The flirtation, p.23
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       The Flirtation, p.23

         Part #10 of Submissive series by Tara Sue Me
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  “Follow me.” It was Luke.

  He led them through the crowd to a row of private rooms. He unlocked one, pushed the door open, and followed Simon in.

  “I’ll leave you two alone,” Luke said as Simon placed Lynne in the middle of the bed and crawled up to curl himself around her and covered them up. “Let me make sure there’s water and chocolate in here.”

  Simon watched him locate both and called to him before he left. “Would you mind bringing my bag in here? There are some things in it I need.”

  “Sure thing,” Luke said. “Do you need anything else?”

  “Just make sure we’re not disturbed.”

  “I can do that.” Luke’s eyebrow lifted. “Out of curiosity, what did she say there at the end?”

  “Humpty Dumpty, I think.”

  Luke nodded. “That’s what I thought I heard. Is that her safe word?”

  “No. I’m not exactly sure why she was speaking in nursery rhymes.”

  “Subspace is a curious thing,” Luke said, and closed the door behind him.

  Simon needed to care for Lynne’s back, but at the moment he simply wanted to hold her. He pulled her closer and smelled her hair, enjoying the light floral scent he’d come to associate with her over the last few weeks. Then, because he couldn’t help it, he kissed the top of her head and sighed. He tried to live in such a way that he didn’t have a lot of regrets. But the one thing he did regret was letting Lynne go the first time. He didn’t plan to ever let that happen again.

  He wasn’t going to let her walk away again like he had at the conference either. Nope, if she tried to run, he was going to follow. Not that he regretted letting her do it then. It was something she had to do to work things out in her head. He didn’t begrudge her that time.

  But now that they were back together, it wouldn’t be happening again. If she had an issue, they would talk about it together.

  She gave a little snore in her sleep, and he smiled. Lord, what he’d ever done to deserve her, he wasn’t sure, but now that he had her, he never planned to let her go. Realizing he had too much energy to stay in bed, he eased out from beside her but left her on her side so he could see her back.

  She was sleeping so deeply, she barely stirred as he cared for her back. He was pleased with the way it looked. There would be enough marks to satisfy her inner masochist, but not anything that would mark her permanently. He placed a kiss on her shoulder blades.

  It was his own personal kind of hell. Lynne was in bed, naked, and they were alone. But she was sleeping, and he didn’t want to wake her. He had no idea how long she’d be out. She’d never passed out before. At least they had the private room for the night, and she could take her time drifting back to the land of the living.

  With her back attended to, he joined her on the bed and pulled her into his arms, finally content to rest beside her.

  Surprisingly, she didn’t sleep very long. Less than thirty minutes after he got on the bed with her, she began to stir. Of course, doing so meant that she was wiggling around against his dick. He knew she would probably be out of sorts when she woke up, so he told his dick to stand down, that it wasn’t time for fun just yet.

  “Ow, ow, ow,” Lynne mumbled in her half-awake, half-asleep state.

  Simon pulled back a bit to give her room and to make sure the ibuprofen and water were nearby. She groaned as she rolled over to look at him, her eyes blinking several times before opening completely.

  “Hey,” he said, feeling giddy as a teenager on his first date for some reason.

  “Hey,” she answered back. “Where are we?”

  He pushed aside a lock of hair that had fallen in her face. “At Luke’s club. One of his private rooms. You passed out after the scene. Do you feel okay?”

  “I ache all over and I’m sore everywhere, but interestingly enough, I feel fine.”

  He nodded toward the table. “Even so, go ahead and take two.”

  She didn’t argue, but sat up and took the tablets. “It’s coming back to me now.”

  “The scene?”

  “Yes.” She took a sip of water. He loved how she was altogether comfortable being naked around him. “You know, there at the end, when you said you were going to make me scream?”

  He grinned. “Like I could forget that.”

  “I didn’t know you meant you wanted me to have a screaming orgasm.”

  “I couldn’t tell you everything, now, could I? What would be fun about that? Besides, it’s fun to keep you on your toes.”

  “I couldn’t get to my toes. Some mean Dom tied me to a cross so I couldn’t move.”

  “Is that right?” He ran his knuckles across her shoulder, unable to keep his hands to himself anymore, and leaned forward to kiss her gently when she nodded. “But I think we may have to lay off the screaming orgasms.”

  Her forehead crinkled in that delightful way it did when she didn’t understand something. “Why?”

  “The screaming orgasm itself is fine. It’s when you pass out and call yourself Humpty Dumpty that I have to draw the line.”

