meet her eyes. “You could never bother me. I love you too much.”

  As rough and sculpted as his exterior was, he was an even mushier romantic. He never went a day without expressing his love.

  “I love you more,” Nina said.

  “Oh really? Enough to show me?”

  Nina gripped his shirt and pulled him down for a kiss. God, how she loved the taste of his lips. They were her favorite form of medicine and strong enough to disable her senses. He gripped her butt and Nina spun him around and backed him onto the toilet before straddling his lap.

  “Now that’s a hello kiss,” Jack said when Nina pulled back.

  “I’m not done yet.”

  She loosened his belt and Jack’s grin widened.

  “Wow, remind me to be late more often.”

  Nina kneeled in front of him and jerked his pants down to his ankles. It had been a couple of days and she knew her husband was long overdue for some attention. Plus, the more she pleased him now, the more pleasure he’d give her once they got home.

  Ten minutes later Nina and Jack took their seats at the dining table with her ruined hair and his wide grin. Angie and Jason both gave them a glare before Alice said grace. Jack kissed Nina’s neck as she filled his plate.

  “You smell good,” he whispered.

  “Do I?”

  “Yeah, good enough to eat,” he whispered. Nina blushed.

  “We are sitting right here,” Angie said.

  “Mommy, can I have some more juice?” Justin asked just as Angie sat down.

  “Me!” LJ shouted, shaking his sippy cup.

  “Of course you do,” Angie said as she stood.

  LJ idealized his big brother and Justin didn’t seem to mind.

  “How about we skip dinner, and you come home with me? Right now,” Jack suggested.

  “Don’t even think about it,” Jason said.

  “He’s right,” Nina said. “Eat up. You’re gonna need your energy for…” Nina leaned in and whispered, “later.”

  At that, Jack cleaned his plate and asked for seconds.

  “So what’s the plan for Friday?” Jason asked Jack.

  “Anything that doesn’t involve us being stuck with the rat pack,” Jack said.

  “I told you,” Angie said to Jason. “I’ll see if I can hire a sitter. Or we can just go the next night.”

  “No way!” Jason said. “We deserve a Valentine’s Day.”

  “And we don’t?” Jack asked with his mouth full.

  “Guys, it’s not a big deal,” Nina said. “We can watch the kids while you two go out.”

  “No, we cannot,” Jack countered.

  “Jack.” Nina leaned in and whispered in his ear, “Give them one night, and I’ll give you anything you want for a week.”

  “Anything?” Jack asked.

  “Anything,” Nina said with a wide grin.

  Jack took her fork and sat it down on her plate before he stood and grabbed her hand.

  “We’re going home now,” Jack said. Angie’s jaw dropped.

  “We’d be happy to watch the kids on Valentine’s Day,” Nina said as Jack pulled her toward the exit.

  Chapter 3

  Jack unlocked the front door, letting Nina enter first. Her eyes lit up when she saw the trail of rose pedals leading to the family room.

  “How did you…”

  “I snuck home early while you and Angie were cooking. Don’t worry they’re not real.”

  He still didn’t get her objection to flowers and gifts in general, but she couldn’t resist a romantic gesture.

  “What is all this for?” Nina asked as he took her hand and headed down the hall.

  “Well, this whole Valentine’s thing got me to thinking, and you know what I realized? It’s been far too long since I’ve danced with my wife.”

  They entered the family room and Jack prayed she’d like the round rug he’d replaced their coffee table with. She stopped in front of him and Jack couldn’t see her expression. He almost took her silence for disapproval until she turned to him in tears and hugged him.

  “I love it,” she said, and he let out a sigh of relief.

  He was relieved that she liked her surprise, but her tears always made him uneasy. He never knew if there were joyous or sorrowful, despite what she said. Jack dried her tears, and Nina’s grin warmed his heart. He’d never stopped trying to make her smile, even when she was furious at him.

  “You up for giving it a test drive?” Jack asked. Nina nodded.

  He turned on the surround sound. It was already queued to play her favorite song: Charlie Wilson’s You Are. It’d become one of Jack’s favorites as well, with its undisputed success of getting him laid. Not that he needed much coercing when it came to Nina. Jack had no complaints when it came to their sex life.

  They swayed to the song and even managed the spin Jack had taught her before he finished with a classic dip.

  “Careful, Mr. Spears. You’re on the verge of charming me right out of my clothes,” Nina joked.

  “Then I’m right on schedule.”

  Jack kissed her, lowering her to the floor as Nina unfastened his belt.

