The flirtation, p.17
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       The Flirtation, p.17

         Part #10 of Submissive series by Tara Sue Me
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  Having a Dom feed her while she sat at his feet had never played out in her fantasies. She was quite certain that if it had, she wouldn’t have thought there to be anything sexy at all about the scenario. Yet, at this moment in time, kneeling at Simon’s feet and waiting for him to feed her, it was one of the biggest turn-ons she’d ever experienced.

  As he took pieces of bread and held them to her mouth, or bade her part her lips for a taste of shrimp, something deep inside her belly grew warm and wanting. It was the most infuriating thing because he didn’t seem bothered at all. Nor did he eat or drink anything. Apparently, it was all for her.

  She started to squirm as her clit begged to be touched.

  “None of that,” Simon said. “Be still.”

  She bit the inside of her cheek to keep from sighing. It was torture to have him doing something as intimate as feeding her and having to remain still while he did it. He held a block of cheese to her lips, and she took the opportunity to suck one of his fingers into her mouth.

  “Such a dirty little girl,” he said. “Sucking on fingers like they were someone’s cock.”

  She nodded around his finger. Maybe he’d do something about it now.

  “You know, I was going to have you for dessert, but I think I’m full now and I’ll save my treat for later.”

  He was such a bastard. She grumbled around his finger, but he only laughed. “None of that. Why don’t you go get dressed and we’ll see about dancing? See if I can make you believe I have two left feet.”

  • • •

  Two hours later, she believed him. What she didn’t believe was how someone as talented as he was in everything else could suck so badly at dancing.

  “Sorry,” he said, after once again stepping on her toes.

  She gritted her teeth, because damn that hurt. “I get it now. You’re a sadist. You get some perverse pleasure from repeatedly stepping on me.”

  He gave a short laugh. “Good one. But unfortunately, no. I’m just really bad at dancing, and believe me, stepping on toes is not my kind of kink.”

  “My feet beg to differ, Sir.”

  He winced at that. “Perhaps we should sit this one out?”

  “I think that’s the best idea you’ve had all day.”

  He placed his hand at the small of her back, and they weaved their way through the sea of people dancing. Couples and groups of both genders and multiple nationalities gyrated to the rhythmic beat that pulsated through the speakers set up in the courtyard.

  There were scattered benches lined around the perimeter of the outside space, and Simon took her to an empty one.

  “Sit in my lap,” he told her once he sat down.

  She thought he’d have her kneel either at his side or in front of him, and she’d actually been looking forward to it. But her disappointment didn’t last, because the only place she’d rather sit than at his feet was in his lap.

  He gave her a tug, and she tumbled into his lap. “There we go. Much better.”

  His arms came around her, and her skin heated where he touched her. All it took was that little touch for memories of what they’d done earlier in the day to flood her mind and for her body to crave his hands on her again.

  He must have experienced something similar, because his hands didn’t leave her body. He placed one hand up high on her thigh, and the other traced invisible lines on her knee.

  “This is much better,” he said, and because she was in his lap, his breath brushed her skin as he talked. “We can sit here and people-watch.”

  “I love people watching.”

  And there was no shortage of people to watch at the moment. From their position in the courtyard, they could see both the dance floor and the play area.

  “The problem, Sir, is trying to decide who you want to observe first.”

  “Very true. I think I’ve had enough dancing for the moment, so I’ll watch the people playing.”

  That sounded infinitely better than watching people dance. She could see that almost anytime she wanted. Watching people play, however, wasn’t something she often had the opportunity to observe. There wasn’t a lack of scenes to pick from. From what she could tell, at least with the current activity taking place in the play area, most of the scenes were not extreme or edge play. Though Simon had mentioned that there were private rooms available for rent.

  Playing with Simon in private would be fun, but surely they would have plenty of time for that after this weekend. Right? She bit her bottom lip, wondering.

  “See that man at the far end?” Simon asked her. “The one with the two female subs?”

  The man in question was directing the two women in front of a large web-looking thing. “Suspension?” she asked.

  “Yes. He’s very good, from what I’ve heard.”

  She tried to watch, but suspension wasn’t a big turn-on for her, and neither was playing with a female. Her focus kept being drawn to a flogging scene closer to them.

  “The gentleman with the flogger is quite good, too,” Simon said, and she couldn’t miss the smile in his voice.

  “Sorry, Sir.” She looked back at the suspension scene. “I don’t think that’s my kink.”


  “For one, I don’t like heights and it looks fucking scary.”

  He smirked. “All the more reason to do it. Was there a second reason?”

  “I don’t know if I want to tell you now.”

