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         Part #2 of Lessons From the Rack series by Tara Sue Me
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  She’d known Lennox for years, longer than he’d known Winnie, and even though he’d been active in the lifestyle when she first became aware of him, she’d never seen him naked. She couldn’t take her eyes off of him.

  “Oh my god,” she whispered, and for the first time since becoming a submissive, she strongly considered disobeying on purpose. Because whatever and however he’d punish her would be worth it for the chance to touch him.

  “Surely you’ve seen a naked man before?” Lennox teased and then, probably to drive her completely out of her mind with lust, he took himself in his hand and pumped.

  Her gaze was locked on his erection and the way he worked it. “Yes, Sir,” she said in response. “But never one so magnificently put together.”

  Because he was, from the cut muscles of his chest to the curves of his biceps. She was certain his cock was just as incredible, but she’d only caught a glimpse of it before he’d taken it in his hand.

  He looked faintly amused at her statement. “I don’t think anyone’s ever said that to me before.”

  “Then they were blind, Sir.”

  “You’re very kind to an old man, Marie.”

  “Beg your pardon, Sir, but you know how you Doms get all bent out of shape when a sub says something negative about themselves?”


  “I totally get that now, you shouldn’t talk down about yourself.”

  He nodded. “Point taken. I’m the hottest thing to ever walk the face of the earth.”

  Who was this man before her? The one who was actually joking? She couldn’t remember him joking on the island. She wasn’t sure if it was the cottage or being naked or if spanking her had brought out this part of his personality.

  She tilted her head. “Now you’re just being cocky, Sir.”

  “Perhaps,” he said. “But speaking of cock.” He lifted an eyebrow.

  Her belly was suddenly filled with flutters. “Yes, Sir.”

  “On the bed, on your back, with your head at the edge.”

  She had a fairly good idea of where this was going, so she licked her lips and got into the position he requested. He walked toward her, still fisting himself, and her mouth ached to taste him.

  Finally, he stood at her head, his hand right near her mouth.


  She parted her lips and waited. She’d thought he’d enter her mouth fast and hard, but he surprised her by taking his time. She licked the head of his cock and was rewarded by his groan of pleasure.

  “Fuck,” he said, pushing in slowly, inch by inch. “I somehow knew you’d have the sweetest mouth.”

  Positioned like they were, her body was completely available to him for his pleasure. He could touch or kiss her as he wished, or he could do nothing at all.

  She hoped he did something.


  “Spread your legs, Marie.” He tapped them gently. “Let me see where I’m going next.”

  She parted her legs with a hint of a moan on her lips, but just a hint, because he chose that second to push deep into her mouth. She opened her throat for him and he took possession. His hissed pleasure only made her wetter.

  He slipped a hand between her legs and teased her, his fingers dancing across her inner thighs. “Fuck, I can smell you.”

  It took all her years of training to remain still when what she really wanted to do was lift her hips up to his touch. If he’d just shift his fingers a tiny bit . . .

  But he knew that and he didn’t. He kept them right where they were, keeping her aroused, but not doing anything about it.

  Much sooner than she anticipated, he groaned and withdrew from her mouth. It occurred to her that he might be struggling with keeping his control as well.

  “I have to stop,” he said, breathing heavily. “It’s been too damn long.”

  “Please, Sir,” she couldn’t help but beg.

  “Please what?” he asked, as if he didn’t know.

  “Take me. Use me. Fuck me.”

  “Marie,” he chided. “Are you telling me what to do? Because that’s bad, and bad submissives don’t get my cock.”

  “Sorry, Sir.”

  “That’s more like it.” He stepped back from the bed. “Flip your body around so your ass is at the edge of the bed.”

  She positioned herself the way he asked and it wasn’t until she did so that she noticed she was at the perfect level for him.

  He leaned over her and she felt the heat from his body. “There’s so much I want to do to you and we have all night, but I need to take the edge off first. Your job is to remain still and quiet. And no coming. I haven’t decided if I’m going to let you come tonight or not.”

  Was he serious?

  But one look at his expression told her he was completely serious. Still, what would be the worst that would happen if she came?

  “I know what you’re thinking,” he said with a self-satisfied grin.

  “I was unaware that you were a mind reader, Sir,” she couldn’t help but say.

  He slapped the inside of her thigh. “Are you being disrespectful, Marie? Thinking that maybe since I’ve been out of the scene for so long that I’ll allow you to talk back like that?”

  “No, Sir,” she said, but in reality, she knew there was a part of her that wanted to see how far she could push him. She had the feeling the answer was, not far.