  “Slow down, Speedy. We’ve got the whole night.”

  He removed her skirt to find a sexy pleated miniskirt underneath.

  “You aren’t the only one with surprises,” Nina said.

  Jack shouldn’t have been surprised. She was always wearing some sexy see-through nightie for him to discover, and boy did he enjoy them. Especially, the backless apron she’d worn last week. Tonight was a red la
ce bra under her sweater.

  “You never disappoint, Mrs. Spears.”

  Jack sat back on his heels admiring his beautiful wife. It was still so surreal to him that she was actually his, and that the worst was behind them. His fear had admittedly gotten the best of him more than a few times in the bedroom, but that wasn’t the case tonight. He couldn’t wait another minute and quickly undressed.

  Nina bit her bottom lip as he climbed on top of her, and just before he entered her, he paused.

  “I’ve gotta grab a condom.”

  Nina gripped his arm before he could pull back. “No need,” she said pulling one out of the side of her bra. Jack laughed at her inventiveness.

  “You’re amazing,” he said.

  “Save the kudos for after,” she said, giving him a firm grip after rolling the condom on.

  Jack enjoyed every moment he spent with Nina, but the sex was downright mind-blowing some days. Maybe it was because he was so in love with her, but he could never get enough. The only reason he limited their time in bed was because of her heart. No one would ever understand the deep and loathing hate he felt for something that was a part of the woman he loved. Nina didn’t deserve to live her life in fear, being poked and prodded two to three times a month, or the slew of prescriptions which cost more than she even made at her part-time job.

  It took numerous family meetings before she would even accept his money, which was the only thing they’d ever fought about. Jack understood why she felt so determined to work and pay for things on her own, especially after her bastard of an ex-husband threatened to stop paying her medical bills when she asked him for a divorce. Jack had done everything he could to help her feel as secure as humanly possible, from the deed and car title he signed over to her, to the separate account he insisted she keep her earnings in. In the end, Jack got just want he wanted: knowing his wife was happy and well cared for.

  Jack kissed Nina’s neck. She moaned. He’d developed a mental catalogue of every trigger point on her body. His mission was always to make her climax as quickly and as often as possible. They both hated always feeling rushed, but he was willing to do anything that ensured her safety.

  “Oh, Jack.” Nina dug her nails into his shoulders as he thrust harder. Her lips were quivering when he pressed his against them. The taste of her drove him wild with need and he quickened his pace, moving against her with a force that made them both moan. He was close to finishing when he pressed his hand against her pounding heart she cried out, “Don’t stop.”

  The last thing Jack wanted was to stop, but her erratic heart beats told him they had too. Every second her heart spent in the danger zone meant they were gambling with her life.

  “No, keep going,” she begged as Jack stopped and kissed her.

  “Let’s just pause,” he said.

  “No, I don’t want to pause. I’m fine.”

  “It’s just a few minutes.” He hated to disappoint her, but he cared about her safety more.

  “Fine, but don’t pull out. Otherwise…”

  “I know.” Okay maybe he had gone soft a few times, but who could blame him with the threat of death every time she climaxed.

  He rolled them until she was sitting on top, and Nina rested her head on his chest. He checked her pulse which didn’t appear to be slowing and he stroked her back hoping the feel of her naked body pressed against him would keep him hard.

  She rocked her hips, taking him in deeper.

  “Nina, stop it before I pull out completely.”

  “I can’t help it,” she said as she rounded her hips causing Jack’s eyes to roll into the back of his head.

  Jack was at war with his senses. He knew continuing was bad, but she felt so damn good grinding against him. He cupped her breasts and Nina rode him until they both climaxed.

  He held her close to his chest willing her heart to calm. “I can’t believe I let you do that,” Jack said.

  “I told you I was fine.”

  “That’s what you always say, right before you black out.”

  “Jack, come on. We both finished. No one passed out. You should be happy.”

  “I’d be happier if you didn’t scare me like that. It’s not good for my friend.” He pointed at his crotch.

  “Would a kiss make him feel better?”

  “Probably, but I’d take two on the lips to start.”

  Nina lifted her head to meet his eyes and smirked before kissing him twice. Jack rolled her off him before she could arouse him all over again. She rested her head against his chest.

  Nina sighed. “So…how was your day?” Nina asked.

  “It was great up until that con move you three just played on me.”

  “It was not a con. You know they need the time alone and we can do something any night of the week.”

  “I know what I want now. I want one night of the week, just the two of us, no kids, no siblings. We can go out, or eat in. I just want you to myself.”

