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       The Flirtation, p.11

         Part #10 of Submissive series by Tara Sue Me
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  promise to be a perfect gentleman if you say yes. Mostly.


  Lynne knew it was stupid, but she couldn’t help analyzing every word in his message. Was he canceling because he had heard from Anna Beth? If he had heard from her, would this be the way he would react? She didn’t think so. Besides, he asked her if she wanted to practice before the demo, and she didn’t think he would do that if he knew of her deception.

  Though part of her hoped that he was canceling on Faye because he couldn’t keep Lynne out of his mind.

  Either way, she had to decide if she wanted to do a practice run-through for the demo, which also meant an overnight trip. If she did decide to go, she would have to do something about her voice. Her mind was running through the possibilities even as she replied to Simon.


  I completely understand that something has come up. As much as I’d prefer an evening with you, I will make do with my fantasies tonight. Speaking of which, I don’t know why I’m telling you this, but I came in my sleep last night.

  Yes, a practice run-through before the demo would be a great idea, and I don’t mind it being an overnight.



  She glanced at the clock and realized that if she didn’t hurry, she would be late. Without waiting for Simon to reply, she shut her computer down and got ready for school.

  Something had seemed out of sorts at school. She’d noticed it the first day but had never been able to put her finger on exactly what it was. That day at lunch, she realized what it was. There was no one in her classes she felt close enough with to consider a friend. At least not the kind you would hang out with or invite to your place for dinner.

  And she surely did not have any submissive friends in the city, though she wished she did. She could only imagine how nice it would be to have someone in the lifestyle whom she knew and trusted nearby. She took a few minutes to look around at her fellow classmates during lunch. Could any of them be submissive? Or maybe dominant?

  It was silly to even think she could guess just by looking at somebody. After all, what did a submissive look like?

  With a sigh, she threw her trash away and decided to go to the library to study. But if she’d been hoping to find peace at the library, that wasn’t to be. As soon as she found a quiet corner and sat down, she turned on her laptop to find an e-mail from Simon. Something told her not to open it, not just yet, but she couldn’t stop herself.


  Normally, I’d tell you that you can’t help what you do while you’re asleep, but I have a bit of a sadistic side and it’s been under wraps for longer than it likes, so I’m going to let it out to play. As punishment for coming, you are to do the following:

  —Take your panties off. Now. If you’re in public, you may go to the restroom to do so, but I want them off within five minutes of you reading this e-mail.

  —You are not allowed to wear them anymore until I say you can.

  —Write out what you can remember of your sex dream (I’m assuming you had a sex dream if you came in your sleep). Send it to me.

  —Since I’m not there to do this, you will have to do it yourself. Sometime tonight, you will strip naked, take a hairbrush, and get on your bed. Once there, you will spread your legs wide and spank that naughty pussy with your hairbrush. You will give yourself fifteen hard strokes. I want that pussy sore and red, understand?

  Let me know if you have any questions.


  Holy fucking shit. Was he serious? And what did it say about her that his e-mail turned her on so much? She glanced around to see if anyone was watching her, but of course they weren’t.

  Unable to even think about studying, she gathered her stuff together and headed to the bathroom.

  • • •

  Two nights later, she was kneeling naked in her bedroom, waiting for Simon to call into the video chat. This time, she’d drawn the curtains over the window so there would be no chance of him trying to pinpoint her location. Even so, she was the slightest bit apprehensive.

  Tonight would be the first time he saw Faye after seeing her as Lynne. She didn’t think there was any way he would know they were the same people, but like most Doms she knew, he was extremely observant. With that in mind, anything was possible.

  “Very nice, Faye.”

  His voice brought her out of her mental wanderings. She’d told him that the sound on her computer still wasn’t fixed, so he wasn’t expecting her to answer. Instead she gave a quick nod of her head.

  “Since you can’t talk, at least not to where I can hear, you’ll have to listen.” The roughness of his voice turned her on. She couldn’t help but question if he spoke like that as a result of her nakedness or because of what he had planned for tonight.

  She nodded, so he’d know she’d heard.

  “I want you to go get the hairbrush you used earlier in the week and show me how you punished that naughty pussy.”

  Her head snapped up. He wanted her to what?

  From what she could see on her laptop, he was staring straight at her and he had a wicked grin on his face. “You heard me. Now go.”

  She nodded and started to stand.

  “Negative, Faye,” he said. “I read your dream. I know what gets you off. Crawl to get the hairbrush.”

