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       The Flirtation, p.19

         Part #10 of Submissive series by Tara Sue Me
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  had the last five years combined.

  But none of that mattered as he placed a gentle kiss on her lips. She couldn’t believe how her body reacted to him. Couldn’t believe that with just one kiss, he could stoke the fire of need and desire once more within her. Her body craved him, yearned for him, and, whether her brain could make sense of it or not, would let him have her again.

  He was hesitant. Never before had he been so tentative with his touch. His fingers lingered gently, and his lips were soft.

  “I won’t break, you know,” she said.

  “I’m just very much aware of what I’ve put your body through. I don’t want to hurt you.”

  She chuckled. “And here this whole time I thought that’s what sadists did.”

  “Yes,” he said, with a smile in his voice. “But only in the good ways.”

  “I promise if you get to be too much or I’m too sore to continue, I’ll let you know. But for right now, I want you.” She let her hand drift to his waist. “Please, Sir.”

  He held her tight and rolled them so she was on top of him. “Yes, but this time, you ride me.”

  She might have been on top, but there was no doubt who was in control. He held her hips tight, allowing only so much leeway. She wanted him hard and fast, but he had other plans.

  “Stop fighting me,” he said, after she unsuccessfully tried to impale herself on him all at once.

  “But, Sir,” she whined.

  “Patience, Lynne.”

  She blew a hair out of her face and sighed.

  “We do this my way or we go to sleep. Which is it going to be?” he asked.

  He was serious about the sleep thing; she saw in his eyes that he’d have no problem whatsoever in doing without more sex tonight.

  “Your way, Sir.”

  “Very nice. Can you say it with a little bit more enthusiasm?”

  “I don’t think so.”

  “Well, then, I’ll have to see if I can get you to be enthusiastic another way.”

  She had no doubt that he could, probably with little more than a crook of his finger. But he kept his hands firmly on her hips, easing her down onto him ever so slowly. Her eyes almost rolled to the back of her head, because, dammit all, there was something to be said about going slow and taking your time.

  Before it had happened so quickly, she didn’t have time to appreciate the feel of him claiming her. Or enjoy the way he filled her up so completely. Inch by inch, he took his time, and when he was finally situated fully inside her, she moaned with bliss.

  “Now, that sounded more enthusiastic,” he said with a smug grin on his face, though his voice was a bit strained.

  “You’re going to make me a fan of taking my time,” she said.

  He didn’t answer but, holding her where he wanted her, began to move in a rhythm that was almost enough, yet not quite. She started to complain, but the intense look of his expression told her that wasn’t the best idea.

  She relaxed her body and let him take control. It was better that way anyhow. He sensed her surrender, and only then did he speed up. Just a little.

  “So much better when you follow me, don’t you think?” he asked, and then, as if to prove his point, he thrust up into her.

  “Yes, Sir,” she replied in a half yelp, half moan.

  “Patient girls get rewarded.” His expression wasn’t so much intense as it was downright devious.

  “How’s that, Sir?” she asked, almost afraid to find out.

  “They get fucked.”

  And with those three words, he held her suspended above him and began pounding into her. All she could do was hold on, enjoy, and let him take what he wanted from her.

  “Fuck, you feel so good.” He was panting now, his punctuated words a testament to both the strength and control he was exercising as well as what it cost him to do so.

  “Oh my God.” She nearly came as he hit a new sensitive spot within her. “I’m going to come.”

  “Yes,” he said. She wasn’t sure why he allowed her to come so easily, but she wasn’t going to argue. Her climax rocked her body, and still he didn’t stop, driving into her over and over. A second orgasm hit and was so intense she closed her eyes and opened her mouth in a silent scream.

  She didn’t remember Simon coming, but he must have because when she opened her eyes, she had collapsed on top of him and he was breathing heavily. It was only then that she noticed the wet spot.

  Had he not used a condom, or had it broken?

  “Uh, Sir?” she asked.

  “Ummm?” He didn’t move or open his eyes.

  “I think the condom broke.” There was no doubt in her mind that that was what had happened; she was all sticky between her legs.

  His eyes flew open and he sat up. “Shit.”

  Now that he was more visible to her, she glanced down and saw nothing. Her heart pounded as she processed everything.

  “Dammit.” She hopped off the bed. “You didn’t use a condom, did you?”

  He ran his fingers through his hair. “I can’t believe I did that.”

  “Me either.” She stomped to the bathroom to clean up, ignoring his calls for her. He banged on the door, but she’d locked it.

