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Hot buttered rum standal.., p.23
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       Hot Buttered Rum: Standalone Romance (Silk Stocking Inn Book 4), p.23

           Tess Oliver

  “The fabric is soft,” he muttered against my lips, “but the skin is even softer. You are a damn treat from head to toe, Emmie. My cock’s been hard for you since you sashayed toward me to pick up that chalk.”

  I’d never had any man speak so brazenly to me in my life, and it should have stopped me cold from what I was about to do. Instead, it had the opposite effect. I found myself nearly crumpling against him, wanting him to take me naked to his bed. My head spun with the idea of it. And the ache in my pussy became stronger with each stroke of his tongue and each caress of his hand.

  He was muscle and raw power, and it seemed he could easily crush me in his arms. That difference in our size and strength not only made me feel that much more vulnerable, it made me want him that much more.

  “Say no now, Em, or this is going until the end.” His voice was ragged and deep. “I need to know you want this before I give in to it.” I could feel him holding back with every ounce of his self-control.

  I leaned forward and kissed his chest and his shoulder. “I want this, Beck. I want you.”

  Chapter 12

  For a man his size, Beck moved with incredible speed. I had barely taken my next breath when he had me up in his arms. He carried me to the bed and lowered me impatiently onto the plaid quilt. He knelt over me and began unbuttoning the silk pajamas.

  “I could just lift it off over my head,” I suggested.

  “And deny me the fun of unbuttoning it?” The satiny panels fell away. The way he gazed down at my breasts warmed my entire body. He leaned down over my naked breasts and kissed each one soft and tenderly at first. Then his lips and tongue teased my nipples until I was nearly breathless from it.

  His mouth stayed firmly on my breasts as he let his hand drift down my belly. As his fingers pushed beneath the pajama bottoms, a cry that sounded a little like a plea, came from my lips.

  He grinned in response. “You keep making hot sounds like that, sweetheart, and this will be done before it even starts.” He watched my face as his hand slid farther down, tucking itself between my legs. “Beautiful,” he groaned, “I knew your pussy would be as beautiful as the rest of you.”

  My legs fell apart, inviting him to touch more of me. Feeling almost frustrated from wanting him so badly, I reached for the fly on his jeans. “I want to see all of you, Beck. You’re like art. Please.”

  He seemed pleased with being referred to as art, but it was the truth. He rose up from the bed and walked to the end, his massive frame looming over the bed, between the curves of the open canopy. With teasing slowness, he opened his jeans and pushed them to the floor.

  The sound in my throat was no longer a chirp but a long, luxurious mewl. The fleshy tip of his erection glistened with moisture as it pointed directly at me. He did not disappoint. In fact, naked he was nothing short of breathtaking.

  To add to the erotic picture in front of me, he lifted his hands up and rested them along the wood frame of the canopy top. The muscles of his arms, chest and stomach seemed to ripple, almost as if choreographed to move along with a silent melody. And all the while, his thick, hard cock did a dance of its own.

  “Looking at you makes me feel like an insignificant troll,” I said pulling the panels of my pajama top shut.

  He knelt on the bed and crawled so fast toward me, the king sized bed lurched from side to side as if it had been filled with water. Beck leaned down on one elbow next to me and promptly slid open my top again. “You are so fucking beautiful, I haven’t stopped thinking of you since you stepped out of that fog.”

  I sighed. “All right, my male masterpiece, after that well-phrased sentence I am completely and utterly yours.”

  Beck grinned down at me with a slightly raised brow as if he was considering something. A moment of sheer disappointment struck me when it seemed he’d changed his mind completely. Instead, he offered me his hand and helped me to sitting.

  “I stripped for you. Now you need to return the favor.” He motioned for me to stand at the foot of the bed as he’d done.

  “All right, but the light seems awfully bright in—”

  He kissed me to stop me from finishing. “Sweetheart, get naked now, or I will do it for you. And I might not be too gentle with those nice pajamas.”