  Her breath left her body in a big swoosh and her heart pounded so hard, she heard it in her ears. Hot damn. This was really happening.

  “Now, Faye.”

  She nodded and, as quickly as possible, crawled to the bathroom to get the hairbrush. It didn’t escape her attention that technically he wouldn’t know if she stood up once she made it outside of the camera’s view. But she didn’t want to. She wanted to crawl the whole way and pretend that Simon was watching and getting turned on by the way her ass moved.

  She had to admit, she liked this side of Simon. It was a side he’d never shown her when they were dating, and she wondered why. It didn’t seem possible that the guy who’d just commanded her to crawl to get a hairbrush was the same man who not more than two days ago sat at her table and worked on a puzzle with her.

  She crawled back to her bedroom to see Simon was waiting for her.

  “Up on the bed, naughty girl,” he said. “Show me how you spanked yourself.”

  When she’d set the laptop up earlier, she’d made sure that the bed was in range of the camera. Even still, as she climbed on top, she checked the display to ensure Simon could see. Once she was in the middle of the bed, slightly propped up with pillows, she let her knees fall to either side.

  She glanced to the laptop, and the expression on Simon’s face was so intense, she half expected that he would leap through the screen. It was that intensity, she believed, that gave her confidence and helped ease any insecurities she had.

  Feeling brazen and bold, she spread her legs farther apart and was rewarded with a groan from Simon. Empowered, she took the brush and lightly tapped her inner thighs. It was what she’d done earlier in the week. It warmed her skin while making her anticipation and arousal grow.

  “Very nice, Faye,” Simon said. “If I had you in bed, positioned for punishment, that’s the way I’d start, too.”

  She closed her eyes and pretended he was in the room administering the spanking. She put more power behind the strokes, knowing he wouldn’t go easy on her.

  “That’s right,” he said, obviously seeing what she was doing. “Spank those thighs.”

  She continued until the ache between her legs grew to where she couldn’t stand another second without friction of some sort. Even then, she teased herself with a light smack on her clit.

  “Fuck, yes,” Simon said. “Spank your pussy. Hard.”

  She brought the hairbrush down again, and it felt so good, her hips lifted off the bed and she gave a gasp of pleasure.

  That caught Simon’s attention. “Damn, this isn’t a punishment for you at all, is it?”

  She shook her head.

>   “Did you orgasm the night you spanked yourself?”

  She shook her head again.

  “Like I said before, you don’t have control over yourself in a dream, so it’s not really something I’d punish you for.” He paused and appeared to be thinking. “I’m going to change it up. I want you to make yourself come by spanking alone. Think you can do it?”

  Oh, hell, yes, she could. Once a day and twice on Sunday. She smiled and nodded at the camera.

  “Get to it, then,” he said. “Let me see you come.”

  It wasn’t going to take much, she thought. Between the way she’d tormented herself as well as Simon watching and saying those deliciously dirty words, she was halfway there already.

  She tried to make it last, to stretch out the pleasure that came from anticipation, the stinging pain of the brush only making the promise of what was coming better. She went back to light swats, and only on every third or fourth one would she give herself the hard spank she craved.

  But she wasn’t used to prolonging her orgasm, no matter what she’d told Simon when he came over for dinner. All too soon, the peak of her release was upon her, and she held her breath, desperate to hold on.

  “One last hard one,” Simon said, obviously seeing how hard she was trying to hold back. “And let go. I want to see you come.”

  She whimpered in obedience and brought the brush down for the final time. Her pussy clenching around nothing as her orgasm hit. Her hips lifted, greedy and wanting more. She needed him inside her. Video play was fun, but it was nowhere near as satisfying as having a man with her. In person.

  Holy shit, if she could come like that when it was only her, how much more intense would her release be if it was actually Simon holding the brush? She squeezed her legs together, trying to find some sort of relief, no matter how minimal.

  “Better watch it,” Simon warned. “You’re only allowed the one tonight.”

  She forced herself to be still and to wait patiently for him to give further instruction.

  “Sit up, Faye.”

  She slowly made her way into a sitting position, but thought better of it and moved to her knees on the bed.

  “Good girl.” Simon’s voice still had an edge to it, and she realized it was probably because he hadn’t come.

  Another reason why it was so much better to be with him in person as opposed to a video. If he was here in the room, she was willing to bet he’d be fucking her mouth at this very second.

  “I think that might have been the hottest thing I’ve ever witnessed,” Simon said. “The only thing that could make it hotter would be if I were able to finish off with my dick buried deep inside you.”

