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         Part #2 of Lessons From the Rack series by Tara Sue Me
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  open mouth.

  “The thing is, Marie, you’re not going to give me a blow job. I’m going to fuck your mouth.”

  The thought of having him in her mouth while she sucked him off had made her hot. But hearing him correct her assumption and tell her what it was really going to be like? Hotter than hell.

  She nodded.

  He grabbed her hair. “Nice that you approve, but even if you didn’t, you’d still open that mouth wide for my dick. I’m in charge right now and there’s only one way to stop me.”

  And, she said to herself, there was no way she was safewording today.

  Before, he’d let her take him in her mouth. Not today. Today, he tipped her head back and thrust his cock inside, holding her head still while he used her.

  “You have the sweetest mouth. So hot and wet around my cock. I could fuck it for hours.” He pumped himself in and out several times. “Now I want you to open your throat for me. I want all the way in.”

  It’d been ages since she’d deep-throated anyone, but she wasn’t going to let that stop her. She nodded around his cock even though she had a feeling he wasn’t looking for her agreement. She took a deep breath. She could do this.

  He went slower this time and she forced herself not to gag even as her eyes watered. Deeper and deeper he went, until he finally sighed and pulled out.

  “So damn good,” he said, while she caught her breath. “Again.”

  He repeated his actions several more times and each time it got a little easier. Finally, he pulled all the way out.

  “Such a good cocksucker. That mouth is all mine, isn’t it?”

  “Yes, Sir.”

  “And who does that throat belong to? Who gets to fuck it?”

  “You, Sir.” A wave of excitement washed over her as he declared ownership over her body. It seemed like a dream, her best dream ever. She was his. She belonged to Lennox. She wanted to jump up and tell the world, but for the moment, she’d settle for simply basking in his ownership. Even if it was only for this moment in time.

  “That’s right.” He stroked her hair and just that simple touch sent electric tingles throughout her body. “Now, stand up and finish undressing me.”

  She rose gracefully to her feet. This wasn’t anything she’d been asked to do before and she found it rather hot. She stood before him, loving how his eyes were dark with desire for her. For her.

  She was going to take her time and enjoy this because he hadn’t said she had to do it quickly. Starting with the top button she undid his shirt. Whenever her hands would touch his skin, he’d suck in a breath.

  She made her way down the length of his chest, one button at a time, and after reaching the bottom, she slid her hands in between the cotton of his shirt and the warmth of his skin. Her fingertips brushed across the span of his chest, learning the landscape of his body with her touch.

  “God, Marie, your hands feel so good.”

  “I’m glad, Sir.”

  He fisted his hands in her hair and pulled her head back. “Everything about you feels good.” She couldn’t respond because he lowered his head to her throat and nipped her. “Mmm,” he hummed. “You taste good, too.”

  He lowered his head for another nibble and she whimpered.

  “Now finish,” he said with a smile in his voice.

  She wasn’t sure her legs would continue to hold her the way he was talking, and especially when he added in those little bites with his teeth. It made her shiver.

  “Cold?” he asked, running a hand down her arm.

  “Anything but, Sir.” To prove it, she moved to her knees in what she’d decided was the best and easiest position to take off his pants. Since she was on the floor, she couldn’t tell from her current position if he was looking and watching her or if his attention was focused on something else.

  In her mind, she had his complete attention. Judging by the way his fists were balled at his side, he wasn’t able to concentrate on anything but her.

  She slid his belt out of his pants. She contemplated handing it to him in offering, but instead rolled it into a tight circle and put it on the floor. If he wanted her to do something else with it, he’d let her know.

  He didn’t say anything, so she started pushing his pants down, making sure to accidentally on purpose brush his erection a time or two or five. By the time she had his pants completely off, his knuckles were white from balling his fists so tightly.

  She only felt slightly bad about it. Scratch that. She didn’t feel bad at all. Feeling powerful, she sat back on her heels and waited for him to give her further instruction.

  Above her, she heard Lennox take several deep breaths.

  “Spread your knees,” he said, and she couldn’t help but notice that his voice was rough around the edges. “Put your hands on your knees. Palms up.”

  She moved into position quickly, not wanting to give him any reason to stop what he was doing. What he asked for was a common position, but it had been awhile since she had been in it. She forgot how exposed it felt. She forced herself to take several deep breaths to calm her racing heart.

  “Marie?” he asked. “Are you okay?”

