The flirtation, p.16
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       The Flirtation, p.16

         Part #10 of Submissive series by Tara Sue Me
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  He hadn’t moved away in the time they’d been talking, and she was suddenly very much aware of his body towering over her. She could feel him even if she closed her eyes. It went beyond the spanking he’d given her. Some part of him connected with her inner being. She knew deep in her soul that it would never be like that with anyone else.

  The mood in the room changed, and Simon must have felt it, too. His eyes grew dark and hungry.

  “You have no idea what you do to me,” he said.

  “Will you show me, Sir?” she asked, teasing him a bit.

  “Tell me.” He lowered his body just enough that he pressed her a bit further into the bed. Even the slight shifting of his body had her backside moving against the sheets. She was very much aware of all that had happened to her not long before. “When we’re positioned like this, is it like you thought it would be?”

  He spread her legs apart with his knees, and the soreness from his spanking intensified.

  “No, Sir,” she said.


  “It’s even better.”

  That was all it took. He let out a sound that was something between a growl and a grunt, and he came up on his knees. Quicker than she thought possible, his pants were off and a condom was in his hand and he was rolling it on.

  “You just shot my plan to go slow and easy straight to hell,” he said.

  “Oh, thank God,” she said, wanting to sit up and touch him, but wanting to obey him more. Since he hadn’t given any instruction, she thought it best to wait.

  His grin was both predatory and determined. “Have something against slow and easy?”

  “No, Sir. Not on principle. But in this case, at this point in time? Yes, I have something against slow and easy.”

  At odds with his words, his hands grazed the skin of her belly in a way that his light touch made goose bumps pebble up. “Knowing that almost makes me want to go slow and easy just because you don’t want me to.”

  He rolled one of her nipples between this thumb and forefinger, ending with a sharp pinch. She gasped and arched her back, wanting to take more if it was his wish.

  “I’ve wanted you for so long, Sir. I don’t care how you take me.”

  He froze at her words, and she bit her lip. Dammit. She shouldn’t have said anything.

  “I’m sorry, Lynne.”

  Now she really knew she shouldn’t have said anything. They had gone from hot and heavy to melancholy.

  “There’s nothing to apologize for, Sir.” And since he’d told her he wanted honesty from now on, she added, “I don’t mind talking about the past, but I’d really, really like to not talk about it right this second.”

  He no longer looked melancholy. The desire and lust that had never truly disappeared from his expression had almost totally taken over. “I’m not opposed to delaying our conversation till later. On one condition, that is.”

  “Anything, Sir.”

  “Talk like that will get you in trouble with me one day,” he said, and though his voice held a bit of a teasing note, she knew he was being serious.

  “Almost anything, Sir,” she corrected.

  “Better.” He took her hands and brought them out to her sides so they were perpendicular to her body. “The condition is you have to keep your arms right there and don’t move them. If you move them, I stop what I’m doing and you won’t come at all this weekend.”

  She vowed then and there, the room could catch on fire and she wasn’t moving her arms. “Yes, Sir.”

  “You know I’m going to try really hard to entice you to move those arms.”

  She grabbed on to the sheets. “I expected that, Sir.”

  He didn’t say anything further, but lowered his head to her shoulder and began to kiss his way across and down her body. He even paid attention to both arms, kissing the bend of each elbow in turn.

  She thought it was a pity she couldn’t touch him. It was evil and mean of him to deprive her of that privilege. But as he continued his way down, seconds before his mouth found her nipple, it struck her that maybe he’d had her keep her hands to herself because he doubted his control if she touched him.

  While she’d expected him to be a thorough lover, she’d vastly underestimated just how thorough that could be. She was positive he didn’t skip one inch of her as he licked, kissed, and stroked his way down her body. By the time he finally lifted his head, she had twisted the sheets several times in her fists and was trembling with the strain to keep still.

  “I’m impressed,” he said, and his voice was so calm and even sounding, she nearly cursed him out.

  But she swallowed those words and took a deep breath. “I have to say, Sir,” she said, surprised that her voice didn’t mimic the tension she felt everywhere else in her body, “you surprise me.”

  “How so?” He trailed a fingertip around her belly, and she moaned.

  “When you told me you were a sadist, this isn’t how I expected you to torture me.”

  He laughed softly and bent his head to bite where his fingers had been. She sucked in a breath as he blew across the wet spot left behind. Her belly shivered in the most delightful way.

  “Expecting it to be a bit more like that?” he asked.

  “Yes, Sir.”