  “Back to what I was saying,” he said. “If you do come without permission, I’m going to punish that naughty pussy first with my hand and then with my belt. Understand?”

  “Yes, Sir.” She knew she wouldn’t come without permission now. No way. She wasn’t going to have him use a belt on her most private parts.

  “Good girl.” He teased her inner thighs with both hands and she had no problem being still, but when he took his thumbs and started rubbing her slit, she had to fist her hands.

  Holy fuck. His hands.

  He may not have been in a scene for years, but his hands definitely remembered how to touch a woman just so in order to have her dancing on the edge of orgasm. She’d thought since it’d been so long and because he’d indicated how badly he needed to take the edge off, that he’d make quick work of foreplay.

  In fact, she’d been betting on it.

  But she’d have lost that bet and, to be completely fair, it made sense that he would show the same intensity with sex that he showed with everything else. His fingers somehow knew just how to stroke her and she bit the inside of her cheek to keep from moaning.

  Finally, she heard the rustle of foil.

  “Look at me, Marie.”

  She hadn’t known she’d closed her eyes, but she opened them to find his intense stare upon her. Though there was a slight softness she hadn’t ever seen before.

  “I’ve been fantasizing about this for years,” he said, and his voice was rougher than it’d been moments before. “I want you to know exactly who’s entering you.”

  She wanted to tell him that there was no way she wouldn’t know, but he’d told her to be quiet, so she obeyed. It was almost too much, looking into his eyes as he started the careful push into her body. He was completely unguarded, or at least more unguarded than she’d ever seen him. His gaze was so intense and yet it held the emotion she’d always suspected he buried under his normal dour expression.

  She couldn’t help the tiny gasp that escaped her as he thrust completely inside her. It was more than sex, more than the joining of their two bodies into one. This was Lennox, the man she’d wanted for more years than she could count and what they were doing transcended anything she’d ever done before. Somehow she knew that she would never experience anything similar with anyone else.

  “Jesus, Marie,” he said, and he broke eye contact first, throwing his head back as he began a slow pumping rhythm. “So good.”

  He lifted her hips and on his next thrust, he went even deeper, hitting a different spot inside her. Gradually, he picked up speed, still going as deep, but the speed had her rushin
g toward release, until she remembered that she wasn’t allowed.

  She tried to count by threes, then she did multiplication tables in her head, until she couldn’t remember six times seven. Finally, she settled on running through ballet moves, over and over.

  “I’m going to come so hard,” he said. “Hold yours back and I’ll reward you.”

  It was damn near the hardest thing she’d ever done. But she called upon all her strength and even when he thrust deeper inside her than he’d been before and released into the condom, she held back.

  He leaned over her, placing his hands on either side of her, breathing heavily. She wanted his weight on her, wanted to feel him pushing her down, holding her under him. He ran his hands up and over her body, and since she hadn’t climaxed, she quickly found herself on the edge again.

  “So good, Marie,” he murmured. “Everything about you is good.”

  She loved how strong she felt being able to make a man like Lennox let go of his control. Knowing she was the one who’d finally broken through his defenses and touched the Dominant inside him was heady. She wondered if what she felt was something similar to how a Dom felt when a submissive yielded to their control.

  If so, she understood the appeal.

  He pushed back up from the bed. “Everything was good, but if you think I’m finished with you, you are sorely mistaken. I’m just getting started.”

  She shivered under his smoldering gaze that promised so much. Wanting to please him, she remained still and waited for instructions. Besides, he might’ve had some relief, but she was still on the edge.

  “Go to the bathroom and clean up,” he said. “You have five minutes. Then meet me in the living room.”

  She took her time getting out of bed, wanting to see what he was going to do, but he gave her ass a quick slap and told her to get to it. Not wanting to provoke him further, she waited until she had twenty seconds remaining and hurried into the living room.

  She tried to take in everything he’d set out, but as soon as she stepped into the room, he said, “Eyes on me. None of that concerns you right now.”

  She didn’t want him to find any fault in her—she wanted to be the best damn submissive he’d ever been with. She pushed everything from her mind and focused on him. His eyes were dark and held a hint of wicked pleasure as she walked toward him. Without being told, she went to her knees before him and bowed her head.

  He dug his fingers into her hair. “Someone’s being a good girl now.”

  She remained silent, looking at the floor.

  He chuckled. “Someone must really want to come soon.”

  Again she didn’t say anything because one, it wasn’t a question and two, duh.

  He didn’t say anything else, but she heard him step away, and then came the rustling of a cloth. It was several more seconds before he spoke again.