  “Lynne!” he yelled through the door.

  “Just a minute.” She turned on the water and looked at herself in the mirror, not recognizing the woman she saw reflected there.

  What was she doing? Is this who she was? Just running around jumping into bed with anyone? Part of her knew she was being ridiculous. Simon was the only man she’d slept with in who knew how long. But the fact that she’d been so out of it that she hadn’t realized he didn’t use a condom shook her.

  She had to put some distance between them so she could regain some control. To that end, she took her time in the bathroom, brushing her hair and cleaning her teeth, and she felt much more calm and collected when she stepped outside.

  Simon, though, looked like shit. He sat on the edge of the bed and stood up as she emerged. She noticed he’d slipped on a pair of shorts.

  “I’m sorry, Lynne,” he said. “I promise I’m clean. I can give you the reports tomorrow. I have them at home.”

  She shook her head. “It wasn’t only your fault. I was there, too. I should have made sure you used one. I’ve never been that out of it before that I didn’t notice.”

  “Are you on birth control?”

  “Yes, thank goodness.”

  He could only nod. She couldn’t get over how scared he looked. Was it the possibility of pregnancy, or something else?

  “I’m completely exhausted,” she said, and it wasn’t a lie. She could tell she was finally coming down off the high she’d been on for most of the day. “I’m going to sleep in the other room.”

  He didn’t argue with her, but let her go after she promised she was okay. She couldn’t explain it, but once she crawled under the covers, she started to cry. Not wanting Simon to hear, she buried her head in the pillow until she’d cried herself out. Even then, as tired as she was, it took a long time for her to go to sleep.

  Chapter Ten

  Simon felt like the world’s biggest ass. How the fuck had he forgotten a condom? Even when he was a horny teenager, he’d never forgotten a condom. He’d told her the truth—he was completely clean, and since he’d never had unprotected sex before, that hadn’t changed.

  He heard her close the door to her bedroom and minutes later thought he heard muffled sobs. It took all his control not to beat her door down. But he was afraid that would make him even more of an ass, so he stayed in bed, wide-awake, until he finally drifted off into a restless sleep.

  He woke before she did the next morning, and he couldn’t help himself from cracking open her door, just to make sure she was still there and hadn’t departed without him knowing in the wee hours of the morning.

  Satisfied that she was with him for at least the foreseeable future, he started coffee brewing. She came out of her room about twenty minutes later, look
ing adorably ruffled in her just-out-of-bed state.

  “Morning,” she said, making a beeline for the coffee.

  “Morning.” Guilt had plagued him all night, and seeing her now in the fresh light of day did little to ease that. “Lynne, again, I’m so sorry about last night.”

  She was turned away from him, pouring coffee, and he couldn’t see her face as she replied. “It’s okay. It was a mistake, and it could have happened to anyone. I’m sorry I made such a big deal about it.”

  “It’s not okay, and it’s never happened to me before.” He waited until she turned around before adding, “And you were right to make a big deal of it.”

  She took a deep breath and smiled. “It’s our last full day here and I don’t want this to hang over our heads all day. How about we say I forgive you and you promise it won’t happen again?”

  She was letting him off the hook way too easily, but she had a point about not letting it overshadow their day. “Okay, deal. I promise it won’t happen again.”

  “Ohh, I like it when you see things my way.”

  He snorted. “Don’t get used to it.”

  “Wouldn’t dream of it, Sir.” But her expression told a different story altogether.

  “Sure you wouldn’t. I’m going to order breakfast and then we’ll go see if there’s a class or demo we want to watch.” He didn’t want to do too much physically before the demo. Not to mention, she was probably still sore from the day before.

  “Okay, I’m going to go take a shower.” She gave him a sly look, and then, as if to test his resolve, stripped in the living room and pranced into the bathroom.

  Screw it, he decided, following her. If she was too sore, she could safeword.

  • • •

  Lynne took her time getting ready for the demo. Though, to be honest, she wasn’t sure why. It wasn’t like she was going to be dressed for the majority of the demo time anyway. No, that wasn’t it. She knew exactly why she took so much time. She wanted to look good for Simon. She wanted to reflect positively on him. Especially if anyone attending the demo today had heard about the practice yesterday.

  She still cringed when she thought about that.

  Fortunately, that was in the past and everything pertaining to it had been dealt with. They were going to move forward and focus on the future. A future she now anticipated including Simon.