  He ran a finger down her arm, and she shivered. “You always have a safe word. No is always an answer.”

  “I don’t want to be in a three-way. Especially with a woman.”

  He nodded. “Yes, that was on your checklist. Marked as a hard limit. That means it won’t happen.”

  Technically, she supposed it was Faye’s checklist, and though she supposed they were one and the same, she appreciated that he didn’t bring that up.

  “Right,” she said. “I forgot that was on there. I should have marked suspension as well.”

  “The fact that you didn’t tells me that deep inside you may want to give it a try. But if I remember correctly, it was marked as a soft limit, and as such, I won’t be pushing it this weekend.”

  His words only relaxed her slightly. She had a feeling there was more he wasn’t saying. Maybe that while he wouldn’t push the limit this weekend, next weekend was totally up for grabs. There was just enough devilish delight in his eyes to keep her on the edge of uncertainty.

  She decided to change the topic of conversation. “That Dom using two floggers at a time is pretty cool.”

  Simon didn’t even look at the Dom she was talking about. “Would that be something you’re interested in experiencing?”

  “Yes, Sir. Definitely more than suspension.”

  He muttered an agreement and moved the hand that was on her thigh farther up her leg. “Keep watching the Dom with two floggers. And whatever you do, don’t make a sound.”

  Oh, shit. That didn’t sound good. What was he planning to do?

  She didn’t have to wait long before she found out. He dropped his head and whispered in her ear, “I’m getting so hard with you sitting here in my lap. And watching all these people is giving me all sorts of ideas about what I’d like to do with you.”

  She would have groaned if he would have allowed it. Damn, but he wasn’t going to make this easy. Not that she expected him to.

  “I can feel how wet you are through your panties.” He palmed her pussy, and the heat from his hand felt so good, she wiggled, trying to get closer. That earned her a sharp slap, right on her clit. “Be still.”

  She froze in place and pretended to be a stone. That in and of itself would have been difficult enough just sitting on his lap, but when you added in his wandering fingers, she didn’t know how much she could take.

  “Good girl,” he finally said, stilling his hands. “Now I want you to move just enough to slide the panties off.”

  Here? She looked around. It was stupid to be embarrassed. She’d been
naked for the demo practice, and she’d be naked for the demo tomorrow. And hell, it wasn’t as if there weren’t plenty of naked people in the courtyard this very second.

  But somehow the thought of taking her panties off in public made her cheeks heat. Which, again, was stupid. They were just panties. She glanced at Simon, who was watching her with an I’m waiting expression. It hit her that this was the reason he hadn’t told her not to wear panties. He’d wanted to make her take them off in public.

  She’d thought it was odd that he didn’t say anything about not wearing them. At the time, she’d decided maybe he was being nice by letting her wear them. Now she knew the truth. He’d known the entire time what he was going to have her do. There was nothing nice about it.

  If only she could talk. But he’d told her not to, and she wasn’t in a mood to be bratty and disobedient. Which meant there was only one thing for her to do.

  She lifted her hips slightly and pushed the panties down and off, wondering the entire time if someone other than Simon was watching, but not looking around to see. Because, damn, what if someone was observing her?

  She forced herself to think reasonably. If anyone was watching, they probably thought what she was doing was hot. If the roles were reversed and she was watching a Dom with a sub in his lap and the sub took her panties off, she’d think the scene was hot. Especially if the Dom was as yummy-looking as Simon. She ran her gaze over his body since her eyes were the only part of her that she could move. He’d slipped on a T-shirt before they’d come down, and it stretched across his chest muscles in the most fabulous way. Add in his biceps and, yup, she was done for.

  She handed the panties to Simon, but he shook his head. “Put them in your mouth.”


  She didn’t say it out loud, but it must have been written all over her face.

  “I don’t think I was unclear, Lynne. Put the panties in your mouth.”

  Funny, when he said he’d be pushing her this weekend, this wasn’t what she thought he had meant. She could either do what he requested or safeword. And panties weren’t worth safewording over. Keeping her eyes on Simon, she opened her mouth and put the panties inside.

  Good God, she wasn’t going to look anywhere else. What if people were looking back?

  “Wasn’t as bad as you thought it was going to be, was it?” he asked.

  She couldn’t talk with her mouth full of underwear, so she shook her head. Maybe he’d let her take them out now.

  But no, he once more started teasing her upper thigh with his fingers, and this time when he reached the top, there was no cloth in his way. She bit down on the material in her mouth, suddenly thankful it was there.

  “So wet,” he murmured in her ear. “I could unzip my pants and slide right on inside you, couldn’t I?”

  She nodded, begging him with her eyes. Please. Yes. Now.