  “When you stand up, you’ll see I have a sheet on the floor. I want you on your back on top of it.”

  She almost moved, but remembered in time that he hadn’t told her to stand, he said when you stand. She waited.

  “Good girl,” he said. “You may stand now.”

  Obeying his earlier command not to look around, she only looked at the floor to find the sheet. It was plaid, and she didn’t recognize it. He must’ve brought it out of his car. Somehow that made her feel better, knowing that she wasn’t using Winnie’s things.

  She situated herself on the sheet, and waited.

  “Hands above your head, and knees spread.” His voice was rough again, gravelly, and filled with desire.

  She moved into the position he wanted, feeling horribly exposed as she did so. But this was Lennox, and she knew him; more than that she trusted him. And, holy hell, did she want him.

  “Lovely,” he said. “You are beautiful in your submission.”

  And when he said things like that, she wanted him forever.

  He started whistling, whistling. She had never heard him do that before. Was it something he always did in a scene? Or was it just her? Either way, it made her happy. She couldn’t remember the last time she had seen or heard him be so carefree. Surely now he would see how he needed his Dominant nature, and he wouldn’t repress anymore.

  She watched as he walked to the blanket and sat beside her.

  “I like you spread out for me like this. So trusting and giving. Seeing you like this is a feast for my soul.” He brushed a wayward piece of hair from her forehead. “Now, I did promise that if you held off on coming that I would make it worth it, didn’t I?”

  “Yes, Sir,” she whispered.

  “You should know I always keep my promises. Here’s what we’re going to do: I’m going to spend time learning everything I can about your body.” He rose to his knees. “Close your eyes and just feel. Don’t move.”

  Her heart pounded and her mouth was so dry. She still couldn’t believe they were together like this. She took one more glance at him, just to make sure it was real, and closed her eyes. Almost immediately, his hands were on her.

  First, he stroked her collarbone. “Your skin is so pale and delicate. I’m almost afraid to touch you. But from that spanking I gave you earlier I know there’s nothing fragile about you. You are a strong and determined woman and you turn me on so much.”

  Heaven help her if he decided to talk the entire time he touched her. There was no way she could remain still.

  Light as a feather and so soft she thought she imagined it, his fingers brushed down her arms. “I wonder if you like light touches.” His fingertips danced along her ribs, stroked the inside of her elbow, and gently canvassed her belly.

  Yes, she wanted to shout, she liked light touches.

  “Hmm,” he hummed. “I’ll take those goose bumps to be a positive sign. But I wonder . . .” His hands left for a brief second and when they came back, he pinched her nipple.

  It was so unexpected, she couldn’t hold back her gasp of surprise.

  “Yes,” he said, his voice a combination of humor and lust. “You like it harder, too. Don’t you?”

  “Yes, Sir.” She answered him quickly, hoping that in doing so, he’d give her more.

  He didn’t disappoint—almost immediately, he pinched her other nipple, but this time when he let go, his mouth replaced his fingers. When he sucked her deep into his mouth, the pleasure was so intense, she saw stars for a few seconds. When he let go, she was torn between not wanting him to repeat his action on the other side for fear of pleasure overload and desperately wanting him to continue.

  But when he nibbled at her other breast, she realized she was in more trouble than she had ever imagined, and for the first time in all her years as a submissive, she understood why Doms were called “Master.” Because the way Lennox worked her body and drew out feeling after feeling and sensation after sensation was nothing short of masterful.

  He continued playing with her breasts for several minutes, or maybe it was an hour, she had no frame of reference and couldn’t really tell how much time had passed. Nor did she care. He did exactly what he said he was going to do.

  He explored every inch of her, testing different touches and teasing relentlessly. She had no doubt he was cataloging every response and would never forget a reaction. Though she did nothing but remain still under his scrutiny, when he pulled back, she felt like she had run a marathon.

  “What are you thinking?” he asked, and it wasn’t until he smoothed his fingers over her brow, that she realized she’d had it wrinkled.

  Tonight she vowed there would be nothing other than honesty between them. “That I’ve never experienced anything more incredible in my life.”

  “You looked as if you were thinking very hard.”

  “I was trying to decide if you were real, Sir.”

  He brushed her cheekbone with his knuckles. “Does this feel fake?”

  “Not so much fake, Sir. More like too good to be true.”

  “On the contrary.” His hand brushed lower, sweeping down her side and co
ming to rest on her hip. “What’s too good to be true is you here, spread out like this for me. Why do you think I want to spend so much time exploring you?”

  “I don’t know, Sir.”

  “Because the more details I can learn about you, the more I can
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