  How well he could read her. It was another thing she had not experienced with the newbie Doms, that almost freaky ability to read her.

  “Yes, Sir,” she said. “It’s just been awhile since I’ve been in this position. I’m a little excited.”

  “Only a little?” he teased.

  A nervous giggle escaped her. “Slightly more than a little, I guess.”

  “Hmmm.” He ran his fingers through her hair, pulling slightly. “I’ve dreamed of having you in this position for so long and for so many years, now that it’s here it seems almost like a dream.”

  Anticipation hummed through her. “I know exactly what you mean, Sir. I feel the same way.”

  For the next few minutes, he simply stood there with his hands in her hair, allowing them both the time to enjoy the sensation. As she knelt before him, she felt herself grow strong with his presence. Almost as if her submission was the key to her power. In some ways maybe it was. And she believed the same was true for him. For as they stood there, his hands seemed to grow stronger. With each breath he took, he dropped deeper and deeper into his Dom headspace. By the time he took a step back, she felt she was well into subspace.

  “Forehead to the floor. Ass in the air.” Even his voice sounded more powerful, and she shifted into the requested position immediately.

  He walked around her. “Other than that night at the cottage, it’s been years since I’ve been in a scene. While I’m nearly positive I could make it work with whatever I decide to use, I’ll be the first to admit I should reacquaint myself with my toys before I use them on you.”

  He moved so his feet were on either side of her head. “There will be nothing used on you other than my hands. Your only bonds will be my commands and your desire to obey them. Understood?”

  “Yes, Sir.” She nearly panted in excitement.

  “Move onto the bed, on your back. Keep your legs spread.”

  “One request, Sir.”

  “What would that be?”

  She licked her lips. She’d never done to anyone what she was going to ask permission to do. In fact, she was pretty sure she’d safeword if anyone had asked her before now, but with the way he stood, she couldn’t think of anything else.

  “I’d like permission to kiss your feet, Sir.”

  She couldn’t tell if her request unnerved him or not. The only indication it might have was the sharp intake of breath he gave. He slowly answered, “Yes, you may.”

  She didn’t dare look up at him, but instead kept her head low to the ground. She brought her lips to hover above his right foot before she slowly pressed them down onto his skin. She kept her position as she moved to the left and repeated the action on that foot.

  “Thank you, Sir.”

  “Thank you, Marie. That’s not something that I’ve ever had done before.”
r />   “It was a first for me, too.”

  “In that case, we’ll talk about it later. For now, go ahead and get in position on the bed.”

  She was somewhat shocked no one had kissed his feet before and she looked forward to discussing it with him. Later. At the moment, she wanted to play. She stood and kept her head down while she moved to get on top of the bed.

  Within seconds, he was above her. “You aren’t to move. If I want you positioned differently, either I’ll move you or I’ll tell you to move. Understood?”

  “Yes, Sir.”

  “Let’s see how wet you already are.” He ran his hand between her legs, chuckling as he drew back from her. “Damn, Marie. Already soaking. It’d be so easy to slip my cock into you and ride you hard. Give you the fucking I know you want so badly.”

  She pleaded with him with her eyes.

  “But we both know it’s not going to be that easy, don’t we?”

  She took a deep breath. Part of her wanted him to follow through on his words. If she thought about it too much, she could probably come from the words alone. And if she imagined it . . .

  His cock nudging her open, parting her as he prepared to claim her. He’d hold still and then—

  A sharp slap landed on her right inner thigh.

  “Where were you drifting off to?” he asked with another hard slap, but this one to her left thigh.

  “To where you fucked me.”

  “Not just yet, my impatient sub.” More slaps rained down on her exposed thighs. “Have you ever been spanked on your thighs before?”

  He was inching closer and closer to where she throbbed with need. Just a little higher. “Only by you, Sir.”

  “What do you think?” he asked as he spanked her harder.

  She thought she was going to come, that’s what she thought, but when she opened her mouth to tell him, all that came out was, “Mmph, good, yes.”

  He gave her an evil smile. “Hold your knees to your chest. I’m going to work on the backs of your thighs. This way, no matter what you do for the next twenty-four hours, you’ll be sure to remember me.”

  As if she could possibly think about anything else. She almost let out a snort, but at that exact moment, he spanked the back of her thighs and it stung with that delightful sensation of pain edged with pleasure. She could only moan in bliss as her body accepted what he was doing.