  I scooted quickly to the end of the bed and put my feet on the floor. I turned around. The shirt was already unbuttoned, and he’d seen all the important stuff already. I let it slide down my arms, caught it on one hand and tossed it onto a nearby chair.

  I reached up as he had done, but my hands fell well short of the canopy frame.

  “You’re stalling, library lady, and my cock is getting damn impatient.”

  I pushed the pajama pants down. They dropped to my feet. “Well?” I asked with a slight waver in my voice.

  “You look so damn fuckable, Emmie.” He reached over to the nightstand and picked up a condom package.

  “I like a man who comes prepared,” I quipped, the waver getting more noticeable.

  “What a coincidence,” he said as he rolled on the condom without taking his eyes off me. “Because I like a woman who comes.”

  Beck scooted toward me and sat on the end of the bed. He held my hands out so that I could cover nothing. He kept my hands there as his mouth leaned forward to kiss my breasts. He lowered my arms, and his hands wrapped around my waist. He lifted me up to straddle his lap.

  I curled my arms around his neck. Our teasing, flirting and quips fell silent. Suddenly, I felt nearly overwhelmed with what I was about to do. I barely knew the man who had his arms wrapped around me, and yet, I felt a connection that I hadn’t expected.

  He lifted his face to mine. As I lowered my mouth, his hands slid beneath my ass. His fingers slid through the moisture pooling between my legs. I swallowed a deep breath, reveling in the intense feel of his touch.

  My lips parted, and I kissed him deeply, my tongue stroking his mouth as I slid down over his cock. It seemed I would never reach the end. As he filled me, my body trembled with pleasure.

  “Fuck, baby, you are so damn sweet,” he groaned. His fingers gripped my ass tightly and he pushed up deep inside of me. I tightened my pussy around him, wanting to feel every inch.

  “Beck.” His name came out as a whisper. He groaned in response.

  “I could listen to you say my name like that every fucking minute of the day.”

  No longer able to restrain ourselves, we moved more urgently. I held onto him tightly as he impaled me again and again. He held my ass firmly as we slammed together, meeting each time as if we’d belonged together, as if our bodies were made for each other.

  The warm friction built around my pussy as our bodies met bringing me quickly to orgasm. “Oh, Beck,” I cried as my arms tightened around him. My body pulsed with heat and energy. My pussy narrowed around his erection as waves of ecstasy rolled through me.

  I softened in his arms, trying hard to keep my spinning head from lolling back. Without withdrawing, he spun around and laid me back on the bed. He lowered himself gently over me, taking care not to crush me beneath his massive body.

  He lowered his mouth to mine, and I braced for fast and frantic. It was the way David had always finished, sometimes not even waiting for me to climax first. But Beck wasn’t David. He was raw sensuality, every bit of him. The way he moved slow and deep inside of me brought me close to tears.

  Beck’s hand slid beneath my bottom. He lifted me higher and rocked against me until his body stiffened. A deep growl rolled up from his chest and he came.

  He relaxed his head on the pillow next to me. I curled my arm around his neck. We lay like that for a long time, listening to each other’s heartbeats and the creaky walls of the old house.



  “I promise never to call you a jerk again.”

  “Good. I kind of prefer the work of art comparison.”

  I smiled and turned my face. Our noses touched, and his brown eyes gazed into mine. “Damn, library lady, where the hell have you been all my life?”

  I reached up and caressed the side of his face. “I’ve been hiding in the stacks waiting for my knight to pop out of one of those darn books. And all this time, he was sitting in a dingy pool hall.”

  He laughed and swept me into his arms as he rolled to his side. We both drifted into a comfortable, deep sleep.

  Chapter 13

  It had been like pulling myself away from the climactic ending of an exceptionally good movie, but I’d managed to coax out from the warm cocoon created by the quilt and Beck’s body. He’d stirred for a second, and I was sure he’d pull me back for more sex like he’d done twice during the night. Each time had been amazing and unforgettable.

