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Sharing Like Shakespeare II: Crossing Over To The Dark Side: Act 3
Sharing Like Shakespeare II

  Crossing Over To The Dark Side

  Act Three

  By: Taylor McBride

  Cynical Saints Publishing©



  Table Of Contents


  Chapter Seven A Breath of Fresh Air

  Chapter Eight That Can Only Mean One Thing

  Chapter Nine Sock It To Me

  About The Author



  Chapter Seven A Breath of Fresh Air

  SETTING: (Once again at the pizza shop. Everyone from the meeting is there. Othello enters and looks around, he goes to stand by the juke box. Jawny leaves Gabby’s side to approach Othello)

  Jawny: Gonna play some Elton Jawn?

  Othello: Maybe.

  Jawny: Yeah I bet. Been meanin’ to ask you, what exactly was your drug of choice?

  (The juke box begins to play)

  Othello: More.

  Jawny: Yeah I know dood, but like more of what? You embarrassed? Like what was your main addiction?

  Othello: Does it matter?

  Jawny: I need to be sponsored by someone who actually understands what I’m going through like what it’s like to withdraw. If you’ve never been dope sick you don’t really understand.

  Othello: Weed.

  Jawny: Have you ever sucked dick for weed? Half Baked? No? I’m jussayin’ like for me I need to be sponsored by someone who understands and like you know it’s just not the same. Being hooked on weed is nawt the same thing as shooting dope. You never shot dope before?

  Othello: Not yet.

  Jawny: Yeah, guess nawt. You really think you’re an addict?

  Othello: I hit bottom when I decided to stop digging. Thanks for being so fucking interested in me all of a sudden.

  Jawny: I’m jussayin’.

  Othello: Everybody’s always jussayin’. Since we’re on the subject, let me get this straight, you’re a dope fiend.

  Jawny: 500%.

  Othello: But you go to Wet Socks Anonymous?

  Jawny: Well yeah dude, there are hotter girls there, buddydoodguykid.

  Othello: But you drink sometimes though? Not that I even give a shit.

  Jawny: Like I said dood, alcohol was nevah really my prawblem dood.

  Othello: I need some fresh air.

  (Othello walks out the way he came in. He stands in front of the Pizza shop and looks up as if searching for answers.

  The “P” in the neon “PIZZA” sign flickers.

  Lenox walks out and approaches Othello)

  Lenox: Othello! Guan! Guan! Othello keep coming back boi. Pay no attention to the fucktalk now boi. Lenox and them warriors lookin right past that now. Don’t be worried now. Your cup runeth over til it overflow. You’ll always have a seat at me table mon.

  Othello: Thanks, I appreciate that.

  (Lenox walks off. Othello looks back to the sky. There are stars visible. Mary comes walking out and approaches Othello)

  Othello: Lenox just left.

  Mary: Why do you think I’m looking for Lenox?

  Othello: (shrugs)

  Mary: Well?

  Othello: My intuition tells me that you like mismatched socks is all.

  Mary: Oh, does it now?

  Othello: Hey, I could be wrong.

  Mary: Well, actually I’m looking for you.

  Othello: I see.

  Mary: Look, I owe you an apology. For multiple reasons, I came out here to try and apologize.

  Othello: You’re going to have to be more specific pretty girl.

  Mary: Well first of all, I just want you to know that Gabby is a bit of a drama queen, maybe it runs in the sponsorship family, but either way, I just want you to know that you don’t need to think that all the women are somehow against you just because of Gabby being Gabby. We are trying to help Gabby as much as we can. Just don’t think we are choosing sides.

  Othello: I’m not saying you don’t know what you’re talking about, but I don’t know what you’re talking about.

  Mary: Look, I just know that this program can work for anyone. And, I want you to feel welcome at a meeting.

  Even if, let’s just say, you were some kind of stalker creep-o zodiac killer type person, you could still recover in Wet Socks Anonymous

  Othello: Third Tradition bitch.

  Mary: No, but I mean, I guess I just feel like you have gotten a very negative perspective of us. Just because we are here to fix our drinking problem, does not mean carte blanc to do other drugs.

  It’s like common sense that if you are trying to do a bunch of intensive inventory and deep spiritual reflection your mind needs to be clear and your heart needs to be open for that stuff to actually sink in.

  I’d say that 99% of people in the fellowship are not on a bunch of prescription drugs or medical marijuana or Johnnies or anything.

  I’m not like Bobby. The world is always changing, always evolving, and Wet Socks Anonymous has to change too, our book literally has not be revised since the 1920’s.

  It was just a different time back then. All the sexism and secularism was just a reflection of that era.

  Othello: Well that’s good.

  Mary: That’s all you have to say? You hate me don’t you? Look I’m really fucking sorry OK? Ever since I met you, I’ve basically just thought you were going to be like every other guy I meet in here, when I was doing my daily Ten it’s like I realized later that a lot of the things I’ve said to you could have been really disrespectful. I had no right at all. Different strokes for different folks.

  Othello: I have pretty thick skin.

  Mary: Just because you have thick skin does not excuse my behavior. I’ve been way out of line. Honestly it’s all I can do just to hold it together lately and I’m not proud of the way I’ve treated you. I’m not trying to make excuses I’m just asking please give me the chance to make it up to you, please.

  Othello: Well there is one thing I’ve been wanted to ask you.

  Mary: Anything.

  Othello: What was Bill Wilson like? Did you know him?

  Mary: He died before I was born! How old do you think I am!

  Othello: I’m fucking with you.

  Mary: You’re funny. No, like really, you’re funny.

  Othello: Can I share something with you?

  Mary: Anything.

  Othello: Well, remember the other night at dinner when I was having conversation with Bobby?

  Mary: Yes, when I kept interrupting you.

  Othello: Well he was talking about how he was eating an apple and he found out later it was a fruit, and, so it got me thinking…

  Mary: ...and you want to eat my peaches? Sorry, there I go interrupting again. So it got you thinking…

  Othello: Well, yeah, if an apple can find out that it’s a fruit that is all fine and good, but what about tomatoes! Nobody knows, are they a fruit or a vegetable?! Damn shit is real out here for the tomatoes!

  Mary: Hahahahahaha!

  Othello: You like that one, eh?

  Mary: I hear your sponsor is Tony Sausages.

  Othello: Tony S. schooled me to the game, now I know my duty.

  Mary: Will I see you tomorrow night at the meeting?

  Othello: Probably not.

  Mary: What about the at Foglifters group?

  Othello: Doubt it.

  Mary: Oh…

  Othello: (…)

  Mary: (…)

  Othello: You know, for being so outgoing, you are actually quite shy Mary.

Mary: How so?

  Othello: I’ll see you later Mary.

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