  “How about Wednesdays, it’s my last day of work and international hump day.”

  “Hump day,” Jack said with a grin. “I like that.”

  “Then consider it done. What else would my husband like?” Jack kissed her. “Really, you’re ready to go again already?”

  “No, I just like it when you call me husband.”

  What he loved most was finally being the person responsible for her happiness. He wanted her to have the world. She more than deserved it with her selflessness when it came to him and their family.

  He’d never felt more cared for or loved by anyone. She seemed to think of everything before he even realized he needed it. Because of Nina, he was in the best shape of his life and his business was over-performing.

  “So tell me what my wife would like for Valentine’s Day?”

  Nina let out a long sigh, then said, “This.”

  “Okay, but what else?”

  “Jack, I already have everything I’ve ever wanted.”

  “Nina, everyone has a want.”

  “Oh, really, what’s yours?”

  “Fifty years of making you smile every second of every day.”

  “Well, I can’t promise the fifty years, but you already make me smile every second of every day,” she said.

  “Then, I would say I want more time with you.”

  “Yeah, that would be nice.” They laid there staring at the tray ceilings. These were the moments Jack cherished most. They weren’t rushing to get in a quickie before the kids made their way to the back door or Angie or Jason needed mediation. He loved his family, but time alone with Nina meant more to him than anything.

  “So what’s your want? I know you have one,” Jack asked.

  Nina took a deep breath, and Jack kissed the top of her head. “Okay, I do have something, but I don’t want to argue about it.”

  “I won’t.”

  “I want you to love the cabin again…like you used to before…”

  “That’s not going to happen.” Even the mention of it made him grip her tighter. He hated that place. It was the reason he’d almost lost her. Every time he thought of that Christmas afternoon and him sulking in the cabin while she laid unconscious on the side of that mountain, his blood ran just as cold as he’d felt the moment he’d discovered Jason’s mangled car which she’d borrowed to come find him.

  “Jack, it used to be your favorite place, now you hardly ever go there, and when you do you’re not yourself.”

  “I wish you would just let this go already.”

  “I can’t. You’ve given up enough for me already. I hate that I took something so special from you and tainted it. I wish I could take back my request.”

  “Don’t,” Jack said sitting up. He caressed her face. “You wanted to go back to the place where we fell in love and you had every right to ask. I’ll…work on my feelings about the cabin. It’s just that when I walk through the door, I’m right back there, again. That day we were packing up your things in th
e hospital and having to go up to the cabin and prepare for the worst day of my life, for losing you. It’s all I think about when I go there now.”

  Nina held his hand. “It’s all right. I get it.”

  “I wish I didn’t still feel that way. I really do.”

  “I know.”

  She hugged him tightly, and Jack breathed her in. He hated even thinking about that day. He was so beside himself he couldn’t even drive. Dale and his wife met him and Jason at the cabin and Eve showed up with flowers. Half the town had stopped by that day to bring flowers, meals, or stuffed animals for the kids. Jack burned them all one weekend after she was better, his failed attempt of erasing it from his memory.

  “I love you,” Nina whispered.

  “I love you more.”

  They both took a deep breath and put their difference of opinions away. It was as if they each knew their time was too precious to waste being upset about anything.

  “Well, what else do you have on your want list for tonight?” Nina asked.

  “How about a movie?”

  “Whatever you say. I’m gonna go freshen up, and then I’ll make us some popcorn.”

  “Hum, a shower sounds nice. I think I’ll join you.”

  Nina stood and Jack grinned as she extended her hand.

  “Hey, you never told me the story about your favorite Valentine’s Day,” Jack said as they headed up the stairs.

  “That’s because I’ve never had one.”

  “Come on, not even one?”

  “Nope, it’s all a bit much for my taste.”

  Jack scooped her up and she giggled. “I refuse to believe you don’t like a day that celebrates love.”

  “I didn’t say I don’t like it. I’ve just never had a good one.”

  Jack carried her into their double shower. “I guess I’ll have to do something about that.” Jack turned on the water and took a seat on the marble bench. “But for now…I think you promised me dessert.”

  Nina squealed as he pulled her onto his lap.

  Chapter 4

  “Mansfield Investments,” Nina answered the phone, eyeing the photo of Jack sitting on her desk. Yes, she was supposed to be working, but part of her was always hoping he’d be the voice on the other end of the phone.

  “Hey Nina, busy?” Jason asked.

  “Not really. What’s up?”

  “I was just planning for Friday and hoping Angie might have mentioned to you what she wanted.”

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