  I smiled down at the handsome sleeping giant, he looked just as formidable asleep as awake with his dark hair and ink covered muscles. But as formidable as the man looked, he was beyond masterful as a lover. It would be extremely hard to move on with any relationship after one wonderful night with Beck.

  I pulled my pajamas back on and nearly laughed out loud. Coco had left the fabulous pajamas, and I’d relished the idea of sleeping in the satiny confection, yet I hadn’t worn them for longer than fifteen minutes. I would be sorry to leave the pajamas and the inn and, most especially, the man behind when I headed back home.

  I wasn’t completely sure what had made me leave his warm bed at the crack of dawn. It might just have been propriety and not wanting Coco to discover that I’d slept across the hall or it might have been because I wasn’t completely sure how to say good-bye to Beck. If I was honest with myself, I was probably ducking out so it would be easier to leave. One long night with Beck had churned up some emotion. I realized I wanted a relationship with the kind of passion, the kind of lust that made you do stuff you wouldn’t normally do.

  I opened the door and glanced back at Beck before leaving. He was fast asleep. I realized I knew absolutely nothing about him except that he was breathtaking to look at, rode a motorcycle, had a temper and his skills in bed were masterful.

  I shut the door to his room and felt a little despondent about it all. It had been silly for me to believe that I could spend the night with a man like Beck and then just saunter away as if it hadn’t happened. Something told me I was going to be feeling the sting of my impulsive decision for a long time.

  I needed to sort out my car trouble or find a ride home this morning. If I stayed much longer, I might just end up falling for him.

  Of course, Beck was probably on his way out this morning too. I doubted he would be feeling any of the tugs of regret that I was experiencing. He would more than likely ride off on his motorcycle, moving on to the next adventure like some dark brooding nomad. Or maybe he had a woman waiting for him somewhere. Since I knew little about the man who I’d just made love to three times, my imagination could drum up a number of upsetting scenarios.

  During the short journey across the hallway, I chided myself for being such a fool. My sincere attempt to make sure I was back in my room before Coco discovered me missing had failed. There was a buttery smelling scone sitting on a plate next to a cup of coffee.

  I felt a blush cover my face and was feeling more than a bit embarrassed. Then I reminded myself that I was a grown woman with the capability and right to make my own decisions. Even if they were questionable, at best.

  I picked up the scone, took a bite and glanced down at the napkin. Another embroidered sentiment. I wondered if she had an entire collection of them.

  “No need for wise words. Looked like the first napkin worked.”

  I reread the pink stitching three times. It was as if the napkin was talking directly to me. I thought back to the first sentiment about following my heart to a happy ending. I shook my head. It was all too weird to wrap my mind around.

  I’d shower and head downstairs to see just what to do about my car and a ride home. With any luck, Julia would be available. I couldn’t really call David since we were on the outs. I was standing firm in my decision to stay that way. I quickly allowed myself an extremely satisfying daydream where David pulled up in his pretentious sports car only to see me kissing the beefy tattooed hunk of a man I’d just spent the night with. Beck was everything opposite of David, which, of course, was why I found him so darn appealing.

  I walked into the bathroom and started the shower. Even though the house was at least a century old, the bathroom amenities, including the big, glass shower were all modern. I pulled off the pajamas and stepped inside the shower stall. A wide showerhead poured water down on my head like a warm spring rainstorm. Even the soap Coco provided was a rich, lavender scented slice of heaven.

  My face was under the water when I heard the bathroom door shut. I wiped my eyes and squinted through the steam and the condensation on the glass. There was only one person who could fit the large silhouette moving toward the shower.

  The soap slipped from my hands and circled around my feet. I bent down to pick it up. Air rushed into the shower, cooling my naked bottom.

  “Huh, it’s as if you read my mind, sweetheart.”

