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Hot buttered rum standal.., p.25
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       Hot Buttered Rum: Standalone Romance (Silk Stocking Inn Book 4), p.25

           Tess Oliver

  “If you listened carefully, there was a lift in my tone at the end of yes, which means I said it like a quest—”

  He kissed me again, mostly to shut me up, but it also worked to throw off my composure. His mouth stayed close to mine as he spoke. “There is no one around for miles. We won’t take it all the way off. In fact, it’ll be that much hotter if you keep it rolled up just above those beautiful breasts of yours.”

  He stepped back and seemed to come to yet another conclusion. With no further explanation, he reached for my hands and lifted them above my head. He rested them against the rock wall. I had to arch my back to accommodate this new position. “Leave those hands right there.” He reached for my shirt and rolled it up with just enough slow precision to send a surge of moisture into my panties, especially with the way his dark eyes gazed hungrily at my breasts as they were exposed.

  Beck tucked the shirt up so that it stayed. My nipples hardened at the idea of being displayed in the wide open. A cool breeze brushed against them to pucker them more.

  “Sorry, sweetheart, it’s not very professional of me, but I can’t resist.” He leaned forward and dragged his tongue around each nipple.

  I instinctively lowered my arms to touch him, but he took hold of my wrists and lifted them back into position. He put his hands behind my back to make me arch it a little more.

  “Don’t move,” he commanded. He reached to my shorts and unbuttoned them. I stirred just enough to make him scowl at me. “I said don’t move.”

  He unbuttoned the shorts and pushed them just low enough to see the top of my panties. Then he splayed the fly open so my panties were almost completely exposed. “Should have had you lose the panties too,” he complained.

  “There is no Houdini trick for panties. At least none that I’m aware of.”

  “Too bad. Anyhow, I’m sort of liking this look. Not as good as naked pussy, but it works.” He backed up to the log where he’d set his paper and pencils. He sat down and tilted his head some.

  “Aren’t you supposed to be looking at me around your thumb?”

  He smiled and started rubbing a pencil over the paper. “Don’t move.”

  “Won’t lie. I’m feeling a little self-conscious about this,” I muttered, trying not to move my face as I spoke.

  “Why? I’m the only other person out here, and I’ve already seen every beautiful inch of you. Now hold still.” His gaze shifted from me to the paper and back again. All the while, his hand and pencil made quick sharp strokes on the paper.

  “Looks like you’re just scribbling,” I noted again through a tight jaw.

  “You are the most talkative model I’ve ever drawn.”

  “So, you’ve had a lot of women pose like this for you?”

  He stopped, at first with a grunt of frustration, but then his expression softened and he looked at me. “None like you, Emmie. This one’s for me, and it’s going to be a challenge finishing it when all I can think of right now is stripping those shorts and panties off of you and taking you right up against that old stone wall. So quiet. I need to finish fast.”

  His last confession changed everything. My self-conscious feelings washed away, and suddenly, I was taking part in one of the most erotic moments of my life. Every time Beck’s dark eyes lifted to look at me, my composure melted just a little more as if every stroke of his pencil was a stroke of his hand on my naked body.

  As the breeze pushed through the trees and across my bared breasts, my nipples ached with the need to be touched. The more they ached, the more my pussy ached for his attention.

  My hands tingled above my head, and the smooth stone felt cool on the skin of my back. And all I could think about was Beck making good on his earlier threat to take me right then and there.

  Even with the brisk temperatures beneath the forest canopy, my skin warmed with a flush. It seemed my artist was noticing my transformation. My sudden silence had to have signaled how I was feeling, and he, too, was having trouble finishing his task. I could see the movement of his throat as he swallowed hard, more often than was natural. His chest seemed to rise and fall more often than normal too. He pushed the pencil hard against the pad, and I wondered how he managed to draw any lines without ripping through the paper.

  “Fuck it,” he muttered as he tossed the paper and pencil down and stomped toward me.