  She stood back from the bathroom mirror and gave herself the once-over. Her hair had been pulled back into a ponytail. That had been the one thing Simon had requested. Her makeup was light and natural, though she did add red lipstick. After hearing him talk last night about what red lipstick did to him, she’d decided she’d be a fool to wear any other color.

  Even though she wouldn’t have them on long, she selected a tiny lacy bra and panty set. She went with white, simply because he probably expected her to pick black and she wanted to surprise him.

  Over that, she slipped on a see-through cropped shirt and a tight miniskirt. To complete the look, she wore red fuck me now and don’t make it easy heels.

  “You’ll do,” she told herself in the mirror. “Not too shabby for a nanny.”

  Though she certainly didn’t look anything like a nanny was supposed to look. Which was a topic she had given some thought to, especially after their talk last night, and would take up later. She pushed that aside for the time being.

  All her primping had been worth it for his reaction when she stepped out of the bathroom and Simon saw her for the first time. She wouldn’t say his jaw hit the floor, but his mouth did open and close repeatedly, like a fish she’d once had for a pet as a child.

  “Lynne.” He shook his head. “You look . . . wow . . .”

  She was pleased he liked her appearance so much, but decided to tease him. Placing her hands on her waist and cocking her head, she said, “Is that a compliment, Sir, or do I normally look like death warmed over?”

  “You always look beautiful,” he said. “It’s just that today . . . wow.”

  She decided to let him off the hook. After all, she’d rarely been called beautiful by anyone and she had worked extra hard to impress him. “Thank you.”

  “And you wore red lipstick,” he said.

  She refrained from doing the fist pump she wanted to do. “Someone told me it was their favorite.”

  “Dammit, woman. I don’t know if I should beat your ass or fuck your mouth.”

  “I vote for both, Sir.”

  He took her by both shoulders and walked her backward to the wall. He pressed her up against it and pushed his hips into hers. “Better watch what you wish for, Lynne. The only reason you aren’t over my knee right now this very second is that if I were to spank you properly, we’d be late.”

  “Does that mean you have time to spank me improperly, Sir?” she teased. “Because that sounds hot and like it might be even better.”

  He laughed and moved back so she could step away from the wall. “You are so getting it when we get back to this room.”

  “You say that like it’s a bad thing, Sir.”

  “Let’s go,” he said, with a swat to her ass.

  They made their way down to the lower level where the demo was to be held. It wasn’t in the same spot as the practice had been. In fact, it was in a room she’d never been in at all.

  The demo before theirs had ended more than an hour before, leaving someone plenty of time to clean up from the previous session and prepare what was needed for theirs. Simon, of course, brought his own bag, but the room was stocked with a St. Andrew’s cross as well as safety supplies and a first aid kit.

  Because they’d wanted time to prepare before the demo started, they’d arrived early and were the first to show up. Lynne eyed the first aid kit.

  “Have you ever had to use a first aid kit during or after a scene, Sir?” she asked.

  He’d set his bag on the floor and was inspecting the cross. “Once or twice. Strip down to your underwear.”

  “Will you tell me about those times?” She removed her clothing and folded it into a neat pile, leaving only her bra and panties on.

  “One submissive had an unknown latex allergy,” he said. “We were doing a medical role play and I had latex gloves on. Halfway through, a rash popped up on her stomach.”


  “Yes, very. Fortunately, we were at a club and there were several doctors and nurses who offered to help. She took some antihistamines and we got her checked out at the hospital. Just to be sure.” He snorted. “It was a long-ass time before I did another medical role play. I’ll tell you that.”

  She was getting ready to ask what the second time was when her thoughts were interrupted by her cell phone.

  Simon sent her a sharp look. “You brought your cell phone?”

  The number said UNKNOWN. “I didn’t know there was a rule against it.”

  “Answer it. Then turn it off. And put it in my bag.”

  She cringed because he didn’t sound pleased. Honestly, she’d forgotten her phone was in her bag. It was actually a good thing it’d rung. This way she could turn it off and there wasn’t any chance of it ringing during the demo.

  “Hello?” she answered.

  “You little bitch,” Anna Beth said. “Do you actually think he wants you when he’s had me?”

  Lynne froze in place and then remembered that no one had been able to locate Anna Beth after the disastrous practice the day before. “What do you want?”

  Simon must have heard something in her voice, because he stopped what he was doing and came over to stand in front of her, arms crossed and wearing a frown.

  “What do you think I want? I want Simon. I had Simon until your newbie ass threw yourself on him and he decided to have pity on you.”

  “It wasn’t like that,” Lynne said, and then stopped. Why argue
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