  He sighed, and she knew he was lamenting the fact that they didn’t have that type of relationship. At least, she assumed that was what he thought. Either way, she felt a bit down all of a sudden. Simon must have felt the same, because he didn’t speak much more, telling her he’d be in contact soon and to look at her calendar for possible days to get together before the demo, before saying good-bye and disconnecting.

  Lynne didn’t move right away. It hit her how unfair she was being to Simon. The more time that went by with him knowing her as both Faye and Lynne, the guiltier and guiltier she felt. She should do the right thing and confess. It had seemed like a harmless idea at the time, but she didn’t want to be Faye anymore. She wanted to be Lynne.

  And now, after he’d come over for dinner, it actually seemed possible that she could have him as Lynne. But first she had to get rid of Faye.

  The easiest thing to do would be to have Faye move away or somehow break up with Simon. She could do that and he’d never know she was both women. The only kink in her plan was the upcoming demo. If Faye moved away now, what were the odds that Simon would ask Lynne to take her place?

  Slim to none.

  Which meant she was going to have to be Faye just a little while longer.

  Chapter Seven

  It was a strange position for Simon to be in, and he could have kicked himself for allowing it to happen. Though, truthfully, he wasn’t sure how it could have been avoided. He ran his fingers through his hair. He wanted two women.

  He wanted Lynne, and he wanted Faye.

  It was almost ironic that after playing casually with partners for so many years, when he finally felt like he might be ready to think about settling down, he couldn’t decide on which woman he desired more. The problem was they both appealed to him and he wanted both of them.

  Would it be better to end it with one of them now as opposed to later? He’d only talked with Lynne a handful of times, but already he was intrigued enough that he’d have to get to know her all over again. From what he’d seen so far, it would be something to look forward to.

  But Faye . . .

  She was a sexy mystery, and he’d like nothing better than to peel back the layers of her masks one at a time, little by little, to expose every inch of her. Add to that the way she’d orgasmed from spanking herself? Yeah, he didn’t want to let that go either.

  The demo was coming up with Faye and with it the overnight trip. It wouldn’t make any sense to decide one way or the other with that in front of them. Maybe they would do the demo and it’d be obvious that there was no chemistry. Or it could be that the opposite happened. It could go so well that Faye ruined him for all other women.

  Either way, he shouldn’t make a decision before playing with Faye.

  After the demo with Faye, maybe he’d ask Lynne to come over to his place one Sunday afternoon to work on a puzzle. Sunday would be good. Hopefully, she’d have finished all her schoolwork.

  He’d thought about inviting her to go with him to the club afterward, but he’d decided he wasn’t ready to make their relationship public just yet. Not to mention, Nathaniel had told him Lynne didn’t want to be a member there.

  He couldn’t help but wonder which camp Lynne would be in. Would she like being exposed in front of others? Old Lynne? No way. But New Lynne?

  The possibilities were endless.

  He was driving himself crazy, trying to work things out in his head, and he jumped at the distraction when his phone rang.

  He didn’t recognize the number. “Hello?”

  “Hey, Simon.”

  It took him a few seconds to pick up on the voice.

  “Anna Beth?” he asked. “Is that you?” What the fuck was she doing calling him, and how had she gotten his number?

  She giggled.

  “I’m two seconds from hanging up on you,” he warned.

  “Now, now, now,” she cooed. “You don’t want to do that. Not when I have information you need on those two women you like.”

  Anna Beth knew about Faye and Lynne? How was that possible? Faye made sense because they posted on public boards, but how could she know about Lynne? Everyone who knew them thought they were yesterday’s news. The only person who might think differently was the sales guy at the puzzle store.

  “I don’t know what the hell you’re talking about,” he said.

  “Faye and Lynne. Lynne and Faye,” she sang.

  Enough was enough. “Leave me alone, Anna Beth. And leave Faye and Lynne alone, too,” he ground out. “You go anywhere near them, I’m calling the police.”

  He hung up.

  But if she’d wanted to shake him up, she’d achieved her goal. The call bothered him more than he wanted to admit because it just wouldn’t leave him alone. What was she talking about, and what information could she possibly have? More than that, he hated that he couldn’t think about either woman without thinking he was missing something.

  • • •

  Lynne drove to the secluded resort in Pennsylvania. She had a bad feeling about the weekend despite her excitement to see Simon again. So bad, in fact, she’d been up most of the night, trying to
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