  My arms dropped around his neck, and I fell against him with relief. His mouth covered mine. He fumbled with his pants until he managed to shove them haphazardly down around his thighs. With less fumbling and much more determination, he rid me of both my shorts and panties, only having a moment of difficulty when trying to get them over one ankle boot.

  Then he moved like a man possessed, a man who had been alone in the world for the last year and I was the first woman he’d seen. His frenzied movements, coupled with the sheer strength, should have frightened me, but it didn’t. I wanted him just as badly.

  Beck hooked his hand around my thigh and lifted my leg around him. He stared down at my face. “Damnit woman, what the hell have you done to me?” he growled as he jammed his cock inside of me.

  My body bounced against the stone wall as he thrust himself into me again. I’d been so turned on by standing nude as he sketched my picture that I was already close to coming.

  “Again, Beck, more.”

  My entire body trembled as he pushed into me again, going deeper than seemed possible and filling me with his thick erection, stretching my already tender pussy tighter. His fingers gripped my leg, and he rocked into me again. My body split into a million pieces and I came.

  “That’s it, baby. That’s what I want from you.”

  My eyes drifted shut with the intense feel of it. His grip on me tightened and he thrust inside of me again. His body hardened and his head lolled back with a groan as he came.

  It took a squirrel running through a nearby shrub to startle me from my state of delirium. “I think we had a voyeur.”

  Beck lowered my foot to the ground. “And he was cleverly disguised as a squirrel.”

  I laughed as I quickly struggled to get dressed, suddenly feeling extremely exposed in the middle of the forest.

  Beck took his time redressing, not seeming to care if anyone, two legged or four legged was watching.

  “I want to see the picture.” I brushed the dust off my shorts and shirt.

  “Don’t know if I’m ready to show it to you.” He was concentrating on buttoning his fly when I dashed past him and made a run for the pad of paper.

  I shrieked at the sound of his heavy footsteps behind me. I snatched up the pad of paper, but before I could look at it, he had his arms wrapped tightly around me trapping the picture against me.

  “Please let me see it.”

  “I was under duress, so it’s not my best work.”

  “So, looking at me naked was a hardship.”

  “You better fucking believe it, sweetheart. It’s not easy to create art when you’re fighting a raging erection.” He released me. “Go ahead. I can take the criticism. I’ve got a tough shell.”

  I held the notebook out and looked down at the picture. In an incredibly short time, and with what had appeared to be just short rough scratches of a pencil, Beck had captured my likeness exactly. Even with the rather risqué pose, out of character for me, I was looking down at myself.

  “Beck, it’s amazing. It’s like you had me memorized in your mind already, and it just came out of your hand on paper.”

  “I do have you memorized.” His deep voice came over my shoulder. “Every inch of you, Emmie.”

  I held the picture close again. “Can I keep it?”

  “Nope. That one is for me.”

  I turned around to face him. “Then I want one of you, a self-portrait that captures all of this.” I waved my hand aroun
d him. “All this incredible manliness and virility and power. I want it all in one sexy-ass picture that I can keep.”

  He shook his head. “Yeah, I’m not big on sketching self-portraits.” He took the notebook from my hand and looked at the picture. “You’re right. Not too bad. One thing is for sure—it’s making me crave a repeat of a few minutes ago.”

  “Lunch first. I’m starved.”

  Chapter 16

  A bright, cheery sun beamed down on the jewel toned water. Tall, statuesque evergreens smiled down at their reflections in the glass surface as Beck and I sat at the water’s edge finishing the lemonade. He was easy to talk to and even easier to laugh with. It occurred to me that I hadn’t laughed nearly enough in the past months with David and his friends. It was almost as if they’d considered a hearty round of raucous laughter beneath them.

  I lifted the thermos of lemonade. “You know what this needs?”

  “A shot of tequila?” Beck answered.

  “Yes, well that too, but I was thinking more along the lines of an oatmeal cookie.”