  I straightened with a shocked gasp. Again, the soap jumped from my fingers like a slippery fish. Beck caught it mid air and squeezed his fingers around it. “You’re right. It would be much more fun to lather up first.”

  Beck shut the glass door, nearly filling the stall with his oversized frame. He stepped beneath the water with me and lifted my chin for a kiss. “You don’t mind if I join, do you?”

  I shook my head, rendered speechless by the mere thought of an erotic shower session with him.

  While keeping his deep brown gaze on me, he turned the bar of soap in his hand and worked up a lather. He placed the soap on the tray and pressed the pillow of lather against my breast. His hands smoothed through the creamy soap, running them along my breasts, sides and bottom as he kissed me. Water poured over us, trickling between our lips as we kissed. My body warmed even more every place he touched.

  He moved closer. His erection pushed against my belly, begging for some attention. I moved my hand down and wrapped my fingers around him. Beck groaned in appreciation against my mouth.

  We were wrapped in a warm, floral scented steam. It felt almost as if nothing else existed outside of the shower. It was just the two of us, completely naked and wanting each other again just as we had through the night. I was still feeling the sweet, achy tenderness of the long night, and yet, I was feeling completely aroused as if it was the first time.

  I pulled my mouth from his and smiled up at him. I had never been with a man like Beck. I wasn’t about to miss one opportunity to explore. My body reacted before my mind had settled on it. I sank down to my knees. Warm, soapy water circled my legs and dripped down my face and back as I closed my fingers around his cock. It felt thick and hot in my hand.

  I pressed my mouth against the tip and ran my tongue around it, teasing out the salty liquid. Beck’s large fingers tangled in my hair as he held my head in front of him. I ran my tongue along the long shaft. His deep growl echoed off the bathroom tile as he moved his hips toward me, wanting me to take more of him into my mouth. Giving him pleasure made my pussy tingle with heat.

  I moved my mouth over his cock and ran my tongue around it as I pushed him deeper into my throat. I cupped his balls with my hand and slid my lips along his erection, taking in more of him each time. His cock seemed to thicken and grow harder between my lips.

  “Em, no more. Your mouth is too fucking perfect. I want to finish inside of you.” His tone was gruff, commanding.

  I slid my tongue along him for one last tantalizing moment. He reached down impatiently and lifted me to my feet. The hot steam was cooling and coating eve
rything with a thick condensation.

  His dark eyes had an intense, fiery gaze as he spun me around. He reached down, took hold of my wrists and pressed my hands against the tile wall of the shower. He pulled my hips so that my ass jutted out toward him.

  “I can promise you I’m clean, Emmie. But just say the word, and I will walk out of here now. I will probably throw my fist into a wall on my way out, but just say the word—”

  “I’m covered with birth control. It’s all right. I believe you.”

  My hands stuttered down the tile as he pushed my feet wider. He was far less gentle than the night before, but then I’d pushed him farther than usual with my mouth, a wicked notion that made me absurdly excited. I’d never felt confident that I knew what I was doing with oral sex, but with the way he was handling me and his plea to take me right there against the wall, it seemed I’d been doing something right.

  Before I could take a proper breath beneath the downpour of water cascading over my naked body, he was inside of me. A primal sounding growl echoed off the tile.

  I braced myself hard against the tile wall and met each of his thrusts. Each movement pushed the breath from me. His cock moved deeper each time, reaching the very core of me. The movements were fast and slightly unhinged. I had a hard time catching my breath. My head spun, and it seemed that the bathroom lights were doing a dance above my head. Every time he filled me, he reached a deeper pocket of pleasure but his movements were too powerful. I couldn’t keep up.

  “Come for me, baby,” he grunted. “I won’t finish until you do.”

  My arms trembled under the strain of holding myself up and bracing against his blows.

  “It’s too much,” I sighed in exhaustion. “I need—”

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