  “Humpty Dumpty?”

  “Yes, you called yourself that after the scene. Right before you went out.”

  “That explains why that rhyme kept repeating in my head.”

  He brushed her cheekbone. “You sure you’re okay?”

  “I honestly can’t remember a time I felt more okay than I am right now.” She looked around the room for the first time. “Private room, you said? How long do we have it?”

  “For as long as we want.”

  “Really?” She dropped a hand between them and slowly let it inch up his leg. “That certainly opens up a lot of possibilities.”

  He stopped her hand with his own. “Not if you’re too sore or tired.”

  “Do I look too sore or tired?”

  He slapped her thigh. “Sassy wench. Who do you think has been holding you while you recuperated from the last time we explored possibilities?”

  She bit her bottom lip in mock chastisement and dropped her head, but not before he caught her smile. “Thank you for holding me, Sir. I just wanted to let you know that if you wanted to—you know—I’m definitely up for it.”

  “First, I enjoyed holding you. Second, we’re not doing anything until you call it what it is instead of ‘you know.’ And third, are you trying to tell me what to do?”

  “No, never, Sir.” At his raised eyebrow, she added, “Okay, but just a little and just so you’d know that I was ready, willing, and able . . .”

  “Say it.”

  “For you to fuck me senseless, Sir,” she said, and he loved how her cheeks flushed when she spoke the words.

  “That’s more like it,” he said while devising a plan in his head. He didn’t want her in any sort of strenuous position. Not with how she’d reacted after the single-tail scene. In fact, after that scene, the sadist part of him was sated. Now he just wanted her. “But I think since I whipped you senseless not too long ago, maybe we should take it easy?”

  “Not to argue, but you didn’t whip me senseless, Sir.”

  “Oh,” he said, wondering how she was going to claim that when she’d just woken up.

  “Yes, you see, I think it was the orgasm that rendered me senseless.” She looked so proud of the fact, he couldn’t help but tease her some more.

  “In that case, perhaps you shouldn’t have any more orgasms.”

  Her mouth dropped open, and then her lips formed the cutest pout.

  “Did I render you speechless?” he asked.

  “Yes, Sir. The only reply I have for that is no, no, no, no, no, no. But then I remember you are a sadist, so maybe I shouldn’t say that for fear that you’ll use it against me. Then I think you probably know my thoughts on that already, because who would want to never have an orgasm again, right? So I’ll say—”


  “Yes, Sir?”

  “Shut up so I can kiss you.”

  She giggled softly but didn’t sa
y anything further. She simply looked at him with those deep blue eyes, and her lips parted. He reminded himself not to go at her like a teenage boy high on lust, but to go slow and to remember she was sore and achy.

  He gently cupped her face and gave her the lightest of all kisses, pleased at the soft purring sound she made in her throat and how she inched closer to him.

  “There we go,” he whispered. “Look at you, all obedient and quiet. Such a good girl.”

  “I wouldn’t count on it lasting long, Sir.” Her eyes fluttered closed, and she lifted her head, silently asking for another kiss.

  He didn’t dream of disappointing her. He brought his lips to hers again, but this time his kiss wasn’t as soft. And neither was the noise she made in her throat. Yet even though his erection was still incredibly hard, he was content for the moment just to kiss her.

  There was something to say about taking your time and simply kissing someone, when you didn’t view it as a step on the way to something more but took your time and brought your partner to their knees simply with your mouth.

  He deepened the kiss and smiled inside at the little whimper that escaped her. He let his fingers brush the top of her shoulder, and when he brushed the side of her breast with his knuckles, she groaned.

  “Please, Sir,” she whispered against his lips. “I need you.”

  “None of that, my impatient girl. We have all night and I’m not rushing anything.” Then, to show her he was serious, he moved his hand from her breast and ran it through her hair. “I’m going to take my time pleasuring you.”

  She didn’t object again, but allowed him to position her however he liked. First, he moved her to her back, granting him access to her breasts. He lavished attention on both, sucking the nipple of one into his mouth while pinching the other between his thumb and forefinger.

  “Look at you,” he said. “Look at how turned on you are by a little pain.” He swept his hand low and let it rest between her legs, dipping only the tips of two fingers into her.

  She squirmed a bit, but she surprised him by not doing anything to get more of him inside of her.

  “So wet and ready for me and my cock, aren’t you?” he asked.

  “Yes, Sir,” she replied, but it mostly came out in moans.

  He placed his two fingers at her mouth. “Open. Taste how much you want me.”