  “I love how you submit to me.” He didn’t pause what he was doing, he kept right on spanking her. “It’s like the highest of highs.”

  Just as she grew used to his spankings, he slipped a finger inside her. “Someone liked what I was doing. You’re even wetter now.”

  She begged him with pleading eyes to take her, to make her his completely. He put his finger to her lips. “Clean it.”

  If a finger was all he was going to give her, she’d take it and be happy. She sucked his finger into her mouth, in much the same way as she had his cock before. This time, though, she kept her eyes on his and she saw his need and desire matched her own.

  “Good,” he said. “You’re so good.”

  She let out a sigh of relief as he climbed onto the bed. He drew himself up to his knees and put her legs on his shoulders. Her eyes widened at the thought of what he was getting ready to do.

  “I like that look in your eyes,” he said. “You know exactly what I’m about to do and what position I’ll be in.”

  She nearly whimpered as he lined himself up. Just the thought of it nearly made her come.

  “You’ll be so tight like this. So tight and hot around me.”

  She closed her eyes. God help her, if she didn’t come from the thoughts of what he was going to do, she’d come from his words.

  But he wasn’t finished playing. He took his time, dragging his tip through her wetness. Almost slipping inside, but not quite. One pass. Two.

  On the third she did whimper.

  “Are you ready for me to claim you, Marie?” His voice was rough. “If so, then open your eyes and watch.”

  Her eyes flew open and only then, with her eyes on his, did he finally press inside her. Then he stopped.

  “You’ve held my heart for too many years,” he said, holding himself still. “For far longer than I ever allowed myself to admit. But I can’t call those wasted years, because I don’t think they were. They were growing years for me and they were necessary so that I could become worthy of you.”

  She wasn’t allowed to talk, and she realized he’d planned it that way on purpose. There was no need for her to speak, though, for she knew he saw her love for him in her eyes. She knew when he reached down and gently wiped away the tears that had gathered there.

  “Oh, Marie. I have no idea what I’ve done to deserve you, but it must have been phenomenal.”

  Then there was no need for him to speak as he slowly pushed his way inside her. She realized as he began moving that though it had been painful at the time, their journey had progressed as it should. Even one year ago, they would not have been in the right place for each other.

  Only now, after walking through the fire, alone, could they face the future united.



  Six Months Later

  He’d made them wait six months. Lennox said he was being reasonable. Marie told him he was a closet sadist.

  But today was the day and her belly was filled with butterflies, even though she had no reason to be nervous. Maybe, she pondered, she wasn’t nervous, maybe she was overly excited. After all, this was the day she’d been longing for for years.

  Today she would officially become his.

  She resisted the urge to pinch herself.

  They weren’t going to have a traditional collaring ceremony, but they had planned a reception at Winnie’s cottage. Although now it was known as the Winnie Price Community Art Studio.

  Andie had asked her if she felt strange having the reception at the place Lennox had shared with another woman. Marie answered honestly that she didn’t. She was secure in Lennox’s feelings for her, and she’d promised herself she was no longer going to have any jealousy toward a dead woman.

  “Why are you pinching yourself?” Lennox asked, and she felt her cheeks flush. They were in his car on the way to the tattoo parlor.

  “I didn’t know I was,” she answered with a grin. “I guess I’m making sure I’m awake and this isn’t a dream.”

  They had stopped at a red light. He reached for her hand and brought it to his lips for a quick kiss. “It’s not a dream.”

  “Does that mean you’re going to tell me what you’ve designed?” He’d been working on her wrist tattoo for months and he’d refused to let her see.

  He laughed. “I don’t see how one relates to the other, but regardless, no.”

  She faked a huffing noise and crossed her arms.

  “You’ll see it soon enough.”

  Yes, she knew that, but it was so much fun to tease him. In reality, she loved that he wouldn’t show her ahead of time. It was like Christmas in June.

  “I know it’ll be beautiful,” she said.

  “Thank you,” he said.

  She also knew he’d stressed about it, wanting it to be perfect. Andie hadn’t seen it, but she said Fulton told her Lennox had shown him five different sketches before deciding on the one he wanted. She smiled inwardly at that, rubbing her right wrist where his design would go.

  They pulled into the parking lot of the Portland storefront. It was a one-man shop, so only the artist’s car was parked out front. Marie waited in the car after it came to a stop. Lennox always insisted on opening her door for her. It took months for her to get
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