  Beck reached for the bag where Coco had packed our lunch. He dug inside and pulled out a plastic box. He opened it and pulled out a cookie.

  I stared wide-eyed at it. “Is that? It can’t be.”

  He handed me the chunky oatmeal cookie and pulled one out for himself. I took a bite and then looked in disbelief at the treat. “How the heck does she do that?”


  “Read my mind. It’s as if Coco knows my thoughts before I even think them. In fact, this whole weekend seems to be all my wildest fantasies coming true as if Coco created it.” I broke off another piece of cookie. “Not you, of course. You are all too real.”

  He took a bite and stared out at the lake as he chewed. “Too bad. I was kind of hoping I was part of your wild fantasy come true.”

  I nearly choked on the bite of cookie. I quickly sipped down some lemonade to clear my throat. It was true. Beck had been the man I’d dreamt up, the dangerous-looking lover who rode a motorcycle and seemed to be everything not on my proper mate checklist.

  “Holy shit,” I muttered out loud accidentally.

  Beck looked over at me. “Yep, they’re damn good cookies.”

  “No, I mean, yes, they are. Coco bakes magic in that kitchen of hers, but I was holy shi— anyhow I was thinking about something else. You are it. You are my wild fantasy come to life. Only you didn’t just come to life—” I stopped. “Did you?” I waved that comment off. “You rode up on a motorcycle, which happened to also be part of the fantasy.”

  He laughed. “Coco might have some supreme powers in the kitchen, but I don’t think she created me in that oven of hers. I am, however, more than happy to continue this fantasy. I was thinking we could ride back home, take a little rest. Well, maybe not rest, but you know, do some things that involve a bed. Although, the bed is optional as we proved just now against that stone wall and earlier in the shower.”

  “You have a one track mind, fantasy man. I like that particular track a lot.”

  His dark brown eyes glittered with sunlight as he gazed at me. “You know something, library lady? You might just be my fantasy too.”

  Chapter 17

  The day at the lake had passed quickly, too quickly. The whole damn weekend was rushing by at hurricane speed, and I had no way to stop it. I hadn’t given enough thought to how all this would end. Mostly, because I was a coward, and because I knew too well that I was developing feelings for Beck that went well beyond a weekend fling. Even though everything about him screamed ‘not for you’ and ‘can only lead to heartbreak and disappointment’ I couldn’t help but feel that I’d already reached a place where it was going to be hard to walk away.

  When we’d arrived back at the inn, there was a note from Coco that she had gone to take some goodies to her sister’s house and that she wouldn’t be back until late. The second Beck discovered that we had the place to ourselves, he’d sent me up to my room with some direct and not to be negotiated instructions. Who was I to cut short any prospect of unbridled, possibly kinky, sex with the man?

  I sat on the edge of my bed, freshly showered and rid of the road dust and, at Beck’s request, I was completely naked. I’d only been sitting there for five minutes, but my mind and body were already alive with anticipation of what might come next.

  Beck’s knock on my door startled me from my thoughts. “Come in.” I was covered with gooseflesh before he even opened the door.

  He stepped inside, wearing only his jeans. His hair was still wet from the shower, and he was holding strips of ribbon and a red bandana in his hand. Instinctively, I crossed my arms around my bare breasts. I hadn’t quite let go of those pesky inhibitions yet, even though I wanted nothing more than to lose them all when I was with Beck.

  Without a word and with a serious expression, one that was a cross between hunger and lust, Beck crouched down in front of me. He reached up and took hold of my hands and held them out to look at me, all of me. “I will never tire of seeing you naked, Emmie. Never. So don’t cover up when I walk into the room.” He lifted his mouth to mine and kissed me. “Ready for a little more fantasy?”

  I bit my lip, which was all the response I could muster. He knew I wanted this. He didn’t need to ask. He stood up. I dropped my head back to watch him reach full height. His shoulders nearly spanned the bed frame, and his hands suddenly looked even bigger than I remembered. Or it might have been the thin fluttery blue ribbons he was holding.