  “Lucky for you, I have many, many ways to whip your body into a frenzy.” As if to prove his point, he pulled her legs over his shoulders and gave her ass a quick slap.

  She yelped—she was still sore from his earlier spanking. But he didn’t stop there; he promptly teased her clit, and she almost released her hold on the sheets.

  “Dammit.” She wrapped more of the cotton around her hands.

  “Cursing in bed?” He raised an eyebrow.

  “You bring out the bad girl in me, Sir.”

  “You say that like it’s a bad thing.”

  “Definitely not bad, Sir. I rather like it.”

  “Do you?” he asked.

  The entire time they’d been talking, he’d kept up his teasing fingers along her inner thighs, dipping his finger into her slightly, but never deep enough to give her the relief she desperately wanted.

  He was looking at her as if waiting for her to say something. What was it? She couldn’t think anymore with those fingers of his doing what they were doing. “I don’t remember the question, Sir.”

  “That’s okay,” he said. “It wasn’t important anyway.”

  She still had her legs on his shoulders, and she thought she would go crazy as she watched him slowly place himself at her entrance. She thought he would go fast, but once again he surprised her and ever so slowly pushed his way inside.

  She arched her back. In the position she was in, she could feel everything. Him filling her up, the soreness of her backside, and when he moved his hands to pinch her nipples, she shuddered.

  “You’d better not come without permission.” There was no trace of a teasing note left in his voice, and she knew she’d better hold on until he told her differently.

  She bit her bottom lip, hoping the pain would help keep her from release. But as she was quickly learning, the pain just seemed to make it more intense.

  “Please, Sir.”

  He didn’t answer, but continued to push his way inside. So slow. He was trying to torture her by pleasure. And he was doing an excellent job at it. He held still for a second, and she took a deep breath, thinking she had taken him all. But just as she was getting ready to breathe a little easier, he thrust the rest of the way in.

  She yelped and felt herself start to tighten around him, but she held off. She closed her eyes and concentrated as hard as she could, finally able to hold off the orgasm.

  “Such a good girl,” he said.

  “I’m not sure I can be for much longer, Sir.”

  He started moving within her slowly, rocking his hips back and forth, as if he had all the time in the world. She supposed they did; after all, they didn’t have anywhere else to be tonight.

  “You feel so good,” he said, and sped

  She mumbled something, but she wasn’t sure what, because at that moment he grabbed hold of her backside and used it for leverage. His fingers dug into her aching flesh. It should have hurt too much, but instead it was just as she’d told him it would be. Between the soreness of her backside and his relentless pounding into her, she felt completely claimed.

  “You can move your arms,” he ground out in a coarse voice.

  It was the sign she’d been waiting for, and she threw her arms around him as if he were the only thing holding her down to earth. “Please, Sir,” she begged. “I don’t think I can hold off.”

  “Then come.” He tightened his grip on her ass.

  That was all it took. She lifted her hips, wanting him to go deeper. He complied, and she shattered around him. He held still until she finished.

  She opened her eyes and sucked in a breath. He loomed over her, his body straining, and she realized he hadn’t climaxed yet.

  “Now it’s my turn,” he growled.

  She could only hold on tight to his arms and nod as he took his pleasure from her body. He was magnificent to watch, all rippled muscle and male strength. She felt another climax approaching, and she looked up to him in question.

  “Yes,” he said.

  She breathed a sigh of relief, and while the orgasm was not as intense as the previous one, it still took her breath away, especially watching Simon giving in to his own release.

  He roared with pleasure as it passed. Breathing heavily, he gathered her in his arms and rolled them so she was on top. A minor detail, but one she was thankful for, because now that her body had had a chance to come down from its high, she was aware of every ache and pain.

  She winced as she tried to get into a more comfortable position. Simon immediately sensed her need and helped her.

  “Let me get you something for the pain,” he said.

  Frankly, watching Simon walk around the hotel room naked worked just as well as any pain medication, she thought. But when he came back to the bed with two pills, she went ahead and swallowed them, figuring it couldn’t hurt.

  She drank the water he gave her and giggled when her stomach gurgled.

  Simon raised an eyebrow. “Are you hungry?”

  “I don’t feel hungry, but it seems my belly thinks differently.”

  “I had planned for us to go down to one of the restaurants on site here, but now I think I’ll change our plans.” His gaze wandered over her still naked body. She felt completely sated, albeit sore, but thought she probably looked like she was in desperate need of a shower.

  Of course, maybe not. From the way he was looking at her, it didn’t appear he found her in need of anything. She decided she wasn’t going to allow herself to be self-conscious, so even though she felt like pulling the sheet up to her chest, she didn’t. In fact, she went one step further and pushed it down to her ankles.