  She sucked his fingers into her mouth, and the feeling was so incredible, he feared he was seconds away from losing his shit.

  “That’s it,” he said. “Get them good and clean. Suck them down like you would my cock.”

  Holy fuck.

  Each time she sucked his finger, it was like a direct pull on his dick, and even though he’d told her they weren’t going to rush anything, he wasn’t sure he would be able to last much longer.

  “Damn, Lynne,” he said. “You’re bringing me to the edge.”

  “Only seems fair, Sir, seeing as how you keep me there.”

  He slapped her thigh. Forget all night. He wanted inside her now. “That’s it. On your stomach.”

  She rolled onto her belly, and he had her lift her butt just a bit. “But keep your legs together,” he said. “You won’t believe how tight you’ll be.”

  She mumbled something into the pillow that he thought was a curse, and he almost smiled, but then he noticed her body tremble. Normally, he would assume it was because she was excited and eager, but due to how she’d been out of it the last little bit, he wanted to make sure.

  “What color are you, Lynne?”

  “Green, Sir,” she replied without hesitation.

  He ran his hands down her back. “Why are you trembling?”

  “Because I need you so badly, Sir.”

  “You’re sure?”

  “Yes, Sir.” Her answer was short and clipped. He got the impression she wanted to say more but was probably afraid he’d stop if she became sassy.

  “Let’s see if I can fix that,” he said, lining himself up.

  He eased the tip of his cock inside her, and her hands fisted in the sheets. He didn’t thrust into her quickly but took his time, going slow and ensuring she felt every inch of him. His eyes damn near rolled to the back of his head.

  “Better?” he asked when he was buried all the way inside her.

  She wiggled her ass. “Oh, hell, yes, Sir.”

  He gave her backside a slap. “I should have brought a plug so I could fuck your ass while I’m enjoying this pussy.”

  She mumbled something else into the pillow.

  “Enough of that,” he said, with another slap. “If you’re going to say something, say it so I can hear.”

  “I said, I’d die of pleasure overdose if you did that, Sir.”

  Based on her reaction to the single tail, she’d probably pass out again. “True. We’d better wait on that until I get you acclimated to the appropriate amount of pleasure.”

  And speaking of pleasure, he wasn’t sure how much longer he could stay inside her without moving. “Tell me, Lynne, do I feel different in this position? Can you feel how deep I am?”

  She strung several four-letter words together.

  “Is that a yes?” he asked, but he couldn’t wait for an answer because his control was shot. He pulled back and then rammed into her. Any prior thoughts he’d had of taking things slow went right out the window when she yelped.

  “Fuck, Sir. Harder.”

  He dropped all pretense of taking all night and started to pound into her the way they both craved. If she wanted him hard and fast, there wasn’t any part of his body that was going to object to a good, hard fuck. Maybe they’d try for slow and easy another time. Like next year.

  Being with Lynne always seemed to bring out the possessive caveman in him and at no time had that ever been more obvious to him than in that moment. She was his sub. His. And he’d be damned if he’d give her up again. It didn’t matter if she was a nanny, or a teacher, or the fucking president of the United States. The world could have the sweet, demure Lynne she showed them. Let them think she was little Miss Innocent with her big blue eyes. He knew her inner, true self. She was a wicked, sexy, dirty girl. She loved sex and she loved it raw and real and nasty. And if there was some pain thrown in, all the better. But more than that, she was all his.

  • • •

  Lynne’s breathing finally returned to normal. She was on top of Simon, which was odd because she’d definitely been under him. Or at least she was the last thing she remembered. She cracked one eye open and saw him watching her.

  “Did I pass out again?” she asked. That was almost as embarrassing as giggling while she was in subspace. Almost.

  “I don’t think so,” he said. “Unless I did as well. In which case, we’re highly dangerous when we fuck and we probably shouldn’t do it again.”

  He said it with a smile, so she was going to assume he was joking. “I think that’s quite possibly the worst idea you’ve ever had.”

  He snorted. “I thought you’d say that.”

  The room fell silent, but he was rubbing her shoulder, like he wanted to say something but wasn’t sure how to start it. She could almost see the wheels spinning in his head. They matched the way he was stroking her.

  “I’ve learned it’s best just to come on out and say it,” she eventually said.

  “Say what?”

  “Whatever it is you’re thinking about saying.”

  “That obvious, am I?”

  She pushed up on one elbow and looked down on him with a raised eyebrow. Really?

  He laughed. “Okay. I guess I am.”

  And still he wasn’t saying anything, but he continued rubbing her shoulder. She’d just about given up when he spoke.

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