  But that wasn’t part of his plan. Oh, no. That would have been way too easy. And if she knew one thing about Simon, it was that he rarely did anything the easy way.

  Instead of releasing his cock and giving them what they both wanted, he continued to tease her. He brought her right to the edge. She was so full of tension and strung so tight from withholding her release, she thought she’d combust if he blew the lightest breath on her. Not to mention, she was ever so thankful she had something to bite down on to help keep her from climaxing without permission.

  Just as she was getting ready to either say, “Fuck it,” and deal with the consequences or safeword, his fingers were gone. She took a shaky breath.

  He reached up and took the panties out of her mouth. “You okay?”

  Deep breath. “Yes, Sir.”

  He didn’t replace the panties, but stuck them in his pocket. “One more thing tonight and then I’ll take you upstairs and do all sorts of wicked and depraved things to your body.”

  He truly was going to kill her.

  • • •

  If he weren’t so hard he feared his dick would be permanently imprinted with his zipper, he’d have laughed at Lynne’s look of exasperation. He’d pushed her a bit. Not nearly as far as he wanted or could, but far enough, given her relative inexperience in the kink world. So far, she’d taken everything he’d given her—and she’d taken it surprisingly well.

  He watched her process his commands, happy to see that she didn’t mindlessly do anything he asked her. She was new to all this, and she took the time to ensure it was not something she had an issue with before she followed through.

  He respected that. All too often he’d seen new submissives blindly leap into whatever the Dom they were with wanted without making sure it was also what they wanted. Granted, he held the Dom responsible as well. But it all came down to the sub.

  From what he’d seen tonight, Lynne was certainly a sub, but she was no doormat. And because she’d done so well, he intended to reward her once they made it back to their room.

  But first . . .

  “I want you to dance for me,” he told her. “We both know I’m no good at it, and I’m willing to bet neither one of us wants to repeat our earlier attempt. But I don’t think you got to dance enough, and I want to watch you without having to worry about stepping on your toes.”

  She gave a small laugh at his last statement and slid off his lap.

  For a minute she looked awkward and uncertain, but he knew she only needed time to adjust and get comfortable.

  “Close your eyes,” he told her. “It’ll make it easier.”

  She didn’t hesitate, but took his advice immediately. Almost as soon as she did, her body relaxed. Very slowly, she started to sway in time with the music. Subtle at first, but then, as she grew more comfortable and confident, her moves became bolder.

  Her hips swayed and gyrated. Gradually, she let her arms loosen, and they followed the movement of her torso. Before he knew it and right before his eyes, she turned into a siren. The way she moved, so full of grace and sensuality, completely mesmerized him.

  He couldn’t take his eyes off the vixen before him. Her dance was both a long tease and the most incredible foreplay he’d ever experienced. He wanted to watch her forever and push her against a wall so he could bury himself deep inside her.

  He clenched his hands into fists so he would not disturb her with his touch. Fuck, that one time earlier in the day hadn’t been enough to satisfy the need he had for her. Not that he thought it would, but he hadn’t expected to need her again quite so badly.

  He vaguely wondered how many times and ways he could take her without impacting their stamina to do the demo the next day.

  There was no answer forthcoming; he just knew he had to have her. Many times.

  “Open your eyes,” he told her. “Don’t look anywhere except at me.”

  He’d thought she might be self-conscious, but when she opened her eyes he could tell she was fully into her dance. She didn’t once look anywhere except at him. Her eyes had grown dark with lust, and she moved as if her only desire in the world was to dance for him.

  “Come closer, but don’t touch.”

  She moved forward, never missing a step and never glancing away from him even though his eyes traveled all over her body. He drank in every detail of the sultry woman before him.

  Following his command, she got so close to him, he felt the heat from her body, but she never touched him. Then she totally blew his mind by bending her legs, one on either side of his, and moving in such a way that mimicked her riding him.

  Fucking hell, he was adding that to the plan for tonight.

  “Tell me, Sir,” she said, her eyes still on him and continuing to move in a way guaranteed to make him come in his pants. “I know I can’t touch you, but can you touch me?”

  He should remind her that he was a Dom and, as such, he could do anything he wanted. Then he should spank her ass for forgetting, but instead he nodded. “Of course I can. However, at this moment, I’ve decided not to touch you.”

  She gave a pout, but continued da
ncing, almost grazing his crotch. Dammit. His fingers itched with the need to touch her.

  “And if you insist on pouting like a bratty toddler, I’ll keep my hands to myself all night.”

  Her eyes sparkled with mischief. “You can keep your hands to yourself, Sir, as long as you share the other parts.”

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