  “What do you have in mind?” she asked him.

  The corner of his mouth lifted in a slight smile. “I’m thinking we order room service and eat up here.”

  She wasn’t an overly social person. Most of the time she favored an evening at home as opposed to going to a party or any other type of social gathering. That was probably why she did so well as a nanny. She simply didn’t care to be surrounded by people.

  “We can go down to the party and dance after we eat, if that’s what you want,” he said.

  “Only if you want to, Sir. I’m perfectly content to stay up here, just the two of us.”

  He nodded. “I wouldn’t mind a nice quiet night to ourselves, either. But there are several people who mentioned they wanted to talk to me tonight. I think we’ll have to be social for a little while at least.”

  “I can handle that.” She’d heard there would be dancing, and while she rarely had the opportunity to dance, it was something she enjoyed. Looking over at Simon’s built-for-sin body, she found it wasn’t hard to imagine dancing with him, his arms around her, his hips grinding into hers. An unspoken promise of what he’d be doing when the dance was over.

  Damn. She grew aroused just thinking about it.

  “In fact, Sir, I might go so far as to say I’d really like to head downstairs after dinner. Especially if you think I might be able to persuade you to dance a little bit?”

  She didn’t know if he liked to dance or would even want to.

  “You might possibly be able to talk me into a dance or two.” He grinned. “Though I have to warn you, I have two left feet.”

  “I don’t believe it, Sir.”

  “It’s probably something you have to experience firsthand.” He walked to the desk and picked up the room service menu. “Anything in particular you want for dinner?”

  She raised an eyebrow.

  He snorted. “That I can order from downstairs?”

  “In that case, no, not really.”

  He gave her thigh a slap. “You have thirty minutes, and then I want you back in here.”


  “I’ll tell you when you can have clothes; until then, assume I want you naked at all times.”

  She pretended to be outraged, but deep inside she loved it and had a feeling Simon knew it as well. She waited for him to disappear into his bathroom before she hopped out of bed and went into hers to take a shower. She thought about surprising him by saying she thought it was a waste of water for them to take separate showers. But she didn’t, deciding she wasn’t sure if he’d like that.

  Crazy. What normal man wouldn’t want to have a willing and naked woman in his shower?

  But neither she nor Simon had ever been considered normal.

  By the time she made it back to his bedroom, twenty-five minutes later, she’d showered and washed and dried her hair. Simon stood near the nightstand with his back to her, and she took a second to admire his ass, even though he had put a pair of jeans on.

  “I really don’t think it’s fair that I have to be naked and you get clothes, Sir.” She crossed her arms and tried to look perturbed.

  He turned around and her breath caught. How was it possible for him to look so good in only a pair of jeans? His hair was still damp from his shower, and she wondered if his skin would be as well.

  “I thought one of us should be decent when they delivered the food,” he said.

  As if they’d heard him, someone knocked on the door. Simon flashed her a smile. “Wait here.”

  Like she was going to give whoever delivered dinner a peep show. When he walked out to answer the door, she went to her knees to wait. It was a small gesture, but one she believed he’d appreciate. It took a bit longer than she’d thought it would for him to come back into the room. She strained her ears, but couldn’t hear anything. Finally, she closed her eyes and thought about what his expression would be when he came in and saw her.

  She couldn’t contain a smile of victory at his gasp when he walked through the door. There were soft footsteps as he approached her.

  “Very nice, Lynne,” he said, and she delighted in the way his voice sent shivers up and down her spine. Damn, but she loved it when he said her name. “Now, come with me.”

  She stood and followed him into the living area. He’d been busy. She first noticed the candles scattered around the room. Short pillar candles seemed to be his favorite. There were four on the coffee table alone. Also on the table were three silver-domed trays, a bottle of wine, and a single glass. As they moved closer, she saw there was only one table setting as well. What the fuck? Was one of them not eating?

  He led her to the couch and sat down, indicating she should kneel at his feet. She told herself that she wouldn’t let thoughts that she shouldn’t do any such thing prevent her from doing it. She was kneeling. At a man’s feet. And she was naked. Later. She would think about it all later. Then maybe she could discuss it with him. She wasn’t going to mention anything to him at the moment, at least not about that. She thought she might decide to tell him that she would like something to eat.

ose words died on her lips when he reached for the wine, poured a glass, and held it up to her lips. She took a sip, and was only a little surprised when he didn’t drink anything.

  “You will eat tonight,” he said, stroking her cheek. “But only by my hand.”

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