  I swallowed hard. “Do you want me to lie back on the bed?”

  He shook his head. “Not yet. Stand up.”

  I stood in front of him. He motioned for me to turn around. He brought the red bandana up and tied it around my eyes so that I could see nothing. I’d never had any man tie a blindfold on me, but something told me it wouldn’t end there. He took a few moments to trail hot kisses along my neck and shoulder as I stood in front of him with my eyes covered and no idea what would come next.

  I felt him move away from me, taking all his luscious body heat with him. The bed’s distinctive creak was followed by some rustling of pillows. Then he was near me again. It wasn’t just the heat, my entire body could sense when Beck was close.

  He hadn’t even touched me yet, but my knees wobbled and my body tensed with expectation. Beck took hold of my hand and led me around the bed. He turned me and helped me up onto the mattress. I scooted forward on my knees and came up against a soft tower of pillows that had been positioned, it seemed, in the center of the bed.

  “Lean down over the pillows,” he directed, his voice gravelly rough and low. I complied and soon found myself resting on the mattress with my ass jutting up high in the air. I sucked in a startled breath as his hand took hold of my ankle. He moved my leg far to the side and tied the ribbon around it. I pulled my leg away instinctively.

  He held it firm. “Do you want to stop?” he asked.

  I gave it hardly a second of thought. “No.” I relaxed my leg as he moved it toward the corner of the bed and tied it to the end post. He did the same with the other leg. My legs were splayed wide open, and my ass was jutting in the air. And my eyes were covered. I was losing my nerve. I reached for the blindfold.

  “All bets are off, sweetheart, if you don’t play by all the rules.”

  I dropped my hand from the blindfold.

  The mattress moved as he leaned his body over and brought his face near mine. “I would never hurt you, Emmie. Never.”

  I nodded weakly. My heart raced as he moved back toward the end of the bed. My first instinct was to move my legs as he climbed between them. But they were bound to the bed. My pussy was completely exposed. I realized that I was wet with anticipation as he moved his body and brought his mouth against my inner thigh.

  My fingers had nothing to touch, so I clutched th
e sheets and relaxed my head against the bed, reveling in the tender kisses he trailed along my thighs. Even though my ass was high in the air, I found myself lifting it even higher, asking for his mouth to move to my pussy.

  He heard my silent plea. His strong hand reached beneath me, and his thumb flicked against my clit as his tongue licked along the folds of my pussy. His free hand ran along the crack of my ass, and, just as in the shower, he penetrated my ass with just enough force to make me clamp my muscles tighter around his hand and his mouth. His tongue dove into me again and again. I tried to move my legs, forgetting, temporarily, that he had me bound to the bed. There was something kinky but invigorating about the idea of being tied to the bed, unable to move freely. I was his to do with what he liked and that notion sent a thrill through me.

  “Oh, Beck,” I sighed as my fingers seized more of the bed sheet. I lifted my ass to meet the onslaught from his tongue and finger as he impaled every intimate part of me. My mind was a blur, and all I could focus on was where he touched me. He quickly brought me to orgasm. I cried out against the mattress as my body trembled.

  Before I knew what was happening, Beck was inside of me. His cock penetrated me while my pussy was still pulsing with the orgasm. He rocked against me, pumping himself deeper as he moved slowly, methodically. I had barely caught my breath when once again my body shook in spasms and my pussy tightened around him. He brought me to climax again.

  “Oh, Beck,” I cried out, nearly overwhelmed by it all. Slowly, the pulsating waves of pleasure diminished. As they did, Beck moved faster and harder against me, producing a tender but sweet ache in my pussy. My body was exhausted. I gripped the sheets as he thrust into me fast and hard.

  “Yeah, fuck yeah,” he groaned as he jammed his cock deeper one last time and came.

  Slowly, he pulled free and set about untying my feet from the bed.

  “Thank you. I’d hate to have Coco find me like this in the morning,” I said with a faint giggle.

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